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US Poised to Hit Syria Harder

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Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

The US warned Russia it would attack Syria again if chemical weapons (CW) were used by the government forces. According to Bloomberg, National Security Adviser John Bolton told his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, at a meeting in Geneva on Aug. 23 that the US “is prepared to respond with greater military force than it has used against Assad’s regime in the past.” US officials supposedly “have information” that the Syrian military is preparing a chemical attack in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib. Mr. Bolton had also stressed publicly the US readiness to use force on a larger scale before the meeting with his Russian counterpart. On Aug. 21, the US, the UK, and France issued a joint statement likewise threatening military action against Syria if a chemical attack occurred. The US has delivered strikes against Syria twice before, in 2017 and 2018. No evidence to confirm the allegations that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks has ever been presented.

US Poised to Hit Syria Harder

Russia believes a potential attack is nothing more than a provocation to justify military action. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement on Aug. 25 stating that the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham militants had brought eight containers of chlorine to Idlib in order to stage a false-flag attack with the help of UK intelligence agencies. A group of Tahrir al-Sham fighters trained to handle chemical warfare agents by the UK private military company Olive arrived in the suburbs of the city of Jisr ash-Shugur, Idlib, 20 km. from the Turkish border.

This prompts some questions. The Syrian government forces are winning the war. They control most of the country and continue to make advances. Why would they use CW now if they did not use them in 2014 or 2015 when they were retreating? The political and military gains the rebels could win by staging provocations are obvious, while the Syria military has no reason to use CW even if it had them. After all, the Syrian army has no trouble winning with conventional weapons wherever it goes.

As the previous military actions in Syria demonstrated, the attacks boost presidential approval ratings. President Trump needs to distract the public’s attention from the hush payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal after his alleged affairs. These dalliance scandals are the last thing he needs during the midterm election campaigns. Syria and alleged CW attacks could come in handy.

He and his party badly need to do something in Syria before the November vote to support the image of the US as the defender of the “poor” Syrians suffering from the “atrocities” of Assad’s regime. The US global standing has suffered as a result of unimpressive operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It needs to be burnished. Heading an international coalition against Syria, an Iranian ally, is the way to restore the US image as an indispensable nation in the Middle East.

If Syria establishes full control over Idlib province, the hope, no matter how slim, of overthrowing Syrian President Assad will be dead. Any pretext would do to justify an intervention to prevent such a turn of events. The rebels in Idlib are viewed as allies in the fight against Iran. Besides, the alleged CW in the hands of Assad fuels the narrative of Russian cheating in 2013 during the elimination of the Syrian CW stockpile. “Losing” Syria would lead to diminishing US influence in Iraq, which is also viewed as a battlefield against Iran.

The US administration has frozen some $200 million in funds earmarked for Syria’s recovery but it is ready to spend money on military actions against that country. Congress has failed to include a Senate-backed provision in the 2019 FY budget law to give the Defense Department $25 million per year and increased authority to support stabilization efforts in Syria. But the use of force in Syria is by and large warmly supported by lawmakers.

A staged “chemical attack” is the way to invent a pretext for using force against Syria and pressing for a rollback of Russia and Iran. With Idlib liberated and an agreement reached between Damascus and the Kurds, Syria will have fundamentally regained its territorial integrity, making it “lost” to the West and its Persian Gulf allies. Russia, Iran, and Turkey will act as mediators promoting a peaceful settlement. The “chemical attack” provocation will be staged as an attempt to scuttle such a development.

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Dušan Mirić

Yeah, the bully didn’t get his nose bleeding last time

AM Hants

Isn’t the next CW ‘false flag’ due to go down, in the next few days?

There is a seriously interesting ‘tweet; from Fares Shehabi MP (Syria), pointing out kidnapped children, taken hostage, to be used in the next false flag, just, like they did in Ghouta, back in 2013.

Urgent: These kids were among many kidnapped by the #WhiteHelmets in the town of Zirbeh west of Aleppo to be used as victims in the upcoming chemical hoax. We hold the leaders of US/UK/France directly responsible for their safety.


‘… US mercenaries kidnapped thousands of minorities and used them in snuff videos. Ghouta 2013 was setup using kidnapped women and children…’ twitter.com/theLemniscat/status/1034064711128678401

1) Are “rebels” in Syria preparing another major false flag “chemical attack in Idlib”, just like they did in Ghouta on 21 August 2013?

