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JUNE 2023

US-Russian Negotiations On Security Guarantees Ended In Geneva (Video)

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US-Russian Negotiations On Security Guarantees Ended In Geneva (Video)

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The high-stakes negotiation over the security guarantees between Moscow and the West began with a preliminary dinner night on January 9. On January 10, Russian-US strategic negotiations ended after almost 8 hours.

Both delegations are headed by experienced negotiators, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her Russian counterpart Sergei Ryabkov, accompanied by senior officials of the Ministries of Defense.

Even before the negotiations began, there was deep pessimism on both sides that a diplomatic solution was within reach.

The U.S. delegation claimed that only the bilateral issues of Russia’s proposals to Washington will be discussed, but not what other NATO member countries and non-NATO states have a sovereign interest in.

Following the negotiations, the heads of the delegations made important claims, which made obvious the fact that there was no significant agreement reached between the sides:

Sergei Ryabkov:

Negotiations on security guarantees with the United States were difficult, long and concrete, is specific, with no attempts to embellish anything.

There is a basis for reaching an agreement with the United States and NATO on security guarantees, the search for a balance of interests is possible.

There was no progress in the negotiations with the United States in Geneva on non-expansion of NATO.

The legal formalization of the issue of non-expansion of NATO is of paramount importance for Russia.

Attempts by the United States and NATO to blackmail and intimidate Russia are unacceptable, they will not give results.

Wendy Sherman:

Delegations of the United States and the Russian Federation confirmed in Geneva that a nuclear war cannot be won and should not be launched.

The US will not allow anyone to close the door to NATO to any country
U.S.is  ready to impose sanctions against key financial institutions, tighten export controls, support its allies.

The United States will not discuss the prospects for Ukraine’s admission to NATO without Kiev.

The preliminary ideas of the United States, outlined in Geneva, relate in particular to the deployment of missiles.

USA is interested in negotiations with Russia on strategic and tactical weapons, missiles in Europe, transparency, scale of military exercises

Sergei Ryabkov:

Of course, it was not a surprise for us that from the American side… claims were made about the concentration of Russian troops along the borders of Ukraine, certain threats were made.

We explained to our colleagues that we have no plans to “attack” Ukraine, and all measures for the training of troops are carried out on our territory.

There is no reason to fear an escalation scenario, all maneuvers of the Russian troops take place within the national territory.

If the United States does not refuse to deploy the military capacities, which is developing very rapidly, then in the near future somewhere in Europe, it may require some kind of military response from Russia.

We concluded the day and a half of discussions by stating that we will judge the further steps and prospects of this work based on the results of the events that are yet to be held. Meeting with NATO and OSCE. After that, it will be more clear whether there is a basis to offer any political decision in favor of continuing this process, or we will regret to state that the NATO group considered it right to reject our initiative. Then the situation will look different.

Wendy Sherman:

The US and the Russian Federation are not ready yet to discuss specific agreements in the field of security, now the parties are trying to understand each other better.

USA suggested RF to hold further bilateral consultations soon.

On January 12, the delegations will travel to Brussels for a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, which will be attended by all 30 members of the alliance. This will be the first such meeting of the Council since 2019.

On January 13, a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) will be held in Vienna chaired by Poland. Although it will be held at the level of ambassadors, it will also involve non-NATO European states, such as Finland and Sweden.

Probably, the ongoing negotiations will not lead to any significant progress in solving the existing problems between Russia and the West or meeting any demands, even on the basis of some compromises. The talks are mainly aimed at identifying the official positions and red lines for all members of the alliance and Moscow.


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Alexandre Moumbaris

At first sight the negotiatons appear to be a relative flop. I do not think that the Russians are there to endlessly talk. We will see in a few days


These talks are designed to ”fail” so that it becomes clear what is in the offing. Ukraine will insist on joining NATO and the alliance will attempt to admit it. Putin and Russia have slowly started to realize that they either fight now or it’ll become more costly in the future. The greedy West led by Washington will never stop. These chaps from Moscow like to play soft while their colleagues are hell-bent on hurting them.

It’s time to show your enemy how intense you can be – some 4000 Ukrainian troops need to die in one day of rage.

Alexandre Moumbaris

You may be right.

Rhodium 10

Ukraine, Finland and sweden inside NATO…means another barbarroja operation vs Russia..


