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JUNE 2021

US Pushes For New Arms Race In Asia Pacific

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US Pushes For New Arms Race In Asia Pacific


On April 5, First Deputy Chief of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) Igor Kostyukov stated that the US forces deployed in the Asia Pacific Region had exceeded 400,000, initiating the new arm race in the region.

“Presently, there are more than 50 large military bases in the Asia Pacific region and more than 200 US military facilities,” he said.

According to Kostyukov, one of the main US instruments for carrying out foreign policy are carrier strike groups, besides one of them is in Japan.

The most worrisome situation was the demonstration of US military power in November, 2017 during the escalation of tensions with North Korea.

Additionally, the US constantly demonstrates power of its strategic bombers.

“At the Andersen airbase, on the island of Guam, six B-52, B-1 and B-2 bombers are permanently located. There are even 15+ strategic bombers that regularly patrol the airspace over the Pacific Ocean,” Kostyukov said.

The Pentagon has also deployed THAAD anti-missile systems in the Asia Pacific Region.

“At present, the US has deployed 19 ships which have anti-tank missiles, two anti-missile batteries THAAD, three anti-aircraft missile battalions and five mobile radars, and Washington is expanding its cooperation with Japan and the Republic of Korea,” he added.

The present situation around the Korean peninsula is balancing on the brink of a regional war.

“The US White House’s purposeful attempts to undermine the viability of the Kim Jong-un regime and the demonstration of its readiness for the removal of the North Korean leadership through the use of force are pushing Pyongyang towards adventurist steps, which Washington is using to justify the need to build up its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region and deploy global missile shield elements,” Kostyukov stated.

“As a result of this dangerous US policy, the North Korean authorities that have actually been driven to the corner have achieved considerable progress in improving their missile and nuclear potential,” he added.

Kostyukov added Russia doesn’t justify North Korean aspirations, although “there is no alternative to settling the nuclear problem solely by political and diplomatic means”.

The US president’s intention to conclude an deal with the North Korean leader can be confirmed only after their meeting happens. The US “readiness” to negotiate is still not confirmed by actions.

The growing US military presence in the Asia Pacific could lead to a military escalation.

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Igor Dano

If they have 250 bases, then you need 250 KH102.


The US hasn’t got any intention to de-escalate the tension around the Korean peninsula, as the North Korea’s nuclear weapons are only an excuse for the US to put it’s weapon’s on China and Russia’s doorsteps.
Even if NK foolishly accepts to surrender it’s nuclear arsenal and destroy it’s facilities, the US will find another excuse to not decrease it’s military presence and end it’s occupation of Korea and Japan. It’s clear as day that if DPRK looses it’s nuclear teeth, the US will attack and destroy the country, AGAIN.

Trump’s true owners (MIC, big oil, Jewish-owned banks, you know, the ones who paid him for his campaign AND multiple bankruptcies) won’t let any pesky deescalation or peace to exist, period!

Ivan Freely

With the introduction of the Petro-Yuan, it’s only a matter of time before the US won’t be able to afford any of these troop build up.


Exactly, I’m hoping that by the end of the year their economy will totally collapse.


The Asia Times is an American Zionist rag owned by David Goldman it only prints propaganda.


Remember how the Soviet Union was brought undone?
Low oil prices, and getting drawn into an expensive war in Afghanistan.

Well the US is falling into the same trap, they are fighting on many fronts, and spending borrowed money to do it. At the same time China’s move to trade oil in Yuan, will devalue the US dollar, and it’s unlikely that China will lend the US additional funds to pay for American bombs.
The trap is set, and they are walking straight into it.


getting drawn into an expensive war in Afghanistan.


expensive arm race. brezhnyev made ss-20, this was mistake. and had not enough money fot the next turn after pershings and for starting star wars.

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