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US Recon Satellites Spotted Chinese Ships Selling Oil To North Korea Despite Sanctions

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US Recon Satellites Spotted Chinese Ships Selling Oil To North Korea Despite Sanctions

US recon satellites have allegedly spotted Chinese ships selling oil to North Korea on the West Sea about 30 times since October, South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported on December 26.

The satellite images allegedly show Chinese and North Korean ships traiding oil in the West Sea. The activity was spotted in the area close to China. It violates the UN Security Council sanctions imposed on North Korea.

The Chosun Ilbo also quoted a South Korean government source on the issue:

“We need to focus on the fact that the illicit trade started after a UN Security Council resolution in September drastically capped North Korea’s imports of refined petroleum products.”

If this is confirmed, China directly violates the oil embargo imposed on North Korea showing its real attitude towards the crisis in the Korean Peninsula.

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Is the ship privately owned or owned by Chinese government.

How to stop private enterprise where there is money to be made?

Not easy.


You have to love capitalism. Now the sale of petroleum to DPRK will be as lucrative as selling Afghanistan heroin to the United States.


If the ship were of Chinese private owned firm then it’s China obligations to stop them. Then again those photo doesn’t really proof that it carries oil in them. A search would be needed to confirm their allegations and it could be only on China consent. Illegal screening is an act of war. Well not that the ‘exceptional’ US aware of such concept.

John Mason

Can’t see the problem, most states like the US, Israel and UK violate UNSC resolutions on a regular basis. Yet we only have the word of the US and we all know how they fabricate.

Jasminko Grdic

When IsreHell move out toghether with US of Golan High, and when Jeruzalen is the Capital of Palestine and all other 70 UN sanctions against US/Isreal depend Isreal/Palestine/Syria, then we can talk about other sanctions in the world.


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This is big if true actually. The Chinese basically taunting the US in which the US may have already exhausted their options to punish North Korea. Then again only if it’s true.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed; Israhell has disobeying Resolution 181 since November 1947???


To my knowledge, crude oil delivery is still possible, where as the import of refined petroleum products is strongly limited or impossible. Who read the UN resolution? Southfront? I didn’t care to.


Of course the will sell old and aid them, who recognize your sanctions, you want international law to be only for you when you like, but when it comes for your shit work for any shit you make against any country the international law does not imply to you, fuck you ugly US administration you are the world regime of chaos

Lazy Gamer

thats a ship in distress. OR thats just water. But the best one should be that is within the allowed limit. Records might be needed to be kept clean. lol One of these days Sokor/US might actually intercept one of those ships. lol Depending on how it was conducted might escalate the situation. Then China might have to protest.

paul ( original )

I don’t know what is the truth in this matter, but I hope China and indeed many other countries continue to sell oil and everything else to North Korea.

leon mc pilibin

NK is not a terrorist state,,but ISIS and its partners are regularly supplied with weapons and medical aid ,and training by usa ,its western allies and of course israhell.Which of these 2 scenarios is the most evil?

John Whitehot

evil is fool.


Who cares about the UN ???? Only stupid countries.


Continue delivering NK with all what they need. If USA dares to speak, tell him about their counter part (israel) and why israel is still in the syrian Golan Height.

John Brown

Yes the sanctions are to let the empire save face. Soon the dollar will collapse, that will be the end.

John Whitehot

more sanctions would probably only make it fall quicker.

John Whitehot

Days ago there was an article from globalresearch pointing the finger at China and Russia and accusing them of ignoring that North Korea was being starved by the US/UN.

So far the only countries that haven’t given a single f**k about the UN resolutions are the US and Israel. It appears that things are changing.

Cheryl Brandon

Great; Stop China if you dare U$A?

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