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MAY 2021

US Plans To Allocate $50 Million For Delivery Of Lethal Weapons To Ukraine

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On May 7, the US House Committee on Armed Services of the US Congress released a proposal of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019, which provides $ 50 million for the provision of defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine.

According to the released NDAA, the total amount proposed to be allocated for Ukraine’s security including lethal weapons is $250 million. $50 million of this funding is proposed to be directed for the provision of defensive lethal weapons.

The funding is allocated for equipment, training, lethal weapons, logistics support, supplies and intelligence support to the military and national Security Service of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Embassy in the US said on Facebook that the total amount “is 100 million dollars more than the Committee has proposed to provide in the current budget year”.

Комітет з питань збройних сил Палати представників Конгресу США представив проект закону про “Бюджет США на 2019 р. на…

Posted by Embassy of Ukraine in the USA / Посольство України в США on Monday, May 7, 2018

The move must be agreed with the Senate and voted by both chambers of Congress before it’s signed by US President Donald Trump.

On April 30, the US State Department confirmed the delivery of anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Ukraine. Later Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also confirmed the delivery, stressing that his country would continue “to strengthen” its “defense potential.”

On August 7, 2017 the US Navy launched construction of a maritime operations center in a port city on the Black Sea Ochakov, Ukraine. According to the US Navy the facility would serve as a “major planning and operation hub” during military exercises hosted by the country.

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Why does the article go out of it’s way to call them ‘lethal weapons?’ It’s a blasted anti-tank rocket!
On the other hand it does seem that Washington has made good on its promises to deter any farther military action in that area by giving enough support to dissuade Russia but not enough to give Ukraine any bright ideas.


I reckon that anyone who sits in a vehicle that gets hit by one of these will probably find them quite lethal.


this is an international definition: lethal weapon

so it is. lethal for stuff in the target.


I don’t think the American missiles would work against modern Russian tanks.
But they would work on the old Ukrainian tanks the freedom fighters of Donbas have.
The good news is, the Ukrainians will probably sell them on the black market.
They could end up in Afghanistan, Gaza, almost anywhere.


Fuck off smaug.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Jewmericans are doing their best to kill off whitey while replacing them with brown hordes from Africa.

Toto Pinoccio

Nothing you say matters… Interfering with internal American politics is like interfering with a husband and wife’s quarrels.. eventually they make up and gang up against their common enemy

Toto Pinoccio

Putin is getting weaker and weaker… bad mistake interfering with American elections…This is just the beginning… 5 years down the line, Russia will become a third world country like Ukraine


And the guys in Donbass will then buy them from some corrupt general for $10 million.


The US is losing on every front, and it has a lot of fronts.
They just can’t accept defeat, so they just keep doing it, until the American people forget about it.
They are losing in Afghanistan Syria Iraq Korea and of course Ukraine.
The USA would rather Americans go hungry than to stop fighting and admit defeat.
The humiliation they felt at losing the Vietnam war lasted for many years. Today they pretend that they could have won Vietnam, if not for weak politicians?

They are a strange people, with some really fkdup values.


The cure to US “democratic” aggression is more Korea and Vietnam.

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