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US Pushes Ahead With ‘Snapback’ Sanctions And ‘Maximum Pressure’ On Iran

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US Pushes Ahead With ‘Snapback’ Sanctions And ‘Maximum Pressure’ On Iran

The JCPOA was signed in 2015 and succeeded in lowering tensions in the Middle East until the Trump administration entered the scene

Iran has promised to inflict a ‘crushing response’ against the United States for continuing its unilateral crusade to put ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran to comply with Washington’s dictates and bullying adversaries and allies alike to force them to support the reimposition of punitive sanctions against Iran.

US Secretary of State Pompeo is demanding that other countries comply with the US decision to activate ‘snapback sanctions’ pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an international agreement that the US unilaterally pulled out of in May 2018.

Exactly one year after the US abandoned the nuclear deal, Iran started gradually scaling down its compliance with the commitments made under the pact, including those concerning its stockpile of enriched uranium.

Even so, Iran has been subjected to the most comprehensive international inspections regime of any country in the world with respect to its nuclear program and continues to grant access to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has consistently confirmed that it has found no evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Thirteen of the 15 UNSC members said that the US request to activate the ‘snapback sanctions’ provisions is illegal since it has withdrawn from the JCPOA and is therefore no longer a party to the agreement, which was signed by the US, France, Germany, the UK, Russia, China, Iran and the EU in 2015. Washington argues that as one of the five permanent Security Council members, it has a right to call for the snapback sanctions.

Eleven council members abstained in the vote to extend the arms embargo pursuant to the JCPOA, with Russia and China opposing the measure. Only the US and the Dominican Republic supported the resolution.

In a letter to the Security Council, the European signatories to the deal – the UK, France and Germany – have stated that the winding down of the UN sanctions against Iran would continue, adding any decision or action by the US to reimpose them “would be incapable of legal effect”.

Undeterred by the failure to get the Security Council to endorse the US move, Pompeo announced the re-implementation of “virtually all previously terminated UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

In his latest statement on the matter, Pompeo outlined key elements of the US plan to unilaterally impose the sanctions, asserting that:

“The United States took this decisive action because, in addition to Iran’s failure to perform its JCPOA commitments, the Security Council failed to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran, which had been in place for 13 years.

The Security Council’s inaction would have paved the way for Iran to buy all manner of conventional weapons on Oct. 18. Fortunately for the world, the United States took responsible action to stop this from happening. In accordance with our rights under UNSCR 2231, we initiated the snapback process to restore virtually all previously terminated UN sanctions, including the arms embargo. The world will be safer as a result.”

The measures include a complete weapons embargo, restrictions on uranium enrichment, a ban on ballistic missile testing or development, and sanctions for the transfer of missile-related technology.

In a statement following the expiration of a deadline set by the US, Pompeo threatened ‘consequences’ for any UN member state that does not comply with the punitive measures.

The White House plans to issue an executive order on Monday spelling out how the US will enforce the restored sanctions, and the State and Treasury departments are expected to outline how foreign individuals and businesses will be penalised for violations.

On Sunday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the nation in a live televised cabinet meeting, during which he congratulated world powers for resisting US pressure to reinstate UN sanctions and saying that the effort “has reached its definitive point of failure.”

Today, Rouhani said, “will be a memorable day in the history of our country’s diplomacy.

America is approaching a certain defeat in its sanctions move … It faced defeat and negative response from the international community. We will never yield to US pressure and Iran will give a crushing response to America’s bullying…

Today we can say the ‘maximum pressure’ of US against the Iranian nation, politically and legally, has turned to ‘maximum isolation’ for the US.”

Pointing out how the US tried to obtain the support of other nuclear deal signatories following its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Rouhani said the US expected Iran to act irrationally, giving it an excuse to form an international coalition to adopt more comprehensive counter-measures against Tehran.

The president also addressed the five remaining signatories of the nuclear deal, reiterating the promise that if they fully adhere to their commitments under the accord, Iran will also fully implement its commitments. LINK

Israel is also doing everything it can to support the US statements and actions. On Monday, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, addressed an official letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanding that the UN re-establish its Sanctions Committee and the Panel of Experts, which have been monitoring the enforcement of the Iranian sanctions.

“Iran has blatantly violated the nuclear agreement and its ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons have been exposed,” Erdan asserted in the letter.

“Therefore, in accordance with the ‘snapback’ mechanism made available at the signing of the agreement and recently initiated by the United States, all sanctions imposed on the regime are to be reinstated, and the UN Secretary-General must take the required action as set forth in the relevant Security Council resolutions.”

Erdan added that “in recent years, Iran has proven itself to be the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism,” adding that Iran “has never renounced its nuclear program and continues to proliferate weapons to its proxies in our region and beyond…

Wherever there is slaughter and bloodshed, we see the direct involvement of the Iranian regime. Therefore, it poses a clear threat to the stability and security of the Middle East and of the world”

“The United Nations must act immediately to impose crippling sanctions on the regime and to put an end to its murderous actions,” continued Erdan, concluding his letter by emphasizing that “Iran constitutes the greatest threat to the Middle East today, if not to the entire world.” LINK

The US decision to push ahead with unilateral punitive sanction sets the stage for a showdown at the UN as the General Assembly prepares for its annual session to begin this week.

While Russia and China – both of which are also subject to punitive US sanctions – can be expected to help Iran thwart the US sanctions and any attempt to impose a blockade (and possibly Iran’s neighbour Turkey as well), the question remains whether other UN member states will be able to resist the intense US ‘diplomatic’ and economic pressure.


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Laurent Parodi

With what the EU is doing with navalny and Belarus I wound not expect too much from france uk and germany.

