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MAY 2021

US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China

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US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China


In what could be an important strategic development if it eventuates, senior US officials have suggested that countries in the Asia-Pacific region establish a ‘Nato-like’ formal alliance structure to confront China. Presumably the US would assume a similar hegemon role in any such alliance.

The reactions of other countries in the region to the proposal will also be a useful barometer to evaluate how they are interpreting and reacting to recent developments in the US-China geopolitical standoff and associated maritime boundary, trade and other disputes.

The US is aiming to formalize and structure its close Indo-Pacific defence relations with India, Japan and Australia through some type of formal multilateral alliance “more closely resembling the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato)”, a senior US State Department official said on Monday.

The US government’s goal is to get the grouping of four countries and others in the region to work together as a bulwark against “a potential challenge from China” and “to create a critical mass around the shared values and interests of those parties in a manner that attracts more countries in the Indo-Pacific and even from around the world … ultimately to align in a more structured manner”, said Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun.

“The Indo-Pacific region is actually lacking in strong multilateral structures,” he said. “They don‘t have anything of the fortitude of Nato or the European Union.”

“Remember even Nato started with relatively modest expectations and a number of countries [initially] chose neutrality over Nato membership,” Biegun added.

Biegun said that Washington would keep its ambitions for a Pacific Nato ‘checked’, and that such a formal alliance “only will happen if the other countries are as committed as the United States”.

The group of four nations is expected to meet in Delhi later this year. Australia’s possible participation in India’s Malabar naval exercise later this year is an example of a tendency towards increasing joint military activities between the four countries.

The naval exercises, taking place mostly in the Bay of Bengal, have been held annually by the US and India since 1992, and have included Japan since 2015. Australia has taken part in the Malabar games once, in 2007, but Beijing objected and India decided not to include Australia in subsequent war games, despite Canberra’s willingness to take part. Singapore also participated in the war games held in 2007.

It is said that clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in June in the Himalayan Galwan valley, in which at least 20 Indian soldiers died, prompted the Indian government consider bringing Australia back into the Malabar games. Japan and the United States have already been invited to join this year’s exercise, but Delhi has not yet formally invited Australia.

Last week Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien called China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea ‘ridiculous’ and pointed to planned visits by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to meet with his counterparts in India, Japan and Australia in September and October.

The State Department official also suggested that Washington would like to see South Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand to eventually join the alliance.

India has also been involved in a hectic programme of outreach over the past few months in an effort to boost ties with its neighbours in South Asia and win over the support in India’s disputes with China.

Just since the start of August, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in touch with his counterparts in Nepal and Sri Lanka, dispatched his foreign secretary to Bangladesh with a message of support, and instructed his external affairs minister to announce a US$500 million financial aid package for the Maldives.

This flurry of activity is being followed up by a high-level weeklong US-India summit. Organised by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, the event will feature speeches by US Vice-President Mike Pence, India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and other senior officials, including India’s Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat, one of the most important military advisers to Modi’s government.


US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China

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While the forum’s discussion topics are focused on economic issues, confronting China is sure to be high on the agenda.

Both Washington and New Delhi are increasingly concerned about “a congruence of threat perceptions” when it comes to China, according to Navtej Sarna, a former Indian ambassador to the US.

Topics are likely to include the South China Sea and the recent clashes along the India-China border produced by a territorial dispute that goes back to India’s creation as an independent nation-State in the late 1940s. Contriving ways to delay and obstruct the Belt and Road Initiative are also likely to be high on the agenda.

For decades, India has enjoyed strong diplomatic relations with many of its South Asian neighbours. However, China has been much more proactive in more recent times and has incrementally strengthened relations with most countries in the region, including investing an estimated US$100 billion into infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. LINK

US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China

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The US, meanwhile, has run out of additional aircraft carriers to send to the South China Sea to put ‘maximum pressure’ on the Chinese, and is looking to ramp up flights into the area by nuclear-capable long-range strategic bombers. The recent firing by China of a couple of ‘carrier killer’ ballistic missiles into the South China Sea appears to have been a contributing factor.

Since late January, American B-1B and B-52 bombers, usually operating in pairs, have flown about 20 missions over key waterways, including the South China Sea, the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan, according to accounts of these flights from US Air Force statements and official social media posts.

These missions, military analysts say, are designed to send a clear signal: The United States can threaten China’s fleet and Chinese land targets at any time, from distant bases, without having to move aircraft carriers and other expensive surface warships within range of Beijing’s massive arsenal of missiles.

US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China

Click to see the full-size image

In this response to the growing power of China’s military, the Pentagon is combining some of its oldest weapons with some of its newest: Cold War-era bombers and the military’s most advanced missiles. The supersonic B1-B first entered service in 1986; the last plane to enter the B-52 fleet was built during the Kennedy administration.

But they can still carry a huge payload of some of the US military’s most advanced and destructive precision weapons. A B-1B can carry 24 of the U.S. military’s stealthy new Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles, which entered service in 2018 and can strike targets at ranges of up to 600 kilometres, according to US officials.

“A single B-1 can deliver the same ordnance payload as an entire carrier battle group in a day,” said David Deptula, dean of the Washington-based Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies and a retired US Air Force Lieutenant General. And, in a crisis, he added, bombers can be rapidly deployed.

Chinese and western military strategists warn that, once started, a military conflict between the two nuclear-armed powers could be difficult to contain.

US and other Western military experts and enthusiasts assure that, in a clash with China, a fast response from the bomber force could be vital while the US and its allies rush naval reinforcements to the Pacific to bolster the vastly outnumbered and out fire-powered US naval fleet stationed in the region.

