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US Plans To Use ISIS In Afghanistan In New Round Of Geopolitical Standoff In Central Asia

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US Plans To Use ISIS In Afghanistan In New Round Of Geopolitical Standoff In Central Asia


Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) says that US intelligence agencies are transferring ISIS terrorists to northern Afghanistan.

Sergei Beseda, head of the 5th FSB service, warned that the militants were transferred there to be used as a way to destabilize the region on the borders of member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and possibly in the entire Central Asia in the future.

He noted that law enforcement agencies and intelligence of CIS states should identify “dangerous trends” at an early stage. This is necessary in order to ensure security and prevent the “destructive influence of external forces.”

On September 23rd, the 16th meeting of the heads of CIS intelligence services was being chaired by the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, in Kazan. The forum is attended by delegations from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

There have been numerous reports of ‘mysterious’ helicopters extracting ISIS militants from the Middle East and their subsequent appearance at other points, notably in Northern Afghanistan.

In February 2019, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov said that ISIS militants were appearing in northern Afghanistan under unclear circumstances.

He said that this posed a threat to the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

According to him, this contributes to the growing danger of the flow of the Middle East conflict into the post-Soviet space.

“There is a growing danger of Middle Eastern terrorism flowing into the post-Soviet space through the territory of Afghanistan, where, under unclear circumstances, ISIS people manage to transit through some neighboring countries,” the deputy minister said during the Valdai conference on the Middle East in Moscow.

Bogdanov also added that ISIS is settling in Libya and is strengthening ties with al-Qaeda, taking advantage of the fact that the system of government in the country is ruined.

At the same time, al-Qaeda “raises its head” in the area of the “oil crescent” along the Mediterranean coast.

It should be noted that the warning of Bogdanov was made before Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar began his offense on Tripoli to finish cleansing the country of terrorist elements.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov said that ISIS fighters were massively flown by helicopters from Pakistan to the Tajik border, while Moscow did not rule out provocations of “squeezing” refugees towards Russia.

In March 2019, the head of the Main Directorate for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Ilinykh said that after being largely defeated by Russian, Syrian and Iraqi efforts, ISIS militants are shifting their focus to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

According to him, ISIS supporters hatched plans for the formation of sleeping cells, which could demonstrate the ability to carry out terrorist attacks around the world.

“The strategic defeat of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq entails a shift in the interests of the Islamic State on the territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia,” he said.

The surfacing of ISIS militants in northern Afghanistan and along other parts of the CIS border states is no recent tendency, and attempts to create another hot point in Central Asia is becoming quite apparent. Speculation of US intelligence activities orchestrating the situation are also not appearing for the first time.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan the US peace talks with the Taliban have all but collapsed.


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Rhodium 10

Surely thousands of captured ISIS by US&SDF have been sent to Afganistan or another places…

Tommy Jensen

As I was the first one to say it 20 years ago, the only way to get rid of an American when he first have entered your garden, is the Vietcong way. But you refused to listen. First you were hoping Obama would do something, then you hoped Trump would do it, then you hoped peace negotiations would do it, then you hoped ceasefires would do it, then you hoped Putins hypersonics would do it, then you hoped pleasing would do it. You guys were hoping, we were hoping, I hoped………………..………………….…………..LOL.


Objectively, Russian power surged, why US influence plummeted in recent years and decades. This will not only tell you Russian think tanks, but uniformly every NATO think tank. If you wanna fight Russia, for what ever reason, throwing out objectivity is the worst you can do. You got to know your enemy. That why black and white borderline narcissist like you are laughed at by either side. You dont serve nobody, and only hurt your “cause”. Russia would thank you for that i guess.