You keep drawing false comparisons to “Nazis”. Surely you know you are exaggerating? On the other hand, it is perfectly accurate to point out that Russia and China white wash Communism.


You sound as delusional as the Zio empire.

Russia easily will defeat Ukraine, NATO and the USSA in eastern Europe, unless the USSA Zio empire chooses suicide which they won’t do .

Russia had to wait until now to make its economy self sufficient, to build up and modernize its military and to strengthen the Chinese Russian alliance and to prepare its people for war. Russia will have nuclear first strike supremacy over the Zio NATO USSA in about 3 years once enough S-550s are deployed along with its hyper sonic weapons.

The JEU and the USSA will now lose any sanctions war against Russia and China. The first and almost immediate outcome will be the total collapse of the German and therefore JEU economy economy and NATO. It appears this is what the Zio empire desires so they can blame it on Russia and pull all wealth out of the JEU and put it into the USSA to prop up the USSA for a couple more years.

Raptar Driver

You are assuming they won’t choose suicide. You don’t understand the patient.


Yes I do understand them you don’t. If the Zio empire wanted suicide they would have attacked Iran 20 years ago. They fear above all a European Christian army united against them

They are cowards who will fight to their last slave Goyim. If you want to prevent war make it clear the capital of the Zio empire will be the first to be vaporized if they start any large scale war. They will do anything to live and enjoy their slaves and their satanic perversions.

Jim Allen

Russia, and it’s allies can deal now. Russia would’nt’ve dragged them to a negotiation it know’s damn well nothing will come of, if it wasn’t prepared to answer the problem. The “Zio empire” desires Russia destroyed, Iran along with it. Simple enough. You’re one to be calling someone “delusional” followed by a comment like this. Isn’t that called “projecting” ?


You should stick to criticizing those in control of it and stop demonizing the people who live under it. You won’t since like all leftists, you subscribe to a slave morality under the morning star.


The reality of the matter: https://odysee.com/@martinezperspective:2/tankie-rainbow-commies:b

100% Proof the Talmud Says Non-jews are Animals: https://odysee.com/@Lasse_Karagiannis:f/100–Proof-the-Jewish-Talmud-Says-Non-Jews-Are-Animals!—YouTube:d

You always scape goat white people for harmful jewish activities, after all you are anti-White hypocrites. I don’t care about America, what I do care about is White well being, which Eurasianists intend to harm. Zionism is the secularization of judaism, everything they claim about “White supremacists” is a projection of jewish attitudes towards non-jews.

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
Michel LeBlanc

Its not the ukro conscripts that need to die. Its the nazi right sektor and their associates politicians and media institutions.

Thats where all the western “advisors” are hiding.

The media wing needs to be hit quite hard. Someone has to pay for spreading the nazi hate on purpose while standing back and watching there fellow countrymen kill each other.


Awesome! Plain language.

I dig it.


The only chance for peace on earth is the destruction of the US corporation. The rest is a story.

Karl Wolfe

Nobody expected that 30 years after the Communists were kicked out of Russia that they would completely control the United States government. An unfortunate turn of events yet unambiguously predicted by the American humanitarian the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Now that they have unlimited money and military power they will use it to continue their murdererous rape of Humanity until the end of life on Earth itself. Pigs 🐖 that they are. The Creator shall be their Judge.

Raptar Driver

Not to same communists, these are pure Marxists.

concrete mike

The folks running the USA are not communists at all. Come on man where did you get your political education? Back of a cereal box?

They are related to the Leon Trotsky movement though, but that dont make them communist. Once they start passing laws in favor of workers and not corporations , THEN you can maybe call them communists.

At the end of the day, these political hacks are just putty in the hands of big money.


MLK was Communist as well, parents were freemasons. Martin’s real name wasn’t Martin Luther, this is an insult to Martin Luther’s exposure of jews. https://worldtruthvideos.website/embed/the-beast-as-saint-the-truth-about-martin-luther-king_w469V4A2aYzSerO.html

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
Raptar Driver

All I can see by the video are masked clowns.

Peppe il Sicario

All you need to know is Wendy Sherman. What’s her ethnic background? Case closed.


It is absolutelly clear the a major war is unavoidable.. We, the common people, should prepare for another stupid war in Europe…

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