According to a spokeswoman for Pacific Air Forces, Captain Veronica Perez, the U.S. Air Force had increased its publicity about its bomber missions to assure allies and partners of Washington’s commitment to global security, regional stability and a free and open Indo-Pacific.

“Though the frequency and scope of our operations vary based on the current operating environment, the U.S. has a persistent military presence and routinely operates throughout the Indo-Pacific,” she said.

The US military has already sent a record number of aircraft and warships to conduct patrols and war games adjacent to China’s maritime borders, deliberately concentrating much of its efforts on the contested South China Sea region and offering military and diplomatic support to all countries willing to confront China.

China has responded by also substantially increasing the frequency and scale of its aerial and maritime military patrols and exercises. Last month, Chinese fighter jets crossed the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait while US Secretary for Health, Alex Azar, was visiting Taipei on August 10 to hold discussion with the government of President Tsai Ing-wen. Azar was the most senior American official to visit Taiwan in four decades.

Taiwan’s missile radars tracked the Chinese fighters in only the third such incursion across the median line since 2016, the Taiwanese government said. Numerous senior Chinese officials have emphasized over the last few months that China hasn’t ruled out the use of force to reunite the island with the mainland. At the same time, the US administration has signed huge weapons deals agreeing to sell Taiwan dozens of advanced fighter jets and Patriot anti-missile systems.

US Plan To Establish Asia-Pacific ‘NATO-type’ Formal Alliance Against China

Click to see the full-size image

Senior Trump administration officials have been hammering away at China on multiple fronts, including its military build-up, territorial ambitions, domestic political repression, intellectual property theft, espionage, trade practices and its alleged failure to alert the world to the danger of COVID-19.

In one of the most harshly worded attacks on China from an American official in decades, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on July 23 that China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), was not a normal fighting force.

“Its purpose is to uphold the absolute rule of the Chinese Communist Party elites and expand a Chinese empire, not protect the Chinese people,” he said. “And so our Department of Defense has ramped up its efforts, freedom of navigation operations out and throughout the East and South China Seas and in the Taiwan Strait as well.” In July, Pompeo declared most of Beijing’s claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea illegal. LINK

Over more than two decades, China has systematically assembled a force of ground, sea and air-launched missiles that would make it deadly for warships of the US Navy and its allies to approach the Chinese coast in a conflict. This Chinese strategy is specifically tailored to neutralize US aircraft carrier battle groups and the network of bases that form the backbone of US military power in Asia. In addition to the ‘carrier killer’ missiles fired earlier this month, a US defence official told Reuters that on August 26 China launched four medium-range ballistic missiles that hit the South China Sea between Hainan Island and the Paracel Islands.

But the PLA Navy’s large and rapidly expanding fleet is also vulnerable to long-range missiles. China has built one of the world’s biggest navies, second is size and firepower only to the US, including new aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships and powerful cruisers, destroyers and submarines. And the PLA’s considerable network of bases and ports would also be targets for missiles.

While the US has turned to its aging but still potentially extremely destructive nuclear-capable bomber fleet and the combination of bombers and long-range missiles as a temporary measure to make up for the ‘firepower gap’ it would face in a military conflict with China off East Asia, it is also trying to persuade its most enthusiastic allies to create a formal alliance under US leadership and convince other countries to sign up.


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  1. Vox Populi says:

    To be fair, anything the US touches is destroyed, so this is another pipe-dream.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Im not really worried.
      U.S. is in a self destruct mode on every level.
      They will collapse soozner than this freak show could start.

      1. Vox Populi says:

        US is desperate to check China’s rise but it is too late now. As Asia Times put it:

        Comparing China’s economic velocity now with the US is like
        comparing a Maserati Gran Turismo Sport (with a V8 Ferrari engine) with a
        Toyota Camry. China, proportionately, holds a larger reservoir
        of very well educated young generations; an accelerated rural-urban
        migration; increased poverty eradication; more savings; a cultural sense
        of deferred gratification; more – Confucianist – social discipline; and
        infinitely more respect for the rationally educated mind. The process
        of China increasingly trading with itself will be more than enough to
        keep the necessary sustainable development momentum going.

        1. occupybacon says:

          Plus a communist party is exactly what a country needs to keep brains not looking another way lo live

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            The CCP has lifted more people out of poverty than either the Democratic or Republican party of the USA or the British Labour Party in all it’s existence.

            The CCP is reponsible for far less colonialism, imperial mass murder or destabilisation of foreign states than any governing party in the USA or the UK.

            It is the least of all evils the West could offer.

          2. occupybacon says:

            That was the wallstreet who moved business there, not the communism.

          3. Daily Beatings says:

            Who invited them? The French? Who’s actual labor did they use? The Mexican’s? Almost every time you post you dig the hole of stupidity deeper and deeper. Do yourself a favor, stop digging!

          4. Traiano Welcome says:

            Nonsense. Wall Street moved the businesses there because Communism made it the most economically viable option.

            That is basic capitalism: Supply and Demand.

            Communism created a Supply of Cheap Labour. Wall Street responded accordingly, as was planned by Deng Xiaoping.

          5. Fog of War says:

            ” Communism created a Supply of Cheap Labour. ”

            You forgot Communism created a Supply of Cheap, slave like Labour.

          6. Daily Beatings says:

            It’s called poverty that creates a supply of cheap labor. Being invaded by another country during a civil war tends to make people poor.

            Anyway the non-communist neighbor of China known as India has a supply of cheap labor. So I guess Democracy created slave like labor, right?