Assad must stay

they reject any reinstatement of sanctions


It is easy to talk. They also said they would uphold the JCPOA and allow trading with Iran. It took them ages to set up INSTEX, and how much trade has gone through that? Exactly 1.

The EU is a gang of spineless milquetoasts, proud to be allowed to lick Washington’s boots.

Assad must stay

well so far they have been resisting washington, inshallah they stay that way


They have been resisting because the deadline has not passed yet. Let’s see how they react after the deadline is past and the Mafia gang in the White House unilaterally implements the snap-back mechanism. That is when the big test will be.

Mind you, I sincerely hope you are right, but I only believe what I see, and that does not include words.

Assad must stay

But wont it be too late after the deadline?


That is the bottom line. You hit the nail on the head.

Potato Man

US Secretary of State Pompeo is demanding that other countries comply with the US decision to activate ‘snapback sanctions’ pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an international agreement that the US unilaterally pulled out of in May 2018.

Yup, that’s what happen when you feed the fat pig, and when you stop feeding fat pig it start crying and annoy you…..
The fat fuks know they can’t put more sanctions on Iran and others are sick of them….so they cry and bully small countries.
But this is a good case study…the countries that band over will band over by other super powers.


Israel need first to comply with UN resolution on 1967 borders…


and many others!


They should comply to 1945 borders and get the fuck out of Palestine completely!!

Lone Ranger

Pimpeo is delusional.

Porc Halal

Pimpeo …. ?????

chris chuba

The U.S. was already doing its best to prohibit trade w/Iran, what more can Trumpeo do?


Whip the stooges some more ?
To squeeze out maximum possible out of “Western” world to contribute to the attempt of the creation of the global sanctions against Iran.


who knows! these people are insane…the next move could be to expel Russia, China, Venezuela, even some EU countries from the Swift

the world is going down the drain, better that other countries start the necessary preparations

then sell all the US debt in their possession and let’s see how pimpeo reacts

Ivan Freely

Washington can go ahead to expel them from SWIFT but it’ll also mean the end of the USD as WRC. Besides, the Chinese have setup their own SWIFT called CIPS and SPFS for Russia.

Ivan Freely

An actual shooting war is the only route left for Trumpeo.

Lion Heart

Jump into ocean !!

johnny rotten

So the fat guy would like to sanction anyone who sells arms to Iran, and Iran out of spite could buy a gun from any state in the world, the fat guy should sanction the whole world at that point, you know the laughs, behind that greasy back.

Ivan Freely

The ironic thing about sanctioning everyone is that the US ends up being sanctioned by everyone. LOL


The only threat the US can use is to deny any country selling arms to Iran to the US market which is amusing for two reason. First, US market is on a constant decline. Two, by doing so, the US is shooting itself in their own foot.

But, because American politicians still believe in their exceptionalism, they still think they can control the entire world by threatening others as they please. Those days are gone.


as far as we know Iran has no nukes and following what they say, has no intention of acquiring any – at the same time the odious war criminals in palestine, the jews, are threatening the entire region with their nukes and no one dare to utter any objection to that fact. moreover the jews are engaged in a genocide of the palestinian people, stealing the land of the palestinians in a manner resembling hitler’s lebensraum program and continuously kill and maim children and women locked up in the concentration camp the jews hold the palestinians in, the Gaza strip, where they are maltreated and humiliated on a continuous basis by the jews and finally, are the jews preparing to steal the gas found off shore palestine and which rightly belong to the palestinian people. and the world is quiet.

Fog of War

Want to know why ? Watch this. https://archive.org/details/EUROPATheLastBattle


EU is cementing any possibility that Iran buys ever any kind of weapons system or electronic components from them ever.
Thus confirming that shopping has to be done in Russian and Chinese shops, which goes according to the Iranian plans anyways.
EU stooges have shown their obedience to big boss from Washington….
Move on nothing news worthy to see here.
If things continue to go from bad to worse Russia and China might decide that Iran really need nukes for self defense.
We are witnessing creation of the multi-polar world.

Assad must stay

pompeo is best suited working at a bakery or mcdonalds dont you think? hahahahaha

Lone Ranger

He would eat up everything before customers could buy it…


Mike the Hutt

Ivan Freely

Someone needs to make a picture of that. LOL

Assad must stay

Hahahahaha i literally lolled

Lone Ranger


rightiswrong rightiswrong

C’mon Russia and China, get selling.

Show the fat Pompous twat what US sanctions mean, and let’s all laugh at Pompous Mike crying at the brand new super duper weapons Iran bought, lol.

Ivan Freely

Next month. Mid-October is when the UN sanction expire.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hopefully, a few battery’s of S-400, Tor and Pantsirs, S-350, BAL and Bastion coastal defence units, Su-30, 34, 35 and 57, T14, 90, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Imagine fatso’s face if that happened, lol.

Ivan Freely

Heads would explode. LOL The smart move for Iran is to continue to concentrate on defensive equipment like what the Chinese did by creating an A2/AD. Any power projection should be kept on the insurgent level which is what they’re doing now. Eventually, the US will be bleed dry and have no choice but to leave the region. I’m curious to know what the Chinese will bring to the table with their upcoming Security-Trade deal.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

An everlasting security blanket around the region, hopefully. lol

The Objective

Protest breaks out across Egypt against El-sisi the devil.

cechas vodobenikov

where r the CIA employees—titz, her boy fried slave man, bacon,—and the other meth users that frequently change their identities at SF?
is the CIA over budget, funding BLM and antifa—-not enough plywood to replace the broken windows?
Russia, Iran, China are all improving trade, military coordination….the port of Leben is being modernized in order to enhance trade between Russia IrAN. China and Iran are negotiating a 500 billion trade agreement… amerikan sanction reflect a desperate decayed empire—unable to compete economically, culturally or militarily they must display their paper tiger as a burning antifa LGBTcovid kitten

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