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US President Donald Trump Censored Again By Twitter, Sued By Protestors

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US President Donald Trump Censored Again By Twitter, Sued By Protestors

Police clear protestors from the street near the White House.

Twitter has censored another post by US President Donald Trump, claiming that his warning against creating an ‘autonomous zone’ outside the White House constituted a ‘threat of harm’ and violated their policy against abusive behaviour.

The relevant Twitter post stated: “There will never be an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Washington, DC, as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!”

Trump posted the remark after a large crowd of masked protesters tried setting up barricades in Lafayette Park, located near the White House. Graffiti at the site declared the area to be the ‘Black House Autonomous Zone,’ a reference to the infamous CHAZ/CHOP experiment in Seattle.

The president’s tweet was hidden behind a ‘public notice’ superimposed over the remark by the social media company, requiring users to confirm they wish to see it. The notice also disables liking or retweeting.

According to Twitter, Trump’s post violated the rules about “abusive behaviour” due to the “presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group.” 

This is the second time Twitter has flagged one of Trump’s posts. On May 29, they censored his tweet about the riots in Minnesota, saying the post was “glorifying violence.”

Trump had tweeted “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

In addition to censoring Trump’s tweets aimed against the rioters, Twitter has also bowed to pressure from mainstream media outlets and deleted videos from several memes shared by the president, including one mocking CNN for fomenting racial hatred in America.

Twitter has also changed its logo from blue to black, and edited the description of the company’s official account to read “Black queer lives matter. Black trans lives matter. #BlackLivesMatter,” with its feed now consisting entirely of endorsements of the protests. LINK

The move is certain to further infuriate the US president, who has already taken steps to widen the powers of a federal regulatory agency to intervene in the policy decisions of social media platforms that the agency determines are violating the constitutional right to free speech.

In other developments in the US, several protesters are suing President Trump and other senior administration officials over their treatment during a George Floyd demonstration at Lafayette Square in Washington DC on 1 June.

The protesters have filed the suit, together with the Washington DC chapter of Black Lives Matter, alleging that their forced clearance from the area while peacefully protesting violated their constitutional rights.

The plaintiffs have made the complaint against Mr Trump, Attorney General William Barr, Defence Secretary Mark Esper and other heads of law enforcement that facilitated the clearing of protesters.

The lawsuit follows accusations that Mr Trump violently cleared peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square with tear gas and rubber bullets for a photo op at a local church.

The complaint details that the demonstrators are suing Mr Trump and others on the grounds of violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, Fourth Amendment rights to freedom from unreasonable seizure, and conspiracy to violate civil rights. LINK

While the incident at Lafayette Square has drawn widespread criticism over Mr Trump’s apparent willingness to use force and military power against protesters in situations where there is no violence or other infractions, many others claim that the police must be more forceful in quelling protests, particularly in the case of the ‘CHOP zone’ in Seattle.

While not apparent in most mainstream media reports, as reported by South Front there has been an explosion of accounts of widespread violence and brutality across the US as some individuals and groups seem to be taking advantage of the breakdown in social order to indulge in attacks against other people and property. LINK


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Assad must stay


Trap Is Not Gay

What did the Puppet expect?

If you don’t want to go negro’ed and forced to follow George Soros’ democrazy and put Israel with all their deeds first, then you better stand clear against Jews.

If you don’t stand clear, Jews demoralize you (defamation, calumny), and you end up like Trump.

Never in history anyone was able to shut up the PRESIDENT of the country under random excuses MULTIPLE TIMES.


Soros is going to be arrested within the next 4 weeks!
Screen shot this message and u can either:
1. post is and laugh at me when it doesnt happen
2. post it and say “this guy knows what he is talking about”

Trap Is Not Gay


But that’s obviously untrue.


“Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going ‘bye, bye’!”
comment image

Trap Is Not Gay

The “USA” government is the Jews themselves.


And the Jews are going down!
Im on your side!
But youre not!

If you pay close attention you will realise that the USA (and Putin) are taking down the Jews! Hard to believe? “keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”!

If you know who this guy is in the video, u will understand how much credibility he has!
comment imagecomment image comment image

What is the Art of War?comment image
Why do they say “Trump plays 6D chess?”
“The art of the deal”comment image
comment image https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4d5cfb0d80070bb158795848ee7540f61comment image comment image comment image
comment image

Why were they After Flynn?
comment image
comment image

Why did the Russian Sub incident occur on July 3rd 2019?
(The USA helped Russia kill a Stolen Soviet era Nuclear sub)
Why did Trump declare a (one of) military parade in each US city on July 4th 2019?
What happened?
Do u know?
i know! :)

Why was this meeting with putin so important?
Why do they want to “subpoena the translators”?
Why did Trump and Putin have a private meeting with no staff?
What did they talk about?

comment image
comment image

You dont know whats going on! you only assume!