          7. Traiano Welcome says:

            No. I forgot nothing. You are suffering from a misunderstanding.

            Firstly, Chinese Communism created a supply of cheap labour.
            Secondly, there was no slave labour in Communist China.

            It was in fact Capitalism that made extensive use of Slave Labour for almost 400 years throughout the USA, British and French Empires and others.

            You need to realign your fundamental reality with the facts, it seems …

          8. plamenpetkov says:

            while USA just bought slaves from Africa while claiming to have “freedom and democracy”

          9. Fog of War says:

            Slaves sold to them by other Africans and turned into a lucrative business by the Khazars. Go bitch to those groups.


          10. occupybacon says:

            Exactly, communism creates poverty which creates cheap labor. I have no objection.

          11. Traiano Welcome says:

            No. That is your own mistaken conclusion.

            Chinese Communism organised labour and created a system by which China could be reconstructed from the ruins of WW2.

            Are you truly obtuse enough to to believe Chinese were wealthy during the reign of Pu Yi and the century of humiliation?

            Do you seriously think Mao came along, made the ‘wealthy, powerful state of China’ poor with Communism?

            What you’re suggesting is an inversion of history.

          12. Daily Beatings says:

            “communism creates poverty which creates cheap labor.”

            Just like India, oh wait …

          13. occupybacon says:

            Just like China 30 years ago. And the rest of communist countries.

          14. Daily Beatings says:

            Have you heard the news? Communist China isn’t poor anyone, but in Democratic India they’re still sh*tting in the street. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c35a763b1599fc66ed0e46ae8ba28a6bda4e7ef2363ec20652e2ef45b4d22c3f.jpg

          15. occupybacon says:

            Thanks, I don’t plan to visit any of them. Chinese food might look better but it’s even more dirty than the Indian one.

          16. Fog of War says:

            ” The CCP is reponsible for far less colonialism, imperial mass murder or destabilisation of foreign states than any governing party in the USA or the UK. ”

            I guess Mao never killed millions of his own people ?

          17. Daily Beatings says:

            You forgot to read the far less part of the post.

          18. Fog of War says:

            Are you saying two wrongs make a right ? Also, China hasnt been in the position of power that ZioAmerica has been in for close to a century, therfore, your comparison is lacking. Give China time and power, I’m sure it’ll catch up eventually.

          19. Traiano Welcome says:

            What are these “wrongs” you’re talking about?
            You’re creating straw man arguments now …

          20. Fog of War says:

            Come on, drink some coffee and catch up. The ” two wrongs ” is the argument over who killed less people. Does it really matter whether someone killed 50 million or 100 million ? Its still millions of lives lost.

          21. Traiano Welcome says:

            Take a step back. You can’t just throw in straw man arguments like that and fabricate new narratives whenever you feel like it, while ignoring the original points that were being made.

            Your use of the “Two Wrongs make a right” fallacy trope is wrong.

            Not only was there no suggestion of “Two Wrongs make a right”, but the actual framing was: “Lesser of two evils” and “Greater of two Goods”.

            You inserted the “Two Wrongs” cliche then built a whole false narrative out of it.

            That’s called “Truth distortion”. It’s a specialty of israeli hasbara trolls. Normally used in combination with various deflections and assorted logical fallacies.

            Are you an israeli hasbara troll?

          22. plamenpetkov says:

            yes but China NEVER claimed to have “freedom and democracy” while using slaves. Western “democracy” did, so we will hold them to higher standard. BTW you are changing the subject once again since your previeus “argument” was destroyed.

          23. Robert Ferrin says:

            Why indeed your right just look at the millions we killed in Vietnam.Cambodia and Thailand,and people getting killed by all the chemicals that we spread along with the mines so does it really matter.!!!!

          24. Fog of War says:

            I agree, but some here are trying to excuse ” their ” side because they supposedly killed less. Its almost a mental illness.

          25. Daily Beatings says:

            I was commenting on your lack of reading comprehension, so I won’t take the bait.

            “Give China time and power, I’m sure it’ll catch up eventually.”

            We’ve been waiting 5,000 years for China to become a colonial power and project their military might throughout the world. So I guess any day now, right?

          26. Traiano Welcome says:

            No. He didn’t.

            This is the perpetual bullshit that gets spewed off by western propagandists 24×7.

            Nobody who understands history falls for it.

          27. Fog of War says:

            Cool, Hitler is inoccent aslo based on your technique of offering no proof.

          28. Traiano Welcome says:

            You made the proposal first, so the burden of proof is on you. So where’s your proof?

            We’ll get to the Hitler part later, after we’ve settled the question of Mao.

          29. Traiano Welcome says:

            Same fundamental logic errors as pointed up above.

          30. Traiano Welcome says:

            Again – nice deflection, but getting back on topic. This statement is still true:

            “The CCP is reponsible for far less colonialism, imperial mass murder
            or destabilisation of foreign states than any governing party in the USA
            or the UK. “

          31. plamenpetkov says:

            where are the arttiles discussing the numerous of killed by western imperialsm around the world? Can you point them out? somehow they are missing

          32. Fog of War says:

            They’re all over the internet, find them yourself.

          33. Traiano Welcome says:

            Oh look, it’s “Chinafile”, where all the propaganda artists go to pull their bullshit from.

            These guys make the same mistake I just explained above. I.e false attribution to one indvidual for an event that took millions of collaborating individuals to create.

            In other words, people who make these arguments are starting from a fundamentally false basis, upon which they layer further distortions of the truth.

            Nice try. No Cigar.

          34. Traiano Welcome says:

            Oh, I just noticed your deflection there. Nice Straw man.

