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JUNE 2023

US Prepares to Strike Syrian Government Targets and to Increase Aid to ‘Rebel Groups’ – Report

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US Prepares to Strike Syrian Government Targets and to Increase Aid to 'Rebel Groups' - Report

AlMasdarNews reports: U.S. President Barack Obama discussed the possibility of striking Syrian Arab Army installations on Friday during a meeting with his National Security Council (NSC) in Washington D.C.

According to a report from Reuters, the Obama regime is considering the increase in U.S. involvement in Syria, using different methods to attack the Syrian government, including airstrikes on military, radar, anti-aircraft bases, as well as arms deports.

The U.S. is also mulling over a covert military operation that would evade approval from the United Nations Security

Another possible scenario is the increase in military aid to “moderate” rebel groups; however, several concerns have arised over the possibility of these arms getting into the hands of jihadists.

However, U.S. airstrikes against the Syrian Army are very unlikely because it would run the risk of direct confrontation with Russia.

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Assad is a man. Obama is a faux Bolshevik but in actuality, simply a girly boy….

John Whitehot

Obama is a man who’s been humiliated into submission by the zionists that detain financial power over the western world. It’s a man whose enthusiasm has been used against him and his most valued ideals. We can talk all we want, but how better would do anybody of us if his life would be threatened, even more, those of his wife and kids – by the murderous globalist pest? He was needed by the clique to make Euro publics and governments to approve his moves in foreign politics. nothing more nothing less. Another Dubya would not have had the same freedom of action.

Slave 2none

it’s the gig he signed up for when he sold his soul to TPTB….so pahq him and the horse that rode him…..

John Whitehot

they probably tell him “Do as we say, and you can keep some freedom, and nothing will happen to you and family. Do as you wish, and you’ll lose everything, and we are going to do what we want anyway”. How’d you do in his shoes? Probably he managed to avoid being remembered as one of the people responsible for countless deaths and suffering. The sad part is that likely he just delayed whatever will come.


How dare you insult bolsheviks? You have no the slightest idea what the term means.


When i look up Bolshevik, it simply says Mongoloid murderer.


When i look up nolerayr, it simply says a proverbial E.D.-ot..


funny, you guys have a great sense of humor. I was joking by the way. I have nothing but respect for the Bolsheviks. Look how far they have come.


Yep, those of 1% who possess almost everything in, say, the US, hate bolsheviks (‘those better than the others’) more than anything else since they fight for 80% to possess almost everything.


At least the Bolshevik party tries to help the average worker. capitalism is hell bent on destroying the middle class. I still stand for my country even though we have become the idiot world police. Nationalism is deep in the south of the U.S. . We are the ones that bleed for America while all the northeast boys sit at home.


As orthodox communists, those of 1% don’t recognize borders and act globally as one. They are well educated, well motivated and there is no human mischief that may appear new to them. Moving their hands from the leverages that control the world would be a tough task. Yet, there is no alternative: to express absolute obedience or to witness the end of human civilisation. Therefore the clique must be clearly identified and disabled. I think good place to start may be the Bilderberg Group. BTW, ‘bolshevik’ could also mean ‘the one who is fighting for better future’. Sorry, but Russian is not my native language.

Suyanto Ng

Bigmouth lame duck wanna ac t tough, If mr lame duck push for this, he gonna get quick answer to their forces in MidEast, including GCC and Yemen, and don’t forget their stooges in Kiev will down. Chinese side and Iran will play their own tunes in Pacific and Mid-East.

Hassadnah Abraham

‘US, Britain and France now air force for terrorists in Syria’A

For nearly six years, Washington and its allies have gotten away with playing a cynical double game in Syria’s war. But now the mask is slipping to reveal the ugly face of Western involvement – it is openly siding with terrorists.

Russia was correct to veto a French-sponsored draft resolution at the UN Security Council this weekend. Along with American and British vigorous support, the French proposal centered on halting military flights over the besieged northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

As Russia’s foreign ministry commented, the French initiative was tantamount to giving air cover for insurgents dominated by the internationally proscribed terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra. In short, a no-fly zone protecting terrorists would have been imposed in violation of Syrian sovereign rights, as well as international law.

An alternative draft resolution put forward by Russia was subsequently nixed by the US, Britain and France. The Russian proposal was aimed at reviving the ceasefire arrangement declared last month by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. It reiterated the need for anti-government militants to dissociate from the proscribed terrorist groups affiliated with al Qaeda, including al Nusra and Daesh (ISIS).

Russia is calling for a general ceasefire, but it does not specify the condition of halting military flights over Aleppo.

