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JUNE 2021

US To Provide Ukraine With “Enhanced” Weapons

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US To Provide Ukraine With "Enhanced" Weapons

Members of the Ukrainian armed forces ride on an armoured personnel carrier (APC) near Debaltseve, eastern Ukraine, February 12, 2015. GLEB GARANICH/REUTERS

The US will provide the Ukrainain regime with “enhanced defensive capabilities” as the military situation on a contact line between the regime and the people republics’ forces remains tense.

“The United States has decided to provide Ukraine enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity, to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to deter further aggression,” the Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Friday. “U.S. assistance is entirely defensive in nature, and as we have always said, Ukraine is a sovereign country and has a right to defend itself. The United States remains commited to the Minsk agreements as the way forward in eastern Ukraine. We have no further comment, at this time.”

There are no details what specifically the US is going to supply to Ukraine.

While the US claims that it’s commited to the “Minsk agreements” and does not support violence in eastern Ukraine, it’s clear that the weapons supplies will fuel further the violence in the country. Implementing this cinical approach, Washington just becomes an official party of the conflict.

On December 20, the US State Department officially confirmed that the US will provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. According to reports, an administration of US President Donald Trump approved a commercial license for exports to Ukraine of Barrett M107A1 sniper systems, munitions and spare parts for them to a sum of $41.5 million.

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Washington again shows they are willing to fight to the last slav for their principals!


Pussin should have invaded east and south Ukraine when Ukraine was weak.
Is that a suprised ??? I mean, everybody knows that this shit would have happened.

Tudor Miron

Ukraine was and is weak and that’s not because of US giving (or not) weapons to them. 3d Khazarian kaganat is weak because people in general are more aware. People like you, who constantly insult other people based on their religion, call for bombing US (knowing very well that mostly ordinary people will suffer), displaying arrogance and neglect of human life in general – those are still on the level of consciousness of dark ages.
That fact that Putin actually prevented huge bloodbaths in Ukraine and Syria seem to be very annoying for your kind. More blood – that’s what you want according to your posts here. Who do you work for Mr. Serious? One thing is sure – not pro Humanity.


You must fight fire by fire.

Pussin should have invaded russian part of Ukraine. Everytime USA tries to attack, you attack and gain something. If you keep doing that, USA will begin to understand that everytime she attacks, Russia gains. So, she will stop attacking for imperialism.

BTW, Humanity has been fucked up the day it was created.

John Whitehot

“You must fight fire by fire”

fire is fought with water, you fool.


It’s an expression.

John Whitehot

no, really?


Funny how Team Saker claim that Russia invading Ukarine would have led to bloodshed, when it would have prevented it. Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO- so a Russian invasion would have been the business of Ukraine alone- making it a VERY safe invasion indeed. Russia has a metric ton of its supporters in Ukraine, so they could have safely taken temporary control- and no ordianry Ukrainian wants war.

With Russia back in control (which would have happened in a few days), Russia could have begun the process of diplomacy- breaking the nation in two- along ethnic lines.

Here’s a clue for those who PRETEND to be on our side, but then justify every mistake by Putin. India split, and then Pakistan split. Blair invaded Kosovo to split it from Serbia, and even in that ‘bloody’ war relatively few people died in the sclale of things.

Team Saker praises Putin when he does things to please Israel- like NOT invading Ukraine. Team Saker lies at the time by saying that sanctions on Russia as a punishment for NOT invading will be over in months (instead years later they grow ever more comprehensive month by month).

Ukraine is a cancerous ulcer. YOU, Miron, suggest the medieval form of treatment of the ulcer. Poke it. Scratch it. But never remove it.

It is notable that people are BANNED from Saker’s blog if they dare to point to the suffering of people caused by Putin’s servile policies.

The ultimate TEAM SAKER message is that Russia must NEVER act as an Empire Power. Never use the options (for good) that Britain and America happily use for evil. Like claiming that only the criminals are allowed to use guns, but never the police- for since guns are ‘evil’ if the police use guns they somehow become ‘evil’.

America is a bully, and bullies only stop when someone strong enough punches them soundly on their nose. Why do YOU, Miron, not want the bully stopped. Who do YOU work for, Miron? One thing is sure- not pro Humanity in any real sense.

