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US President Trump Invokes Defense Production Act To Boost Hypersonic Missile Development

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US President Trump Invokes Defense Production Act To Boost Hypersonic Missile Development

It appears that US hypersonic weapons programs remain far behind their Russian counterparts

US President Donald Trump has invoked a wartime executive power giving him the authority to mobilize US industry for defence purposes, saying that without presidential direction US industry cannot be expected to provide the materials necessary for hypersonic weapons development “adequately and in a timely manner.”

On Wednesday, Trump invoked the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to issue a directive with respect to the production of hypersonic weapons components. The directive states:

“I hereby determine, pursuant to section 303(a)(5) of the Act, that the industrial base production capability for ultra-high and high temperature composites for hypersonic, strategic missile, and space launch systems is essential to the national defense.

Without Presidential action under section 303 of the Act, United States industry cannot reasonably be expected to provide the production capability for ultra-high and high temperature composites for hypersonic, strategic missile, and space launch systems adequately and in a timely manner.

Further, purchases, purchase commitments, or other action pursuant to section 303 of the Act are the most cost-effective, expedient, and practical alternative method for meeting the need for this critical capability.”

It is believed that the US has not yet been able to match the development of hypersonic weapons by Russia and China, which are capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 5 and able to penetrate all known US’ missile defence systems. The latest directive promulgated by Trump appears to confirm that the US still lags far behind Russia in the development of such systems.

Last month Trump boasted of a “super duper missile” under development, a statement that forced the Pentagon to grudgingly admit later that the US was “working on developing a range of hypersonic missiles to counter our adversaries.” Sputnik reports that:

While the Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW) was cancelled in February in a budget battle, its developer, Lockheed Martin, is pushing ahead with another hypersonic weapon, the AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW). LINK

Throughout the national crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act on numerous occasions to direct civilian industries in the production of necessary medical equipment, such as swabs, ventilators, masks and other protective gear.

Trump also revealed Wednesday during a news conference that the US is currently engaged with negotiations with Russia for the renewal of an arms control agreement with Russia which is due to expire early next year.

“We also are working with Russia right now on an arms treaty, which is a big thing, nuclear arms specifically,” Trump said. “I think I can say… we’re doing very well on that.”

US and Russian officials held talks on nuclear arms control earlier this week on the renewal of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The New START was signed in 2010 by the two countries to reduce US and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals and is a successor to the START I bilateral treaty between the US and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which entered into force in 1994.

The Trump administration had previously been reluctant to enter substantive negotiations on the renewal of the treaty, arguing that any new arms control agreement should also include China. However, China has repeatedly refused to join any arms control talks with the US and Russia on strategic nuclear weapons, given the enormous disparity between their respective arsenals.

The New START is the last arms control treaty between Russia and the US that remains in force following the formal withdrawal by the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) Treaty on the 2nd of August. The treaty was signed by the US and Soviet Union in 1987, banning all short-medium-range (310-620 miles) and intermediate-range (620-3,420 miles) ground-launched missiles.


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Zionism = EVIL

Bankrupt lardass racists are hardly in a position to produce fuckall.

comment image


Awww the woke muslim, where was your antiracism until BLM riots?


When the SU-57 drops from 90 million to 45 million u say Fuck all!

When a report saying an F-35 is affected by lighting comes out, u cant shut your mouth!

u dont live in the real world! all u are is a cheer leader!
Thats all u are!

Lone Ranger

No problems with the Su-57.
Price was around $60million from the start.


Note the drop in the exchange rate with oil prices….I wonder if that influences price….hmmmm….difficult question!!!! So if Euro drops relative to Sterling, does that mean that the quality of Fish and Chips improves for UK visitors from Eurozone.


No! it was 90 million!
The SU-35 is 85 million!
Yet u are trying to tell me the SU-57 (11 made) was cheaper than the SU-35 (nearly 100 made) was cheaper?

Just like the T-34 tank, u cannot accept facts!
Facts hurt your feelings even when the numbers dont add up!
Since when is a 5th gen fighter 60 million (then becomes 45 million) when a 4++ fighter is 85 million and should be cheaper due to numbers made and exports!

The su-35 is just an advanced evolution of the SU-27 therefore not much R&D

SU-57 is a completely new design, only 11 made!
Yet its now 45 million!

You are so full of shit!

It failed!
It seems that creating stealth (even when copying) is much harder than people think! India has stated that the SU-30MKI can easily detect and track the chinese stealth fighter!

You do not live in reality! only 11 SU-57’s made and now they cost 45 million dollars! nearly 100 SU-35’s made and many more on order and they cost 85 million dollars! In what world does this make sense? in your world? Well we all know your world thinks the Russian’s designed the T-34 hahaha.

Lone Ranger, i have you noted down as a dumb fucker! someone with a biased view on history and facts! someone who cant even admit to truth when the numbers dont add up!

i can admit to US debt! i know they are fucked! but they kick that can down the road until they milk every drop from the petro dollar!

Did u know china got caught making fake gold?
they sprayed copper bricks with gold paint hahaha
Their “gold backed yuan” was supposed to be valued on this fake shit!

good news! Russia has real gold!
Good news for russia but bad news for China!

Facts come before feelings
Truth before Sincerity

if you live your life by these rules, you will start to see the world in a whole new light!

Lone Ranger

You are mixing up the Su-57 with the Flop-35…
Better luck next time…
Don’t stress yourself too much Trollstoy…


wow u still cant accept it!
Deny until you die? is that your motto?
you are a sad person!

SU35 (112 made so far) many on order!
SU-57 (11 made) none on order! Project shelved! (low sell price = “who wants to buy a lemon?”)

comment image
comment image

Lone Ranger

You are the one who can’t accept reality and us living in a Dreamworld…
70Su-57 are on order and in production.
For the first batch.
200; in total are planned till 2028.
Time to accept reality kiddo…


Project shelved since the December crash!
Didnt you hear?
Have u ever wondered why India pulled out of the deal and decided to buy either the Rafael, F-21 or their own indigenous made aircraft?

When india pulls out, common sense says that the price goes up! No, it went down! Below half price! half the SU-35

THINK. Think harder!
Think like a white man! Do the math!

If they make More it becomes cheaper, yes?
If they make less it becomes more expensive yes?
Manufacturing 101 for dummies!

So how does it move to half price AFTER the December Crash???



Lone Ranger

It’s not shelved.
Production is ongoing.
One crash…
Flop-35 had 3-4 crashed sofar.
The Craptor 5-6.
With fatalities…
Stop spreading fake news…
That’s Fake, not Rafael…
It’s the way India tells they want the price to be lowered.
They did the same with the Mig-29K carrier based jet and ended up buying it…
I can only repeat it Su-35 price is 35-40million.
Su-57 price is 65million give or take.

Lone Ranger

Don’t be a wacist now Adolf :)


530 SOLD

are u saying the Russia and China succeeded with their stealth but the USA did not? is that what u are trying to say?
They succeeded so well that they made them half the price of the SU-35?
hahahahaha….. u are so dumb!
comment image

Lone Ranger

The Flop-35 is an overpriced crap even according to Pentagon reports.
Most that 550 are bought by the U.S.
Most countries try to get out of the deal.
Like Canada for example.
I can’t blame them.
Flop-35 is a heavy mod from the Russian Yak-141 by the way.
Lockheed bought the blueprints from Russia in 1992 for $300million.
Russia knew back than it’s a failed project.
But the U.S went on and tasked bae systems to mod it and develop the X-35, which they did 7years later…
They are still rolling on the floor.
The Floppy single handedly destroyed the U.S. Air Force :)
And it’s too late to switch to another jet.




Yeah the West loves to buy Aircraft that flop! This is what u are trying to say!
You think the West is dumb?

If its a flop why is Russia and China making it?

Can u see your own bias?

What u are saying is that China and Russia got their stealth RIGHT but the USA got it wrong! Thats what u are trying to say! Even when actual numbers are against you! u still deny it!

who has made the most stealth? Do u learn more and more as u make it since the 1970’s? who has pumped the most money into stealth?

Why would perfectly smart, white, rich nations waist their money on an aircraft that doesnt work?

Then ask yourself why Russia and china make the same aircraft themselves!

Then ask yourself why china needs russian supercruise engines!
Then ask yourself why Russia’s SU-57dropped to 42 million dollars!

Do u have any brains at all? u are losing this debate so badly!

u must be black because u dont seem to understand what money and numbers mean

Lone Ranger

Like they did with the Craptor?
They wanted to sell 1800.
Ended up with a 170.
From that only around a 110 are operational.
Rest has been destroyed, or cannibalized.
Same avaits the Flop-35:)
You are just a sad troll…
Days of the U.S. Empire are over.
Good riddance.

Lone Ranger

It seems your govt and banking s,stem aren’t too good with numbers either :)
I’m white by the way and you are a sad wannabe Nazi.


you should report me as spam!
Lone Ranger says: “hey south front, please ban this guy because he is sending screen shots that dont agree with my world view. i am finding it very hard to argue with him! i have had to fight back without facts and i cant keep this up forever. the only thing i can say is ‘better luck next time’ but that doesnt seem to be working either”!
Lone Ranger says: “Southfront, can we please start doing what twitter and facebook does and start banning anybody who doesnt agree with us? i dont like pictures highlighted to show i am wrong and i dont like memes either”

Lone Ranger

Adjust your meds….
Don’t worry, I’m not Amercan :)

Lone Ranger

You mean like I.S. was caught delivering tungsten rod laced gold to Germany and the UK.
If the story is true at all, and not only a CIA PR campaign than the gold was probably from the U.S.
Most the gold from Fort Knox was transferred to China long time ago to pay for the $2trillion debt.
$ is going belly up so is the U.S. Empire.
Don’t cry too much, it’s better for everyone. :)


“Most the gold from Fort Knox was transferred to China long time ago to pay for the $2trillion debt.”
The debt is held in Bonds u moron!
“You mean like I.S. was caught delivering tungsten rod laced gold to Germany and the UK.”
Im sorry i never heard this! Can u send me a link? i cannot seem to find it on the internet, even when i use Duckduckgo!
If the story is true at all, and not only a CIA PR campaign than the gold was probably from the U.S.”
Ahhhh there it is! “IF the story is true”! okay i see where u are coming from! The oldest trick in the book! BULLSHIT!
“$ is going belly up so is the U.S. Empire.”
i 100% agree! The next system to come is (according to the IMF) is the SDR! This SDR is like a pie mix made up of the most powerful currencies to make a new global currency! Try and guess what % of this pie is in favour of the USA? Go on guess? u wont believe me, its better if u just look it up yourself!

The nation that survives will have a gold backed currency!
those nations who are most likely to do so are:
China (gold backed Yuan)
USA (back to gold backed dollar)

One nation lies about its gold stocks!
The other nation doesnt!

Try and guess which nation lies?

lol, we all know who u support!

Lone Ranger

Bonds are worthless tho.
Especially nowdays.
Thats why they swapped it for physical gold.


Yet the USA has paid every bond in history!
China doesnt even have a transparent economy!

Why does China need Hong Kong Dollars to access the World trade markets?
Because it has a fake economy!

Why is china renegging on the HK independence deal?
Because since Trump came in, China cannot keep its fake economy running!

What is the US counter move? Remove HK Special Financial hub status!

Do u know where the Chinese economy is now? Down the toilet!
less than 1% GDP!

China is fucked!
Russia wont help China in a war! Do u think Russia likes depending on China? Especially after China outright copies Russian planes etc?

Putin hates China!


u contradicted yourself!

Here u say “Bonds are worthless” even tho the USA has never forfitted on their debts in history!

comment image
Then here u admit to China having more reserves of Gold. but the Gold is fake! Now u blame USA for it hahaha!comment image

So what is worthless?
USA bonds?
Or China’s fake Gold?

notice how u said “Probably”
ive seen u use the words “maybe” and “unofficially” too!

Dude do u see how full of shit u are?

Lone Ranger

You are projecting…
I know Truth hurts but try to handle it.
Doesnt matter the U.S. never defaulted on debt if the USD will go belly up they can print as much as they want it wont be worth anything.
U.S. gold is gone, some are back to the EU, some in China, some stolen by the globalists.
It is a typical CIA tactic to discredit your adversary.
You cant do anything about the coming collapse of the U.S.
It has already started, being delusional and cocky wont save them :)
If the U.S. delivered fake gold to Germany and the UK, why wouldnt they do it with China…?
Get real…


When countries go bankrupt, their assets are sold!
Do u think Gold is the only asset?
What about oil?
taxable income?
do u have any idea what u are talking about?

