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US Ramping Up Drone Strikes In Middle East And Africa

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US Ramping Up Drone Strikes In Middle East And Africa

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Many experts believe the indiscriminate use of these drones is the key contributor to the overall instability across the troubled regions in which they’re deployed.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Drone strikes have been an integral part of US aggression against the world for over two decades now. These strikes have been the mainstay of joint military-intelligence black ops, especially in the Middle East and Africa. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the deserts of Libya, US strikes drones have been sowing death and destruction, ever so euphemistically called “spreading freedom and democracy.”

These drones, first used only for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions, were modified for rudimentary strike roles and were first tested in former Yugoslavia, laying the groundwork for their later usage in various US invasions. The strikes were massively expanded under Barack Obama, with thousands being approved by his administration. After Donald Trump came to power, he officially reduced the number of drone strikes, although they now became more specific, with US intelligence services getting even more involved. However, since Joe Biden took office, it seems the trend has now been reversed and US drones are coming back in full force.

On August 19 conflict monitors drew attention to a series of US strikes in Somalia, which have escalated significantly in the last couple of months. These attacks have gained little to no attention in the US corporate mass media despite resulting in the deaths of more than 20 people.

“If you were unaware that we were bombing Somalia, don’t feel bad, this is a completely under-the-radar news story, one that was curiously absent from the headlines in all of the major newspapers this morning,” wrote Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, a senior adviser at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

Last Wednesday, Dave DeCamp, writing for AntiWar reported that the US AFRICOM (Africa Command) launched its second strike on Somalia in less than a week. AFRICOM claims the attack, which occurred in Beledweyne, “had killed 13 fighters belonging to the al-Qaeda-linked Somali militant group al-Shabaab, and that no civilians were harmed.” AFRICOM claims drone strikes also killed four al-Shabaab members in three separate operations near Beledweyne on August 9, two fighters near Labi Kus on July 17, and five militants in a June 3 bombing outside Beer Xani.

All of the aforementioned strikes have taken place since President Biden approved the redeployment of hundreds of special forces to Somalia in May, reversing an earlier withdrawal decision under the administration of former President Donald Trump. DeCamp noted that Trump’s withdrawal from Somalia merely “repositioned troops in neighboring Djibouti and Kenya, allowing the drone war to continue. But Biden has launched significantly fewer strikes in Somalia compared to his predecessor.”

According to the London-based Airwars monitoring group, US forces have targeted Somalia at least 16 times since Joe Biden took office, killing between 465 and 545 supposed militants. On March 13, a single US drone strike reportedly killed up to 200 alleged militants. Airwars claims there were civilian casualties in just one of the drone attacks under the Biden administration, conducted in June 2021. The attack on the southern town of Ceel Cadde killed a woman named Sahro Adan Warsame and seriously injured five of her children, according to local media reports. US forces have carried out at least 260 strikes in Somalia since 2007. The Pentagon has so far admitted killing five civilians and wounding 11 others, but Airwars claims 78-153 civilians, including 20-23 children, have died in US attacks.

“Bottom line, it’s been a long time since the United States was not bombing Somalia,” wrote Vlahos. “This comes after a particularly bloody period during the [so-called War on Terror] in which the CIA was using the country to detain and torture terror suspects from across North Africa. Whether this has ultimately been a good thing for the country or for the broader security of the region, one need only to look at the continued instability and impoverishment of the people,” she added, “and of course, the persistent presence of al-Shabaab itself.”

In addition to Somalia, recent reports indicate that US drones have been reactivated over Libya as well. The US shows no intention of stopping these strikes, with most now being relegated to intelligence services, such as the infamous CIA, with minimal civilian oversight. Many experts believe the indiscriminate use of these drones is a major, if not the key contributor to the overall instability across the troubled regions in which they’re deployed, as the terrorist activity which they’re allegedly there to stop is only exacerbated as a result.


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It’s about time for countries to start playing the proxy war games against he US in Africa and the Middle East by supplying them with deadly weapons. Dragging the US to other regions and forcing them to keep multiple fronts is key to weaken the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

Retired Troll

US and its Euro vassals are going bankrupt due to wasteful and totally useless wars and military spending. Besides stealing a relatively minor amount of oil and gas from Syria, Iraq and Yemen the overstretch is bleeding the deadbeat US banana republic dry as more and more Americunts face poverty and homelessness. China and most of Eurasia are the biggest winners of Americunt and NATO decline. Greece and Italy are about to declare bankruptcy and the limey cunts are not that far behind.

It would make military sense to ramp the pressure on the Americunt losers.

Even Reuters has a good analysis:

The eurozone crisis seems to be reaching its climax, with Greece and Italy on the verge of default and an inglorious exit from the monetary union, as high military spending and low productivity causing economic crash.

The Objective

Iran is already doing that. Let’s see if it succeeds first. Chances are, the Americans will drag Iran into Iraq before long. When rebel missiles and rockets start landing deep inside Iran from Iraq, will the Iranians finally summon enough courage to retaliate directly on U.S military bases? Unlikely.


Loads of weapons that shoot down drones are available from the Donbass and Ukraine.


The USA are so very worried about LOSING Africa –(own fault ) and China & Russia treating Africans FAIRLY and NOT ripping them off that they now use drones to target Africans otherwise American troops killing Africans wouldn’t go down well with AFRICAN Americans especially at election time.


The vast majority of Americans, black, white or whatever don’t even know it’s happening.


Like the UK the USA is heavily censored in the news media -total anti-Russia propaganda 24/7–raining ?- its Russia,s fault – tripped over a hole in the road – Russia did it -totally brainwashed -dont even try to find out the truth. IQ,s of 3.5–sell a Big Mac- Fries & Coke to them then the world is fine.

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The Objective

I see an obsession with Turkey’s drone success. Perhaps still trying to sell the propaganda that Turkey is a U.S puppet? Doing this for Iran? Oh, Russia also wants to win hearts in the Sunnis Muslim world despite its genocide of Sunnis in Syria. What an effective way to win people’s hearts over, darling Russia. These writers deserve extra rewards and a higher pay!

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No country is cancelling any orders. In fact, Baykar has a 3 year backlog for more than 20 countries waiting in line. Despite all this, TB2 is now obsolete by current Turkish standards. You should be worrying about the TB3, Akinci, and most deadly of all, Kizilelma. These weapons will soon meet your Russian crap around the world. Then you’ll realize Turkey’s true power.

The only advantage Russia has over Turkey right now is nukes. And this advantage will be negated in the next decade when economic transformation to Africa and Asia is completed.

Joe Bidet is a Senile Pedo

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