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The US Ponders a Strike Against Syrian Government Forces: What’s Behind This Aggressive Approach?

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The US Ponders a Strike Against Syrian Government Forces: What’s Behind This Aggressive Approach?

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Trevor T. McBride

Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

The US is considering the option of military action against Syria. The alleged use of chemical weapons (CW) by the Syrian government, which is not backed by any solid evidence, is to serve as the pretext. Syrian President Assad is going to be “punished.” On March 6, US President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu discussed the threat posed by Iran’s presence in Syria and ways to counter it.

Chemical weapons? But why should Syria’s President Assad use them if he has had no trouble winning with conventional weapons wherever he goes? Couldn’t the rebels be using CW? Instances of that have been uncovered and confirmed. But no, US officials don’t even bother to give a passing thought to such “unimportant and irrelevant” considerations. They know better who to blame and who deserves to be made to pay for the wrongdoings they believe have taken place. In April, 2017, the US delivered a missile strike against a Syrian military facility, in flagrant violation of international law.

It’s worth noting that a group of US senators visited Israel in late February. According to them, a conflict between Israel and the pro-Iranian forces in southern Lebanon was imminent and that fighting would likely encompass Syria as well. Israel has been increasing its support of proxy groups in Syria recently.

Senator Lindsey Graham believes that Tehran is “testing” the US and Israel and that the administration is not doing enough to push back against Iran in Syria and throughout the Middle East.

On Feb. 28, just three days before Israeli PM Netanyahu arrived in the US on March 4, Fox News offered its audience an exclusive report on a military base being built by Iran in Syria. It claimed this information was evidence that Tehran was preparing for a permanent presence in the country. The story was presented as a real scoop and the timing was carefully chosen. The report plays into the hands of both the administration and as well as those in Congress who are calling for a more resolute stand on Syria.

Israel enjoys almost unlimited US backing, which forces America to become involved directly or indirectly in the hostilities. Last month, French President Emmanuel Macron said he would order airstrikes against Syria if the use of CW were confirmed.

Israel is a privileged ally but it’s not only Israeli security that drives American policy. And it’s not so much Syria but Iran the US has in its crosshairs. If America allows Iran a land bridge linking it to the Mediterranean via Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, this will frustrate its main Middle East allies – the Persian Gulf monarchies. Lebanon will leave the sphere of Western influence. The tensions between Sunni Arab states and Iran boost US arms sales to rich Middle Eastern countries, which is hugely profitable. Thus a belligerent stand toward Tehran allows America to preserve its political clout in a region where its policy has been such a disaster in recent years.

It will be too hard to reach any agreement on the recently discovered offshore gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean, which are a bone of contention between Israel and Lebanon. And the gas exports from these fields could diminish or eliminate the need to import Russian gas to Southern Europe, which would kill the prospects for the Turkish Stream project. Without Iran, Lebanon could be pressured into an agreement on terms dictated by Israel and America’s European allies.

With access to the Mediterranean, Iran could build naval bases that would threaten the NATO naval forces there. The ability to ship exports by sea would boost Iran’s income, making the country richer and more powerful.

Attacking Syrian forces to force a retreat will reduce Moscow’s influence and hamper the diplomatic efforts to bring peace to Syria that have been so successful recently. So-called “rebel groups,” so recently and spectacularly defeated, will reemerge as a force to be reckoned with. From Washington’s perspective, a divided Syria with vast swaths under the control of pro-US and Israel-backed groups is better than a united country in which the West can take part in the peace talks but not as a party that controls territory or exerts significant influence on the balance of power.

Inventing a reason to use force against Syria is a way to fight Iran and roll Russia back. This is a very dangerous policy. As a result, Syria will become a battlefield where powerful actors clash in their pursuit of strategic goals. That will be much worse than fighting jihadists. This scenario can be avoided through diplomatic efforts headed by Russia with the input of all. That’s what Moscow is talking about but the US does not listen. There were times when the US ignored Moscow’s concerns about Russia’s security. On March 2, Russian President Putin unveiled information about the new super weapons Russia alone possesses in the world today. In this same manner Washington may find that participating in Moscow-sponsored peace initiatives is a much better way to settle the Syrian conflict than instigating tensions as it is now doing, but it may already be too late.

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What about sinking some “miraculous” Aegis cruiser, which attacke Assad the last time ?
I think Kalibr is capable to do it.

Or what about testing S-400 against “invisible” F35 ?
May be it is not invisible at all. The USA violated international law and OSN resolutions in Syria for too long without “punishment” (according to Pentagon terminology).

John Whitehot

*irony on* how’s about dropping some nukes on the US and bypass all that things in the middle.

You can call me Al

I actually had a similar comment but aimed at the other lot first.

Naija Lolade

With the Global first strike in ur mind.. this is why i love the Russians.. They do not make noise but go secretly to create what the U.S only has in paper for years.
Shows what a scam capitalism is.

Russia can now deliver a simultaneous strike, destroying simultaneously all U.S basses around the globe without the use of Nukes.. In a way that only retaliatory Nuclear attack can only be made from subs which S-500 is designed to counter.

