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US Put Up with Capture of Aleppo by Assad’s Forces Supported by Russia

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The US has put up with capture of Aleppo by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, supported by Russia. However, US Secretary of State John Kerry claims that this success on the battlefield would not change the dynamics of the Syrian war.

US Put Up with Capture of Aleppo by Assad's Forces Supported by Russia

Capture of Aleppo by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, supported by Russia, would not change the fundamental dynamics of the internal armed conflict in Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry said, speaking at a joint press conference with South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se in Washington.

“If Russia and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad succeed in taking Aleppo, the fundamental dynamic of this war does not change,” Kerry said. According to him, “if you do not have a political settlement [in Syria] you cannot have peace.”

“If they destroy most of Aleppo in order to ‘take’ it, what will that taking produce? Will it change the attitude of the people who have been driven out and the people who have been radicalized?” the US Secretary of State asked. “No. They will be even more determined to seek revenge and even less inclined to come to the table to negotiate.”

According to Kerry, scale-up of bombing in Aleppo would entail a “tightening of a position” of elements, opposed to Assad, with regard to potential peace talks because they would see repeated failures of these peace talks, as well as greater readiness of other sides of the conflict to drop bombs.

At the same time, the US Secretary of State noted that he does not nourish special hopes in regard to consultations on Syria, which began between Russian and American military experts in Geneva yesterday.

“I would say this: I’m not approaching this with a great high sense of expectation, and nothing is based on trust,” he said.

According Kerry, in fact, there is a “bargain” between Russia and the US in Geneva, the sides trying to find out what steps they are really ready to make and on what conditions.

“And if you both act simultaneously to do the same things, maybe you can get something to happen,” the diplomat noted.

Meanwhile, he also added that “every bomb that’s dropped by Russia and the Assad regime is radicalizing more and more people” in Syria.

Military experts from Russia, the US and a number of other countries are discussing issues of delimitation of terrorists and the ‘moderate’ opposition in eastern Aleppo, as well as issues of humanitarian pauses.

“It is expected that during the consultations the sides will exchange information, which is necessary to clearly define composition of groups in the city and conditions of their delimitation with the Jabhat Al-Nusra [also known as the Al-Nusra Front or the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham],” the TASS news agency quoted the words of an unnamed diplomatic source.

It is still unknown, how long the discussions, which take place behind closed doors for press, will last. Neither the timing, nor the place of holding, nor the participants are not disclosed.

As Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said yesterday, “there is a possibility of continuing the meeting also tomorrow.”

“Our delegation is ready to stay there in interests of achievement [of results] as long as necessary,” he noted.

Ryabkov also said that the issue of further humanitarian pauses in Aleppo will also be discussed by the military experts.

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that on October 19, in Geneva, the military experts will start to work on delimitation of terrorists and the opposition in Aleppo. According to him, the Russian initiative on introduction of a humanitarian pause in Aleppo on October 20 “should contribute to success in the work of the military experts.”

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Hassadnah Abraham

Kerry is delusional. Russian drop the bomb on terrorist nose, the whole Syrian people is supporting Russian and Syrian armies. It US bomb that killed Syrian armies, civilian and destruction of public facilities that caused anger to Syrian people. Furthermore the terrorist creating killing in Syria were created and supported by America. Wake up Mr Kerry…

John Whitehot

it’s pretty clear by now that only the US and its western lackeys have the right to use military force in the world. It’s like the “monopoly of violence” that police forces enjoy over the general population. With their zionist driven medias they have been insisting for years that the western “causes” are blessed and just, and they cannot be wrong because they are the true bearers of the democratic ideals and defenders of freedom and justice. But then, you go take a closer look into how the US society is organized, and you reckon that it’s better being dead than living in such a revolting environment.


My thought on this is that the Secretary appears a bit misinformed on the history of military force, applied in the pursuit of political solutions. As a fellow poster wrote earlier on here, he is delusional.

So what does it mean to the players on the field. In short it translates to he is whacked out, lost, not keeping what few cards he has close enough to the vest and lastly…… ( drum roll ) …. revealing how truly weak the position he represents is now. I am a born and raised US citizen and I say with all due respect to Secretary Kerry, get this joker out of there. I am not a fan at all of what some of the kids in the US government are doing to a lot of people. But, it will not make things better, to have those who were not even warming the bench when the game started, out in the field playing first string.

He is a political hay bale. You can put arrows in him all day and he will just stay there and take it all, without adjusting an inch. A good day to all.

john mason

The US is spiraling down into financial, economic and political collapse, losing its standing in the world and turning into a continent-sized ghetto full of drug abuse, violence and decaying
infrastructure, its population vice-ridden, poisoned with genetically modified food, morbidly obese, exploited by predatory police departments and city halls, plus a wide assortment of rackets, from medicine to education to real estate…
US is damaged beyond repair, or to acquiesce to the fact that most of the damage is self-inflicted: the endless, useless wars, the limitless corruption of money politics, the toxic culture and gender wars, and the imperial hubris and wilful ignorance that underlies it all… This level of disconnect between the expected and the observed certainly hurts, but the pain can be avoided, for a time, through mass delusion.


The most brilliantly concise description of modern America that I have had the pleasure of reading: Genius !

john mason

thank you.

john mason

Aleppo, the last time I saw it is a city in Syria, so how can a government capture its’ own city? East Aleppo is a district of Aleppo and that has been infiltrated by a proxy army of terrorists, Assad is gaining freedom from those terrorists and the US with the West got their tits in a knot.

Pavel Pavlovich

HAHAHAHA so sad. Aleppo’s liberation will change EVERYTHING.
Not even Syria. The world will change.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The ‘dynamics’ of the Syrian war is that the U.S. presence in Syria is illegal and that supporting a terrorist mercenary army to over throw a legally elected government s domestic crime, a war crime and a crime against humanity.

Ron Chandler

Skull and Bones Kerry is talking out of his fundament, as usual. He lives in Disneyland, or the Land of Oz, or some alternate reality. It is an insult to serious diplomats like Sergei Lavrov that they must deal with a clown who’s not even allowed to drive a car, so many people has he injured in crashes (he even managed to crash his bicycle)!
The garbage this ratbag spouts will never change, because Syrians will never give him what he wants, which is for them to become slaves of Amerika.

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