Tudor Miron

You just don’t get it, don’t you? We do not want to invade Ukraine. Invasions is not our way of doing it.


I would love to know exactly who in the Washington swamp keeps pushing this garbage. These people are nasty disgusting neocon weeds that have infested US government for decades and it’s high time they get pulled!


Who will make them pull out ? Pussin ??? XD.

Americans deserve what they have because they love so much their worst ennemies : israelis. But, the world doesn’t deserve it. So, it’s time that people in the world wake up and cut relations with USA.


I wish I could dispute that but I can’t.


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Sorry- Putin voted to punish ordinary Humans in N Korea yesterday, to creep to the USA and Israel. We know WHY the USA is a foul place. Explain Putin’s actions in backing the USA in every way possible at the UN (except where Russia literally has no choice, like with Syria and Crimea). Explain Putin’s selling of the s-400 air defense system to Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, but NOT Iran or Syria.

If someone is robbing a bank, and the police fail to act when called, who do you blame? America is a growing evil cos Putin literally empowers this.

To many people on our side do not know Putin’s voting record at the UN (clue- he almost always votes to support evil acts by the Deep State).

Langaniso Mhlobo

Putin likes hoping.Obama drop him.Trump like accusing him just to keep him obeying his orders.Erdogan find out to fool Putin and having him on your side is to make false peace.

All haters of Assad is still in Syria.Lavrov is useless. The only strong Russian man is the UN ambassador who rebuke USA during Aleppo UN session.


There is a noose or a firing-squad for these terrorist Beltway pukes, come the day.

Which comes sooner than many believe.


USA is trying to impose to the world their spoiled and mentally ill children (israelis). No one except americans want them in their country.


If ukrops want another Ilovaisk, let them have it!

Tudor Miron

They (nazi) love those cauldrons, don’t they? Another Debaltsevo in the making.


Yeah- cos YOU are somewhere safe and cosy, unlike ordinary ethnic Russians who are in the firing line and will die like cattle.

Keyboard warriors who don’t give a feck about the suffering of others are a true cancer. When a war is raging, we should work to end it- and that may mean terrible acts. But when a war is NOT raging, suggesting that it will be ‘fun’ when it starts for any reason is plain evil.

Putin rules a great Empire Power, and with a stroke of a pen he can prevent most regional wars. Or he can sit on his hands, and let poor fools die unnecessarily. Yesterday, for instance, Putin even voted to support Trumps obscene anti-human anti-N korea resolution at the UNSC. The ethnic russians of East Ukraine want to analyse this fact carefully, and understand how little Putin values the lives of ordianry vulnerable people.

When it kicks off again in Ukraine, Putin will provide just enough LETHAL assistance to ensure the neo-nazis don’t win, but never enough for the people of the East to earn any lasting peace.


The US has never supported the Minsk agreements, they’ve provided only lip service. As for the US supporting the Nazis of Ukraine, the support for Nazis goes way back to WW2 and the CIA; a deep relationship which keeps on giving. Russia will unfortunately have to provide the Donbass with sufficient lethal weapons for the people to defend their homes from the US/Nazi run government parasites.


Untrue. After WW2, the West deported ‘white Russians’ back to Stalin’s Russia where many were executed. Britain had excellent relationships with Russia after the communist revolution. During the Cold War, in reality relationships were warm between the USSR and the West. The first Cold War was mostly for show (to fool the sheeple- keep them in their place).

Not so this new ‘Cold War’. It is the height of foolishness to suggest the terrible times of today are a reflection of times in the 20th Century. Today the demonisation of Russia is real in every respect. Today the Deep State wants eventual war with Russia- and yes the real power behind the Deep State knows this war is suicide for the Human Race.


Apparently you know very little of the history of the CIA….


The Zio-neocons embedded in our government are planning another regime change in Russia. They have already achieve their regime change in Ukraine by installing zionist in key positions in that government. The Neocons are furious by the fact that the Russian people and President Putin are turning back to their Orthodox Christian roots. The first hate of the Zio neocons is Jesus Christ and the Christian people. They have established an anti-Christ regime during the Bolshevik Revolution and now their plans to de-christianize Orthodox Russia has failed, they are gone bezerk.