John Whitehot

“Shows what a scam capitalism is”

financial capitalism certainly is.

As for the rest, I don’t get ahead of myself since not many details about the new weapons have emerged.

One sure thing is that hypersonic vehicles make any missile defence system useless.

This means that deterrence is intact and that the US, or the west, or israel won’t be able to coerce Russia to their agendas.

That’s the whole point of the matter, Russia isn’t interested in striking the US bases worldwide.


Now IF ONLY they would do it.

You can call me Al

The F-35 doesn’t deserve the S-400, since the Syrian S-200 took one out a month or so ago.

Jutta Morris

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I’m fed with this defensive stupid attitude of Syria and Russia.

Why do you like to be bullied ??? Just insane.

We all know that these “chemical attacks” are false. So, why do you care about ????

Putin made a show to show how Russia is strong. So, get USA out of Syria or go back to Russia and let Syrians be ruled by Turkey.


Premature ejaculation is never an advantage Serious.

Russia is patient and gives arrogant ‘ partners’ a good fuc£ing when the time and place is right. :)

888mladen .

It doesn’t work always that way. Does it?


Only the LGBT mob have any interest in ‘posteriors ‘ :)

Ariel Cohen



I have never seen a woman collaborating with his raper.

Fight 100% or give up.

John Whitehot

you’ve never seen a woman in general xDDD


If you don’t fight for freedom and truth. It’s useless to fight.

This war is about freedom and truth, it’s not about collaborating and being bullied by liars, criminals and terrorists.

John Whitehot

“If you don’t fight for freedom and truth”

You fight for Israel.


Of course. Plenty facts that I’m fighting for israel. XD.

You can’t put truth and israel in the same answer. These words are opposite.
Americans choose israeli dictatoriship because they love the “holy” bible garbage fairytale. Now, they are a dictatorship and the number 1 terrorist organizatyion in the world. So, they can eat shit. I don’t care about these assholes.

And Putin loves netanyahu, loves Trump, loves Kissinger, his “old” friend. So, check out your friends instead of accusing someone else for nothing.

John Whitehot

“Plenty facts that I’m fighting for israel”

you said that, not me.

888mladen .

My friend you don’t know the Bible just like them. You use Zionists’ crimes as an opportunity to attack Bible and Christianity. There is nothing in the Bible that supports tyrannical Zionist entity and its ethical cleansing policies styled after Nazi pogroms in 30est an 40est of the last century.

Ariel Cohen

Well enunciated . .


how many jews did you kill already, Megafighter?

John Whitehot

lost the count.

Ariel Cohen

How many LIES have you told, Megazionist?


Choose your camp : freedom and truth or dictatorship, lies and enslavement.

northerntruthseeker .

I prefer freedom and truth.. And therefore back the SAA in their fight against the lies and enslavement put forward by the US/Israel/NATO criminal and most evil cabal.


For how long the US regimes have illegally entered into Syria and have done war crimes and now hiding in Syria in terrorists areas. I don’t think so that US machinery will move out from Syria unpunished. They are waiting there for Russian air strikes and missiles. Then Russian army should not wait and crush all these illegal US machinery in Syria otherwise world will think that After Aleppo liberation Russia have invited US machinery to stay there and take that part of Syria.


Gee, I wonder what is behind these policies…

John Whitehot

another “US ponders strikes on Syria” article.

You can call me Al

We are seeing the final days of the empire and the increased panic. The NWO is dead, long live the NWO.

Joe Doe

As I mention many times, Assad and Syria have to obtain modern Air Defense System and used. In addition modern Airplane and attack helicopter will help. American aggressor will never stop bully Syria, until Syria give them blue eye.
In addition Assad should prepare legal team to sue Americans and allies for damages and destroying Syria and war crimes. Looking Syria and people suffering $1.5 trillions will be the starting point and they should use reciprocal enforcement of court orders or judgments


I am sure that Syria will deploy up to date air defence systems in time. To do this requires a lot of technical training and the well educated personnel to train.

A 21st century air defence can be built in a few minutes whilst playing a Video Game

Real warfare is not like that, even though many Americans think so.

Joe Doe

I hope so, as high tech weaponry will takes time to train. First SAA need to get modern Air Defense System, which I am not sure if is has


I would hope and think that such training is already happening in Russia Joe. Having modern missiles in storage waiting for trained crews in Syria is an ‘invitation ‘ for Israel to bomb them I think.’

It is never wise to ‘Put the Cart in Front of the Horse’ :)

John Whitehot

it happened several times thogh, that what israel bombed were inflatable plastic missiles or even “rockets” made of plywood and tin and so on.

you know, the kind of news that gets nonetheless reported as “Hezbollah advanced weapons destroyed in Syria”

sometimes i wonder if Iran is already producing “inflatable Hezbollah fighters” to put on the border for the IDF to enjoy.


I think the IDF ‘heroes ‘ prefer children John.

John Whitehot

that i don’t know,

yet they don’t spare themselves when it comes to kill innocents:


Ton Jacobs, Human Guardians

This week a huge Russian ship with equipment arrived in Syria. Maybe containing what you and many others are wish for.

