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JUNE 2021

US Sanctions in No Way Affect the Activities of “Kalashnikov” and “Izhmekh”

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US sanctions against the members of “Kalashnikov” and “Izhmekha” are irritating, but are not affecting the enterprises’ activities

US Sanctions in No Way Affect the Activities of "Kalashnikov" and "Izhmekh"

Originally appeared at VPK, translated by Vasya exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Viktor Stoilov

On Thursday at a press conference, Interfax news agency reported that the “Kalashnikov” and “Izhmekha” manufacturers are not affected by the sanctions. “The introduction of new sanctions against individuals — employees of the organization “Kalashnikov” and of the Izhevskii mechanical factory is only causing indignation. In terms of the activities of the organization “Kalashnikov” and Izhevskii mechanical factory the sanctions are not having a significant effect, as the production of the organization “Kalashnikov” and the Izhevskii mechanical factory has not been shipped to the United States for over a year and no financial transactions have taken place” – said in a comment forum.

On the 22nd of December, the US expanded the sanctions list against citizens of the Russian Federation in connection with events in the Ukraine. The list includes, among other things, the Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues of Concern “Kalashnikov” Eduard Joffe, a member of Vakhtang Karamyan (the director of the Middle East Business Development Group is named in the list) and acting Chief of Foreign Economic Relations of the Izhevskii mechanical factory – Tatiana Chernykh.

The organization “Kalashnikov” is the largest Russian manufacturer of automatic and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, and also a wide spectrum of precision weaponry. A large segment of the civilian products include hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machines, and tools. 51% of the organization’s shares are owned by the state corporation “Rostekh”, 49% were bought by private investors.

There are three weapon brands in the organization: “Kalashnikov” is military weaponry, Baikal is the hunting and civilian weaponry, Izhmash is the sporting weaponry, and also, Zale Aero is the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, and Yevroyakhting Rybinskaya Verf is the manufacturer of multipurpose search and rescue landing boats.

The organization was included on the US sanctions list on July 16, 2014. On July 30, 2015, to the list were added top managers of the organization — Andrei Bilutin and Alexander Omelchenko.

OAO “Izhevskii mechanical factory” (affiliated with the organization “Kalashnikov”) is a diversified enterprise, producing civilian and service weapons, oil and gas packaging equipment, medical equipment, and precise steel castings. Products are made under the trademark “Baikal”. Priority is given to the production of sports and hunting rifles and pistols.

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