When a POTUS is saying that the former POTUS committed TREASON, you know the USA is not the same USA as it was prior! Something has changed!

As for Israel and the Jews, remember this….
Why does the media hate Trump so much?
Quid pro Quo?
Special Council?
Russia russia russia?
Now Covid-19 and mail in ballots?
u dont think something fishy is going on?
protests are okay but rallies are not?
Does this make sense to u?
Someone doesnt want Trump to get re-elected!

comment image

“Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”!
Think, how can 2 leaders of Israel be in such hot water?
Why us Epstein so important?
What was REALLY happening with Epstein?

Its time u started to re-think what Trump is!
Do not be thrown off by Kushner!
Everyone has a handler in this game!
Who was Netenyahu’s handler? Kushner!
Who is Kushner working for? Trump!

If this excites your taste buds, check this out!
Google John G Trump (Trumps uncle)
Go to wikipedia!
Find out What the Trump family is involved in!

Trap Is Not Gay




Trap Is Not Gay

What are you laughing at you shitty nigga? Even statues and food brands have been banned in the USA and you believe in 5 years old Qanon nonsense.


the penny hasnt dropped for you yet has it!

July 4

Trap Is Not Gay

Follow the plan, another statue down today


yes and i love that these statues are coming down!
and when the “right wing trump supporters” gather around a statue to protect it, the DEMOCRAT governors and mayors have them pulled down!

I love this because it is just another nail in the coffin for the Democrats and China!
Because al this is going to do is get Trump re-elected! i think you know that!

But if you think “hahaha, this wont get Trump re-elected, this is the destruction on the USA who will soon become a socialist nation”!

Then u have opposite views to me! i am placing $10k on trump win because the bookies have it 3-1 hahaha!
Nobody is voting for biden and i can promise u there will be:

1. no mail in voting
2. Voter ID required
3. Receipts for all votes placed that can be validated online

What happens if Trump is re-elected?
Do u honestly believe in your heart that China wont be sanctioned?
i know what u are going to say….
China has 2 trillion in US debt bla bla bla!
lol, China has caused 8 trillion damage just from the Corona virus so far in the USA!
This debt will be ignored! they can rip up those bonds right now!
Pressure will be placed on China to have investigations made (like australia is doing)
China knows Trump will win so will race to attack Taiwan quickly as they have done Hong Kong (which is not defendable). The race right now is for Rare earth minerals because they are the new oil! the new big commodity!

Therefore China grabbing Taiwan (seen as the aggressor) and PERHAPS attempting to Grab Australia (as the japs did) will show u China’s true plans!
They want control of Rare earth minerals! it ensures any nation (as does oil for the USA) to have a hold on the future of energy and tech production!

If China attacks taiwan before the US election, its because they know Trump is going to win! Thats because the CCP and globalsts are ONE! and u fucking know it!

Trap Is Not Gay

Come on, buddy


okay let me ask you a simple question….
these pictures below…. are they GOOD news OR BAD news?
(regardless of Trump or anyone. lets just forget how or why these people are in trouble)

comment image comment image

If its good news then i agree
if its bad news i disagree
if u are going to play the bullshit game of stating they wont go to jail then youre living in a dream world!

They are panicking!
All assets will be removed! They are liquidating!comment image comment image

Would u sell 7,000 hectares on Austrian black forrest for only 90 million Euros that u have held for 200 years?

Try for one second to understand what is happening!

1. Trump crossed the NK DMZ and shook hands will Kim Jung Un (think about it)
2. Bagdaddi dead (conducted without the knowledge of the House or Senate Intel Chairman) GEE i wonder why he didnt tell him. Mission was executed as soon as a new DNI was implemented! (Director of National Intelligence)
Is “Schiff” a Jewish name? UMMMMM YES!comment image
3. Killed Soliemani without telling the house and senate intel chairmen
4. Announced they are no longer looking to remove Assad!

Are u connecting the dots?

i think u will say “bullshit” and u will be negative! because it doesnt fit your narrative! u hate the USA so much that u cant change ur mind! AND THATS WHY U WONT BE SPECIAL! U WILL FIND OUT WHEN THE OTHER SHEEP FIND OUT!

