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US Pressures India To Stop Purchasing Venezuelan Oil Amid Developing Indo-Pakistani Tensions


US Pressures India To Stop Purchasing Venezuelan Oil Amid Developing Indo-Pakistani Tensions

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On March 10th, US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said that the US was pressuring India to stop buying oil from Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

“We say you [India] should not be helping this regime. You should be on the side of the Venezuelan people,” Elliott Abrams told Reuters in an interview.

Abrams said that the Trump administration has given the same warning to other governments too. He and US National Security Adviser John Bolton also warned foreign banks and companies against doing business with Venezuela while Maduro is in power.

Abrams described the U.S. approach as “arguing, cajoling, urging.”

“The Indian market is crucial for Venezuela’s economy because it has historically been the second-largest cash-paying customer for the OPEC country’s crude, behind the United States, which through sanctions against Maduro has handed control of much of that revenue to Guaido,” Reuters reported.

This pressure comes amid a potential for a trade escalation between the US and India over the removal of New Delhi from the GSP designation and India threatening to introduce tariffs on $10.6 billion of US imports by April 1st.

Abrams said that if the threat of sanctions “leads to people to cooperate voluntarily, we’re glad.”

Which is puzzling, since is it possible to call cooperating under threat of sanctions “voluntary?”

Asked whether India had agreed to stop buying oil from Maduro’s government, Abrams said: “I don’t want to characterize the discussions, which continue.”

Washington also appears to be taking a neutral stance in the recent India-Pakistan conflict over an alleged airstrike on terrorist camps in Pakistani Kashmir. Despite that, the MSM, which is mostly controlled by the Washington establishment is spinning the conflict to India’s benefit.

On March 11th, India Times reported that Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir is to visit New Delhi, during his visit Indian officials will express concern regarding Pakistan’s recent “clamp down” against terror groups. The measures are “inadequate” and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan must undertake irreversible action against terror masterminds.

India’s Modi government will brief Al-Jubeir on various topics, including the Pulwama terror attack of February 14th and India’s response in the face of the airstrike on February 26th. According to anonymous Indian officials, Pakistan needs to shut down the “terror factory” and take irreversible action against terror operatives.

“It is regrettable that Pakistan still continues to deny Jaish-e-Mohammed’s own claim of taking ownership of the Pulwama attack. In 2004, the then President of Pakistan had made a solemn public commitment that they would not allow any territory under their control to be used for terrorist activity in any manner. But till today, however, Pakistan has failed to take any credible action against Jaish-e-Mohammed and other terrorist organizations, which continue to operate from Pakistan. The presence of terrorist camps in Pakistan is a public knowledge within and outside Pakistan,” an anonymous official said. “The visiting Minister will be conveyed of the necessity of compelling Pakistan to move beyond mere words and to show credible, verifiable and sustained actions.”

“While India has made it clear that it is not seeking any mediation in its relations with Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter, the issue of recent Indo-Pak tensions will figure during the Saudi Minister’s visit. Last week India had politely turned down the request by Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister who wished to visit Delhi after his trip to Islamabad,” India Times reported.

On March 9th, India called on the US to investigate Pakistan’s alleged use of US-made F-16 jets during the dogfight which downed an Indian MiG-21 fighter jet and led to the capture of an Indian pilot.

“We have asked the United States to also examine whether the use of F-16 against India is in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale,” Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.

It appears that the tensions between India and Pakistan following the incident seem to be subsiding, but India has not let the issue go.

There are also continuing internal accusations that the presumed bombing of the terror camp in Kashmir was simply a political ploy by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for some publicity leading up to the upcoming elections and an attempt to “politicize terror.”

As satellite images, released on March 7th revealed that the “destroyed” terror camp still stands in Pakistan’s Kashmir.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the US fully assumes India’s side in the situation, of course, in return for some concessions such as India ending its purchases of Venezuelan oil.




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Indians have a world class inferiority complex and have been everyone’s bitch for their entire pathetic history. Now the Americunts are telling their little Indian coolies what to do. Nothing new. They have sent the Saudi pimps to offer India oil if its stops buying from Iran and Venezuela. This will piss off Pakistan even more. Imran Khan is heading for a historic visit to Tehran soon. The little Saudi puppet Jubeir was treated very poorly in Islamabad last week.


    • verner

      pakistan is in the pocket of china what with the silk road project over hindukush all the way down to the gulf of oman and the obligation to make the port gwadar into a fully functioning modern port plus the gas pipeline from iran into pakistan’s southern region, karachi und zu weiter, all paid for by china.

      the fact that mohammad bin salman went there a couple of weeks ago and promised pakistan 4b$ is a one off and probably on behalf of moronistan which is trying to thwart china’s silk road project. pakistan susceptible to bribes whereas italy will have to comply after being threatened (although italy won’t give in to the morons in this matter) . the silk road project is an immense threat to moronistan and today you can ship goods from china to london in say 2 to 3 weeks and with few chances for moronistan to stop or put a spaniard in the works.

      if you read zerohedge today it is discussed what moronistan will do when foreign nations stop buying the feds bonds, which is the trend today, and which indicates that moronistan’s options for survival are diminished continuously. ha ha.

    • Tommy Jensen

      We speek plentyful good englesh and we can be good as you.

  • Barba_Papa

    Abrams said that if the threat of sanctions “leads to people to cooperate voluntarily, we’re glad.”

    There is a name for that, Mr. Abrams, it’s called DIPLOMACY. Maybe you should look it up and give it a try once. Other countries seem to use it quite successfully

    • Pave Way IV

      How is Abrams ever going to keep the child organ trafficking pipelines full with diplomacy? He’ll have to go out, strangle kids and rip their organs out himself. No ‘snacking’ Elliot!

  • Jesus

    US’ threats to sanction India over oil purchases from Iran and Venezuela will lead to nowhere, since India as the third largest economy in the world has many options.
    This works well in regards to the global plan to de dollarize and diminish the need for dollars in oil and gas transactions.

  • Ronald

    India will see beyond Abrams divide and conquer moves, lets hope they act accordingly.

  • iosongasingsing

    The Jew of death, Elliot Abrams to the threats always follows attacks and murders, he killed the Holy Bishop Oscar Romero and dozens of Christian priests in Salvador, was behind the Iraqi genocide and now organizes terrorist attacks on the electricity grid in Venezuela. He has already threatened Italy that by the hand of the USA saw Enrico Mattei and Aldo Moro assassinated. Let’s wait for other attacks in Europe from this infamous genocide that would be burned in the 1600s.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Me and Bolton have also said that if threats of been threatened with threats can make people think twice, its worth it.