I hate the former CIA!
do u know that John Brennan, James Comey. Loretta Lynch, John Clapper and many others are looking at life in prison and charged as TRAITORS?
Do u know Clinton and Obama are also looking at the same charges?
Do u?

This BAD CIA is going down!
So is israeli Mossad!
i think u have ur head in the sand!

u are flying at 15000 feet and think u see all!
i laugh at u….. im at fucking 90,000 feet and i see soo much more that it turns your narrative on its head completely!

Who are the good guys and bad guys as of now?

Bad guys:

Good guys:

Former bad guys:

for someone flying at 15,000 feet and THINKS they know whats going on will probably laugh at this list! But when they focus on only one section of geopolitics their mind is easily skewed!

Kushner, Venezuela and israel is all the evidence u need to keep your world view! this is why u fly at 15,000 feet and think the way u do!

But dont worry, the information i know will be the same information u know! u are just taking much longer to find out!
i have already completed the jigsaw puzzle and u have completed a small corner! YOU cant even find the other pieces to the jigsaw which is a reason why u cant complete it!

would u like the pieces?

let me know!

Lone Ranger

Until I dont see them in prison Im not buying it.
When it happens I will officially ask you for forgivnes.
Not until than.

At the moment U.S. state debt is $24trillion.
The derivative bubble is between $200-800trillion.
Nobody knows it for sure.
All assets in the U.S. all reserves public, state, federal, land everything combined is worth around a $120trillion.
So the debt is already unpayable.
It will be a collapse or a reset, either way the FED and the USD will go belly up.
And without the Bretton Woods Agreement and the USD as a reserve currency the Empire is toast.


“Until I dont see them in prison Im not buying it.
When it happens I will officially ask you for forgivnes.
Not until than.”

That is the most sensible thing u have said all day! i can totally agree with this!
Can i ask u, do u know about the recent court hearings on Clinton? Do u know the results? im guessing u dont know and cant be bothered until u hear she is in jail!

Watch the news! big things about to happen!

Ask yourself what has happened in the last 3.5 years
Tell me something isnt going down!
After the failed impeachment of Trump the Corona virus was announced!
the day after!

What u dont know is that the FORMER bad guy CIA was working hand in hand with China!

ill explain:

Globalists one day decided to transfer industries to china! make them rich and powerful but also produce goods so cheap that nobody could compete outside of china! This is called a monopoly! Does china adhere to strict regulations on environmental hazards? do they have cheap labour? slave labour?

The CIA is funded by the US tax payer! therefore u would assume they work in the US interests? What if (and i know u know this) the CIA does not work in US interests but in fact for Globalist interests? Do globalist Love the USA? or do they love money, power, control?

do the Globalists have money power and control in the USA? They have money, they have power but not total control! Citizens are armed! 350 million people can and could cause an insurrection!

However u can have full control in China! No need to bribe new politicians being elected every year! its one party, no elections, a president for life!

So while these globalists operate outside of nation states! they do what suits them best! How do Globalists achieve this? Control! how do they control? information!

Example Epsetin: Epstein was both a Mossad and CIA honey trap! So was Hugh hefner! They entrap certain CEO’s, bankers, celebrities and politicians with kiddie stuff! Once they have control of this person, they HELP their career! keeping all a secret! in fact rewarding them with even more HONEY! But they are controlled in every aspect! if they break the rules its game over! Those that dont fall into the trap almost never make it to the top!

Now what do u have with such control of congressman, senators etc? power of the purse! where the money goes! u think foreign aid goes to those who need it? of course not! its a boomerang! much of it goes to israel, royal families and funding to other dark scheme such as human trafficking! its a complete global mafia!

THEY, push the USA into endless wars! these wars by themselves ensure the petro dollar! but the money machine prints more wealth and funds more wars! causing inflation and eventual collapse of the US dollar! But who benefits?

i can tell u 2 nations!
Israel benefits from these middle east wars! u can basically say the USA fights these wars for israel! pays for them too! All of this via the honey traps and controlling politicians over many many decades!

the other nation is china
They got the industries
they got the technology transfers without having to do the costly work of R&D!
they stole, hacked, bought and even had it handed to them!
Is google, Facebook, twitter CIA? hell yes! Who runs them? who owns them?
is the Washington Post, New York times, CNN and more CIA? hell yes! who owns them, who runs them?

China is kept out of wars not because they are “good”! they are trying to make the eventual overtake of the USA in military power, technology and economy! China’s war with the USA will never be (if it was their choice) a Hot war! its an economic and biological war!

Why did Google make Dragon fly for china?
Why did NK leader suddenly meet and side with Trump?
Why did CNN and others praise Soliemani and call bagdaddi a religious scholar?

China is the New jewish power! much worse than the USA jewish power!
The usa was being used like toilet paper and was about to be flushed!

and u fell for the “china is a good guy” agenda!

China is the TRUE enemy!
The white elite jews are the hidden hand behind China! and from this they confront the USA using the USA’s own intelligence industries and politics against itself!

Trump (with the backing of the military) are fighting back against this!

now if u cant stop going crazy over Kushner and Venezuela i have 2 things toi say!

Venez is about China! its about the future sanctions that will be placed on them!

Kushner is the handler of Netenyahu!
if kushner was truly pro israel and anti USA then why is the Current leader of Mossad and israeli intelliegnce services, former special forces soldier and former PM of israel being charged by other Jews who were also caught in the Epsetin racket? Rats ratting on rats! Why is Netenyahu being indicted?

Think! 2 israeli PM’s are in deep trouble under Trumps reign!
“keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”!

Lone Ranger

I have to agree, this post is pretty much spot on.
But if the globalists control China, why arent they giving them Taiwan too or why are they making a mess in Hong Kong?
Or is one hand fighting with the other?
Also Pompeo was the head of CIA.
I dont trust him.


Mike Pompeo FIRST went to the CIA as the Director! spent 18 months there!
Working with a trusted Deputy! Then became the Sec of State implementing a strategy from what he had learned at the CIA and its deep secrets he could access! From this, they took out globalist insurance policies and worked out who was controlled by the former CIA!
This Deputy (Gina Haspel) was working as a double agent FOR the good guys within the USA! The good guys were the Defence Intelligence Agency (a branch of the military) and the NSA (mainly directed by the military)!
This Deputy (who is now the CIA director) went to the UK with Peter Strzok (Bad guy FBI counter intel agent), Lisa Paige (Iranian born, former bad guy FBI lawyer), John McCain (bad guy) Bill Priestap (former head of FBI counter intel division) to garner fake evidence from an MI6 Agent named Christopher steele who made up evidence via his russian contacts that stated Trump colluded with Russia)

This Good CIA agent (Haspel) with the help of other good people worked as a double agent! i have pictures of them all together in London taken by the NSA! leaked on 8chan!

So, why do i tell u this?
There is an intelligence war happening in the USA!
on one side of this war is Trump, the military intel and informed citizens!

on the other hand is the former bad guy 3 letter govt intel agencies and some of their left overs! These left overs work for the globalists and AID china!
China aids them also! because its a planned transfer of power from the USA to china until trumps election screwed things up!

At the moment u have Adam Schiff as the Chairman of the House intelligence committee! Schiff! a jewish name! Also if u dig deep, trafficks humans, fucks kids. a real scum bag! Definately a Mossad Asset!
comment image

this guy is one of the people who is SUPPOSED to be informed of ANY top secret US black ops mission! why didnt Trump tell him about the bagdaddi or the Soleimani operations? Why didnt Trump tell the head of Congress Nancy pelosi?
Why did he wait until a new acting Director of National intelligence was put in?


Bagdaddi was (and u know this) a Former CIA and Mossad asset!
Soliemani (who was an iranian Jew) was also a Former CIA and Mossad Asset!

Have u seen the New York Times (a former CIA mouth piece and globalsit owned company) WARN Soliemani about an incoming attack described EXACTLY the way it happened?
i posted this a while a go! i can find it! basically it explains (like a forune teller) how soliemani MIGHT be killed exactly one day before it happened!
it was a warning because communications were CUT for the operation!

North Korea was a CIA black site! Controlled!
Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Alphabet was in North Korea in 2014!
What on earth could he be doing there? setting them up with Gmail?
All of these people had handlers! puppet masters! in Kim Jung Un’s case it was most likely his generals!
What do the rothschilds and globalists do? They own both political parties! they fund 2 sides of a war! they own both leaders!

When the Soviet union collapsed was Russia strong?
it all collapsed right?
Was china Strong in 1990?
Who was so powerful that they wen to war with a former soviet state (Serbia)
Who was so strong they could invade the middle east at will?
Do u think North Korea couldnt be infiltrated and controlled?
america just had 9/11 and were told a man called Osama Bin Laden was the terrorist who caused this?
A man Called Sadam Hussein helped him?

So they elected a man called Barack Hussein Obama to be their next president? Does this make sense to u?

Why did G W Bush say recently he would vote for the Democrats? is this normal?

Why do they hate Trump?
Why does Trump appear to help israel in his first few years?

U know the art of war right?
have u heard of the art of the deal?
Who wrote the art of the deal?
Who took over the super secret work of Nikola Tesla?
John G Trump!
Who worked at S7 and S1 at area 51?

Why did the military ask trump to run for office?

Does Kushner work for israel or does he control israel?
Does kushner work for trump or does trump work for kushner?
Why is netenyau in trouble?
Why is Ehud Barak in Trouble?

the art of war? The art of the deal?

comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image
comment image

This thunderbolt coined “The Storm” by Trump is what we are waiting for! SOON!

comment image

comment image

Trump and Putin are allies!
i can prove this! if u want to see this proof i will show u!

Both Trump and Putin (it can only work if these 2 nations help each other) are taking down the jewish , nazi world order!

And in this moment u witnessed a transfer of highly secret information for an event that took place between July 2 2019 and Jul 4th 2019!

it was the day a STOLEN Soviet Nuclear Submarine was destroyed by BOTH Russia and the United states!
This submarine was (much like north korea and Iran) an insurance policy for the jewish world order! so that if anything ever went wrong, u had fall back insurance policies! u start a war or threaten a war! This submarine was tracked and destroyed on the border of Russian and USA waters before it could be used to launch a nuclear attack in order to start a world war based on a false flag!

North korea was designed for the same thing!
So too Iran!

All 3 of these insurance policies have been taken out!
Why do u think Trump ordered military parades for July 4?
public does not panick!
troops and anti air warfare on the ground in each city!
under the disguise of a parade!!!

July 3rd the day before, Russian top secret Spy sub, russian attack submarine and US attack sub took out this rogue sub!

i can prove it with dates and leaked information (intelligence) foretelling this exact event!

Trump and putin hate Soros!

i have so much more info it will make ur head spin!
Good guys are in control!

Think logically, would putin want to be friends with a nation who openly copied their planes and yet was forced to make deal with them?
What happens to oil and gas rich russia with only 150 million people is threatened by a China in 2030 and beyond who has stolen both Russian and US tech?
How long until Russia is taken over?
How long until they are in debt and have to sell off assets?

u support the good guys! so do i!
putin is a great great man!
Trump is too!

Both were intelligence agents!
these globalists did the same thing to Russia!
they are trying the same in the USA!
They build and collapse, build and collapse!
They use each of these nations until they have total control!

What is China?
Digital spy grid, monopoly, slaves, social credit system, fake economy, one party, one president for life!
This is a Globalist wet dream!
After the planned fall of the USA, who would pick up the pieces and “Manage the local area” in the middle east?? ISRAEL!!!! GREATER ISRAEL!

This fight back has been planned since 1990! the KGB helped putin get into power! they tricked the Jewish oligarchs into choosing him! The USA helped! Why? Because nuclear subs were stolen! Russias aircraft carrier was almost stolen! What happens when a Russian jewish mafia gets their hands on a nuclear arsenal? Russia and the USA NEEDED putin in control!

The deep state is deep! its in the pentagon, congress, senate, intel agencies! But which entity is the least effected? THE MILITARY! They still have a code of honour unlike jewish rat bastards!

i expect big news on July 4th 2020!
i can feel something BIG is about to happen!
ive been waiting 4 years for this!

Lone Ranger

You made my head spin lol.
I know Trump and Putin worked together more than once.
Good example is the 120cruise missiles launched at Syria yet magically only one man mied and damage was minimal.
Can you tell me about that sunken sub, I have zero info about it.
Would like to know more…
If true, thats the story of the year.


About those missiles!
the first time occurred the Head Joint Chiefs was in Moscow! Moscow KNEW of the attack and the targets and allowed them to happen!

