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US-Rooted ‘Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church’ Expectedly Declares Support To Pro-Western Opposition

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US-Rooted 'Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church' Expectedly Declares Support To Pro-Western Opposition


Now, the Belarusian opposition has not only the formal leader that fled to Lithuania, but also own US-rooted Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (BAOC) that supports forces that seek to overthrow the political regime of President Alexander Lukashenko.

The BAOC made an official statement in support of the opposition on August 15 appealing to the ‘international community’ that united against Lukashenko. The BAOC is an unrecognized pseudo-religious body in the Eastern Orthodox tradition created in the second part of the 2000s. It paints itself as an ‘independent’ Belarusian Orthodox church. The main HQ of the BAOC is located in New York. It, among other pseudo-cuhrch organizations led by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, supported the creation of the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine in 2018. As it’s expected the both Ukrainian and Belarusian ‘independent’ churches are created thanks to the direct foreign support and act like political tools of their pro-neo-liberal sponsors.

At the same time, the cases of Ukraine and Belarus are an interesting demonstration how the religious questions become a part of the wider political manipulation campaigns in Eastern Europe.


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Codenamed 'Gordon'

How to achieve world peace Fire a 9M730 nuclear-armed missile into the Yellowstone Caldera.


Also London, Tel Aviv and Vatican.

Jens Holm

Nice name for Your fertilizing behind.


Russia’s got a Union State with Belarus, but Putin must be concerned that triggering a Russia-Belarus reunification might damage his gas sales and partnership with the global Ziocorporate terrorists of EU/US.

Jens Holm

Its not a union or reunion state agreement at all.


Don’t be stupid, Belarus’s reunification with Russia depends only on how Zionist and tolerant of “new world order” Putin is, which so far is a lot.

johnny rotten

If I have to choose between the so-called international community, that is Zionism, and Lukashenko, I choose Lukashenko all my life, the only one who has had the courage to screw up the new health superpower that wants to crush the whole world, and when I see them throwing it on religion I am even more convinced of Mr. Lukaschenko’s correctness.

Jens Holm

This is not even about Pro or Anti West. Not even Lukashenko say so.

The picture is not ilustrative anymore. There is no police like that in the streets at all and hardly any police at all apart for traffic problems.

This is not about religion or priest should speak greek or not. Parts of religion always has been greek for me. Burn mainparts of the bible texts or reform them for today and the future.

Its like Russian cars. There are reasons for they are not produced anymore. Or alternatives like producing Armatas, that not even Russian can effort to buy and use and sell as well.

I can include parts of the USA cars, so the infantile Russia fanatics may love me. They didnt produce best to the price, so people prefarred cheeper and even better cars for their dayli needs. Obama had to save the parts, which was ok.

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