US To Provide Ukraine With “Enhanced” Weapons


US To Provide Ukraine With "Enhanced" Weapons

Members of the Ukrainian armed forces ride on an armoured personnel carrier (APC) near Debaltseve, eastern Ukraine, February 12, 2015. GLEB GARANICH/REUTERS

The US will provide the Ukrainain regime with “enhanced defensive capabilities” as the military situation on a contact line between the regime and the people republics’ forces remains tense.

“The United States has decided to provide Ukraine enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity, to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to deter further aggression,” the Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Friday. “U.S. assistance is entirely defensive in nature, and as we have always said, Ukraine is a sovereign country and has a right to defend itself. The United States remains commited to the Minsk agreements as the way forward in eastern Ukraine. We have no further comment, at this time.”

There are no details what specifically the US is going to supply to Ukraine.

While the US claims that it’s commited to the “Minsk agreements” and does not support violence in eastern Ukraine, it’s clear that the weapons supplies will fuel further the violence in the country. Implementing this cinical approach, Washington just becomes an official party of the conflict.

On December 20, the US State Department officially confirmed that the US will provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. According to reports, an administration of US President Donald Trump approved a commercial license for exports to Ukraine of Barrett M107A1 sniper systems, munitions and spare parts for them to a sum of $41.5 million.



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