What u dont know….
Obama’s “deal” with Iran was bullshit!
let me paint you a picture:
Last year we finally heard about the secret Nuclear reactor in Syria! Israel destroyed it! Forget the israeli part…. THERE WAS A NUCLEAR REACTOR IN SYRIA??
Finally even admitted here on South Front!
What has been destroyed and then discovered from it? That iran has been creating MRBM is Syria! We didnt know this until they were targeted and destroyed!
ok so now lets do the math:
1. a secret nuclear reactor destroyed long a go finally comes to the news
2. MRBM being made in Syria

What u dont know, the reason why Iran could adhere to this 4 years deal was because they were enriching the uranium IN SYRIA to weapons grade! Where did they get the Uranium from ? From the USA!

Iran got American Uranium in something called “the Uranium One deal” which involved the Clintons! When hillary was Sec of state she sold a Russian company 20% of the US uranium stores (that alone is treason because its national security)

The repayment was made via Bill Clinton speeches! 1 hour speech for a million or 2!
This is called “pay for play”! The Russian company (putin was not involved but in fact putin informed trump of this and gave evidence) sent the Uranium to iran!

Now why would Iran need US Uranium?
Radiation isotopes give off a signature that can allow scientists to trace the uranium back to its original quarry! each quearry has its own natural identifier almost like a finger print!

This was also used to prove the false flag in Syria when the tests done on the chemical attack was traced to the UK!

So now u have a weapon used by (an unknown nation) for which its destruction traces back to the USA!

Clinton was heavily involved in pay for play schemes! why do u think she was busted with a Server in her bathroom? She had Access to “Secret Access Programs” which she herself was investigated for (charges dropped)! She has been leaking Top Secret shit to anyone with money!

This takes me to Google!
Eric Schmidt! why was he in North Korea?
Was google aiding the transfer of tech to North Korea and China?
comment image

Ask yourself how did NK get its nuclear tech? its rocket tech?
How does a lot of tech get leaked?
Mostly its given!

What is Facebook? Facebook is actually called LifeLog!
it was not created by Zucker (who married a chinese handler)
it was created by DARPA!
YOU YOURSELF log your life!
Do the work for them!
Favourites books,
favourite movies
friends names
where are u now?
where have u been?
political affiliation?
what school u went to
what did u study
etc etc!
comment image

What is Twitter?
Narrative push?
Shadow ban?
u know the story! its about control of the sheep and the narrative

What is google?
Gmail? thanks for all of your communication and information
what do u search?
what info do we give u?
social media

Follow me here!
Intelligence Agencies and their operating jurisdictions

NSA = Signals intelligence, Encryption and decryption, (Foreign and Domestic)
CIA = Intelligence agents, espionage, recon, sabotage, surveillance (Foreign ONLY)
FBI = Investigations of foreign agents operating within the USA, intelligence and counter intelligence etc etc (Domestic ONLY)

Why are their jurisdictions important?
Which agencies were infiltrated the most?
Why is this important?
NSA mostly Military controlled?
CIA and FBI mostly Civillian Controlled?

What if the CIA and the FBI were taken over by Globalist Agents?
How do they control and hurt the USA and gain information that can be used to control and hurt anyone who acts against them?
Why did the NSA have all the power?

What does Facebook GIVE the CIA? Domestic Surveillance of a willing public to allow the information on themselves to be used and transferred! Who would pay for such information? China?

What does Twitter give the CIA? Control of the narrative? censor Dissenting voices?

What does google give the CIA? Does it give them NSA capabilities? Signal intel? etc etc?

This isn an intelligence war! The CIA went rogue! Globalist elites use intelligence agencies to CONTROL and ENTRAP the political puppets they have placed in power!

The CIA NOW has the goods on every US citizen! they know everything u and i do! This was never meant to be allowed for the CIA! only the NSA! So what can the CIA do with this info? Sell it? to who? What couldChina do if they knew everything about Ted Cruz? Ron Paul? What if they could create dirt? the weapons are endless!

The wealthy use tax payer funded intelligence agencies to entrap the same nations politicians to do their bidding!

Putin and Trump were brought in to counter attack!

Lone Ranger

Yeah I knew this one.
Except the the Google trip to NK.
Im pretty sure the clinton crime family are one of the worst traitors in U.S. history.
They make McCocaine look amateurish…
Youtube is also owned by Google.
Google is owned by Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet is owned by the CIA…
Google Earth is a dumbed down version of they Keyhole software they used in the late 80s and 90s for the processing of high rez imagery shot by crystal keyhole digital spy sats.
They have tech now that allows them to key in on a cellphone call from low Earth orbit.
Its crazy.


And the Former CIA’s parent company was Mossad!

This information was given out also!
So the CIA (the bad CIA that trump has been cleaning) and its minion companies like google, facebook, etc etc were under the control (order if you will) of the Israeli Mossad!

Therefore all this evil shit i tell u about….
The transfer of industries to china and setting them up as the new global power…. the honey traps to control politicians etc etc! This is ALL ISRAEL!

The plan was this….
There would be the Controlled world with China as the super power
There would be the UN as the True head!
Then u would have one free nation! Israel! Controlling and populating the middle east as they have done se in Palestine!

That was the end goal!
Remember we are Goyim, sheep!
To be used as animals whilst the Jew sit and drink and feast!

Lone Ranger

Interestingly Indeed the secretary general of theUN is always a member or a former member of some commie/maoist party.
They all talk the same, we need a one word govt, no family, no values, only bio robots in an atheistic society run by technocrats under IM control of course.
Sounds familiar…?


i ranted sorry!

In short those missiles that “hit nothing therefore russia destroyed them” hit other targets! Classified targets!

Namely Iranian targets inside Syria!
Iran were enriching Uranium inside Syria and Obama knew about it!
Because in the end, Soliemani worked for the CIA and Mossad just like Bagdaddi did!

Thats the real truth!

Lone Ranger

No problem.:)
It was also Obama who gave Iranians a $130billion or so from their frozen assets.
I never understood why that many and why at once.
Thats a lot of money even by U.S. standards.
I guess they wanted to boost Iran to a level they are a serious threat on the world stage.
This also answers the question why Russia never protects Iranian assets inside Syria.


And flew 1.3 billion of it in foreign currencies into Iran on USA C-130’s!
Photos taken and leaked!
All under the guise of Paying a ransom to get US troops back?

CASH! Cash is to go into pockets! untraceable! Who’s pockets?
People (agents) must be paid!

You know obama is a Shiite muslim right? u seen the pictures?
did u know he used to be an arms dealer?

comment image comment image comment image comment image

This is Siddiqui!
the son of an Arms dealer who got arms to Al-quieda during the Russia war against Afghansitan!

Siddiqui himself sold arms and so too Obama! Proof is coming out on this soon!comment image

What happened in Benghazi has a lot to do with Obama selling arms whilst president! thats not so bad but its who he sold them too and who the stinger was used to shoot down!

Hillary piggie backed on the obama deal in Benghazi with obama’s ambassador Christopher stevens who later killed by Al-quieda right around the time Ghadaffi was murdered! but her crimes are far greater than obama’s and obama committted TREASON!

More on hillary another time!

Lone Ranger

I knew barry is a muslim but always thought he is a sunni maybe wahabi sunni.
I heard the Ambassador was killed because he wanted to blow the whistle on arming the terrorists.
There was a delta team within 3 hours with a V-22 but Killary said no…
At least thats what I heard.


Word is, a photo will soon be leaked (perhaps a video) of Obama doing one of 2 things:

1. Shooting an AK-47 at the US flag
2. Shooting an Ak-47 at a captured US soldier

Look at this video!
Remember its 2008 and The USA’s worst enemies were:
Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein!


Yet they elected Barack Hussein Obama who did NOT place his hand over his heart in the middle of a Presidential Campaign and whilst the national anthemn was playing!

He was the Chosen one!
What was his Secret Service name?

What does Renegade mean?comment image comment image

“The Secret Service does not choose these names, however. The White House Communications Agency assigns them”

“For security, codenames are generally picked from a list of such ‘good’ words, but avoiding the use of common words which could likely be intended to mean their normal definitions.”

Tell me, is Renegade a GOOD name to call a President who’s name was Barack Hussein Obama?

comment image

They know! They’ve always known!
Good vs Evil!

The bad guys are called Clowns! Or Dogs! Thats why Trump said Bagdaddi was killed like a dog!

Good guys are called Wizards! Full name :Wizards and Warlocks! BECAUSE THEY SEE ALL!

Trump has and always will be a Wizard! His family are all inside the intelligence agency! John G Trump! Google him! Trumpa lways got the information from the parties he went to! Epstein, Clintons, bushes! he never drinks! doesnt smoke! Hardly sleeps! A billionaire (much like epstein) who had all access!
“in case of emergency, break glass and make Trump President”
U can say the same for putin!
comment image
comment image

Commonly used! because they see all!

comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image

Lone Ranger

Some heavy duty stuff…
Thanks for the info.
I dont really understand if part of the military and intel agencies are patriots and they know exactly whats happening who comitted what and when than why arent the national security threats neutralized?
Why are they waiting, what are they waiting for.
They could arrest everybody within 24 hours.


planned for decades!
G H Bush was an ambassador for China!
Then became the CIA director
Then became VP (attempted to kill reagan) (likely involved in kennedy’s death too)
Then became Potus!
It all started here!
Yes there was shit going on before this in reference to the federal reserve etc but the bulk of it started around Bush’s term!

The collapse of the Soviet union didnt help because it kept a balance!
When they were gone it was like free candy to those in power!

Serbia gets taken out, middle east!

But America is always hard to manage, u need to corrupt incoming and outgoing politicians, people have guns, this bill of rights doesnt help either!

China was the one!

So they begun the transfer of industries! then the tech etc etc!

its not an easy task! like i said there were the nuclear threats that could be used as insurance policies!
Then the leaks that can occurr within the system!
They had to “drain the swamp” to a certain extent before they could use the military to take out certain targets!

i know that if Trump wasnt elected, they were going to carry out a military coup within the USA! this in itself would destroy the USA! So they had to win the office and drain the swamp!

First clean the republican house and make deals with guilty republicans in order to get the votes they needed! Remember there are 3 gov bodies! The executive, Congress and the senate!

How do u get the supreme court justices? The senate!
How do u get the funding for the military and the wall etc? Congress!

The republicans have been cleaned or turned! The democrats are still rogue!

McCain controlled the Repubs
Clinton the Dems

These peple enforced the honey traps and the rewards via their charity foundations which were involved in crimes against humanity!

McCain removed!
Clinton de-winged and will be executed soon!

To do this clean without a military coup and the media spurring on confusion and devision between good and bad u have to do it right!

Free the politicians on the Republican side (trumps side) Lindsy graeme now works for trump etc etc! paul ryan out! mccain dead!

Get you supreme court judges in (very hard bbut succeeded)
Clean the DOJ
Clean the FBI
Now u can have investigations and indictments
Clean the CIA, now u can conduct foreign operations
clean the pentagon (stop a military coup against trump)

All u have left is the media, social media and the democrats to worry about!

Almost all has been accomplished in the first 3.5 years!
The wall is more important than u think!
human trafficking, drugs (from China), MS-13 is a cartel army of 50,000 thugs within the USA who do a lot of the Dems dirty work! Then they kill the MS-13 thugs who killed the target! Hide their tracks!

Google Seth rich and how he was killed!

But the stage is set! and here u are getting this info right on the time when the shit is going to begin!
the counter attack we have been waiting for!
it must happen, it will happen! u will know when u see it!
when they ban trump from twitter that will be the big event!
but the indictments are sealed and will be unsealed! then u will know!

My money is on Soros! i think Soros will be the first arrest!
a gut feeling but i might be wrong!
it could be clinton, biden or obama
maybe a former cia director or fbi director!
but its gonna send shock waves and the STORM will begin and the bad globalists via their controlled media will show their true face! they will be exposed in the light and people will start to wake up!

Thats how trump wins!
Thats when China panicks and makes a move on Taiwan!

Lone Ranger

Soros is a demon he looks like a demon in a meatsuit.
You just have too look at him lol.
Bush Sr. Was in Dallas that day on Nov 22 he later denied it but there is a photo from him on that very day he was probably the coordinator for the hit teams.


Yes u are correct! he was there! and ive seen the photo of him on the steps!
He actually had dinner with the family of the person who attempted to assassinate Reagan a few nights before! it may have been the very night before!

Did u see the message Trump sent them all at Bush seniors Funeral?
We were told by the intel leaks “Watch the wives”!

We had no idea what the fuck it meant!

until the Funeral!
it was so awesome!

Just think, u have enemies all around you! you know what they did and they know that you know what they did! But u are the President and the US military is backing you!

All the wives of the ex Presidents and Vice Presidents got a special letter!

:) a very special letter :)

Lone Ranger

Many people won’t believe this.
Many people even deny globalists exists.
It won’t be easy to wake them up.
Just look at the BLM mob on the streets tearing down statues and flags.


i have a feeling Black lives matter will turn on Antifa!