Mario Ceva

Putin has to send a clear message to the USA. Every attack to Syria is an attack to Russia and will has a military reply.

888mladen .

Is not going to happen. There are no friends or foes in the war but only interest. This principle has been clearly demonstrated many times in Syrian war and those who have been fallowing the conflict have taken notice of it.

Mario Ceva

I don agree. There are interest of course but also frienship and affinity.. Russia has interest in Syria goverment win in war. For economic reason ( gas) and for geoplotical reason ( Syria and Iran are very important for Russia security). I think that Russia is responding weak to USA because wat to avoid possible war with USA and for Russian election matter and for football world cup. But Russia will be more assertive after elections and will stop possible American attack

888mladen .

You need to check your perception of the situation in Syria against realities on the ground. Read this informative article about RU role in Libyan tragedy and ask yourself if it is any different today. It’s talking about RU dealing with Clinton’s criminal cartel right at the time when the preparation for NATO “humanitarian” intervention in Libya was in its final stages. Here you go

“While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom,
was handed official U.S. Government authorization to purchase a
Canadian company named Uranium One which controlled uranium mining
stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West, including
approximately 20% of America’s known uranium resources. Uranium
One…was effectively the creation of a Canadian entrepreneur named Frank Giustra [who] happened to be a major Clinton donor* and a personal friend of Bill Clinton. The Clinton-Giustra genesis of the Uranium One scam was detailed in a lengthy New York Times story in April 2015 titled “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”…

The new company Giustra formed (in 2005) to effectuate the Uranium One
deal, UrAsia Energy Ltd., signed a preliminary deal giving it stakes in
three uranium mines controlled by Kazatomprom, the government agency
that runs Kazakhstan’s uranium mines and nuclear energy industry. In
2007, UrAsia merged with Uranium One in what was described as a $3.5
billion transaction, with the successor company retaining the name
Uranium One…

When all was said and done, UrAsia’s investors controlled the new
Uranium One. Chairman of the new company was Canadian Ian Telfer.**
Telfer donated $2.3 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Frank Giustra, who had shepherded Bill Clinton’s influence with the
Kazakhstanis, held a personal stake in the deal estimated at about $45
million… According to the New York Times, one year after the 2005
uranium deal was final Giustra donated $31.3 million to the Clinton
Foundation with a promise of $100 million more. One adviser on the
Uranium One-UrAsia merger was Paul Reynolds. Reynolds donated $1 to $5
million to the Clinton Foundation. A company called U.S. Global
Investors Inc. held $4.7 million in Uranium One shares. A U.S. Global
executive named Frank Holmes donated $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clinton

The Clinton cabal’s uranium wheelings and dealings began immediately at
the commencement in 2009 of the Obama administration, under the close
direction of newly-installed Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In order for Russian nuclear entity Rosatom to purchase Uranium One the deal required approval
from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or
CFIUS. The committee consists of top officials from nine different
federal agencies [and] the key agency is the U.S. Department of State…
In June of 2010, the same month that Rosatom struck its deal for a
majority stake in Uranium One, Bill Clinton spoke in Moscow for the tidy sum of $500,000, the 2nd highest fee he had ever received for a speech.”

— Roger Stone article



Interesting but does the writer remember what happened, when the zionist pigs conducted a terrorist attack a few weeks ago?

Ariel Cohen

The Zionist entity, which has already invaded, raped and occupied Palestine, now seeks to attack anyone who tries to threaten their tenuous illegal hegemony in the Levant. The home invader is now threatening violence against the neighbors of the former householder, who are trying to create a support block for the former householder, whose family members are being held hostage by the intruder. But the home invader has the support of the news media, which portrays the hostages and neighbors as the evil intruders and themselves as the hapless victim. The Talmudites have turned the process of deep deception into a fine art . . .

Ariel Cohen

Good on you mate. Yur a brave man . . ..

Nigel Maund

Once again I repeat Russia needs to equip the SAA with copious MANPAD’s and PANTSIR’s to inflict heavy aircraft losses on the A-10’s and F16’s of the USAF and destroy their capability to launch air attacks. I also feel that the SAA should have S300’s to deal with the F35’s and F22’s. The object has to be to close out Syrian air space to the USAF and NATO. Break the USAF and the US military position in Syria would be seriously compromised.

888mladen .

Correct. However it’s not going to happen.

Nigel Maund

Agreed! It would raise the ante to the roof!

Ariel Cohen

I am sure they are working on it as we blog . . .

Langaniso Mhlobo

Combine doctrine of lies from fat Fuck Trump,May,Marconi,Merkel and core puppets including so call God chosen Israel which kill and suck human blood.This are world distabilisers and dedtructioners Idea.Syrian oil and gas is what USA and puppets wants.Syria must sink weapon carriers then puppets will run away world opinion will changes.


To paraphrase a man who has a very big gun: “If the fight is inevitable, strike first and strike hard.”

The Americans are looking for Trouble – with any luck he will find them.

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