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US-Proclaimed President Guaido Claims Khalifa Haftar Landed In Venezuela


US-Proclaimed President Guaido Claims Khalifa Haftar Landed In Venezuela

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On June 8th, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido claimed that Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar had landed in Venezuela and denounced that.

The version of the claims was then changed to condemning that an aircraft of Haftar had landed in Venezuela, but not the LNA’s commander.

Haftar’s plane reportedly landed in Venezuela on June 7th, Guaido denounced the alleged move in a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS).

“Yesterday, the plane of the Libyan rebel Jalifa Hafter landed,” Guaidó said and without giving more information, during a Legislative Dialogue of the OAS.

Later, Guaido’s aides added in a statement that “on June 7, the head of the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, arrived in Venezuela,” although Guaidó during his claims did not clarify whether the field marshal was traveling on the plane.

On June 3rd, the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States and other countries are investigating the ties between Haftar and the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro government, and an alleged trip that the Libyan Field Marshal made to Caracas weeks ago.

“The United States has also begun to analyze a trip that Mr. Haftar may have made to Caracas in what some officials say was an effort to negotiate oil and fuel deals. Venezuela, which is subject to extensive US sanctions, is struggling to sell its crude oil and import the gasoline and other petroleum products it needs to supply the country,” the WSJ said.

Although Guaidó did not refer to the case any more, he assured that Latin America “has always been very far” from conflicts such as the Libyan one that, he considered, are not typical of the region.

“We have seen how there were attempts by other countries to sabotage Venezuela, not only when some campaigns were financed but when they tried to harm the processes of protests that can occur in any of our [OAS] countries,” he said.

Guaidó maintained that the objective of the “Nicolás Maduro regime” is to “generate instability”, for which he emphasized that while a Latin American country “suffers a dictatorship”, such as that exercised by Maduro “with the capacity to generate damage to all other countries in the region.”

Before referring to Haftar’s case, Guaido maintained that the presence of the “Iranian regime” has increased in the region, since 17 planes have flown to Venezuela from Tehran.

Russia and its allies support Haftar, “while Turkey is the pillar that supports the Government of National Agreement (GNA).”

Essentially, Guaido has entirely lost steam and has proven entirely incapable of securing US-oriented power in Venezuela, as such it is now necessary to prove that it wasn’t his failure, but rather that the Russians, Iranians and even Libyans are involved and it is not surprising that he can’t wrestle power away from Maduro.

He is attempting to guarantee himself some more tangible support from Washington but using very apparent mainstream narratives that are sure to pass, since accusations such as these need no evidence.




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