One awakening will be that the Confederates were the Democrat party! Yet the blacks in the USA 90% vote for democrats because they think the republicans were the slave owners lol!

Antifa and BLM are Soros funded and controlled!
But from what we know, Military intelligence has been mapping them since 2016!
They know who the leaders are, where the money goes!
They have been infiltrated by good guy spies!

A collapse will occur (this is my own opinion)!
I see them eating their own! this will trigger panic among the globalists!
At the moment their major weapon is riots! Their insurance policies (iran, NK, rogue sub) are out of play!
They have to sew division and dissension!

Something is going to happen, either information leaked or an arrest of many people in the media etc!
its actually a military plan! this wont happen in dribs and drabs, it going to be an avalanche!

Thats the understanding i have!
My gut tells me July 4th independence day because this has been touted as the 2nd american revolution!

So july 4th USA time (or 5th)!
usually when the enemy thinks or knows a big event will occur against their interest, a false flag is implemented!

usually school shootings!

But the counter attack starts very soon because November 3rd is not far away and a lot of information needs to come out for this to work!


That is Shiite attire!
As for the Benghazi incident its a very long story but an amazing one!
Just remember that the US military wants Hillary, McCain and Obama Dead! literally!
McCain is dead! And it wasnt from cancer! another thing i can prove!

comment image

Divide and Conquer! Win at all costs!

comment image comment image



i would need to show you pictures of the leaks in order for you to understand better!

until i show u the leaks ill tell u what happened!

Russia (who is actually allied with the USA under Trump) used a super top secret spy sub that is so stealth its insane!
Much better than what the USA currently has!

This sub (only one of a kind at the moment and was only completed in 2017) was used to Find and track a Stolen Soviet Sub!
This stolen sub in nuclear launch capable! And yes it has the missiles!

This has been a big worry for both Russia and the USA!
To think that somewhere out there, someone has the ability to destroy the planet of at least start a nuclear war!

the leak was foretold like this!
“the hunt for Red October”
“Red October”
“Why was “the hunt for” removed?

they found it!

When was the Sub destroyed?
July 3rd 2019
When was Trump’s military parade? July 4th 2019

How was this information on the sub given to Trump?
Through the Soccer ball which has a pocket in it usually for tracking in the world cup!

comment image

Why were they trying so hard to delay this meeting between them?
Why were they trying to push the Russia russia russia narrative? to force trump to NOT meet putin?
When there are deep state minions hiding in the flowers who can u trust?
Who can Trump really trust?
His family is number 1!
Everyone outside this must be well referrenced!

Why did Trump and putin have a private meeting in Helsinki?
1 hour?
only the Translators were present?
Why were the Democrats and the media demanding the Translators be Subpoena’d?

comment image comment image

Intelligence war!

What is 8Chan really?
its a communication between the NSA and the public!

comment imagecomment image

NSA ghidra (reverse engineering tool FOR THE PUBLIC) was released the day before the offical launch of China’s DragonFly search engine which GOOGLE made for China!

What is 8Kun? its 8chan continued?
comment image

All sources are anonymous!
Total free speech!
Created by Who?
The experts?

Who did Snowden first work for? The CIA?
Where did he transfer to? The NSA? Booze Allen?
Who’s spy tools did he leak? the NSA’s?
Who was the NSA using these tools against? The CIA and China and the EU and all Globalist Shills?
Where did Snowden escape too? China?
Why didnt the CIA or obama allow the State Dept to cancel his passport so he could not travel out of china?
Why fly to China? Protected? by Who? Chinese? the CIA?

WAR! intelligence war! The CIA had a saboteur within the NSA that derailed great tools!

Yet the world has conformed to the DESIGNED narrative (through movies, documentaries and even statues) that Snowden was a good man! a whistle blower!

Wrong! he was a black hat working for the CIA and transferred a lot of their tools to China!

But Putin has him :)

Lone Ranger

Thats insane.
The super stealth sub must be the Novgorod its a single unit albeit rumor says a second one is close to complition.
Its a heavily modified Oscar II class nuclear sub originally designed to be a cruise missile carrier.
But the Novgorod has drone stralth subs each with a 600MT warhead(status 6 project).
Thats the only new sub that is super stealthy and a single unit.
Who could steal a Russian sub and when how?
It seems impossible.
Not saying it didnt happen its just hard to believe.


We wouldnt have heard about this sub!
its a spy sub! nothing else!
super super stealth!
Designed only to find, track and follow without being noticed!
Thats what we were told!
it made total sense!
In the same message it was relayed “what if our friends were our enemies and what if our enemies were our friends”!

This means Russia is friend
Israel and certain other are enemies!

Lone Ranger

U.S. lies as usual…
Biggest gold reserves are in the EU, Russia and China…


Russia yes!
China no!
Germany yes!
USA more than u can imagine!

Lone Ranger

U.S. has barely any left.
China unofficialy has around 30,000 tons.
EU, Russia and China will be the backbone of the new global currency.
The U.S. is behind the curve.
Dont believe me.
You will see it yourself within 6-12months.
Globalists sucked the U.S. dry, destroyed its economy and society.
They are exactly where the Soviet Union was in 1989.


“U.S. has barely any left”

prove it!

Lone Ranger

They did themselves.
They have major problems repatriating UK and German gold.


JUNE 30!


JUNE 30 2020


Lone Ranger

Probably the ones they got from the FED…
Dont stress yourself, its bad for your bloodpressure :)


oh for fuck sakes dude…. im not upset!
im laughing at u!
And to prove how silly u are, u just made an excuse for China!
u said “Probably the ones they got from the fed”!

Do u see how biased u are?
U just blamed the USA for China’s fake gold!
Do u see it?
take a good hard look at yourself!
u are completely brain washed!

Lone Ranger

Am I?
Or maybe I can read better between the lines…
U.S. has no gold left.
And has to resort to fake gold to deliver.
They owe $trillions to China.
China knows the economic collapse is coming, U.S. bonds are worth less than toilet paper.
So they want gold and since the U.S. has a $800billion trade deficit to China, they have to pay them or China will simply shut down the U.S. economy, which they can do anytime.
Will probably do soon by thd way with the help of the EU and Russia.


U.S. has no gold left.
you have zero evidence of this! ZERO!

And has to resort to fake gold to deliver.
if you conspiracy theory is true, then u are saying that USA gave China fake gold (sprayed copper bricks) and China said nothing for many years! Suddenly they get caught now with fake gold and u blame USA? Are u on drugs?
When did the USA give China gold? Tell me the date or send me a link!
Why wouldnt China check if the Gold was real or fake? Do they Trust the USA to send real gold without verifying?
honestly i think u are a very very stupid person!

They owe $trillions to China
below 2 trillion! But China didnt do this to help the USA they did this to help themselves! Anyone in the world would buy US debt! Why? Becuase the USA pays its debts! they have the petro dollar! they have land! In fact they sold the panama canal to china! They EARNED Alaska from Russia when Russia was in debt! They Bought the phillipines! They own a lot of land u wouldnt believe! they are not much different to UK and France! there are American colonies all over the world! even in northern Africa! Even in the indian ocean! even Guam! even Samoa! they They have a lot!

“China knows the economic collapse is coming, U.S. bonds are worth less than toilet paper.
no, they have a lot of equity!
u dont even know China has a fake ecomomy!
Ask urself why China exchanges Yuan for Hong Kong Dollars in order to access the world trade markets? Nothing stops China from exchanging in yuan! all they have to do is open their books and be transparent! but they dont! they wont! So they exchange via hong kong!

Ask your why! then start smelling the bullshit u think u know!

So they want gold and since the U.S. has a $800billion trade deficit to China, they have to pay them or China will simply shut down the U.S. economy, which they can do anytime.

1. its 500 billion u moron!
2. Deficit was in China’s favour! This was being changed right before the Corona virus came out! China already agreed to the 1st part of a 3 part trade deal!
3. They cant shut down the US economy Because the USA can print wealth! yes it causes inflation but the USA is still the biggest consumer market in the world! it will always be propped up! i wish u could understand! The USA will be the hardest to fall but it will be the last nation to fall! China has a GDP of less than 1 % now! USA has a GDP of almost 4%!

China’s economy was sitting at 14 trillion per year in 2017
USA at around 19 Trillion

China is now at 4 Trillion per year
USA now at 35 trillion per year!

If u dont like these numbers then dont google USA GDP 2019

Lone Ranger

Evidence is they cant deliver to the UK and Germany.
Even when they did it was bad gold.
Nobody is buying U.S. bonds anymore, except for Japs whom are a U.S. colony.
Its worthless.
When you get thousends of tons of gold you wont check every single brick with x ray.
U.S. didnt buy the Philipines they stole it from Spain whom stole it from the natives.
U.S. doesnt own it anymore.
They were kicked out decades ago.
China has a production based economy.
U.S. has a debt based one…
Your numbers are totally off.
China keeps the Yuan artificially low to.maximize profits from its exports.
Japan and South Korea are doing the same but since both are a U.S. colony they are fine…
Was 500billion it went up to $800
U.S. is not the biggest consumer market.
China, India and EU are all bigger.
U.S. economy has already fallen.
Their GDP is smoke and mirrors no production behind it.
Even Germany exports more than the whole U.S.
You teally think Facebook is worth s $100billion?
The FED is giving zero interest loans to wall street, banksters and Fortune 500 companies whom are inflating and buying up their own stocks creating an illusion of profit and GDP.
U.S. will fall.
China will survive.


“When you get thousends of tons of gold you wont check every single brick with x ray.”

if u received a million in cash, you wouldnt check to see if it was counterfeit? You would count every dollar! even with a speed counter!
Why do jewelers go to the effort of wearing a microscope and checking all details?
u check every damn brick and u know they do!

US is biigest consumer market dude, i roll my eyes now!

Dude are u listening to yourself?
u are supporting China!
u are barracking for China!
u are saying China tells the truth!
they dont even have a transparent economy!
they dont even use Yuan to buy goods outside of China!
U have seen what they copy!
u are going to hate yourself when u find out the truth! but here u are constantly making excuses for them

U probably think the USA leaked the Corona virus in China dont u! yes? lol i bet u do!

If that was so, why did china say it came from the wet markets only to re-open them one month later? How does this look? Are u saying u side with the WHO? The entity with a logo of a snake wrapped around a dagger and has the words HEALTH…. WORLD… ORGANISATION and is apart of the United Nations?

Wake up dude!

Lone Ranger

I guess Chinese werent smart enough and trusted the U.S.
Others made that mistske in the past as well.
Like Russia or Germany for example.
Im not an avid supporter of China but I rather deal with them than with the U.S.
I dont see China invading countries left and right or sanctioning and teisting arms to get everybody in line.
So you think 330million Americans buy more than 550million Europeans, 1.3billion Indians and 1.4billion Chinese?

I first thought that indeed.
But after a few months I think it was a joint Chinese, CIA, Globalist effort to disrupt World economy especially that of the U.S. giving it the final blow.
And it seems everybody went along with it knowing or not knowing.
They simply want Trump to lose the second term. Whatever it takes.
And they are still at it.


“I dont think you know more than I do.”
i am confident i can prove you wrong!
You and i are on the same side! The side of GOOD, justice and anti jew!

“Aside from that the U.S. is broke they cant afford another major conflict anytime soon.”

Winner takes all! Right? Do you think China can afford? Do you really think they are richer? i can change your mind on this!

“U.S. is still supporting nazis in Ukraine.”
Would u like to hear the actual REAL telephone conversations between the former Vice President and Porashenko? Do u know who uncovered this? Rudy Giuliani! Rudy was working as Trumps attorney and went to ukraine to source out the where the “Russia Collusion” begun! They found Gold! not literally Gold but u know what i mean!

Let me guess, u havent heard these conversations right?
So if the current administration is fighting with the former administration, doesnt this tell u something is happening?

“The only reason they say they dont want to remove Assad is because they cant.
Russia, SAA and Iran won.”

Agree! but its not really why! USA is still the top Diog where ever they go! proof is their cruise missiles flying over russian heads! killing bagdaddi in a location that was close to Russian bases! killing Soliemani without hesitation! if this isnt proof they can do what they want when they want, then i dont know what else is!

“They dont want a full on war with Iran because Iran has now supersonic cruise missiles.”

Wars without winning a prize are pointless! but the true reason the old and BAD usa were in the middle east are the reason why they are now getting out!
u know why they were there! Israel! Oil!

But if the debt from the wars amount to more than they benefit, then whats the real reason?
This is where people like Epstein come into play! YES U HEARD ME! EPSTEIN!