Take a step back, breathe, drop your bias and clear ur mind!

this shit is happening!

its time to wake up (i know u are the person who THINKS that HE needs to say “Wake up” but no….. u dont get to say it this time! i get to say it to u…. and this hurts your ego and your intelligence! to think u are wrong when all this time u thought u were right)

so go ahead, keep telling yourself its all bullshit!
keep say “what about Venezuela, what about Iran, What about Yemen, what about the Cruise missiles, what about Jerusalem and the Golan heights”!
Yes those points listed will help u keep your narrative!

But you are wrong!

“Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”.

unfortunately for u, your going to realise it very very late! Which will make u resist it even more! until u realise u are in the minority opinion, even on this biased website!

Thats when u will realise something u cant stand admitting

that u were brainwashed! u were not awake! and u are still a sheep!

OR u can wake up!

look at the scoreboard!

Trap Is Not Gay

Jews still in charge.

“Follow the plan”.


are i get u now!
just a trollster!

u do know i can do the same back right?

i know who u support, Russia, china, iran, syria and bla bla bla!

dude im with u on Syria and Russia!
but dude, i can troll the fuck outta u on the other 2!

Soliemani was a jew! hahaha
And he was killed by US weapons!

China declining FAST! (so much so ill need u to cry to give me the energy to hit u with details)

So please, cry for me a little on China and Iran and tell me how awesome they truly are and bla bla fuckin bla!

in the end, ill be sending u weekly “follow the plan” outcomes!

u can send me statues falling and kusher jew pics!
and ill send u pictures of Jews and Globalists going to jail!


u send the statues falling and ill send the national guard!

u send american flags burning and ill show them being erected

its gonna be fun!
im gonna win this!
shall we?
lets do this bitch! im up for it!
or should we just follow the plan?
no? dont wanna do that?
okay lets just barack for China and Iran shall we?
lets cheer lead them!
yeah thats a great idea! lol u fuckin idiot!

Trap Is Not Gay

Are you there? Did you see that George Soros gave U$ 330 million to the BLM?

Is that your Qanon plan?


BREAKING NEWS (lets see if you can connect the dots)
Im right!
You know im right!
and if you and i keep communicating, u are going to get so damaged with my EVIDENCE u will start to look like an idiot!
U can pull your fuckin head in and start to admit that Israel, Mossad are going down! And yes, this all links to China too! i am going to be your new Guru! ill teach u!
comment image

comment imagecomment image

REMEMBER she (like her father) worked for Mossad!
She was Epstein’s handler For Mossad!

We all know she is linked to the Royal Family AND THE ROTHSCHILDS!

comment image comment image comment imagecomment image

And what about Ehud Barack? Caught at Epstein Mansion!

comment image comment image comment image

Oh and then there is Bibi’s Woes…..

comment image comment image comment image


Why did i say “lol”?
Here is why! Your timing couldnt have been worse!
oh and im just getting warmed up!
do u see whats happening?
Why are there riots in only DEMOCRAT States?
Panic! Win at all costs!
Covid-19 (from China) = mail in ballots?
Protests OK!
Rallies Not OK!
Food shopping OK!
Church Not OK!
Do u see whats happening?
You are Wrong! i am RIGHT! Deal with it!
comment image
comment imagecomment image comment image comment image
comment image
comment image comment imagecomment image comment image

comment image comment image
comment image
comment image

Trap Is Not Gay

You know nothing of that matters, right?

Jews rule the JewSA the same.

Jews are the JewSA government.

The problem is the JewSA.

Also, Russia and China are right to defend themselves from the JewSA.


i know u barrack for the good guys!
so do i!
however i dont think u know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are!

in short:
Russia GOOD
Syria GOOD
USA (since Trump) GOOD

China BAD
Israel BAD
USA (before trump) BAD

now ive said this u will give me examples like Venezuela, Kushner and Bibi, Cruise missiles over syria and bla bla bla bla bla.

Then i have to educate u with more and more writing

fuck that, ive done this so many times on this site im sick of it!
Find out yourself!
my advice is to not search for biased information! u know u are guilty of only reading shit that reinforces your own opinion! And u dont think for one second that your opinion u feed daily has not been fed to u like seed to a bird?

here is what i say to people who THINK they know whats going on (and by the way, i had the same views as u 4 years a go)

“you are flying at 15,000 feet and u THINK u see all”!
“But i am flying at 90,000 feet and i already know what u see and think…. but u do not see what i see and know”!

the reason i say this is because i KNOW u are biased!
i was u 4 years a go!
i was saying the same shit as u!
But when Trump came to power things changed!
i researched!
and the bad guys u hate, trump hates too!
u just cant see it yet! but u will!

and instead of being someone “in the know” you’ll just find out when all the others sheep find out! u wont feel special! you’ll just be wrong!

and thats it!