Not at all. Christians are stucked with jews just like muslims are. China can resist them because China has not been infiltrated by abrahamic garbage.


How little you know about the Chinese communist revolution after WW2, and the jews who were at the forefront of advising the chinese revolutionaries. China is riddled with jewish influence that operates at the interface between China and the rest of the world.


That’s bullshit. China doesn’t give a f… about jews.


Communist China are totally controlled by the Communist/Bolshevik ideology of anti-Christ Marxist/Judaism.


Is China communist ? XD


Jews and Muslims have nothing to do with the moral and faithful servant of God Abraham. Only the people who follow the son of God and Messiah Jesus Christ are the true heirs to Abraham. Abraham was a holy and righteousness man through his faith in God the creator.

Solomon Krupacek

thanks, putin!

Eskandar Black

So far its a token sale of some crap rifles. The fact is that it posses no substantial threat to the militants and will likely be used against women and children. This will allow for creation of effective documentaries that could be used to trash trump and the Ukrainian decisions here in congress.


Anti-tank weapons did not help America’s neocons and their ISIS allies defeat Assad in Syria and they won’t help the neocon’s Nazi allies defeat the rebels in Crimea.


Putin has Russia vote to punish ORDINARY humans in North Korea for daring to have a government that stands up to the bullying of the USA, at the UNSC- a vote that BANS ordinary citizens from working abroad, and starves the nation of fuel. And what does the servile lapdog Putin earn from supporting his master’s demand at the UN- that’s right, that master Trump kicks Russia in the head by providing ethnic Russian murdering weapon systems to the neo-nazis of Ukraine.

1) Putin forces Russia to vote to support Trump’s obscene anti-N Korea resolution at the UNSC.
2) Trump kicks Russia in the head by selling sniper rifles to the NATO supported neo-nazis of Ukraine. Sniper rifles that will be used to murder dozens of ethnic Russians in the coming year.

What is wrong with this picture? Why is no-one calling Putin out?

When in life does being a servile lapdog of a mad alpha get you anything? Why are there people who CLAIM to be on our side demanding that Putin is protected from criticism?

John Whitehot



Not sure why the Russian government or even the Russian people are worried.
They have stated time and again they are not involved in Donbas.
And what is the threat to Russia?
As Putin said when asked about the threat to Israel the S-300 sale to Iran posed.
It’s a defensive weapon. how is that a threat?

John Whitehot

“Not sure why the Russian government or even the Russian people are worried”

and who’s ever said that?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Putin and Lavrov western partners which is actually traitors. Russian Putin’s and Lovrov open your eyes or else bombs wi’ll be search in your mouth like their USA did to Saddam.Or you will scream like a pig as Gaddafi scream before killed after abandoning nuclear weapons.

If USA launch a surprise attack against Russia,Russia will not catch up on time and will be severely destroy by western partners and colleague’s.Days hoping for friendship is over.Backstabbing is the new friendship.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Iran and North Korea never give in to USA demand.Don’t listen to short Putin who runs behind tall Trump, Tall Micron,Tall Erdogan and Tall Satanyahu like a monkey hoping to get oil and gas deals on expense of deaf people.

Look currently SDF is killing Syrian forces.When Putin met his boss Trump he claim there is no military solution.When he met Assad he change and lies that the war is over.

On his annual speech Putin claim that his army is not there to giving other world powers but then again inviting them to join Turkey oil stream.Where is this stream starting and who gas and oil involved.

Russia is under U.K. severe sanction but still Russia buys British ugly cars just to be in good books.


Putin needs to strike hard and take Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkiv and let Kiev and Western Ukraine go into the Jewish world order as they are clearly indicating they desire. All of the areas I mention are Russia speaking and often Russians. Even Kiev is the historical center where Russia. was founded by Prince Vladmir who converted to Christian Orthodoxy.


If Putin and the Russian people are foolish enough to let the anti-Christ nternational Zionist globalist take Ukraine, then Russia will be next. These anti-christ Kosher bankers want to destroy everything that calls themselves Christians and honor Christ.

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