“U.S. has better air force but Iran can rain down on any airfield or carrier within 1000mile radius..”

dude just STOP!
thats total bullshit and u know it!
If iran could iran would!

What did trump do recently?
Walked over the NK DMZ and shook hands
killed bagdaddi
killed Soliemani

Want to hear something crazy that u wont know until u reach 90,000 feet?
hope u can handle it

The FORMER BAD CIA under Obama and before were in control of:

North Korea (i know u cant believe this)
Iran (i know u cant believe this)
ISIS (i know u believe this)
Al-quieda (i know u believe this)

if u want to learn u talk to me!

Lone Ranger

Im aware of that conversation of Biden and Porkyshitko.
So why isnt Biden in Trouble?
I see the cia attacking Trump on every week.
This week covid phase 2 and new swine flu + Russian bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.
All BS.
Is NY Times in trouble for spreading fake news?
I want results…
Trump delivered javelins to Ukraine…why exactly?
The tards have used heavy artillery on civs for 6 years.
Now they have more toys to use.
Al Baghdadi was a mossad agent aka Eliot Simon.
I doubt he was killed he probably went back to tel aviv under witness protection.
He was killed at least 4 times…
Twice by the U.S., once by Russia, once by Iraq.
If he is really dead we cant know for sure who killed him.
Very similar story to binladen by the way aka Tim Osman..
If U.S. was the top dog they would have won.
Solemani was killed in Iraq.
He may have been a cruel man but he was fighting isis and jihadis.
Do killing him was counterproductive and it cost the lives of a few U.S. soldiers.
I dont see why this was good.
Im not surprised.
But I dont think the CIA has full control over them.
Maybe in the past but Iran is blocking the U.S. where it can.
Iran wont start a major war as long as they are not invaded but they have the capebility now.
Thats the only reason U.S. and Israel didnt perform air strikes on them sofar.


I want results…

me too!
but like i said…. buckle your seat belt!

“The tards have used heavy artillery on civs for 6 years”

Obama’s aid went to blankets and porashenko’s own companies! nothing went to ukraine!
The javelins are certainly there to stop a Russian invasion (which u and i know wouldnt happen anyway)
its so the media cant blame trump for aiding Russia! Trump needs to appear like he is NOT a putin lacky! How do u achieve this? u send Javelins!

Trump also needs to appear he is helping israel so he gets support of the christian bible belt voters and the confidence of israel itself! how does he achieve this? place an embassy in jerusalum, call the gholan heights israel land!

but does this make it official? no, the UN can only make it official!

What does trump get in return? What MUST Ehud Barack and Bibi say about Trump? Can they bad mouth Trump? No! in fact israel has made currency coins with Trumps head on it!

This is called “keeping your friend close but your enemies even closer”!

Can they bad mouth Trump for sending Javelins when obama sent blankets? No!
Can Jews hate on Trump after doing something they always wanted? No!

This is win /win!

it upsets u, i get that! but in an intelligence war where u rely on support and votes and the DECEPTION u need to make your true enemies people love u, its a great move!

Yet all the while whats really going on? Israeli jews love Trump, christians love trump and bibi and barack are under indictment in relation to financial corruption and crimes against humanity!

This is Chess! not checkers! hopefully u can understand this!

Lone Ranger

I get it.
I only wish things would speed up.
So Trump only sent the Javelins so democrats and chickenhawks cant badmouth him.
Sounds logical.
I wouldnt be surprised if those Javelins could be turned off remotely at will by the U.S., in case Ukropnazis want to use it for something bad.
But I guess its only wishful thinking from me.
Im serious, I think Putin is the best and smartest statesman currently, but…
If everything you said comes true, and Trump wins a second term and in my book thats a big if…than he is on pair with Putin or better.
But I have to see it happen.


And if u want to know what REALLY happened in Benghazi and “the server” and how this all relates to the many Russian wagner troops being killed by isis near DeirEzzor which also links to the USA killing Soleimani…. ive got a story that will make ur head spin!

The parts u will like about thie story is that it proves just how bad the CIA, Clintons and Obama were! it also proves why Putin did a Moscow emergency Evac for 40 million people as a drill! it also explains the need to kill Soleiemani at the time that was required to do so!

Lone Ranger

Ok tell me…
But Im not sure the Wagner incident actually happened.
At least not on that scale.
Hundreds dead?
I find that highly unlikely, first because they could only ID 4 guys, no pics about the hundreds of dead.
Second Russia would have taken revenge.
And Russia never sends their people in without air support.
They learned their lesson in Afghanistan and Chechnia.


Ukropnazis is over!
have u seen the new Administration’s Justice department (in ukraine) literally fucking Porashenko, Yatsenyuk and joe biden! along with john kerry, nancy pelosi and more! What do they all have in common? their kids are on the boards of Ukraine energy companies!

Why? i got great info! Its about risk and reward!

maybe u know about this and how it all related to Porashenko and Kolomoisky!

Lone Ranger

Would be nice.
I only know that major Ukrainian energy companies are robbed by bidens son and other actors.
Its shocking that these phone conversations are public yet not a peep from MSM.
They only care about Trump, Russia, Covid and BLM.


“thats a big if”

its a must!
it will be the biggest battle we have ever seen!
when u see riots, fights, false flags, shootings, viruses and more, just know, it will be blamed on him so he cant get re-elected! Thats called panick! THEY (the globalists) are in FULL panick!

Lone Ranger

Let me ask you this…
Lets assume Trump wins the election.
What will happen after that?


if he wins and also wins the house and the senate (although i dont think it will matter) the world as we know will change dramatically!

i cant say exactly!
but i think before the election crazy shit will happen!
if it looks likely trump will win, China will be forced to go to war with taiwan and more!

People will go to jail! big names! a mass awakening will occurr!
Greater than u and i can comprehend!
i can talk about this forever but i think Generally big names go to jail!

A moon landing will occur which will bring humanity back together by 2021 or 2022! then a mission to mars!

i think israel becomes just another shitty country with no power!
i think Russia and the USA become offical allies!
i think the vatican falls or rebuilds itself!
i think income taxes will be set to low rates or abolished completely
i think certain countries like Australia will become a republic or unified with the USA due to it having the greatest future resource! Rare Earth Minerals! this is thye OPIL of tomorrow! Oil wont matter so much! rare earths are the big thing which is why China wants taiwan back so much!

but i cant see these globalists going away quietly! china will be used in a war! the CCP wants to survive too! they know what happened to Musolini! a war will start before the election! But india, the USA, japan, South Korea, Australia, malaysia, singapore, vietnam, thaliand, New Zealand etc etc will easily defeat china!

China has a very weak point! The 3 gorges damn! if i am correct china is already fucked! This damn has already started to shift, its 6 metres over its maximum and will kill 400 million people if it breaks! China’s farming will fall!

We have 2 choices!
The world becomes like China and worse over time!
or it becomes like the OLD USA where money was based on gold, fair trading, explore planets, be friends with nations, dont get involved with foreign conflicts! Sanction bad nations! privacy and security becomes a right! etc etc

its sounds airy fairy but when u are really into this shit, it all boils down to one thing! its a battle between good and evil!

Lone Ranger

I hope a big war can be awerted.
A war with China would destroy Korea and Japan and probably Vietnam and India too
1+billion fatalities…
Not good.


But its also suicide for China!
Most likely China will go for Taiwan only!
The US might step in and look like a good guy or bad guy depending on which side of the fence u sit on!

The best way for it to occurr would be the CCP to step down!
they wont!
So a revolution within China!

We will see!

Russia will not help china in a war. i guarantee it

Lone Ranger

I mean globalists have nowhere to run.
They will put up a fight and many will support them unfortunatelly.


All insurance policies have been taken out!
Here is what they have left:

1. the media (their most powerful asset)
2. Some control of Social media but its failing
3. Funding by any means neccessary! Black live smatter funding goes directly to politicians
4. China (who is not ready to wage a hot war)
5. a small amount of deep state lackies placed in lower areas of power! They can leak but they cant get new access to higher stuff!
6. Democrat states (where the highest covid deaths occurr and all the riots occurr)
7. divide and conquer civil disobedience
8. Congress, who can make their own rules, fund or defend anything and can investigate anything they wish to investigate! such as “Russia collusion”

its all failing!
So in the end, their last chance is to wage a war!
Against each other and against nations
economic, ideological, race against race, religion against religion, etc etc!
They want us divided! but if we unite we win! we unite when we see though the bullshit and wake up! the awakening will happen when the info is dropped!

The moment its starts dropping is called THE STORM!
Trump will tweet this message either via Twitter of by using the federal emergency broadcast system!

Sounds crazy but i can show u many many video clips of trump speaking to the people who know!

in reference to the information he has!
Direct communications!

you will learn about this soon through the media who will try hard to hide it!


Al Baghdadi was a mossad agent aka Eliot Simon.
Both Cia and Mossad!
His handler as u know was John McCain u have seen the photos!
the real question u should ask is who took those photos?
Who would take these photos of McCain with these bad guys and leak them!
think about it?

Was mccain a bad guy? hell yes!
does he need private security to go to turkey and meet with these people? hell yes!
so who took the photos?
Black water were his security!
Who was with McCain? i know!
Eric Prince! the former head and founder of black water?
So did he leak it? Why did he leave black water?
Do u understand what i mean by intelligence wwar?
We are talking spy games! agents and double agents!
black hats vs white hats!
Eric prince double crossed mccain! put him in deep shit!
and if u think mccain died of brain cancer u are not operating on the level im on! sorry!comment image
Black water security!
White helmet guyscomment image
comment image
comment image
comment image

comment image

do u think McCain wanted these photos leaked?
Hell no!
Why do they all have Foundations and institutes?

Obama Foundation
Clinton foundation
McCain institute

Do u know what they really do in these places and who invests in them?

comment image comment image comment image

Lone Ranger

Yeah, I always wondered how those photos got leaked, I always assumed a wahabimossad troll uploaded it because he was proud to meet with McCocaine.
I heard rumors he was executed for High Treason after found guilty by a military tribunal.
But what about his brain tumour?
Its a bit over the top.
Not saying it cant be but it borders bizarre.

Lone Ranger

Dont know what your problem is with China.
They arent the ones destroying the World but the U.S


You have no idea how wrong u are!

In reality i am on YOUR side!
But youre not!

The reason is, u have been tricked!
Your hatred for the USA is justified but not since 2017!
Things changed since Trump arrived!
But u cant understand that can u!
All u can see is Kushner, israel, Venezuela!
Thats your confirmation isnt it?

Did u hear what Trump said yesterday?
“We no longer wish to remove Assad from power”!

i know more than u! im sorry this upsets u!
if u want to learn what i know i can help u!

Lone Ranger

I dont think you know more than I do.
Trump is less bloodthirsty thats true.
But its partially because he wants to win his second term.
Aside from that the U.S. is broke they cant afford another major conflict anytime soon.
Is killary in jail and all the warcriminals?
Is the CIA under control?
Trump is not the second coming, and he wont be able to save the U.S.
U.S. is still supporting nazis in Ukraine.
Jihadis in Syria and Lybia.
The only reason they say they dont want to remove Assad is because they cant.
Russia, SAA and Iran won.
Iran demonstrated multiple times that it can hit any U.S. site inside Iraq, there were serious casulties few talk about.
They dont want a full on war with Iran because Iran has now supersonic cruise missiles.
U.S. has better air force but Iran can rain down on any airfield or carrier within 1000mile radius…


The Art of War!


comment image comment image

Which relates to this:

comment image comment image comment image

Which relates to this:

comment image comment image

Which also relates to this:
(Rachel Chandler) with Jacob Rothschild
C handler
Child Handler
She was a victim turned into child procurer as many of Epstein’s victims became!
She sold them (kidnapped human slaves) on instagram! They were bought, raped then killed! all of them!
comment image

With Bill at 15yo on Epstein plane
comment image

at 14 yo
comment image

FOR SALE… human sex slaves! choose the age, colour and sex you want! Babies, teens, adults! Go to fake instagram Model pages to view the latest “Models”!
(you have no idea how deep this goes)
North korea is a human organ farm! TRUST ME!
China is heavily involved!
these were the people who will run this world!
u think Putin and Trump are not working together?
Putin brought back the Orthodox Church (thank god)
Trump has brought back “merry christmas” and the Christian church!
This is not nation vs nation!
its Evil vs GOOD and Putin (extended his power, thank god) and Trump who are doing this together! Back Channels exist!

comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image

Lone Ranger

I think I will throw up ?


Understand what both Trump and Putin are doing!
Understand who they are up against!
Good Vs Evil!
“crime against children”
You will learn this…. keep your mind open!
China WILL attempt to take Taiwan very soon!