            ” The CCP is reponsible for far less colonialism, imperial mass murder
            or destabilisation of foreign states than any governing party in the USA
            or the UK. ”

            This is still true.

          35. Fog of War says:

            For now that is. Show me one empire that hasnt engaged in that behaviour ? If nothing changes, China is that next empire. Guess what comes next ?

          36. Daily Beatings says:

            5,000 years of Chinese history say otherwise. Remember, for most of written history China was the number one economic power in the world. China is just reclaiming her throne.

          37. Traiano Welcome says:

            “For now that is.”

            “Now” is Reality. Truth applies to the now. The truth of the immediate reality is the only relevant one.

            “Show me one empire that hasnt engaged in that behaviour

            This is a straw man argument on your part. This was never the point under contention.

            It’s also not a very smart argument to raise – because you could have just used the same logic to answer your question on Mao earlier.

            “If nothing changes, China is that next empire. Guess what comes next ?”

            So many “if”s and “guesses” and “maybes” here … Maybe you should stick to what is real and present? There is no indication China will become the kind of empire we’re used to.

            China was never an empire. It was part of the Mongol empire. It was chopped up for a while and shared by the Japanese, British and other European empires, but it’s behaviour has never trended towards empire.

            Here’s a question for you: Why focus on the Empire that *might* *someday* be, while *ignoring* the empire that exists before your very eyes?

          38. plamenpetkov says:

            What comes is much less killing and much less “democratic” propaganda. and BTW you are projecting.

          39. plamenpetkov says:

            and how many people did Western/USA imperialism has killed during the last 500 years? can you inform us? As soon as possible, and give the hard numbers.

          40. Fog of War says:

            So dead lives are just a numbers game for you ? Killing 50 million is somehow better then killing 100 million ?

          41. Fog of War says:

            They’re all over the internet, find them yourself. Also, if you want to go back 500 years, lets tally up all the other non-western atrocities also. Its only fair, right ?

          42. Tommy Jensen says:

            Mao only killed the capitalists, small shop owners and small company managers, intellectuals and artists, people who thought they were “free and independent..LOL.

          43. Fog of War says:

            Yes, undesirables. Seems similiar to whats happening, and evolving today. Red Guard here we come.


          44. Daily Beatings says:

            Harvard study concludes Chinese citizens approval of their government is overwhelming more than the United States:

            “In 2016, the last year the survey was conducted, 95.5 percent of respondents were either “relatively satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with Beijing. In contrast to these findings, Gallup reported in January of this year that their latest polling on U.S. citizen satisfaction with the American federal government revealed only 38 percent of respondents were satisfied with the federal government.”


            Those big brains at Harvard pretty much make your statement look so pea brained to the point of humiliation.

          45. occupybacon says:

            In communism everybody loves the leadership.

          46. Fog of War says:

            Funny that these people dont understand that. The Chinese people are indocrinated from an early age, not to say that its wrong, as many other countries do it also including ZioAmerica. The “love” of Communism there is the equivlent of the ” love ” of Democracy here. Both people cant even imagine having a different political system as its totaly alien to them.

          47. occupybacon says:

            Always had great respect for people that see their country leader as their father, that’s why I’m here ;) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc680d8353a7e07cd3ee638e4b840297b7e7c785072a7e353cc41db74d78d75d.png

          48. Traiano Welcome says:

            That’s the most intelligent thing you’ve posted today.

          49. plamenpetkov says:

            thats the best you can do, 4chan level memes? how sad, means China already won.

          50. occupybacon says:

            I’m so important I fight alone gainst China :) thanks pal, I just want to have some fun with emo hotheads

          51. Daily Beatings says:

            I guess they don’t understand that at Harvard either? Who knew the number 2 ranked university in the United States got it so wrong, but you got it so right?

          52. Traiano Welcome says:

            Have you seen the indoctrination from a young age Americans go through to worship their leadership and their flag?

          53. Fog of War says:

            ” not to say that its wrong, as many other countries do it also including ZioAmerica. ”

            Do you have reading comprehension problems ?

          54. Traiano Welcome says:

            Why raise the issue in the first place then?

            You sound like:

            “You know, they’re guilty if X … by the way, we’re guilty of X too”

            Dumb argument. Pointless post.

            Do you know what “Projection” means?

          55. Traiano Welcome says:

            You should see how people loves the leadership in ‘democracy’



          56. occupybacon says:

            And still they will never have 95.5% like Chinese communist party, or even 80% like Lukasenko.

          57. Traiano Welcome says:

            One party states vs. two party states, that’s all there is.
            And we call this nonsense “Democracy’.

          58. occupybacon says:

            No system is perfect. The what you call two party states also have other institutions that do not directly respond to the state-party. Like justice and journalism, fisc and ngo’s…

          59. Traiano Welcome says:

            That logic applies equally to Communist China.

          60. occupybacon says:

            The logic of communism is: since democracy will never be perfect there is no need for democracy.

          61. Traiano Welcome says:

            That statement has nothing to do with the assertion you made earlier. It is therefore a deflection.

          62. Robert Ferrin says:

            Ah yes and capitalism has worked so well for the west where the only thing booming are the homeless camps..!!!

          63. occupybacon says:

            People in the West do not want to understand that red revolution is the only way.

          64. Tommy Jensen says:

            There is 500 million pretty girls, so why all this crying. Enough for a mans life time.

          65. occupybacon says:

            The world is not enough

        2. Daily Beatings says:

          Pepe Escobar to the rescue. The only writer at the Asia Times worth reading.

