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Show Must Go On: U.S.-Russia Secret Talks Continue

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Show Must Go On: U.S.-Russia Secret Talks Continue

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Show Must Go On: U.S.-Russia Secret Talks Continue
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Show Must Go On: U.S.-Russia Secret Talks Continue

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The negotiation process between the United States and Russia on security guarantees in Europe is shrouded in secrecy, since the parties do not officially disclose each other’s answers to the proposals.

The Russian side handed over its requirements for security guarantees to the U.S. and NATO in December last year. Washington and Brussels transmitted their responses on January 26.

Publicly, Moscow reacted pessimistically to the Biden administration’s written proposal.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that it allows counting on the beginning of negotiations but only on secondary issues, as there was no positive reaction from Washington on the main issue of the non-expansion of NATO to the east and the deployment of strike weapons near Russian borders.

In his turn, Blinken clarified that the West did not bow to Russia’s demand that NATO close its “open door policy.”

On February 1, the media reported that Washington had received Moscow’s response, as usual with reference to the U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The White House insists that it would be unproductive to make negotiations public, so it leaves it up to Russia.

The response was delivered ahead of a phone call between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday. The counterparts have to consider the positions of the parties in a complex.

Amid the diplomatic efforts, the media and Western officials are continuously inflating hysteria on the threat of a military invasion of Ukraine, which even Kiev does not believe in.

Meanwhile, the fact that the Russian military forces in the west of the country have recently returned to their permanent locations has remained unnoticed.

On January 29, the forces of the Western Military District of Russia completed a planned combat readiness check, which was officially announced on January 25.

More than a thousand soldiers of the First Tank Army and about 100 units of military equipment were involved in the trainings.

According to the commander of the troops, Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, the tasks facing the troops have been completed, “planned combat training activities at the training grounds are continuing.”

While the Russian Army continues trainings according to the schedule, the United States is artificially escalating the situation, shaking the information space once again.

On January 31, the US State Department ordered the departure of family members of employees at the US Embassy in Belarus. The measures were taken due to “unusual and disturbing Russian military activity near the border with Ukraine”.

US citizens are advised to regularly review possible departure plans in case of an emergency. Loud statements, however, have little effect on the work of the embassy.

Earlier, the same measures were taken in Kiev. According to Zelensky, they are only moves in a subtle diplomatic game and do not mean an imminent escalation at all.

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Ooohhhh… Secret…. How intriguing…. Knucleheads.


Sounds like their is no chance of succeeding and it’s a game of stalling from Russia while the West tries to muddy the water for onlookers by accusing Russia of antagonizing.

Karl Wolfe

I can’t wait for China to churn the Swine of the WEF into dog food as payback for centuries of mistreatment by the rest of the world “elites”. I hope they take Special Care for Soros and Schwab and they televise them being made into high protein dog food for the Chinese elites favorite pets.

jens holm

If You nose is small, You can be usefull for a football team Yourself.


Keep your nose in Joe’s rectum, along with your monkey tongue.

jens holm

We dont have the same culture as You. You probatly eat those little worms comming out too.


Back in 1983, U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. met in Geneva to discuss the installation of Pershings in West Europe. Their representatives were Viktor Israeljan and Max Kampelmann. The same kabuki seems to be in play after four decades also today.

jens holm

Not really. Unfortunatly the main problem is others has the same kind of the hard stuff. USA and Russia has no patent anymore.

Its the same for the nukes and even in space.


Of course the talks are secret. In order to test each other’s positions and find some common ground for a compromise going forward these talks have to be secret. A compromise will emerge which will allow for a peaceful path forward. That path must include further integration of the Russian and European states’ economies. Both sides will benefit. Sufficient economic collaboration will remove the need for NATO. A booming Russian economy will move Russia into the European camp. Get real People. This conflict can be resolved to the long term benefit of all parties through diplomacy, but not through war.

jens holm

It was that for a while. Since that that devellopmenet or any devellopment more and more is like Lenin and Stalin in nicer clothe.

But thats an illusion too. It more like some king with no clothe and the Russian are demanded to keep their eyes closed and do.

I agree in Your hopes. Changes only are possible, when Purin is not there. Unfortunatly he and his system by traditions makes no replacers and they will be chaos.

It only makes too late Gorbatjofs and Jeltzins.

Maybee Im a little pessimistic.

We has not changed as EU. Russia has. Its the same for Turkey. Erdogan has changed and also fires employes telling abot statistics, he dont like. Syria is no change in the same way. You expell, what You dont like and it dont exist – even it does.

Chris Gr

When a country falls it doesn’t mean that their system is always bad. Ok they don’t have good systems but they fall because of external aggression.

US wanted to destroy Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen. Now we are seeing them also attacking other countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. They want all these countries to break apart in order to install small states which will be puppets to them.

Personally, I support some groups, even socialist and communist groups that US also supports. And this is funny because USA supports groups like YPG or the Tigray TPLF or the South Yemeni Southern movement. Or even the Ba’athist Arabs of Khuzestan.

However, they don’t support those PKK militias in Turkey, Iraq and Iran but only in Syria. At least for now.


Yep. In secret they are patting each others backs and laughing at how they are deceiving everybody for their jew master’s takeover of the world.

jens holm

Typical non explanation nonsense. The difference is we has no secrets of that kind. Even its was true jews was running everything here, I do see the results and would never decline or collpase to your level.

We are rewarded going to school in good scholols. We are ewarded for free education. Weare rewarded for dinding and using Our skills. And we certainly are rewarded for har work as well.

Even we have a wellfare system including unimployment much better then USA has, many more people do work then over there. We are raised more to feel more obligations for all then any was in USSR and for that matter Russia.

Chris Gr

It is secret societies not Jews.

Rodney Loder.

Zelensky is trying to put a pause on proceedings, asking Biden to calm down stop trying to get Russia into trouble for standing up for its Russian Nationals living in the Donbass two Republics, maybe Zelensky is somwhat of a patriot after all. What he’s sayimg is that his Ukraine shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to bolster US jew propaganda in the West. Its a pity jew maggot Scott Morrison doesn’t think the same he loves sacrificing Australian economy to advantage US propaganda.

andre zulu

Такого, как Путин…

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