LINK: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

comment image

And the stuff i havent told u yet…..
She sold 6 davey Crocket nuclear mortars to the Bin Laden Family and Nuclear technology!
The davey Crockets ended up in Al-quieda’s hands after the Benghazi raid (plus info on the Server Ambassador stevens was carrying for which he had no clue about! These 6 mortars ended up in Syria! ISIS who were in a small battle with the FSA who as u know are really Al-Quieda, lost these 6 mortars to isis!

Putin new about it!
He knew everything and thats why he conducted the Nuclear drill in moscow to evacuate 40 million people! As u know troop movements (training drills) send a message! this was a message (intel leak to public so we know what is going on)!

Isis used one of these mortars on Russian Wagner troops in Syria!
Gen Mattis had to take the blame for it rather than people find out the former US sec of state sold small nukes to the Saudi’s and they were stolen!
Russia then came out wit its own story to say they were not Russians!

Facts are, they were russian troops killed by isis with stolen davey crocket nuclear mortar which Killary tried to sell to the binladen family!

These last 5 mortars were then discovered after a battle between iranian forces and isis! Soliemani (whi is a Mossad and CIA agent who is the HANDLER of the Ayotollah) (just as the Generals control Kim Jung Un and McCain was the Handler of Bagdaddi)

Solieami was planning to use these 5 mortars on US targets! Especially the emabassy in Iraq!
Because Trump baited him, announced the US will withdraw from Syria and then Iraq! The globalists dont want this! they want America in the middle east for Israel’s goals and to cause friction between Russia and America (“you dont fight Russia and America, you get Russia and America to fight each other”)

The USA would be forced to escalate and fight in the middle east until their empire crumbled just as the Soviet union!

China would just walk on by and become the new Globalist super power!

REMEMBER Hillary was supposed to be POTUS!

Trump is killing Mossad
Fighting against China
Fighting against crimes against humanity
big shit is going down!

China is a Globalist Attack dog!

READ this Link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/


They are liquidating, selling their assets at super low prices!
Assets will be removed!
comment image

They sold nearly 18,000 acres of prime austrian black forrest for only $112 million (90 million euros)! Thats a steal! its been in their family for 200 years!

The world will change completely!

China will reveal itself soon trust me!

Lone Ranger

So who has that 6 nukes now?
Were they destroyed?


To be honest i dont know!
i would assume some special units recovered or destroyed them! But maybe not! There is so much more i havent told u on Benghazi! Because it was also involving Obama trafficking Stingers for the FSA in syria (via Lybia) that ended up in Afghanistan! A stinger was used by the taliban, wasnt armed yet was fired! Hit a US helicopter! The helicopter has minor damage! The stinger was recovered and has all of its details tracked back to obama!

Ambassador Stevens was sent to Libya to try and cover obama’s ass and recover the remaining stingers! Hillary being Sec of State used this as an opportunity (which obama knew what she was doing) to send stevens with a Server that had blueprints for nuclear bomb creation! Sold to the Saudi’s (bin ladens)

Stevens was supposed to be murdered and the server taken!
However she didnt know about the Secret CIA compound only 1 mile away from the Ambassador’s compound! The Security team broke rules and went in to try and save the Ambassador! They failed but recovered the server!

The server was then copied (mirrored) and uploaded to an NSA cloud server!
This is why Hillary didnt want anyone rescued! Because people would find out what she was doing! So she told the Bin ladens to send their Al-quieda minions to attack the CIA base! All of these people who were there were left for dead! They fought their way out and got themselves out!

Watch the movie 13 hours!

Hillary panicked when she heard they had the server! So she tried to have it destroyed and decided to email the contents that were on the server directly from her special access program server she had in her bathroom hahaha!

The NSA has copies of this too!

There are 3 servers the NSA have now!
The mirrored Benghazi server, the DNC server (the ones Russia was alleged to have hacked)(Her own staffer leaked this to wikileaks and was murdered for it! his name was Seth Rich) And the Bathroom server!

lol she burnt the servers!
Smashed and bleached bit all her phones and tablets hahaha
comment image

And lets not forget the Anthony weiner laptop! (i digress, Weiner is a Jew who married Huma Abedien who is a sunni muslim and the daughter and niece of the heads of the muslim brother hood!)
Marriage of Convienience!
His laptop has its own insurance policy for Himself (Weiner) so he could get away with dicking kids! He had dirt on Hillary! Therefore he had protection! This laptops contents are DAMNING! (kids, sick)
She has sold Uranium, Nuclear tech, nuclear mortars, Stealth tech, Dirt on politicians for other nations to control. Even human trafficking! NO SHIT! And she was going to be the next POTUS!

Other shit….
Just understand that Kim Jung Un was free’d! Has no more CIA handler! But China is still a threat to him!

But also understand, The Ayotollah is free’d too!
He was never in full control because his top military Generals (of which now have been killed) were in control of the IRGC Quds forces!
Those missile attacks on the US bases mean nothing! What came of it? Reports say Americans died, then some said they didnt! But think logically! if u were the USA planning to kill this General, would u keep your forces in a base?

So lets do the math shall we?
North Korea free from Globalist Control (to a large extent)
Iran free from Globalist control (to a large extent)
Now Assad is (to a large extent) free! Because Trump has announced they are no longer looking to remove him from power!

So that means
Kim jung un freed
Ayatollah freed
Assad free’d

BUT…… (the Israeli Mossad honey trap)
Bibi in deep shit
Ehud Barack in deep shit
Weinstein fucked
Epstein dead
Maxwell arrested

This is the actual situation live on the ground!
A logical thinker would also be able to understand that if help could come from Russia (a nuclear power) it would be given to aid these criminals! But their isnt any help!
Putin himself said “The NWO worships Satan”!
Is he helping israel? no!

How could Trump be helping Israel IF….
its 2 PM’s are facing jail
its honey trap control system is being brought down!

McCain is dead
Hillary has been indicted for multiple crimes
Obama and Biden and their former intel spies are fucked!

its all coming down BEFORE and after the election!

This involves the Rothschilds, the royal families, Israel, most of the US government and governments around the world!

And YES China is MASSIVELY involved in this! You will see!

You are right to like Russia
Right to like Assad!

But wrong to support China!

since 2017, the USA has been on the right track!

Lone Ranger

I knew some of these stuff but not all.
Why isnt killary taken out by a black ops team?


If they kill her (like they did McCain via Military Tribunal) it will be seen as Trump killing his political rival if it was done shortly before or after 2016! Also it was not doable legally before it! Obama would have seen punishment for those responsible!

Now yes they could!

However it would still be seen as political murder! It would cause division! The USA is battling division which is its biggest threat! they need untiy!

How do u finally get people to stop hating America within America?

U have to show them the Truth! you have to prove in a court of law what was occurring! How close they cam to destruction! “covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice”

How do you show the people that they were conned, manipulated, controlled and brainwashed?
Public trials!
McCain had to go because of his power as a Senator and the senate was in a tight 50/50 balance! Trump needed the Senate to get the Supreme court justices in and fill the 300 open circuit judge positions!
Hillary had no power within Govt! Her vote did not count!

Killing McCain free’d the Republican party! And their poster boy who was slated to be a future president was forced to quit (Paul Ryan)

They still needed troops in the senate and in congress!

Killary still has the backing of the black hats still inside govt and the former CIA etc!
Draining the swamp is required to finally get the fair trails required to jail obama and hillary! it must be seen as Justice rather than Assassination!

It was done this way in order to avoid revolution (which is what soros wanted) civil war! it was done this way to shine light on the evil! to change the rules which can be so easily corrupted by Foreign Govts (lobbyists and honey traps)

it means less civilian deaths. it means u expose the evil under bright lights so EVERYONE can see!

it was done this way because if it was done other ways, it still would have caused Kaos! They still would have accused and blamed the goods guys and make them look like bad guys! it would have still cause civil unrest and massive insurrection!

The country (and the world) will heal!
Because once u clean the USA, the rest of the world will clean! because they are global! rats are ratting on each other to get a better deal and to stop from being “suicided”!

CEO’s are resigning, politicians are quitting. banks are being investigated (for laundering money for human traffickers and drug cartels)

When u have the world united, seeing these criminals who kept us in a cage of debt, raped and kidnapped our children, enslaved us, lied to us, controlled us and planned to annihilate many of us. Whilst at the same time going back to the moon and then soon after landing on Mars, it means we start again!

Russia and the USA will be official allies! closer than u can imagine! Closer than the UK and the USA!
This is why putin is holding the reigns of power! its to ensure this cant happen! New rules of government will be made to ensure a tight and secure system! You will see Putin rid Russia of its own enemies as this becomes much easier now!

its a world wide house cleaning!
People must know! but from what we have heard, only 60% truth will be released because the other 40% humanity will not be able to handle!

my guess is the Vatican! but could be much worse! The Vatican have been trafficking humans too! i mean they fuck kids, so u know their moral compass is off! but when u tell the Christians world that the Vatican is the House of Satan, it tends to cause massive problems!

The Serpent!
comment image comment image comment image

Think about this logically! Why would the Vatican (The holy city) create a building that looked like a snake when their biblical story started with the seduction of Lucifer as the serpent convincing Adam and Eve to eat from the Apple tree!

Does this picture below make sense? Where is the Cross?

comment image

Who is coming up from the Ground?
Jesus descends from above and is always depicted on a cross!

comment image

Symbolism is important!
How long has the world been fooled and controlled?
This goes DEEP!
This is not just about the USA! it concerns the entire world!
This Serpent has wrapped itself around humanity for thousands of years!

The WHO… a branch of the UN (serpent around the staff of power)
comment image

If the Vatican has a new serpent building, what does the keyhole mean? how old is the vatican? They are a sovereign state! Elect their own popes!

comment image comment image comment image

The keyhole represent something! Something they have access too!
Ive heard wild stories but its to crazy to even talk about!

i could elaborate but i wont because you’ll think im nuts!

Lone Ranger

Sounds logical.
But its like walking the razors edge.
The more time it takes the more time the globalists will have to pull some BS and derail everything.


Evil, greed, lust for power (basically all the sins of man) will always exist!
We are all sinners :)

However its gone too far! Either we become slaves and perish so these people can keep playing God or we break free! We are much more powerful then them! They use us! They make us fight each other in wars! They divide us by religion, by race, by ideologies, be sex, by culture, by political affiliation! We are pawns to them!

They use the divide and conquer strategy so we are at war with each other! Remember they have always controlled both sides on a global level! it doesnt matter if u are USA, Russia or China! Money buys power!

+ Soros
++ Rothschilds
+++ House of Saud

Only one house left to take down! Soros (the least wealthy of the 3) Soros took over from Rockefella!

This is the triangle of power!
Soros controlled organisations of people
Rothschilds controlled the banks which controlled govt and people
Saudi’s controlled politicians who governed people!

Remember, When Trump was elected his first visit was to Saudi Arabia!
A new Crown Prince was announced, a few princes were killed and all of them were captured and imprisoned in a hotel! Bin Talal Alaweed was held the longest (80 days)! With the new Crown prince of Saudi given the US approval to be the next King (Yes, the USA can make this happen) this king allowed a private US contractor group (namely black waters new company) to interrogate Alaweed!

Alaweed gave up some information which free’d North Korea!
i dont know how…. all i know is that NK who was free’d from the former CIA and Mossad control were free’d due to information they got from Alaweed!

comment image

Alaweed became wealthier than the other lower level princes because he played ball with the Rothschilds, Mossad, the Former CIA! His wealth came from the oldest Rich man’s business! Slave trade!
He became rich not from Citibank, twitter, apple shares! He was rich before that! His true wealth came from Human trafficking!

The new Prince of Saudi was given his position because he promised to clean house! if the Saudi’s didnt, their monarchy would fall! All Monarchies biggest fear is revolution! And the dirt that can be exposed upon them would easily cause this!

The princes were captured and interrogated!

Some as u know died!

comment image comment image comment image

They are not getting away with anything! In fact they are either making deals and ratting on each other or they are killing each other off as u have seen with Epstein! Many more have died!

When u are wealthy like the Saudi’s, powerfull like the Royals, have the intelligence agencies working for you, the technocrats spying on the sheep and keeping them inline and each others throats, u can get away with anything!

But they fucked up!

They lost Russia to a man who played them! Putin!
Putin towed the line until he did not need to anymore!

Then they lost the USA!

However they did gain China!

But since they lost the USA and Russia they lost the middle east, they lost Saudi, they lost Iran and the lost North Korea! They lost their Nuclear sub! Now all they have left is their pawns, the media, the crazy loons!

If they control the way you feel, they can control the way you think!

Its literally game over!

