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US President Donald Trump Caught Out In Twitter Rebound

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US President Donald Trump Caught Out In Twitter Rebound

Twitter has been Trump’s preferred medium of communication throughout his presidency

Journalist Max Blumenthal was presented with a unique opportunity to protest some of the policies of President Donald Trump on Thursday after one of his comments was reposted by the president on Twitter.

Blumenthal’s initial comment concerned the new book written by John Bolton

“John Bolton, a notoriously mendacious enemy of all living beings on the planet, is discovering what every other great Republican hope of the Resistance has: liberals will eagerly lap up any piece of hysterical Cold War propaganda if they think it can be leveraged against Trump,” tweeted Blumenthal, a prominent left-wing commentator and critic of the Trump administration.

The comment was taken up by President Trump on his Twitter account. After President Trump retweeted the post, however, Blumenthal decided to take advantage of the opportunity to denounce some of the Trump administration’s policies.

Blumenthal took aim at several foreign policies in particular, the US’ enthusiasm for imposing illegal unilateral economic sanctions against countries which refuse to comply with US demands, the US collaboration in the denial of Palestinian rights, the detention and persecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for exposing US war crimes.

In an effort to protest the Trump administration’s foreign policies, Blumenthal changed his Twitter name to “US sanctions kill kids,” “Free Julian Assange,” “Free Palestine Fire Jared,” and then “Defund the Police,” ensuring that the slogans would be boosted to President Trump’s 82 million followers.

He also called out the president in a follow up post, writing, “Trump is 100% right that Bolton wanted to start World War 4. So your brain must be 80% bong water to campaign against the neocons, then hire Bolton, along with Genocide Abrams, Jabba Pompeo & every FDD Likudnik that Uncle Sheldon orders you to appoint. Trump drowned in the swamp.” LINK


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Peter Jennings

Max was right all the way up to ‘defund the police’. He would be the first to complain if rioters turned up at his door and wanted to trash the place.

I guess this shows that Max is an independent thinker up to a point. Can’t go off message and against the mob, that would take some guts, and would probably affect revenue.


I’m sure Max would gladly call the very people who kidnapped him, and then kept him caged and incognito for 36 hours before finally “allowing” him to contact his attorney. *eye roll* But, yeah, talk about having guts to stand up to the Empire at every turn. Is he right all of the time? Of course not. Who is. At least he is consistent.

Peter Jennings

I know Max has done, and continues to do, some good work. However, my only criticism is that by backing such insane nonsense as defunding the police sounds like someone desperate to stay on message. The whole idea is born from political change agents who do not have the wellbeing of the nation in mind. To back such nonsense is pandering to ‘social’ media groups using the public for political expediency.


What you see as pandering, I see as being entirely consistent with his political views since at least the early 20-teens. And, as for the well-being of the Nation. . . come on. A militarized THINBLUELINE is not in the interest of a Freedom Loving America dedicated to [Democratic] ideals that we have all been brainwashed to believe are real. To oppose that is American, IMHO. Unless, you support Authoritarianism, which is as Empire as apple pie.


I find it funny that Max Blumenthal would call out Trump for not draining the swamp when Max is part of the swamp. Again it just goes to show how the liberal left works. Get all indignant about the destruction of other countries while encouraging the destruction of your own.
The swamp is alive and well.


He tried to point to Assange and the reason of his persecution, during this time a leftist not playing 100% on the racial piano is a sign of honesty.

Hasbara Hunter

“Trump is 100% right that Bolton wanted to start World War 4….

Did I miss something?….has their been a World War 3 during my absence? Them Yangeese are truly complete retards…

World War III ”Extermination of the Demonic Elites”


The actual number Trump said was 6. ‘We will be in World War 6 with Bolton’.

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