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US Policy in Iraq Is Failing, The Time May Have Come For Another Regime Change

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US Policy in Iraq Is Failing, The Time May Have Come For Another Regime Change

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Iraq now has a new designated prime minister – Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, and that is worrisome for the US, since he appears dead set on independence from outside players.

And as a result, MSM proposes a solution to the situation – Iraq needs another regime change, rather than Washington owning up its own mistakes and attempting to change its policy, it should, instead, organize a “popular uprising.”

According to Foreign Policy, Allawi has no chance of solving Iraq’s key two issues: the collapse of legitimacy of the political class post 2003, and making Iraq independent from Iran and its Shiite proxy groups.

The US, as such, should focus on supporting the protest movement, and go against Allawi.

The protests, according to Foreign Policy call for “sovereignty, independence, and clean government” and “represent the last best hope for salvaging not just Iraq, but the future of U.S.-Iraqi relations as well.”

Instead of meeting demands, the government allegedly began repressing and killing protesters, and Foreign Policy entirely disregarded claims by former Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, who even said that US President Donald Trump threatened his life and even said that investigations of who exactly is killing protesters should stop.

Then, when it mentions the killings of protesters, it simply blames Iran, which is popular in US rhetoric and MSM in recent months. Essentially, Foreign Policy presents a picture in which, the US did Iraq a favor by killing Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, since he was the one allegedly pulling the strings in the country.

“The protests laid bare for all to see the unholy alliance that now exists between the post-2003 Iraqi governing class and the regime in Iran. Years in the making, it rapidly accelerated with the rise of the PMF during the war against the Islamic State and the wholesale integration of Shiite militias, de facto foreign legions of the IRGC, into Iraq’s security forces as well as the highest echelons of the government.”

And, indeed, Iraq’s political class failed to provide adequate governance and protect the sovereignty from foreign predators, but a significant predator is also the US.

A government under Allawi, which Iran approves of, since he calls for independence, as well as approved by influential political figure and Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is unacceptable for the US.

“Hard as it might be given the United States’ pivotal role in establishing Iraq’s post-2003 order, the Trump administration now needs to come to grips with the challenging reality that the Iraqi regime as currently constituted is increasingly not a viable partner for advancing U.S. interests.”

The US can’t work with a country which “forced” it to drone strike a foreign official on its highway.

“Nor is it sustainable when, necessary as it might have been, the United States is forced into the position of droning convoys on major Baghdad highways carrying senior Iraqi and Iranian military commanders openly conspiring to attack US interests.”

The US, according to Foreign Policy, should invest heavily in the protest movement and regime change, because the protests are currently reportedly more focused against Iran and not against US presence and meddling.

“The fact is that at their core, in addition to being an uprising against corrupt and inept governance, the protests are quite clearly a mass movement of Iraqi nationalism targeting Iranian malign interference, not American.”

In conclusion, a policy change by the US necessary, but only in the way that it should support the protest movements, and be more assertive in “helping” establish an Iraq which is a better fit to forward Washington’s interests.

That means essentially, the US troops remaining as an occupation force, and possibly even using alleged repression against protesters as a justification to carry out an operation against the “Iranian-controlled” Allawi and his incoming government.


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Zionism = EVIL

The dumbass murderous Americunt coward arseholes assassinated General Soleimani and now Iraq is more allied to Iran and Syria than in its entire post colonial history. Americunts have a headache and pain in the lardass in more than one way.


They don’t get it.

Ingo Adam

They Do Not Care
About Your Dreams.
Wars And Caos
By All Means.

They Take Your Wealth
As You Are Split.
You Must Unite
To Get Them Rid.

Tribal Fractions
Social Tatters.
It Is Your Home
Your Land
That Matters.


He came dancing across the water
Cortez, Cortez
What a killer


That’s just laughable. Except it’s not funny


the disunited states of morons, i.e. washington dc, engage in wars not so much for the victory but for profits – and as long as boots on the ground are cheap, like under-educated white trash from the flyover states, that’s fine and dandy. but, the morons would are slow in risking their sophisticated stuff in the war zones since the hardware is too costly and too much losses of such hardware might turn a profitable engagement into a loss making the adventure a no no from pentagons perspective – and that is why they won’t risk any such material and that’s why you reasonably seldom see the morons pegging the loss of a f35 or some such costly hardware – they just don’t risk ’em.


No doubt NGOs are lining up behind US policy and dishing out money for people to come to protests carrying pre-made flags and posters filmed by professional cameramen only to be shot at by unknown snipers who also shoot at the police leading to chaos and instability and huge anger that has no outlet because no one seems to know what happened. Meanwhile the legitimate government is replaced amid chaotic scenes that no one can make head or tail. Suddenly things calm down and US is welcome again! People look back and quietly say to themselves “WTF…”


Well analysed and very true.


sovereignty, independence, and clean government

What utter hypocrisy.
Clean government?
The US government is about as dirty and corrupt as the worst on the planet.
And if many commenters are correct – bought and paid for by a foreign power.
So much for the sovereignty aspect.
So the USA is back to the old game of mobilising sunni against the shia.
Ain’t working any more as we are seeing in Syria.
The Sunni are waking up.
That they are being used and killed, to advance the interests of the USA and those that allegedly control it.
That they are being conned into giving away their country, its interests and attacking fellow muslims and citizens.
In Syria, Assad’s brave army is largely sunni – working side by side with shia to defend and regain their nation.
Iraq needs to look no further.
Allawi hasn’t – no wonder Washington wants rid.

Ashok Varma

US has made a mess of everything.

Carlo s

operation liberate iraq (from iraqis) 2.0

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