If France and its Western allies were genuine about wanting to stop the violence, then why don’t they get behind the Kerry-Lavrov deal? They have evidently abandoned that ceasefire arrangement because it was exposing Western claims about supporting “moderate rebels” as distinct from “extremists” as a fallacy.

That the Kerry-Lavrov truce was immediately violated by the insurgents and that there was no separation of “moderates” and “extremists” showed once and for all that Western claims of supporting “legitimate rebels” are a farce. Washington, London and Paris are patently backing a terrorist army fighting for their objective of regime change in Syria.

Since Syria and its Russian ally resumed offensive operations to take the key battleground city of Aleppo on September 22, the Western sponsors of the terror proxies have become increasingly shrill in a media campaign to thwart that offensive.

America, Britain and France have decried “war crimes” allegedly committed by Syrian and Russian air strikes. John Kerry, ahead of the weekend spat at the UN, called for a probe into suspected war crimes attributed to Russia.

Western media have been saturated with unverified reports from the militant-held eastern Aleppo purporting to show Syrian and Russian air strikes on civilian centers, including hospitals. Much of the information coming out of eastern Aleppo is sourced from Western-funded“activists” who are embedded with the Nusra terrorists. Tellingly, Western media and governments are in effect peddling what is terrorist propaganda.

The Russian and Syrian governments deny Western claims. They say their military operations are targeting terrorist groups that are deliberately using the 250,000 civilian population in east Aleppo as human shields.

It is significant that the more the Syrian army and its allies among Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi militia, as well as Russian air support, make advances to retake Aleppo, the more hysterical Western governments and media become about “war crimes”.

If we start from the premise that the conflict in Syria has from the outset been a Western-orchestrated covert war for regime change involving the sponsoring of a terrorist mercenary army, then the Western hysteria over Aleppo is perfectly understandable.

A defeat for the insurgents in Aleppo means the end of the Western criminal enterprise to install a pro-Western puppet regime in Syria. That would mark a historic blow to the prestige of Washington and its European allies in the Middle East. It would also further expose their criminal complicity.

By contrast, Russian influence in the strategic region would be elevated. And for good reasons too. Moscow will be seen as having stood by a sovereign nation to vanquish Western powers who have wreaked havoc in the region with illegal wars and regime-change subterfuges.

Given the high stakes, this is why Western powers are evidently becoming more desperate to impede Syrian and Russian military success against the insurgents. Western emotive denunciations against Syria and Russia have nothing to do with concern for human suffering. It is all about contriving a moralistic political pressure to hamper the campaign against the West’s terrorist project.

Seen in this context, French calls at the UN for a no-fly zone around Aleppo is a startling admission by the Western powers that they are trying to protect terrorist al Qaeda-affiliated organizations. It is a stunning revelation of the fraudulent and criminal nature of Western governments. Their claims of “fighting terrorism” which have justified overseas wars over the past 15 years are self-evidently bogus. Their claims of supporting a “pro-democracy uprising” in Syria are grotesque.

© Andrew Kelly’US-led criminal enterprise in Syria threatens the world’ This giant fraud has, of course, been made possible because Western media corporations have gone along with the vile charade. These media organizations are equally complicit. Giving succor to war crimes is in itself a war crime, as international attorney Christoper Black points out.

Meanwhile, away from Aleppo and the Western distortion of what is happening there, the alternative media report that the US-led military coalition is destroying bridges on the Euphrates in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor.

According to the Syrian Free Press and others, American air strikes have demolished seven major river crossings over the past week. The latest strike was on the al Syasia bridge north of the city of Deir ez-Zor, the largest bridge in the province.

Targeting civilian infrastructure is a war crime. It will prevent humanitarian aid convoys reaching civilians in government-held Deir ez-Zor. But more significantly, the US, French and British coalition – which is operating illegally in Syria in the first place – is working to block the Syrian army and Russian offensive against the Daesh terror stronghold of Raqqa. The bridges knocked out were providing key linkages for the Syrian and Russian forces from Deir ez-Zor towards Raqqa.

The US-led air strikes also give full meaning to the deadly American attack on the Syrian army base at Deir ez-Zor on September 17. Over 60 Syrian troops and nearly 200 more were wounded when US, British and Australian warplanes blasted the base in a sustained attack. Washington claimed it was an “accident”.

But to many other observers, the massacre was no accident. It was a deliberate assault by the Western coalition to end the Kerry-Lavrov pact because the failing ceasefire was exposing the systematic terror connections of the Western governments in Syria.

