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US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD

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US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD

Originally appeared at VeteransToday

The Russian Defense Ministry said that US radars cover almost all territory of Russia.

“The stationary radar systems of the US missile and nuclear warning system cover all possible trajectories of Russian ballistic missiles in the direction of the United States,” Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, said.

According to him, the zone of control of the US stations covers almost entire Russia.

The United States’ long-range radars in Alaska, Romania and Poland increase its ability to intercept Russian missiles, he said.

“The US missile defense system’s information and reconnaissance assets are already providing not only detection of the launch of Russian ballistic missiles, their tracking on the flight trajectory, but also the delivery of target designations to combat systems to intercept the ballistic missiles’ warheads.”

Poznikhir said at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that the US radars’ information capabilities are expected to grow with the “buildup of a low-orbit ballistic missile detection and tracking system.”

“The deployment of mobile sea-based radar near Alaska, stations in Romania and Poland, as well as missile defense information systems significantly improve the speed and accuracy of target designation of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles, and hence the possibility of their interception,” he stressed.

The global missile defense system being created by the United States is posing a strategic threat to both Russia and China, he emphasized.

“The US missile defense system already has a potential to intercept Chinese and Russian ballistic missiles and poses a threat to strategic nuclear forces of Russia and China, and these capabilities will only grow.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US missile defense capabilities threaten almost all low orbit space stations.

According to Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, US missile defense systems also threaten space exploration activities by other countries, including Russia and China.

“Almost all low orbit stations located in the area of missile defense systems’ damage volume are under the threat of destruction. Given the global nature of the antimissile missile ships, space activities of any state, including Russia and China, are under threat,” he said.

US Missile Defense System Provokes New Arms Race – Russian Ministry of Defense

The free use of the outer space by any country is endangered by the growing global missile defense system of the United States, the Russian military official added.The firepower of the United States’ missile defense system threatens Russia’s deterrence posture, he said.

“Such a number of missile defense assets poses a serious threat to the Russian deterrence potential, especially taking into account the ongoing work on the modernization of missile defense systems,” Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir said.

Poznikhir estimated at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that the number of US missile defense interceptors is expected to exceed 1,000 by 2022, potentially exceeding the number of warheads deployed on Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles in the future.

US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD

Russia constantly informs the US of its concerns over the deployment an anti-ballistic missile systems, but does not receive an answer, Poznikhir said.”Russian representatives have repeatedly drew the attention of the American side at various levels to the danger posed by the global missile defense system for the strategic balance of forces in the world. Arguments are not perceived, obvious facts are ignored.”

The US missile defense system is disproportionate to the threats from North Korea and Iran, he added. “Thousands of interceptors against several limited-capability missiles of Iran and North Korea is too much.”

“Under the pretext of countering the North Korean and Iranian missile threats, the US is deploying a strategic system designed to destroy Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles, which violates the balance of deterrence forces.”

He said that Russia is forces to take adequate measures in response to the US missile defense systems’ deployment.

Russia is forced to take adequate response measures aimed at preventing violations of the existing balance of forces in the field of strategic weapons and minimizing the possible damage to the security of the state as a result of the further buildup of US missile defenses. But the world will not be safer from this.”

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Duh, this is nothing new…

But this is irrelevant because we have the Open Skies treaty where we are able to fly over each others territories…

So enough with the fear mongering, ALL OF YOU.

Both sides need to STFU…



This is about the ABM treaty. Open skies has nothing to do with it.

The USA pushed for the ABM treaty in 1972 at a time when the Soviets were well ahead of the USA in ABM technology. With the ABM treaty came MAD …. no one could launch a nuclear attack without retaliation.

When the USA thought they could get an advantage over ….basically over the world…. in 2001 they quit the treaty and MAD was dead. What this means is a nuclear first strike is not only a viable option to win a war between nuclear peers it’s the most viable option.

Americans think this strategy makes them safer but in reality all it means is they are always 20 minutes away from a bolt out of the blue attack and missile defence ain’t going to save them. I don’t see this playing out unless one side or the other believes war is inevitable and unavoidable but Putin has called the Trump administration “agreement incapable” which means that the USA can’t be trusted at their word. That means they expect anything from the USA including a nuclear decapitation strike.

Defence contractors love missile defence, stockholders in these companies are getting rich off missile defence. Because these actors are happy politicians support without question however physicists will tell you missile defence doesn’t work and will never work because hitting a bullet with a bullet is extremely difficult and it’s always going to be cheaper and easier to improve the performance and countermeasures of reentry vehicles than it is to develop missile defences to counter these improvements.


Exactly see Putin’s 43rd Munich Security Conference speech of 2007.