  2. Traiano Welcome says:

    This is the silliest ideas the Americans have come up with in a very long time.

    Not a single one of the countries in South East Asia that rely on the water supply from the Tibetan Himalayas can afford to piss China off.

    Not even Vietnam.

    Even India cannot push China too far, without risking either drought or floods when the Chinese cut off the river sources in the Himalayas.

    So who is left for the USA to form a coalition with?

    – Singapore – No. Singapore has strong business, family and cultural relations with China they will never offer themselves up as a sacrificial pawn for the US.
    – North Korea – obviously not.
    – South Korea – not a hope in hell.
    – Indonesia – The largest muslim country in the world. These people don’t even like Americans.
    – Malaysia – Another large muslim country that want nothing but money from the US.

    That leaves Japan and Taiwan.

    Japan, with it’s aging population, under-performing economy, heavy dependence on the manufacturing power of China to remain profitable can never afford to engage in a war on a nearby nuclear armed country with a population of 1.5 billion people. It will huff and it will puff but in the end it will remain neutral.

    Taiwan, aside from being essentially Chinese, with a large population of mainland Chinese, and being integrated into the mainland Chinese economy will go only so far in a military alliance against China.
    In a war against China, Taiwan will not survive. It faces a nuclear armed state with an endless supply of missiles and a population of 1.5 billion.

    1. occupybacon says:

      South Korea will join. Next generation of Nvidia GPU’s will be made by Samsung. That’s the largest commercial technology transfer from USA to abroad in decades. Samsung shares are expected to jump 40-45% by the end of this year.

      I expect an economic coalition with Japan-India as central pilons and technologic Japan-SK-Taiwan.

      1. Traiano Welcome says:

        No. You’re referring to an economic coalition.

        The article is proposing a *military coalition”. Even that is not possible:

        South Korea is already integrated into the Chinese economic matrix it is not possible for it to form an economic coalition against it’s:

        – biggest customer,

        – biggest supplier

        – biggest manufacturing base

        That would be the height of lunacy.

        This is just one example from 2008 on the ODI and material imports into China from South Korea:


        In this article we see South Korean concerns that they’ll have to move their manufacturing out of China. They have had these concerns since 2018, yet their factories are still in China 2 years later … There’s just nowhere to go:


        1. occupybacon says:

          South Korea made her mind, looks like. They don’t want to integrate in China.

          And yes I was refering to an economic coalition to include India. But India will not be pilar of a technologic or military NATO like coalition.

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            “They don’t want to integrate in China.”

            They were never asked to. They chose to. Nobody forced SK to offload it’s manufacturing base to China. It made profitable economic sense.

            If India was capable of being an economic pillar in Asia to rival China it would have achieved this already. As it stands it is nowhere near.

            There is a reason why China, not India is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world.

          2. occupybacon says:

            India together with Japan, Australia and backed by US can be a pilar of an economuc coalition against China. And no, South Korea is not integrating in China lel

          3. Dino says:


          4. occupybacon says:

            India’s economy is in front of Russia’s and growing faster.

          5. occupybacon says:

            I never said India in in front of China but can be a pillar of an economic coalition together with Japan and Australia. Also South Korea and Taiwan will join. Btw Nord Korea is communist too, where it stays in your graphic comparing to the South?

          6. Daily Beatings says:

            India? Pillar of an economic coalition? What are you smoking? I just showed you an apples to apples comparison of China and India, two countries of similar population and geographically location, and proved without a doubt that India is no match for China.

            South Korean, Japan, India, and Australia are China’s largest trading partner. All of those countries GDP combined doesn’t even come close to China’s GDP. It’s hilarious that you keep spouting this nonsense over and over again when the current and historical data clearly shows this is not going to happen.

          7. occupybacon says:

            India together with Japan already makes a greater economy than China’s. If we add Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and backed by USA, China will have hard times.

          8. occupybacon says:

            India is nr 5, in front of Germany.

          9. Traiano Welcome says:

            It’s not doing them much good.

            They need to grow much faster just to cope with the population burden.

            Russia can take it easy, they have the largest landmass and resources for the smallest population.

          10. occupybacon says:

            India economy grows almost as fast as China’s, somewhere between 7-11% each year. Russia had only 1% growth in 2019. Ukraine had 2.4% USA had 3.2%

          11. Putin Apologist says:

            India’s overall economy is larger than Russia’s but only by virtual of the fact that India’s population is nearly ten times Russia’s.

            When we compare the two’s per capita economies we see that India is a very poor country.

            GDP (nominal) per capita…. Russia: 11,500 India: 2,000

            GDP (PPP) per capita…. Russia: 30,000 India: 7,000

            Source: World Bank, 2019

          12. occupybacon says:

            Why would compare it per capita?

          13. Putin Apologist says:

            In simple terms, a higher per capita economy means a larger share of it is available, after what is needed to provide the basic necessities for its citizentry, like food and shelter, to devote or apply towards other national enterprises, such as its transportation infrastructure, its education and healthcare systems, and its military.

          14. occupybacon says:

            I was not talking about this aspect with my pal, the subject was different.

          15. bensonmccloud says:


          16. Fog of War says:

            Holy crap, why are the people in that ” water ” ? They cant be that stupid ?

      2. HB_Norica says:

        Are you sure about that?

        The USA had a hard enough time convincing South Korea to accept THADD. It was very unpopular.

        If anything South Korea is moving away from the US defence umbrella … they’re developing their own missile systems to defend against China and North Korea so they don’t have to rely on the USA.

        You don’t have me convinced that they’re about to reverse course and enter into an agreement that puts them on the front line against China while the USA pursues a foreign policy against China reminiscent of a rabid racoon on acid.