But these powerful people cant live without their power! it would be worse than hell! They’d rather kill the entire planet if they cant rule it!

So they’ll try! There will be things placed that will make them realise its pointless! But they’ll do it! because soon they will be looked down upon rather than adorned and admired!

Slowly people are waking up even now! u can see whats happening to israel!

Like China, Israel knows they are fucked! They will be forced to make a peace treaty with the Palestinians (which means they’ll lose Israel)! So instead to counter this deal and gain leverage, they are planning to Annex the West Bank as a pre-text to such demands!

China will do what they can with Taiwan as this is due to Rare Earth minerals! its not as much about “Chinese land” as it is about these minerals! Taiwan is very wealthy with these minerals! its like the Saudi Arabia of Rare earths! And these are the KEY to ruling the future! More on this another time!

Nothing can stop what is happening!

You KNOW what happened to the Rothschilds (only u were not privy to the truth). Just as u were not privy to the Stolen Soviet Sub!

comment image

Rothschilds [X]
House of Saud [X]
Soros [SOON]

Lone Ranger

I wasn’t aware of fatalities.
What happened to the Rotschilds?
Are they done too?


One of them died!
I know u will ask questions on this…. so ill explain!

First i need you logical mind to be activated!
There was a collision between a Helicopter AND a small aeroplane (like a cesna)!

If the Rothschilds are almost, or as powerful or more powerful than the Royals, can you believe someone could fly into this area on a helicopter or plane without being shot down? What about flight ceiling? What about flight paths? I mean what the fuck is going on? Could u fly a helicopter into this area?

Imagine if u will for a moment a military operation to take out a Rothschild in order to send a warning (as was done in Saudi)

Note the dates and the code names:

Nov 5comment image

Nov 12comment image

REPORTED ON NOV 17comment image

MIKE GREEN (PATRIOT) And Asian “trainee” in the helicopter!

comment image comment image

Confirmation after Mission Nov 15
comment image

Message Sent: Message Received! Nov 13

comment image

LDR (Lyn De Rothschild) a Dog show in the Mansion! Who was the other Rothschild? Where was he at the time? Who was in the Aeroplane?

If you want to learn more let me know!
i am not kidding when i say this, i am having trouble sending this information! Every time i do lately (to you) my computer lags heavy!

lol no shit!

Lone Ranger

Hm, thanks for the info.
You can send more anytime, thank you :)
I remember about that incident, never knew it was a Rotschild on board.
I ain’t using PCs anymore, I mean I have 3 but I only use them for games or movies or music.
I mainly use my tablet and smartphone, more convinient at least for me.
Interestingly internet browsing seems to be more fluid than on my desktop computers lol.
If you want to try something secure and different from Windows try Linux Mint, it’s the most user friendly Linux experience one can have, it works right out of the box, most the office and media programs are already integrated and it’s free, it also has a built in update center which is also free.
You don’t even have to use the terminal or command lines anymore like in old Linux days.
It also has modern driver support for new CPUs and GPUs.
Anyways I only mentioned this because Windows 10 is pretty much compromised nowdays…hence the lags…


well im on a MAC and im happy with it, only problems i get is when im on southfront sending THIS kind of info!

i am not kidding!
Weird shit

ill switch to a new browser

Lone Ranger

I haven’t experienced it yet but than again I’m on Android.
I know it’s owned by Google and they are owned by Alphabet which in turn is owned by the CIA but I can’t help it, I don’t like IOS…


well my Mac is an iMac! i like it….. i like using keyboards to write long posts lol!
However mine is a 2012 imac yet a quad core i7 with 16 GB Ram! should be okay! but lately when i post to you (not other son southfront) the browser almost doesnt work! Chrome Browser

Lone Ranger

Yeah those specs are good enough it shouldn’t hang.
Try Firefox…


Electronic warfare AND a planned window of opportunity!
Surveillance was down and a window was created!

However someone within the operation leaked the info to the Rothschilds!
Everything was disarmed (Air defence)!
Cesna near local airport was used as a kamekaze to take out the helicopter!

Mission was to land the chopper (navy pilot), take out one of the Rothschilds (Vietnamese guy was a soldier)

Plane made a dive down (from blind spot of chopper) to take it out!
However mission successful!

recently ive heard new reports about who was in the aeroplane that intercepted the chopper! however i wont say who just now! All we know is that a message was sent and the message was received!

u should not the go codes of Green, green green and the pilots name “mike green”!
Also remember the dates posted in relation to the actual incident!
this was a US and UK operation!

This is not only happening in the USA, this is global! (not all nastions) but mainly the five eye nations and many euro nations!

This is why its taken so long to plan!
u get one shot at this!
it must be coordinated!
its so big that even the public (like me and yes u could too) have been informed about it!
What is 8chan? NSA?
they cant shut it down!
The last truly free speech platform! Even though bad shit can be posted there.

There is so much more to this!
like the 7 dwarves! (AI)
but its late so im off! later


Remember what i told u, they are selling their estates they have held for 200 years at super low prices 90 million euro s for 5000 to 7000 hectares of Austrian Black forrest (and many others)

Check the dates!
comment imagecomment image

What did they do in the Austrian Forrest?
AKA Black Forrest?
Did they hunt?
What did they hunt? Deer? NOPE! Guess again!
They are pure evil!

Why did Epstein order his Island Temple to be filled in with dirt and cement? Do u know about this? What was he trying to bury (hide)?

Remember, none of this is possible (bringing these people down) IF they have Russia or the USA as their puppet! Because if they did, one could be used as leverage! How do u save the world without a nuclear war? Without a pandemic? Because this is the weapons they have and HAVE HAD at their disposal!

How do u fight this if they are willing to kill us all?
Kill their insurance policies?
U have to be 5 steps ahead at all times!
Could they kill them all? yes! And thats why they are not killing the good guys in turn! Mutual destruction if they do!

Deals will be made! Some will be thrown under a bus!
people of the world will live (Putin and Trump are saving us)

Deals will be made with the Royal Family (likely Australia to be made a republic and become unified OR made into a sister nation of the USA)
This is how things are done throughout history! You either succumb to the revolution and be beheaded in the streets (re: French revolution, Musolini etc) or u lose power, land, influence, crown land etc!

Will the Queen allow Andrew to die or be imprisoned? Will she allow the royal family to be seen as those that killed lady Di and a part of a human trafficking child sex ring? What would the people of england do? Keep their vows? God save the Queen?

What they fear most is we the people!

However we have been assured! NO DEALS!
So far, so good!

They are all going down!
This is not about another generation of freedom! These people play the long game! They’ll return! This is about lifting humanity out of the shit! its a turning point! freedom forever or serfs forever!

This information i give u now will come to light and it will be up to u to link it all together! the arrests will push your curious mind to do this!

We are all on the same team! the side of Good!

Lone Ranger

Sounds good to me :)
Can’t wait for killary and Soros to be arrested, Obama too.
They killed a lot of people and tortured a lot more.
They must pay…
I know the list is a lot longer…


Ghislane Maxwell is now a cooperating witness!
As u know she was arrested!

Linked to Royal family, Rothschilds, Mossad etc etc!



Remember it is us they fear! not armies… they have their own armies who “swear to defend”! They fear the 7.5 billion people on this planet waking up and seeing them as obsolete!

What does people like Maxwell and Epstein represent when they “make a deal”?

Did Epstein kill himself?

Why was Maxwell only arrested a few days ago?
Well, this reason links to the AG of the southern District of New York (deep stae swamp creature) he was replaced! FIRED! He had a war of words with the DOJ’s AG however he lost this battle and was replaced!

3 days later, she is arrested and on a plane to the USA under an Acting AG who replaced the swamp creature!

July 4 independence (for the world)


The rothschilds, the royals, obama, killary, hollywood, the top 7 conglomerates Mossad, israel, Soros, Everyone is screwed!

We are talking about repatriation to the people of the planet!
We are taking their wealth, their land, their power!
The medical cures, the surpressed tech! Everything! OURS!

Lone Ranger

Rotschild and Soros alone have enough money stashed away Humanity could build at least one base on the Moon and one on Mars from it.
Plus space stations of course.
A manned trip to Mars with no station or base building only to send 3 Humans to Mars and back would cost around $500billion.
So what I mentioned would cost in the $trillions, but who cares, they stole that money from us, we should be exploring deep space for 50years instead we are locked up on this planet.


Cooperating Witnesses!
From the Epstein Mossad Operation
comment image

From the NXIUM Mossad Operation (Allison Mack, former actress)
comment image

Women are used to procure and entrap women and children!

All have handlers!
the Bronfman’s were the Handlers for Nxium!
There are so many other operations! They are all being shut down! Deal’s are being made to get the BIG fish! The big fish are killing whoever they can so nothing can lead back to them!

Do u understand?
What are these ultra elites worth?
What do they own?

What is “THE CROWN”!
What is the “East India Company”
What is “Black Rock”
Who is the Rothschilds, the Vanderbelts, the House of Saud, the Royals and many others invested in? Which companies?

Crime against Humanity!
Why did the USA (under Trump) pull out of the World Court?
Why did they pull out of the UN Human Rights council?
Why are they pulling out of the World Health Organisation?

When the people of the world FINALLY wake up…. they lose!
People demand their govt to do something!
No western nation could use its military to DEFEND these elites!
The only nation the elites have is Israel (power being taken away now) and China!

Thats why China Will push for war! its not just about Taiwan!

Why did the vatican bank get raided?


What happens when we win this war?

Hidden tech (so we’ve heard)
Cures (So we’ve heard)
We go to space in order to unite the earth’s population morale again (Moon and Mars)
likely less or no income taxes (which only went to elites reserve banks)

Etc etc!

But its going to get worse before it gets better!
They (elites) will use every bit of ammunition they have! Win at all costs!
This is why u must control the most powerful country in the world (Russia and USA) this is why they propped up China! To rule from there and to flush the USA after using them!

Over the next 3 months, u will witness the most crazy shit u have ever seen or heard in the news! the news media will expose itself completely and people will wake up!

Remember they changed Bagdaddi from terrorist to “religious scholar” in the NYT!
They made Soliemani to look like a Hero and a God and this was coming from the US media!

Exposing themselves with reports to encourage protests (riots) but accuse people for attending rallies!

People are waking up!
Evil is exposed to the light!

Arrests coming! BIG

Lone Ranger

I knew some of this as well.
I liked Mack in Smalville, she must have been a really good actress to play a nice innocent girl on screen and in reality be a sexual predator lurking after teens. :(


She was brought in by Keith Reneire!
Funded by Wealthy Jews!
Branded their victims and much worse! they had complete control over their victims!

Basically u dont have to traffic drugs to make money! u can traffic humans too! For sex, body parts, torture, hunting, eating, whatever tickles you billionaires fancy!
Yes dude, its this insane! im sure u can find all this for yourself! They had no fear because they were protected by the system!

Their enemies were spied on by intel agents using our own devices! Judges and lawyers and politicians in their pocket, media in their pocket! they were outside all laws! they could do whatever they wanted so long as it was kept relatively secret! those involved had the best careers! Acting, banking, mayors, governors, whatever tickles ur fancy! just play along and u get the money, the honey, the private parties, the power, whatever u wanted! BLISS!

No room for Ethics and morals! You sold your soul!

Far worse than we can imagine and at the HIGHEST levels of Government and Religion! The people who we are supposed to trust with our lives and our spirits have been using us as cattle!

its all coming down! Covid-19 is one small part of their fight back!
Remember they lost their insurance policies which needed to be taken out first!
Grab your popcorn and remember, when this virus has its “second wave” and riots start up due to the media showing another black man being killed by a white cop….. thats the Globalists clutching at straws! they have almost no ammunition left!

China is one of their last pawns on the Chess table!
it might be used!
However its suicide for China because in reality, China doesnt have Russia backing it! its Smoke and mirrors! the art of war! “Keep the mother fuckers close”

If the CCP leaders are smart, they will tell their globalist controller “get fucked, we arnt going to nuke other nations for you, we want to live and we were given a deal that we could step away from all of this and keep our money”!

We shall wait and see! but i think the CCP will go for it! They will go for Taiwan! and i have a slight gut feeling some shit will happen in Australia too! like a Trojan horse attack from within by its own planted chinese agents!

Lone Ranger

Than this is the reason multiple carrier strike groups are in the region they must be expecting something.
According to the RAND corporations war game scenario China could take Taiwan.
Their projection is 100% loss in Taiwanese side.
80% loss on U.S. side.
50-60% loss on Chinese side.
After that the U.S. could only threatene with nukes but china has nukes too, so…
I bet globalists think its a win win scenario for them, no matter what happens they want Trump to lose.
Which means they will do something before the elections…
There is only one if…
Rumor says Russia has developed some exotic magrav based tech, they probably could shut down or derail a Chinese invasion if they wanted.
Russia has tech superiority over China, problem is they border eachother and Russia has a pop of around 165million vs 1400million in China.
They dont want a war.


