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US Plans to Answer with Deep Concern & Strengthening Sanctions on Expected ‘Russian Invasion’ in Ukraine

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Washington’s official said that the US and the EU have a “plan” in case of a full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine.

US Plans to Answer with Deep Concern & Strengthening Sanctions on Expected 'Russian Invasion' in Ukraine

Daniel Fried (Photo: uawire.org)

Coordinator of the Office of Economic Sanctions Policy and Implementation of the US State Department, Daniel Fried, said that the US and the EU “have a plan in case of a full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine.” In an interview with the Voice of America information website, Fried noted that it is expected that new sanctions’ options will be used against Russia.

“We have an option of sanctions’ amplification in the case of unfolding of the war. We discussed this with Europe; we know what we will do in this case. But I do not really want to go into details of the hypothetical scenario that can happen. If the worst will happen – I mean a full-scale invasion in Ukraine – we have a developed plan,” Fried said.

At the same time, Fried was not able to specify what the “full-scale invasion in Ukraine” means. Given that Washington consistently speaks about presence of Russian troops in Donbass, in this case, or it is not a full-scale invasion, or the US does not consider Donbass as a part of Ukraine, or it just lies. The latter is becoming increasingly obvious, even to those, who are under the pressure of Western propaganda.

A piece of such propaganda by Fried: “Ukraine is still occupied by the Russian separatists. And I want to tell you that the situation would be even worse, if there were no sanctions at all. Be sure of this. Do you think that Russia would not attack Mariupol, Kharkov, Slavyansk or Kramatorsk?”

As we can see, the sanctions have completely turned into sanctity for the US. And Washington tries to convince itself that these actions work against Russia.

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chris chuba

The sanctions give Ukraine incentive not to implement Minsk. It creates a perverse incentive to prolong an unnecessary conflict.


Exactly what the degenerates in Washington want. The corrupt US administration is a major threat to our existence.

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