        1. occupybacon says:

          There are a lot more violent demonstrations at US bases in Germany by Antifa. Also Japan has around 3000 people from leftist NGOs that regulary protest US bases.

      3. Icarus Tanović says:

        Next generation graphic processors…hahahahahahaha. That’s something big, you know.

        1. occupybacon says:

          Pretty big, Russia and China use foreign made GPUs. China is 5 years behing Radeon. Russia can’t even dream to catch with that?

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            “China is 5 years behing Radeon”

            I wouldn’t be so sure about that, AMD has extensive Chinese productio nand design facilities:


          2. occupybacon says:

            They asamble parts of CPUs but that parts are made in Japan and Taiwan. If it was that simple they had it ready by now. Huawei have in their phones components made in 11 countries other than China. In 2018 there were 14 countries.

          3. Fog of War says:

            Russia seems to lag behind alot of things. For instance their factory output, where they can only produce so many planes, tanks, and other vehicles. They had years or decades to build up their capacity, yet they still cant eve produce the T-14 in sufficent yearly numbers. How hard is to build new factories ?

          4. occupybacon says:

            I guess their modest GDP growth is to blame, their military research was always above their capacity of production.

        2. Traiano Welcome says:

          The boom in graphics processors is due to boom in bitcoin mining.

          GPUs are simply the current most convenient off the shelf processor for bitcoin mining.

          But the GPU bubble will pop soon because:

          a) ASICS and FPGA technology can easily do the same thing cheaper. And China is world class in FPFA and ASIC manufacture.

          b) Bitcoin is becoming more expensive to mine as it hits it’s scarcity limit. GPUs are expensive. Soon GPU rig cost will exceed the benefit of bitcoin mining.

          So as you implied, GPUs are no big deal.

          1. Fog of War says:

            ” The boom in graphics processors is due to boom in bitcoin mining. ”

            Also, because the VR revoultion is about to take off. Its going to be a massive market. China is already involved in it as is Japan, Facebook ( US ) ?? and South Korea.

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            “Also, because the VR revoultion is about to take off. ”

            That doesn’t explain the boom in current market demand for graphics processors, the ‘boom’ in VR has not happened yet.

            In fact, looking around, VR has been a flop so far in terms of commodification.

            It may one day take off but as yet it’s had no visible impact on the market. Definitely no current impact on graphics processor production …

    2. Daily Beatings says:

      It’s not for containment, but only to keep the MIC going since NATO has outlived its usefulness. US knows it would get its ass handed to them. New threat, more money poured into the war machine.

      1. Traiano Welcome says:

        If it’s not for containment then it’s an even more useless action.

        Let me try to understand this:

        They want a “NATO” style organisation in Asia to contain China.

        This means they want SEA and EA countries to put together a military force and start putting missile bases in their territory to threaten China.

        They’ll have to pay for this completely themselves because no other Asian country outside of Japan, Taiwan and SK (already hostages) has the cash for this.

        So this would pretty much bankrupt the US.

        And in the end it will be for nothing since none of these countries would fire a shot when it comes down to the wire …

        1. Daily Beatings says:

          “So this would pretty much bankrupt the US.”

          “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

          Predicate US foreign policy, or any US policy, on that quote. I agree it’s not rational, but it’s so prescient.

        2. HB_Norica says:

          “So this would pretty much bankrupt the US.”

          The USA IS bankrupt.

          If they were a business they would have gone through chapter 11 bankruptcies in 2000, 2008 and 2020 when they required bailouts to keep the country solvent.

          They’ve only avoided the equivalent of a chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) by having a magic printing press.

          AS for an Asian NATO … India and Australia may join up but not Japan and South Korea. They are not going to put their country at the mercy of the whims of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Same goes for Biden … the USA is always going to be 4 years away from a tyranical nut bar that flips the outgoing administrations policies on it’s head. It’s one thing to get into an trade agreement with the USA but to offer your country up as nuclear battlefield over the whims of the most unpredictable countries on earth isn’t sound policy.

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            “The USA IS bankrupt.”

            Apologies. I should have been more expressive. What I meant was:

            “This would remove even the illusion of solvency created by the magic printing presses at the Federal Reserve.”

            For the moment, the illusion of solvency seems to be working almost as well as actual solvency. Of course, eventually the bubble will pop …

            “India and Australia”

            So in effect, nobody who matters. Neither of those countries are capable of direct military action against China, in coalition or alone. Both of them are coupled to China in one way or another for resources or markets.

    3. Fog of War says:

      ” Even India cannot push China too far, without risking either drought or floods when the Chinese cut off the river sources in the Himalayas. ”

      Cutting off water to civilian populations is considered a war crime, if I remeber correctly, and would be a perfect justification for war.

      1. Traiano Welcome says:

        It’s only a war crime if there’s already a war going on.

        Otherwise, it’s just another ‘environmental disaster’.

      2. Daily Beatings says:

        “Cutting off water to civilian populations is considered a war crime…”

        Like when Israel cut the water supply to the West Bank?


        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          Shhh. It’s only a war crime if a non-jew does it …

          1. Daily Beatings says:

            … or the US. Speaking of war crimes did you hear that the US is now sanctioning members of the ICC?


          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            It’s like we’re living in Alice in Wonderland.
            Lewis Carrol was a Prophet.

        2. Fog of War says:

          They are ” untouchable ” criminals. I think you know this already.

    4. 1azdeb2 says:

      Great discussion. Informative.

  3. Potato Man says:

    NATO was great and I’m sure it will work well in Asia…as long as we ignore history (Japan).