Trap Is Not Gay

The JewSA is the center of Judaism, globalism, niggerism, wars, fake news, mass immigration, useful idiot ‘far-leftists’ and the like, for decades – not always was like that.

Not any “China” or any “Russia” bullshit, the JewSA is controlled by Jews, and Trump is a puppet part of the Jewry.

The problem is your country empowering Jews.


Ok lets do this!
Educate me on why Trump is a puppet to the jews?
Can I guess first?
Golan Heights?
I already know where you are going to go with this! But im going to take you off this track you are on!

Trap Is Not Gay

Trump doesn’t even talk about Jews


Yes. They own the whole world except Iran and North Korea.

Trap Is Not Gay



What country do you live in?


They own them too.

Trap Is Not Gay

That’s YOUR best ally.

Stop projecting onto others.

Soros and his fellows were already banned or at least don’t have a say in Russia and China.


No it isn’t. It’s a cancer growing within. Russia is under their control as well. So is China. Don’t get your hopes up.

Trap Is Not Gay

Are you there?

So just you don’t forget, only the USA is flooding niggers into every country.

Not Russia, not China.


I’m here woman. Israel is bringing them by the boatload to Greece. The US, my country has been in control of the Zionist bankers since 1913 or maybe even before. The white western People are targeted for destruction here and in Europe. At this point I don’t believe anywhere in the world is safe from these evil ones. Any nation that is connected with the banking cabal is under their control. I am certainly not in favor of watching my bloodline vanish.


How can a person compare these three nations?

Trap Is Not Gay

Only the USA floods niggers into every country.


Well, Russia has some pretty strange people in the east, And China is a different breed as well. But I’m sorry bitch but the US doesn’t send “niggers” anywhere. In fact we pay them to breed over here and keep them supplied with crack. You are fucked in the head to put it politely.

Trap Is Not Gay

Nobody but USA has done that.


Bullshit. Jews are bringing them by the boatload. The USA grows their own.

Trap Is Not Gay

Jews are the JewSA (dis)government at this point.


And all of the world except the three last remaining ones . Any nation that is part of central banking is in their hands and any race that has a high IQ or free thinking people are their target for extinction as well as ones who either are not part of the Paper money scheme or resist. And it is the common folk and anyone who uses the paper that are the subjects to these evil ones.

Trap Is Not Gay

Nah, the problem is the USA by a large margin.

Also the “cabal” wants you to think they’re very powerful and all that, but in reality they can’t handle poor small countries like Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, etc for decades (not just years).

Venezuela barely has food and was able to taken them down naked in the beach with USA passports, maybe even cokeheads on food stamps from California.

The whole circus is a scam from border to border, the USA and all its Left, Right, etc.


Of course the left right and media is an Illusion.

Trap Is Not Gay

At least on something we agree


Well , The people of the whole planet are pretty much under the influence of the Media. The Media steers them. As far as the US goes It and its resources and military was used by the Zionists to conquer. The true center of power is the ones that control currency, media, and markets. The people of the US got nothing in return. Anyway, fuck China, Fuck Russia and the rest of the world. You all think you are so tough, just go ahead, have your little bullshit session. Isolationism should work fine for us. Even the countries where my ancestors came from in Britain Germany and even Russia, are pitiful. You all just laid down and let the government turn you into a bunch of gentle sheep. Letting your women and children get beaten and raped. That’s the difference. That shit doesn’t happen here. You all are screwed.


Are you a man or a woman or just what are you?


comment image comment image


If Trump was smart he’d leave twatter to the verified checkmark crowd. Turn it into a liberal echo chamber and take millions of his supporters to a new platform.

Too bad he seems addicted to it…


comment image
He is doing that!
Palmer app
And soon you will see him use the presidential emergency communications system


The problem with the multinationals is that they are eager to satisfy China at any price.



Trap Is Not Gay


U$ 3.8 billions per year to Israel from USA taxpayer money.

Not “China” nonsense, Jews rule the USA.


If you think that’s all the money Israel gets from USA, your childish naivity made me smile.

Trap Is Not Gay

At least officially.


ban him. he tweets but doesnt do. president doesnt need a twitter

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