Washington and its allies are not just trying to give air cover to the terrorists in Syria indirectly by setting up so-called no-fly zones. They are evidently now giving the terrorists air fire-power.

As in the NATO regime-change war in Libya in 2011, the Americans, French and British are riding shotgun in the air for terrorists on the ground.

And the truly disgusting thing about this criminal collusion is that the Western powers claim to be concerned about international law, war crimes and human suffering.


An excellent comment that should’ve been published as an article on South Front, Sputnik or elsewhere.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel has been doing this for 4 years. Because no one spanked Israels little butt, it showed the other Zionist that they to can get away with murder. Had someone held Israel accountable, then the UK and US and France would not be doing this. Let us not forget that the Uk-Empire has 750 known SAS invading Syria right now as we speak to fight against Syria, and hunt down Iraqis volunteers who oppose ISIS. Hezbollah and Iran need to seek the FSB’s counsel to hunt down and kill all SAS with a few advanced missile strikes. This will pertinently reverse the course of this war in favor of Syrian-Democracy.

Carol Davidek-Waller

A weak president coupled with mad dog Pentagon/CIA, Disaster squared.


The original source for this article leads back to Reuters – U.S. broadens Syria talks after failure of truce deal with Russia the Reuters article is filled with NeoCon narrative, but also includes a photograph taken by a drone, which indicates another breach of Syria sovereignty by the US.

The US hasn’t got a mandate to operate in Syria.

The Russian Federation has warned the US that it will shoot down their aircraft.

Suspicious how the US has recently repainted some of their air-force jets in Russian colors.

North Aleppo is now under control of the Syrian army.

As for that convoy….. Vladimir Putin knows who bombed the Aleppo UN convoy, and now he’s talking


Oh pleeeze Mister President – PLEEZE go bomb Russians in Syria! Can’t wait to see you-lot get a bit of what you give so freely. Bombed cities. Mutilated and mangled children. Weeping mothers. Raging fathers. Destroyed country. Begging for help to “end this” from the “international community.” Sweet music.

Just what the world needs – One Last dead and destroyed nation.

Slave 2none

I don;t think I could round up a platoon here in my home town to go to DC and surround the 535 terrorist in CONgress…..so the best time to take them out is when the butcher swears into office and take them all out the world will be better off…….for a few years….

Dod Grile

Care to try? We are waiting.


You would think Obomba would rather like to slink away to play golf and get on the lucrative conference circuit.


Seems it’s the Pentagon that won’t let this one go – they are deep in denial about their failed regime change project and stuck in the ‘sunk cost fallacy’.


You guys don’t understand the capability of the U.S. military. The weapons they will use on Russia in Their first strike will be used for the first time. Though i doubt they will use them over Syria. A Russian officer even said the Americans will destroy the Syrian/Russian bases in two days and that is using their everyday weapons. Yes, sadly my country has everyday weapons. America has an unequaled military space program and we all know they have space weapons. They are just itching to use them.You believe that shooting down their satellites will cripple the U.S. It will not. They have jet launched satellites positioned all over the world. Your satellites are not so easily replaced. You guys were put in checkmate in 2014. You just don’t know it yet.


lot of true is ijn your words. but i think you have not enough weapons to avoid russina massive attack. and the russians are adpoted to nuclear winter in siberia, you crash, when in whashington there is 1 inch snow.

you have nio chance. after nuclear war the winniers are not the people of north-atlantic civilisation.


Ignorance is bliss!! I will guarantee you their will be more left in the U.S. than Russia. Hopefully that day will never come. Russia is a country on the decline. Russia’s estimated population in 2050 is 100 million. That is going backwards my friend. I have worked alongside a few Russians. They were/are really good hard working family men. Always laughing and having a good time. I truly believe if common Russian and American people were allowed to get to know each other this war crap would end. You would find out we are not zombies or vampires because of Coca-Cola. Our idiot politicians will be the death of us.


You write like a ten year old. With no sources to back up your comments you can only offer a collect of worthless and poorly worded opinions.


a collect of worthless? I don’t believe your opinion of poorly worded is of any value.

Dod Grile

Then they should give it a shot. Because that is the last one they will get.

Seems like a lot of cheap bravado from a Cheeto head.


The U.S. military technology is vastly superior. Russia will just start blowing up for no explainable reason. Better get that dead hand back up. Even back then Russia knew it was outmatched. That distance has grown tremendously larger. Putin knows this and he is a very smart man. He is a better leader than mine. I hope his wisdom will keep this a regional war. Because we all know its coming.


you are a liar and a troll. who pays you? do some research. russian military technology and weapons systems are vastly superior to american ones.