Why did Trump create the Space Force?
It was already under the airforce!
So why do it?

Now that it is its own entity, its under new command!
Space is the TRUE threat! Not nukes!
From above u see all and u can target all!

You wont understand this but its important!
The new Space Force (the newest branch of the US military) is the ONLY branch without a “national guard”!
Trump only has control of the national guard (airforce, army and coast guard) PLUS Marines!
He must get approval by Congress to use the nations forces!
But if Congress has swamp creatures in it that LEAK information (refer Bagdaddi and Soleimani operation and not telling house intel or senate intel chairmans) And these swamp creatures work for Globalists than how can he use these forces?

Space is under Trump’s jurisdiction (no longer under airforce which requires congressional approval PLUS intel committee is privy to intel and operations)

Not with the Space force!
From space, all intelligence, communications and weapons can be used!

What else is important about the space force?
u ready for crazy?
Did i tell u to look up John G Trump?
Who’s work did he take over?
Who are the wizards and warlocks?
Google “Wizards and warlocks mission patches”

“we see all”

Forget the war stats! probably made by the same people who made the 2016 election polls!

if the 3 gorges damn breaks, the cradle will fall!

Remember, its not just taiwan and USA
its Australia, NZ, India,Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore!

Then u have Canada, UK, France, (maybe NATO?)

The US has 4 carriers there! 3 Super Carriers and 1 STOVL carrier!
Plus the armada that accompanies it!

Lets not forget the bases of each of these nations!

How close is japan? south korea? phillipines? taiwan? Vietnam? Guam?

If these spratly islands are taken from China then they are now US air bases! Right?

look, i dont want a war! lets just say things are in place! hoping for the best but planning for the worst!

Taiwan is priority number 1 for China
Australia priority number 2

Rare Earth Minerals is the KEY!

If u dont have these u have nothing!

top 5 rare earth mineral nations:


Why is the USA now investing in Australian REM?
Why is NASA teaming up again with the Australian Space Agency?
Why is NZ really launching Rocket lab rockets?
What is Space X really?
Who holds the worlds largest supply of Uranium?
What was China’s one leverage link it had over the USA in trade? (REM’s)?

in the past REM were important to the military and military tech
now its important to industries due to consumer electronics
what else is it for?

new tech? energy?
How do renewable energies create energy? what is required to do so? REM’s?
How do u get to space? REM’s?
How do u become the worlds technical Super power? REM’s?
Traditionally, being the most tech advanced nation ensures military dominance! Military dominance ensures what?
lets think about it…
Petro dollar
owning the high ground (space) (re: the space race between Russia and the USA/ cold war)
Why is tech so important?
You know why!
u can have a country like china being the new tech masters or America!

Choose carefully!

Now u know what u know about Trump, Putin and China….. make sure u choose wisely!

Note: the UN were planning to weaponise space!
Russia and USA put a stop to that!

India is 5th largest REM!

Taiwan has More than China (China is currently number 2 for REM deposits) Australia is number 3 but only 20% surveyed! Also Australia can produce REM’s as a bi-product of other minerals!

So Australia is 3rd largets yet 20% surveyed! Why? because China selling cheap!

The deal was made for china to manufacture the tech so nations didnt have to buy expensive REM’s! So they got them at cost when China made the electronics! China uses slaves to get these minerals!

Therefore expensive surveying of wide areas of Australia was not worth the investment! But now national security requires a different source of REM’s when China is eventually sanctioned!

Remember REM’s are like oil!
if there are 5 oil nations like Saudi arabia and Iran then natiosn will fight to take those nations right?
Saudi, USA
Libya (currently in battle)

Well now its about REM’s

But only 5 nations!


China NEEDS Taiwan (when the sanctions on China are placed)
China WANTS Australia!

Lone Ranger

Russia also has it’s own space force.
Also Russia is the biggest and most readout e Roch countries on.the planet.
Most of Deep Siberia is still uninhabited only a few radar and missiles bases and aircraft factories, Russia could have vast rare earth mineral deposits yet untapped.
I think space is already weaponized.
Both the U.S. and Russia has orbital weapons platforms up there with hunter killer sats and what not.
I heard rumors about a joint Russian/U.S. fleet ala Starfleet
With ships the size of a football field and bigger.
A British hobby astronomer takes pics and videos of those ships when they are on orbit, they are massive and look nothing like we have seen yet.
But I take everything with a grain of salt could be true or not…


Russia and USA work together in space!
I agree on Russia! its literally untapped!
Remember, Russia and the USA are going to be allies (officically)

What do they have in common?
largest 2 nations in the world!
Largest holders of GAS in the world
Largest holders of Oil in the world (as recently reported but its hard to extract and refine so this must be factored)
Massive resources both nations!
Both technologically advanced
Both have been allies in 2 world wars!
Both have been hijacked by jews!
both have a military to counter the whole world!

When these 2 nations work together, they dont need to conquer lands! They can conquer space!

What ive heard is that Mars will be a base to launch mining orbiters to mine the asteroid belt! All minerals we can dream of are on those asteroids!

Mars has 1/3 our gravity and 1/10 our atmosphere! easy to launch from and land again! Mars is also going to be mined!

Oil will become less important in time!

i predict 2021 Russia and the USA join hands!
look at what just happened with the Assad Announcement!
it is utmost important that these 2 nations remain allies! otherwise one will be used against the other!

Lone Ranger

I agree.
I only hope the globalists won’t pull something to disrupt that process in the last minute.
Also one thing about Mars…
It has a thick atmosphere, not as thick as that of our Earth but much thicker than they officially admit.
Mars has a light blue/green sky not red like in most public pics.
Officially the pressure at sea level on Mars is 1/100th on avg. Compared to Earth.
But there are clouds, dust storms, tornadoes on Mars, and a blue sky.
According to NASA and that’s the official data, at sea level the pressure is the same as here on Earth at an altitude of 60km.
Do you know how the sky looks at 60km on Earth?
Non existent.
During day it’s deep black during night it’s full of stars.
Ever wondered how space probes can deploy parachutes in the Martian atmosphere?
Here on Earth the most advanced parachutes can only be deployed at 6-10km.
So how can they be deployed on Mars at the equivalent of 60km pressure?
NASA wants to send helos and airplane drones to fly on Mars.
What’s the max altitude for a helo?Here on Earth its 6-8km.
I will be generous multiple it by 3 since Mars has lower gravity you are still at 24km not 60km…
It’s impossible…
It’s only possible if Mars has a much thicker atmosphere.
Think about it…



I got his info from a SpaceX video on Mars! they are making some new rover with a helicopter blade on it to count ahead of another over! they need to design different blades for the thinner atmosphere

As for landing on mars…. SpaceX are landing by rocket as u have most likely seen them do on earth!

Globalists are trying something every day! Failing!

Lone Ranger

Google Solar Warden and Gary McKinnon…

Lone Ranger

Calling me names wont buy you more credibility, Karen, sorry…


Like i said earlier! 1 country is telling the truth and the other one is lying!
And u TRUST China! AAAAAA hahahahahahaha
comment image


“China unofficialy has around 30,000 tons”

comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment imagecomment image

Lone Ranger

So much to FED gold…


comment image comment image

Andrew Henderson was raised by US politicians!
Do you do any home work on the people u listen too?

Lone Ranger

So is everything he says automatically a lie?
Even bad guys tell the truth sometimes.
I live in the EU, the german fiasco did happen, it was in the news.
Unfortunatelly CIA is having a strong grip on the internet nowdays.
Many things end up in the memory hole ala 1984…

Lone Ranger

Fort Knox wasnt audited since the 70s.
Wonder why…
U.S. gold is no more.
Stolen by globalists….

Bobby Twoshoes

Could someone explain all the references to Mach 5 being the speed of Russian missiles, the Avangard can reach Mach 27, am I missing something?


The only valid explanation is that inaccurate label for “speeds of up to Mach 5” for the Russian hyper-sonic missiles is used because the source of information is US media.
They simply try (as usual) to misinform people.
A true hyper-sonic missile Zircon has official speed between mach 8 and 9.
I have seen the articles where that speed was reported as mach 10. Russians often tend to under report performances of their missiles (range and speed).

thomas malthaus

I think Mach 27 is beyond exaggeration. If it had any basis in reality, the Russians had assistance from alien consultants with a newfangled energy source.

Anduin Lothar

Basic knowledge of orbital dynamics will show u that Mach 20+ is fairly easy to achive, Both Russians and U.S. have the tech from late 50ies.

thomas malthaus

In your opinion, is that doable with a hypersonic missile. Are you referring to as a multi engine/fuel source spacecraft.

Do you have a handy internet reference for your Mach 20-plus claims? I don’t think these weapons will be flying high enough to take advantage of Earth’s rotational speed.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Anduin Lothar

If u read bit more carefull article u linked u will see it says same stuff as i did.


Thomas it is “GLIDER” not “hyper-sonic” missile!
It is called inaccurately “hyper-sonic”only because of excessive speed that goes even above hyper sonic.

Those speeds are not achieved by scramjet/ramjet but by (ballistic) booster rocket and once in exosphere speeds are much higher for everything including satellites.

Anduin Lothar

No scramjet/ramjet can to above Mach 8. Fuel goes out of engine burner faster than it is able to ignite. Basic physics.


That’s why you do not make very fast hyper sonic missiles but Russians do.

Anduin Lothar

Laws of nature (read physics) dont change from place to place. I got my masters degree from physics in Russia btw, phd in U.S. Btw it is a Russian study that states that no scramjet/ramjet engiens can go above Mach 8.


That logic is failed. Was truth at the time but it is not any longer.

They can ignite fuel in chamber and with the conditions prepared for that regardless of speed.

Also you are calling them liars.

And why would they do that?!
Bluffing in strategic weapons is profoundly stupid and can become catastrophe for the country.
One never jokes about those things.

Give me only one example when Russia was officially declaring something on strategic weapons and proved to be total liar afterwards?

Anduin Lothar

I never called any1 liar. If u bothered to read on anything i wrote u will see that i also never said that Avangard cant go at Mach 20+. However if u think that Avangard is a missile than u dont have clue about it. Never saw that new study will have to come back on u with that.


You’ve just said Avangard speed is “beyond exaggeration”.
You actually call Russians liars on 2 accounts.

For Avangard speed and for “hyper sonic” missiles speed?
What else do we need on top of that?!

And when and where I have mentioned “Avangard” in our conversation?
Read all my comments and you will see that I explain to the other person that “Avangard” is “glider” and not “hype sonic” missile.
So it is rather you, who doesn’t read carefully.
Honestly with all due respect, you do not sound like phd in physics.
There is certain banality, in your comments.
I do hope, I am wrong about that. Have nice evening.

Anduin Lothar

thomas malthaus said that, not me, i explained to him that it can, how it can and that article he posted states that it can…

Lone Ranger

U.S. desinformation.
Also Russia has multiple class of hypersonic wespons with different top speeds, but even the slowest is traveling in excess of Mach 6.

Tommy Jensen

Russia always brag in public about being the worlds best, biggest and fastest. Thus they always double on the capabilities of their Iron military.
We Americans never brag. We keep it professional secret classified and always avoid telling our enemies our true capacity because we want peace!
US has Mach 27 on its modern space photonic super class missiles and Russia has Mach 5 on their heavy duty Iron machinery.
Thats the difference, and this is the truth with logo logic and also a fact with reason!

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, sounds legit ;)

Lone Ranger

Disney called, they want you back…

Anduin Lothar

Photonic super hyper class? What?

Anduin Lothar

Avangard is not missile, its hypersonic glide vehicle (read warhead). Meaning u launch it into space and there tro angular momentum it goes up to Mach 27. Kinzhal, Tsirkon and some other stuff they are using go from Mach 5 to 7.

Bobby Twoshoes

So it’s basically a result of exploiting a semantic technicality and cherry picking data, sounds about par for the course.

Lone Ranger

Dont worry guys, from here its only a couple of decades…

johnny rotten

Corruption is their main obstacle, but it is an obstacle that cannot be removed, it is in their nature, as the scorpion said to the frog.

Jim Bim

When a POTUS has to invoke a wartime executive power to speed up the development stage and the production of a highly advanced and new weapon system…….witch your 2 closest rivals already have in service………your F…..
And the POTUS bragging about a super duper weapon in development with the speed, 17times faster than any missile in service……….WAS A LIE.


24 trillion in the red, massive unemployment and “second” wave covid spike, and this is his priority? The super duper missile

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