Why are we not the slightest surpriced, ISIS is western backed scums, what have gone under the radar is what and to witch extent Pakistan have slipped away from the limelight, since much of the Merc forces are de facto Pakis, in Yemen, along with their happy head chopping friends like the Janjaweed an insanely evil sudanes/african “muslim” force, in Syria, and Libya, thats what bugs me, is why have the forces against the imperialis scums been silent about Pakistan, because of what, Cricket, huh, witch is the eqvivalence of an stupid TV-star start running UssA, where as India isnt much better but atleast dont do to much outside their sphere, unfortunate enough for the people of Kashmir, where they play the same game as ISISrael is, wounder where their so called “advicers” comes from. Yeah, make an wilde guess.

The second thing is Afganistan, and why ISIS will be their exuse to stay indefinite, incl ZATO forces, where they are now the uh…. reason for fighting terrorists, while Taliban is fighting both, I dont for an second thing Taliban stategicly do anything or much with the ISIS since they are an foreign force fighting in Aganistan, because I consider Taliban to be the only legitimate Gov in Afganistan, nobody else, incl the present pupets whom claims they have and is the Afgan Gov again an fallacy witch is only possible because of the ZATO foces incursion into Afaganistan, period. And thats also the main problem, because I dont doubt that Taliban will wipe the ISIS out of their land within months, and like Libya, western forces incl Turks are the main hiderance of the Libyans to be once again under one flag, so thats why I sincerly hope the LNA will beat the lving daylight out of the western backed scums whom is also hiding ISIS in Libya, and if not, the mediterain region will be unstanble into the future, for how long, we dont know, but one thing do I know, the system will not crash until either two things happen, UssA implodes (pedodollar goes down in flames, unrealistic, just some few years ago, but not any longer, aka the enemy within, the insane FeD and the only thing the Moronikans drool about is Iran, yup, they are indeed blind), of the non western aliance finaly finds their own balls and helps the LNA to wipe out whatever is left of the ZATO bitches in Libya, 8 years, and now the end is in sight, do something about that. Turkis are in an limbo, because everybody knows this is out of the ZATO regime range of legitimacy and leaves the Truks to be alone and cant relie on others than what ever fake Gov they are suporting inside Libya, witch again is an part of the making of the invasion army coming from the African continent and others to witch is also why the large presence of western backed eh…. help orgs, aka NGOs and 16 NM outside the Libyan mainland awaits several Norwegian eh….. rescue vessels, why this arent torpedoed is an mistery, the Italians should make em to reefs, be an good sport, help the fishes.

Its sad, really, to watch Afganistan, 18 years of war, 18 years of lies and drivel about reason, and I hope the Taliban wipes the UssA scums out of their country, and they are correct, you cant talk to them, since they are pathological liers and rotten souls, just look ate the Knuckledragging chimp from NY, with an IQ slightly above rom temprature and an Gov consisting of insane scums. And do like the Houtis are doing, dont confront, send in snipers, wack anyone anywhere, and shoot them in the stomack, and then just disapear, one shoot and go hiding, do that all over the land, one at the time, every day, all over Afganistan, aka counter terror, the only language the western scums understand, if the day they dont and cant peek their head above the compounds walls. I am afraid Taliban have to fight to the very last scumbag jumps on an chopper to get the hell out, and that will take time, and I hoped Trump had the balls to do so, but nope, instead He bowed to the ZioCONs blood thirst and plunder, what an pathetic f…. He have shown to be. Its genuinly weird, because in peace, the world/Afgans would make much more mooney in Afganistan, but since its an war, just the Moronikan/ZATO MICs do, and to try to explain that to people is like pissing against the wind. A peace is an Win-win for everybody, incl Afgans.



Formerly ISIS presently DAESH are Western American Primarily wahhabi/sharia saudi sunni nasty disgusting scums sponsored terrorists, and some 10% from other places.


Your analysis is spot on. So-called ISIS is a CIA, MI6 and French SDECE franchise. Western intelligence agencies have been sponsoring, promoting, arming and transporting these Salafist/Wahhabi terrorists for almost half a century now from one place to another. Now that the Taliban have moderated and improving relations with Iran, Russia and China, the US is again sponsoring the Salafists in Afghanistan as their chosen proxies.