The only weapon Russia makes better than America is surface to air missiles and submarines. Russia’s submarine fleet is obsolete because the U.S. can track them from space. Plus they sink all the time. Good luck, against America’s space dominance.

chris chuba

Which Russian officer told you this? The Russian officers giving the orders have sent in all of the state of the art Russian air defense weapons and even their missile ships that outrange ours (I’m an American). I don’t believe that the Russians will attack the U.S. navy but I suppose they are being prudent.

The Russians can easily counter all of our Tomahawk cruise missiles and radar honing HARM missiles. The only thing that will be a challenge is the semi-stealthy JASSM cruise missile and perhaps the F22 but neither of these are a surprise to the Russians.

So what class of weapons would the U.S. throw at the Russians in Syria that they will have no answer to?


Locusts, and if you think they are not ready yet you are mistaken. supersonic cruise weapons, falling telephone poles, lowered trajectory cruise missiles, Lrasm, drone decoys to waste their missiles on first strike followed closely by a mixture of tomahawks, Harm and decoys. That again will be followed closely by tomahawks, Harm, and f22s. That is Just getting warmed up. A shear matter of numbers. America has 9000 cruise missiles, Russia has 800. Like i said they probably would not use their true power over Syria. The Russian officers name is Ivan.

Dow Jones

USSA does not.. I repeat does not fight real armies from real countries; NEVER. For this reason USSA will not directly attack Russia in Syria or anywhere else. When the last I$I$ takfiri, wahhabi, salafist hairy goat piece of I$I$ filth is skinned and grilled in Syria the bankrupt cardboard Mafia superpower will pull back and declare victory as they have been doing in every lost judaic ME war since Vietnam. Syria will be seen in the not so distant future as the place where the mighty Pentacon Kill Industries Inc came to die. Incidentally it is indeed USSA’S last industry , global slaughter for the profit of the psychopathic zero 1% elite filth that have turned USSA into a mindless drug addled whore house gone mad. The free loader, free lunch IOU petroscrip Sadui Mercan toilet paper dollah is being globally flushed and replaced along with the Ponzi scheme of USSAN “business” and “economy”.

Remove the blood smeared punk dollah and USSA withers to insignificance.


Only America has a real army. I hope you meet them one day. Russian gdp is 2 trillion, American gdp is 18 trillion. American exports 1.5 trillion, Russian exports 475 billion. American military exports are a smaller percentage than Russia. Where do you think those passenger aircraft are made. I probably should not talk about passenger planes you guys like to shoot them down. Sad poor little country you have but that is what they make vodka for.

Dow Jones

Your probably are one of those living off govmint handouts (120 million last count) that the rest of the planet is financing through the filthy USSAN treasury racket. Soon real soon all those loans will be called in and all that toilet paper “reserve currency” toilet paper will roar home along with a monster tsunami of toxic derivative chosen racer bankster filth.

Face it this is Slumville but it’s gonna get lot more hairy.

http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-charts A nation that has only one “industry” i.e. Pentacon Genocide Inc is living on borrowed time, my friend.



Government hand outs? I am a white middle aged male in America they would not give me a pot to piss in. I am more hated by my own country than by Russian citizens. My family will be fine even if the dollar crashes.

chris chuba

The U.S. is the #1 exporter of military equipment and the U.K. is #2. Russia is the #1 exporter of wheat. Trying to twist this as ‘percent of GDP’ to skew the numbers is pure spin.

I don’t think that our contribution to global death and destruction is something to be proud of, especially when our biggest customer is Saudi Arabia who are killing civilians in Yemen and helping Al Qaeda and ISIS groups, that is when they are not killing political prisoners.


Their number one export is weapons. Wheat, my god you believe that? You must have the Russian internet.

Brad Isherwood

Only America has a real army…..

Ya…the one that takes parents in nat guard units for 9 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan . Several 100,000 disabled from service…including forced Vaccines Veterans Admin treats them like shit….. Some are even homeless after joining the Army of One.

Henry Kissinger — ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy


Kissinger, that was satire. 100,000 thousand, wow, you guys are in la la land. You are right America needs to take a lot better care of its veterans.

Slave 2none

does that mean that the bath-house potus has another secret ops cave he’s willing to lose?????

I am so ill and sickened by the terrorist government my nation has morphed into……

someone tell me otherwise but me thinks we are now living in Armageddon….OT verse says Damascus will be a millstone around the necks of israhell…paraphrased but yah git the gist of it…

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