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      It seems to have done wonders in Afghanistan … /s

      1. occupybacon says:

        No but in USSR yes.

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          How? The USSR re-organised but Russia is as formidable as ever.

          NATO remains terrified by Russia as if the USSR has not gone away.

          The USSR was the useless skin shed by Russia in rebirth.

          NATO is completely useless as it has never managed to remove the threat it was designed for.

          1. occupybacon says:

            If it was removing the treat it was losing its cause so NATO and Russia have chosen to coexist :) and yes I can’t sleep at night because of terrifying Russia.

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            Yes, Mr. Anders Fogh Rassumssen ;-)

      2. Fog of War says:

        Afghanistan wasnt meant to be won if you havent noticed. Its meant to be forever disfunctional due to its massive resourves, just like the Congo region in Africa. Imagine the wealth and power Afghanistan would have if it was stable and had normal economy.

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          Yet, the Chinese are the only ones truly profiting from America’s occupation of Afghanistan.

          The Taliban are giving mining rights to Chinese companies in Afghanistan. So the Americans are left with just the opium fields – if they get anything from there at all.

          The problem with keeping Afghanistan destabilised is that eventually the Americans will leave – very soon in fact, and the Chinese, Iranians and Russians will be left to mine it’s wealth.

          America is making Afghanistan safe for Russia, China and Iran …

    2. occupybacon says:

      Why, Germoney is not NATO?

      1. Potato Man says:

        Germonry don’t want to have strong military unlike Japan.
        There are far right in Germany but not much of them are in the government positions, Japan on the other hand have very far right (groups) in their government.

        1. occupybacon says:

          And for a good reason. They need to resist China.

          1. Potato Man says:

            Ohhh right like back in WWII Japan didn’t just killed 20m Chinese. Yeah the big bad China is the bad guy here….

            You damn well know even S.Korean hate Japan, they got nuke for a reason.
            Japan deserve it, like WTF they killed millions and just because they got nuke they are somewhat the victim…fuk NO. It was just 75 years ago….

            The only countries that might join this shit show would be Taiwan, Japan and some islands, maybe Australia & NZ.

          2. occupybacon says:

            That was 75 years ago. China danger is right now. And they killed even more of their own which make them more dangerous than Japan.

          3. Potato Man says:

            YES I WONDER WHY.
            Maybe a country killed 20m of them and they went like….ohhhh maybe we should have good military.
            Look at Libya…that’s what happens when you don’t have good military.
            China is big and rich…and still their budget for military is less than US by far.
            “And they killed even more of their own which make them more dangerous than Japan.” You can also say that to many other “Western” countries. Look at US….bully the Black people and now look where it got you people. US never had civil war ….oh wait

          4. occupybacon says:

            Miss me with that woke shit. I’m not even american. America had civil war between armed men, they didn’t kill women and children in concentration camps. Since you can’t make difference between real war and killing women and children I will asume you are a moscal or other kind of mongoloid

          5. Potato Man says:

            You miss me with you BS bud.
            “Since you can’t make difference between real war and killing women and children I will asume you are a moscal or other kind of mongoloid”

            You talk like American or other fukers are any better?

            Ohhh I’m sorry where are Saddam WMDs again, which led to 1+m (Women and kids) die from sanctions? or even now with Iran.

            BTW you assumed wrong.

          6. occupybacon says:

            I don’t even care, who can’t make difference between killing armed soldiers and killing women and children in concentratiin camps is human garbage.

          7. Potato Man says:

            I don’t even care to talk to person who have brain damage.

            US: Red Summer
            Australia+NZ: Christchurch mosque shootings
            etc etc

            “China danger is right now. And they killed even more of their own which make them more dangerous than Japan.”
            Tell me and link me this shit now, let me see what you are talking about.
            Hong Kong?
            Where the fuk China killing “their own people”?

            The only and the biggest concentration camp in the world is Gaza, which Zion sucker are running it bud.

            You talk like China killing “their own people” and no one saying anything?
            What the fuk are you on about?

            “who can’t make difference between killing armed soldiers and killing women and children”
            Tell that to any Zion, Wahhabi and American shit head bud. FFS

          8. occupybacon says:

            Lol please don’t cry little girl. I didn’t mean it. Here’s a lollipop for ya :)

          9. Potato Man says:

            You sound like a mad man, BTW I’m guy I know you trying to pour salt but I don’t even think a girl would be stupid to comment back after what you said. LOL
            I take the lollipop tho, Thanks :)

          10. occupybacon says:

            It was my best lolli ;) don’t share it with anyone!

  4. Dprk says:

    That is impossible.
    There aren’t many genuine US friends in Asia. If there are, they are all reluctant vassals due to $USD albeit diminishing to a large extent. Take a US colony south korea for example. About 35 percent of south korea’s annual total trade volume is with China. south korea doesn’t have any natural resources and depends entirely on trade for its survival. Japan is not much different either with no natural resources.

  5. Laurent Parodi says:

    There is so much BS in this article. No a B1 cannot carry the same playload as an entire carrier battle group. A single B1 can carry 30 tons on missiles and bombs.
    The US cannot attack China without being hit in return because all its bases in the area (in south Korea Guam and Japan) would be destroyed.
    The bombers would be destroyed before reaching China. The US would be forced to operate in a A2AD aerea with its rear bases destroyed. The resupply lines would be destroyed. Delusion is strong in the US. It s frightening.