ISIS / DAESH / ISIL are NOT US Sponsored terrorists. They ARE US forces – Period. Created by US/Israel /Saudi to serve US – israeli regional interests. Hillary started recruiting them from jailed Lebanese Jihadis, then they were sent to libya. After Libya, the US deployed them to Iraq because they wanted a way into Iraq again. After they “defeated” them, they were redeployed as opposing groups to Syria to make the place ungovernable indefinitely. Thanks to Iran and Russia, they have been defeated. Now,to keep the war going in Afghanistan, they are redeployed there so that the US deep state can convince Trump not to pull out and also to cause instability on Russia’s borders. Looks like only one thing remains -that is to give the Taliban the small push they need to defeat the US definitively – Who will be the first to supply taliban with decent Air Defence system ?

Toronto Tonto

Is this the same isis that Russia sell weapons to ????


Very lame attempt. But just like Goebbels, you accuse the enemy with your own wrongdoing. Only he was a genius, and you either some uneducated redneck with low self-esteem, or just another NATO troll.


Nope its the same Isis that Russia bombs the shit out of.


LoL – Its the same ISIS that Israel funds, trains and fixes in their field hospitals and Hellaviv


Gee you’re a dickhead

Peter Jennings

What happens when the Taliban ask and then receive support from the Russian admin or China? it will be game over for the americans in Afghanistan as it was in Syria.

The US supporting the Kurds is a ruse. The US need a foothold in Syria, just as they need one in Libya and Afghanistan, to provoke and instigate further trouble, bloodshed and damage. The Kurds are useful idiots who believe the US will not leave them to flee to the mountains as they did in Saddams day.

The road to securing peace throughout these countries starts with, and only with, giving all american forces the boot.

You can call me Al

China – https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-taliban-china/afghanistans-taliban-meets-chinese-government-in-beijing-idUSKBN1W70I3

Russia – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/15/russia-hosts-taliban-delegation-following-collapse-of-us-talks


Russia and China both now have pretty good relations, and not only from the US but also Russian side came many comments, that this support is not only diplomatically. Make of that what you want, but that leverage is in place already for a long time. And only fair game, that Russia would use the US creation named Taliban who fought the Russians now against the US.


Americuns are doing it for a 2 years at least..


It’s going to be hell, as it will turn Taliban to target more US military HQs next time.


One gets rather annoyed with these claims of US and their involvement with ISIS. Instead of making accusations and if there is proof then take it to the UN or the Asian equivalent and then sanction the US. The amount of times that Russia has come out with those accusations and done nothing concrete to confront it. Syria is an exception only because of access to the Med from the black sea and having a naval base in Syria protects the access.


The arrival of ‘ISIS’ into north Afghanistan is being facilitated by external actors – now, who would be highly motivated to manufacture such destabilization there – perhaps look to those determined to undermine regional stability and conditions for Chinese development plans for Silk Road transit routes.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So thats why the terroist of USA gov did that deal with AQ terrorist. One plagueinfested rat feeding of the other.


People should never forget that CIA created the Wahhabi terrorist menace to its maximum savagery in the 1980’s to fight Russians/USSR in Afghanistan and Reagan and Bill Casey feted them at the White House. US and terrorism are mutually inclusive.

Zionism = EVIL

The Pakistani Army, ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence], and its US masters trained Al-Qaeda and all these groups to fight [the Soviet Union] in Afghanistan,” Pakistani PM openly admitted. Responding to a separate question, Khan stated that the US helped Pakistan to “organize the resistance” to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He argued that back in the 1980s, “jihadis were heroes.” and darlings of America.

Zionism = EVIL

Pakistani Army and CIA trained Al-Qaeda, but back when ‘jihadis were heroes’, PM Imran Khan admits

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