Did “rebels” just kidnap children from Zirbeh, west of Aleppo, to use as “chemical attack” victims in Idlib?

2) Did “rebels” attack Alawite villages in Latakia in Aug 2013 to collect victims for their false flag chemical attack in Ghouta two weeks later?

HRW: “Opposition fighters systematically killed adult men and kept women & children alive to hold as hostages” #Syria #Idlib

‘… US mercenaries kidnapped thousands of minorities and used them in snuff videos. Ghouta 2013 was setup using kidnapped women and children…’ twitter.com/theLemniscat/status/1034064711128678401


I am hearing rumors. I repeat, RUMORS about this next event. I have heard that yet again there will be a botched, made for TV CW attack, and that once again before there is any proof of anything that the US will fire into Syria. Like the last two times the US will be inept. Their aim will suck, their weapons will fail and that there will be a little bit of damage to Syria. (Weapons depot, tunnels, hidden things etc. of the rebels) Trump and the US will look stupid and then Assad with his allies will end this.


Ariel Cohen

This time I wouldn’t be surprized if things get out of control . .


lololol nice bs story southfront…….really cute…..so russia with its supposed allied SAA know, Where,Who,When????they have full intelligence……wtf why wait? why not bomb those fucks the second they brought these chemical weapons into syria, why not attack when brirtish intelligence is there and explaning this and that, why not attack the warehouses?why not attack the buses as soon as ,,why why why why ……why let nato bomb the supposed syrian allied nation over 25000 times??why let the IDF bomb syria supposedly allied nation of russia bomb over 85 x times?? why why why why why why why…

bacause its a stage…its a stage for the monkeys,the donks, the morons…who still believe in good russia , or good usa, or bad russia or bad usa…its all a play from a playbook, its a stage for the theater….they are all(those countries that RECOGINIZE the illegal satanic state of israel)(ps. just watch a trump or putin when next to bibi netannayu…its like they virtually cum, as happy as one can get) part of the agenda. its so obvious now, unbelievable that human beiing with an intact brain believe there bs stories….

but then again…its the same human donkeys that make that young jewish blood kid kadashian a billionaire….so keep watching the kadashians…just prooves me right morons,donkeys,monkeys

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“why not bomb those f……… the second they brought these chemical weapons into Syria”. Interesting, that’s exactly what FUKUS said RF and SAA did at Khan Sheikhoun “chemical attack” hoax!


Why wait? I don’t know, maybe Russia is laying a trap, maybe they are filming the British agents as they commit their war crimes? Maybe Russia intends to broadcast the confessions of the British soldiers, after the crime? Maybe the British have human shields around their chemical weapons stockpiles? Maybe Russia got the intel 2 days after the British troops and their chemical weapons had passed the Russian spy.

Try and engage your brain before you open your mouth.


why, perhaps they don’t want to see a nuclear holocaust


Obviously the US has been working day and night to make their missiles impervious to Russian jamming. Last time Trump said nice new missiles, but they failed like the old missiles. The US used a variety of missiles and bombs last time, to see which ones would work. I assume they used the information from the last strike to fix the missiles they intend to use on the upcoming strike. I doubt they will strike with the moon so bright, but it seems they are using B1’s, which are more plentiful than B2’s, and therefore more disposable. Does Russia have another trick up its sleeve? The recent histrionics by the US about a Russian satellite leads me to believe that the US thinks the Russians can control or disrupt the US GPS system, and it’s not just the missiles that rely on GPS. Think of the consequences of a B1 bombing Tel Aviv in error?


There is not any countermeasure against heavy electronic jamming except of inertial navigation system, but this will not deliver cruise missile with tolerance in meters, rather in kilometers like V2 during WW2.

USA is testing Russian reaction and “red lines”, that is the main reason. May be Trump will got more votes in elections, that’s the second reason. But USA are 30 years behind in rocket technologies and electronic warfare and they will not close the gap any soon. They know it and they are desperate. Staging false chemical attacks is the last thing they can do but it has not any strategic significance. Russia is determined to restore Syria in pre-war borders and they will accomplish it sooner or later.


“The consequences of bombing Tel Aviv in error” – yeah most of the world will cheer & celebrate like never before.

Hisham Saber

Amen to that. The entire Cosmos would celebrate the annihilation of Tel Aviv.