“Plans to expand certain elements of the anti-missile defence system to
Europe cannot help but disturb us. Who needs the next step of what would
be, in this case, an inevitable arms race? I deeply doubt that
Europeans themselves do.

Missile weapons with a range of about five to eight thousand kilometres
that really pose a threat to Europe do not exist in any of the so-called
problem countries. And in the near future and prospects, this will not
happen and is not even foreseeable. And any hypothetical launch of, for
example, a North Korean rocket to American territory through western
Europe obviously contradicts the laws of ballistics. As we say in
Russia, it would be like using the right hand to reach the left ear.”

However those ABM systems both in Romania, Poland and on Aegis Frigates close to Russia’s border could well be used to intercept ICBM’s in the boost or coast phase before MIRV bus separation thus dramatically increasing effectiveness and creating a US “First Strike Capability” as defined under MAD in facilitating a US attack and a survivable Russian counter attack.

One correction however MAD may be declared dead by US politicians or even worse in their perception, but that doesn’t change the very real cold amoral MAD logic of a nuclear exchange. So MAD is still very much alive, but US elite is simply in denial of reality as usual.


“Americans think this strategy”

Dude, you just discredited yourself and wasted your time typing out those 4.5 paragraphs with that ONE sentence…

You know nothing but your own pile of poop that is called YOUR opinion….


“poop”? seriously? can’t you use shit like an adult? come back when your testicles descend


I bet you had no idea about open skies didn’t you…. ohhhh…

You didn’t… You are a typical warmonger aren’t ya?


“I bet you had no idea about open skies didn’t you…. ohhhh…”of course I did …. it’s irrelevant in this case

“You are a typical warmonger aren’t ya?” Quite the opposite, I know enough about modern warfare to be terrified of it. That’s the problem with Americans, the dumb fuckers, don’t fear war, they see glory in war.


“the dumb fuckers, don’t fear war, they see glory in war.”

mmm, that would be a warrior caste within each civilization… each one had one……


Preemptive strike on these systems. Anyone agree?


That may elicit nuclear response and nobody wins nuclear war due to concept of MAD


I think Rs-26 was made with this in mind, lighter two stage version of Rs-24, faster, more depressed trajectory. And there’s longer range version of mobile Iskander coming.

Mikey Harry Harris

RF would need to withdraw from the INF for that to be a reality.

Solomon Krupacek

“The Russian Defense Ministry said that US radars cover almost all territory of Russia.”

thank to gorbachev and yeltsin


It would have happened anyway, as the USSR was doomed to collapse. That kind of military complex could no longer be sustained economically. And unlike China the USSR could not adapt to a Chinese style capitalist economy with top down political control. It also didn’t help that the Chinese seem to be born entrepreneurs. It seems to be in their blood. Russians, not to the same degree. And unlike North Korea the USSR was not repressive enough to utterly brainwash and terrorize its people to keep the system going, even if it was on four flat tires.

Gorbachev recognized that the system was about to collapse and tried to reform. He thought he could pull off what the Chinese seemed to be doing with great success. He overestimated what the Soviet people could do. 70 years of communism could not be that easily undone. At the same time going for political reforms first instead of economic reforms didn’t help either, as it let the genie out of the bottle. The old communist hardliners with their attempted coup and Yeltsin delivered the coup de grace.

We will never really know if the USSR could have reformed and kept together. It would probably have been preferable to the Yeltsin years chaos and the split into separate countries. Although probably some of the Soviet republics would have broken away regardless. The Baltics were relentless in their drive to become independent.

Mikey Harry Harris

The same will be said of the USSA’s vast empire after its collapse too.

It is just the way this works.


that’s ok. it says almost..not 100%. Russian radar i I guess covers the entire earth where there are american forces and their allies.

John Whitehot

Russia could revive FOBS to rebalance this fact, although I don’t see this as a threat to deterrence. Current US ABMs have no serious capability. In the future, they may have some, but it’s not going to be enough to stop a massed attack.

In addition, as far as I read around is not that difficult today to develop a weapon that destroys the whole world without even the need of being launched. I know it sounds like Dr. Strangelove, but MAD has ensured peace for all the cold war and beyond. If MAD is threatened, the risk of nuclear war becomes substantial.

The elite who are dominating the USA simply cannot be allowed to believe for a second that they could extend their grip over the entire world by nuking unwilling countries.

It must be asserted, beyond any doubt, that the end of the human civilization is preferable to a world dominated by that scum.


This means that USA is ready to carry out a global war attack to Russia. Will Russia be able to survive after the first global attack ?


Russia’s navy , especially its submarine fleet rises in importance .

Its off shore bases also rise in value . A real motivation to move Russia out of Syria .

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