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US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Guaido Has Entirely Lost Steam


US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Guaido Has Entirely Lost Steam

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On January 20th, the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly Luis Parra, announced that a commission would be created to investigate the financing of USAID to the right-wing opposition sectors led by US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

He also indicated that a request will be sent to the United States asking that country’s authorithies to investigate the resources given by USAID because “we don’t know where that money went.”

“We are saying that those scandals that have been widespread like the Cucutazo and the improper management of those resources should be investigated. We are asking for the truth to be revealed to the country, in a matter that has been linked to the media and NGOs,” he said.

Parra stated through Twitter that USAID has provided 467 million dollars since 2017.\

Of that amount, Congressman Juan Guaidó has received $180 million since January 2019, as reported by the Venezuelan news agency AVN on its website.

In another blow to the US-backed opposition, Argentina said that it did not recognize lawmaker Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president and revoked the credentials of his representative in Buenos Aires.

“She was under the special mission format that the previous administration had given her, not as a formal ambassador of Venezuela. We do not recognize Guaido as president, but as a leader of the opposition, and based on that, we consider that there is no special representation mission,” a spokesman for the Argentinian Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

It should be reminded that on January 5th, Guaido was set aside by opposition factions of the National Assembly as 81 lawmakers voted for opposition politician Luis Parra to become the new president of the legislative body in a session with a quorum of 150 lawmakers. After the loss, Guaido then self-proclaimed himself as president of the National Assembly, and even tried to jump over a fence since security forces wouldn’t let him in.

A protest in Madrid took place on January 25th, against Juan Guaido visiting Spain.

Guaido has been carrying out an “international tour” which began in Colombia. During his stay in this South American country, Guaido verbally attacked leftist Senator Gustavo Petro accusing him of being “an accomplice of terrorist groups.”

Then, Guaido traveled to London where members of the “Hands off Venezuela” movement also performed rallies to reject him. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Following that, he went to Switzerland to participate in the World Economic Forum WEF) in Davos.

“There is something really absurd about seeing Juan Guaido whining at the Davos Forum about ‘brutal persecution’ when he literally led an illegal right-wing coup last year and, instead of getting punished, he is drinking wine with world leaders in Switzerland,” a Hands off Venezuela activist tweeted.

One year after he proclaimed himself as Interim President, he has so far achieved nothing, even with the US backing all the way.

And this is an unprecedented situation, the premier global power demonstrated its honest inability to impose its will in its “backyard.” US senators have, for a while now, said that they failed in their policy towards Venezuela, admitting partial defeat.

In a historical perspective, back in the 1940s and 50s, if the US, or the USSR decided to declare an individual as president of a neighboring state, it would not likely end in simply admitting that they failed. It would possibly be followed by a military intervention and a very large-scale diplomatic pressure campaign that would both lead to the desired conclusion.

Now, however, the US chose a puppet, in the face of Guaido and he appears to be completely stalled and out of steam.

To substantiate the failure, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would soon visit both Venezuela and Mexico.

“Recently, we have been witnessing attempts to invent new reasons for interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela. All this is done by those who do not abandon their intention to overthrow the legitimate President N. Maduro.

For example, some participants in the Colombia’s international counterterrorism conference last week took advantage of this event to create the appearance of some kind of “terrorist threat” supposedly emanating from the Venezuelan government.

This is from the category of statements by L. Kravchuk about the meeting of A. Hitler with I.V. Stalin – the same mythology of the lowest damage. Transferring the discussion of one of the main challenges of our time to the political plane, sponsors of such actions are crossing an extremely dangerous line, untying the hands of real terrorists.

We urge all the responsible states of the Western Hemisphere to refrain from politicizing international anti-terrorism cooperation.”

However, the US is, in fact, threatening with a military intervention, calling on exercises near Venezuela’s borders with its allies, and so on.

“Against this background, the growing activity of the US military near the northern borders of Venezuela is alarming. All this happens simultaneously with the accusations against official Caracas of having links with terrorists. An information campaign is ongoing, coupled with practical steps. I would like to ask a question, although the answer is obvious: are these links of one chain? We conclude that power scenarios remain on the agenda of the White House, which is ready to use any means to change the power in this country.”

In conclusion, she underlined that Russia continued to maintain that dialogue between government and opposition needs to take place in Venezuela, without any foreign interference of any kind.




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