HighLord Gaz

Why stop at Tel Aviv?

John Whitehot

“but it seems they are using B1’s, which are more plentiful than B2’s, and therefore more disposable”

They use B-1s because they can carry cruise missiles, hence allow them to launch well outside Syrian airspace.

B-2s are subsonic, and cannot carry missiles, only bombs. That would force them to enter Syrian airspace, fly over their targets to launch, and risk being shot down.

Think about the effect on the MIC propaganda if a “stealth” B-2 is shot down by a Syrian S200.


Tonkin gulf in Vietnam, 11.9. and bin Laden hoax, chemical weapons in Iraq, WMD in Libya, Assad must go…

The only difference is that Putin is not Yeltsin or Chruscev. I’m sure that Russians can destroy some of “invincible” US cruise missile destroyers as a retaliation this time. They already warned Pentagon . But US hawks are stupid.


South F..

Do you know why I dont bother to act anymore, and I am not shure you want to hear it, is that anyone writing because of or due to be an somehow Russian friendly or Russian sites, is all lies, thats why, I dont care anymore, and have taken my glows off. I dont know why the hype is constant when I know Russia will do nothing, abolutelly nothing, other than drool something about letting attacks happen as an sort of what, showing restrain, huh, or lack of balls, or the third way as I see it, we have been buttf…. hard by the Russian back stabbers, aka the Gov. and Putin, witch as we speak have no credibility what so ever, and Lavrov is an drooling clown, yapping bullshit all day long, and in the end its just nonsense, backed by coomitments as solid as an brass fart.

Look to ISISrael. What really makes me pissed is your MSM. You thing RT/Sput is uh…. e…. Objective somehow, and my answer is that people are brain dead, RT is 100% Jooho run and is situated in ISISrael. Yeah, we are all jooho haters arent we, while in RT the joos can write about the next time they “brave moral army” IDF must make shure they blow the brain out of the Norwegian woman. Its remakable what RT alows while this Maria Zackofshitorova is backing the terrorstate ISISrael and attacks the people whom is fighting for the Palestinians, just as the Russian Gov. is doing, there is an reason for it and do you know why, most of this IDF scums are de facto Russians, yeah, and I know they have no problems with shooting whom ever they want, because Russians are scums, not all, of course, but most of them are, an sick perverted pedo paradise, just go the Saint Petersburg, where its in the f…. open. RT is exactly as rotten as our own MSM is, never ever think they are our friends, they are not, most of Russians have no problems with ISISrael, and so do Putin.

Yeah, and I even know how Russia will go down, because of the same issue the last time they went down, their unability to take an stand, and fight the enemy of Man, the Jews. Whom runs and controlls Wahabism, the insanly rotten Catholic Church and the ZioNazis, and they controll Russia. I told you, never trust the Russians, never, never trust them, because they are way to like the Wankees, equally rotten and corrupt, in both body and soul. I read so much bullshit about how nice Russia is that I am nauseated, makes me wanna puke, if I wants to empty mu stomack I go to Saker and Russian ass likers in other places, and most of them, despite the wankees hysteria, is an freak show, the Jews owns them all.

Like this RobTard shit head. Why do you think they love that Jooho bitch, there is an reason and when WE the peole fights back as in Germany, then I recomend to read their articles and what angle do this so called “independent ????” sites actually writes, we are all nazis, yeah. how f…. convinient.

I am deeplly sorry South F…. and others, but I have no symphaty with anyone of you, because you are unable to write the truth, I like to puch boundarys, eventually their masters woice will come thru, like Infowars, anyone thinking thiis scums are independent is so f…. up its hopeless, they are 100% fake, there is an reason from them to be on the News, because they all have on thing in common, they are alll run by and controlled by the tribe, like Duran etc.

I know ISISrael won, and Iran will be destroyed, and then Russia, because of the Tribes hendgemen like Lavrov and Putin. My homeland is sinking, god speed to the bottom of the pit, Russia, coward and traitores, there is NOTHING I hate more and despices, more that that, and you have shown us all, just that, and that is what will bring you down, like before, and like before millions will die.

So to sum up, with all respect, go an f…. your self Russians. Stupid f…. pissants.


PS: I recomend giving Brain Cancer the Nobel Peace Pirce

John Whitehot

idk, but this strategic culture site does not convince me.

all the articles coming from them are signed with jewish names.

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