    1. AJ says:

      Even if the US used stealth bombers & some get through the bases they took off from are all within reach of Chinas long range missiles

  6. Mike says:

    The US did the same in Europe and constantly pushed for a war against Russia. Out of all NATO partners, only two would have jumped in…England and Poland. Speaking of England, without a positive vote through the House of Lords, NATO or not, they will not be allowed to go to war. Bear in mind that the US would have watched from a distance and only jump in if they had a chance to win over Russia meaning that the EU would have been on their own.

    In Asia, the US is using the exact same tactic but again, they will fail miserably as Asian countries will not go against their biggest trade partner, China. Also, just like in Europe, why would you want to risk being destroyed just to please the US?

    The US will never start a war against China on their own. The US only attacks the poor or defenseless and even then, they need a coalition to support them.

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      The thing about Asians, all Asians, is that they weigh up the economic benefits of every action very carefully.

      If it pays of with no risk, they’ll do it. If they feel they’re getting hustled by Uncle Sam, as He is attempting now, they nod and smile but never show up to the party.

      You can be sure Uncle Sam will be the only one at the punch bowl on party night this time round …

      1. occupybacon says:

        A coalition against China was not possible until now simply because everybody in the region hates Japan.

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          It is even less possible now, mainly because:

          a) China is militarily more powerful than it has been it’s history.

          b) All Asian countries are tightly integrated into the Chinese economy. There is a degree of co-dependence that makes fighting China senseless.

          c) China controls the key water sources into the South east Asian landmass.

          d) China has friendly relations with the remainder of countries who may not exactly be it’s allies, e.g Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei.

          Even the Philipines will not join a military coalition with the USA against China. Despite hustling the US out of basing rent.

          “I went into slight detail in an earlier post. Here is a high level survey of why this will simply not happen:

          This is the silliest idea the Americans have come up with in a very long time.

          Not a single one of the countries in South East Asia that rely on the water supply from the Tibetan Himalayas can afford to piss China off.

          Not even Vietnam.

          Even India cannot push China too far, without risking either drought or floods when the Chinese cut off the river sources in the Himalayas. Besides, China only needs to threaten to supply Pakistan with nuclear capable DF-21 and other mobile nuclear platforms to bring India to the negotiating table … and a “mutually beneficial understanding”.

          So who is left for the USA to form a coalition with?

          – Singapore – No. Singapore has strong business, family and cultural
          relations with China they will never offer themselves up as a
          sacrificial pawn for the US.
          – North Korea – obviously not.
          – South Korea – not a hope in hell.
          – Indonesia – The largest muslim country in the world. These people don’t even like Americans.
          – Malaysia – Another large muslim country that want nothing but money from the US.

          That leaves Japan and Taiwan.

          Japan, with it’s aging population, under-performing economy, heavy dependence
          on the manufacturing power of China to remain profitable can never afford to engage in a war on a nearby nuclear armed country with a population of 1.5 billion people. It will huff and it will puff but in the end it will remain neutral.

          Taiwan, aside from being essentially Chinese, with a large population of mainland Chinese, and being integrated into the mainland Chinese economy will go only so far in a military alliance against China.

          In a war against China, Taiwan will not survive. It faces a nuclear armed state with an endless supply of missiles and a population of 1.5 billion.

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            One downvote from Paul the hasbara troll. Go figure.

          2. Daily Beatings says:

            No he’s an Indian troll. We get those now with all the China related articles.

          3. Traiano Welcome says:

            Cheap outsourced labour then. They must be running out of israeli jews at hasbara central.

          4. occupybacon says:

            So you are making a list with friends/foes of China? Please add me :)

          5. Daily Beatings says:

            Your’re on a different list, starts with “S”.

          6. occupybacon says:

            From ‘Sex with my mom tonight’?

          7. Daily Beatings says:

            You want me to have sex with your mom? Please, I have standards.

          8. occupybacon says:

            So high only yourself fulfills them. It’s your list, your mom.

          9. Daily Beatings says:

            So you want to have sex with my mom? Sorry, she’s not available for charity work.

          10. occupybacon says:

            But I got my wage today.

          11. Fog of War says:

            An Indian named Paul ?

          12. Daily Beatings says:

            More believable than an Israeli named “Fog of War”.

          13. Traiano Welcome says:

            … “Fog of Whore” …

          14. Daily Beatings says:

            That’s unfair. Whores are useful sometimes.

          15. Traiano Welcome says:

            Indeed. However the Fog of the whore is good for very little …

          16. Daily Beatings says:

            It’s taking a long time for you to type a comeback. Group meeting?

          17. HiaNd says:


          18. Fog of War says:


          19. occupybacon says:

            Resistence is futile. Nope, I don’t think so. If US manages to pull out business from there, and put sanctions, China is going to have lots of troubles because wherever you go you’ll see US banks not Chinese banks to trade with.

          20. Traiano Welcome says:

            No. That is not what was stated.

            What was stated is: “There is nothing to Resist” (from China)

            The ideology of “You are either with US or with China” is a false dichotomy.

            It is a false choice typically presented by colonial powers to the natives whenever it wants to colonise them:

            “You are either with us, your white Anglo American saviours … or those yellow people over there will overwhelm you and make you their slaves …”

            But in the end it’s always the Anglo-American colonialists who end up being the slavers.

            Asians no longer fall for that. The era of Anglo-European colonialism is over.

          21. occupybacon says:

            Indeed, the era of Chinese expansionism just started. Trump plays the role of Churchil this time ;)

      2. Mike says:

        Asians are very smart people. They listen, analyze, and go from there. Furthermore, going against your biggest trade partner is suicidal to say the least.

        1. Fog of War says:

          ” Asians are very smart people. ”

          Which groups or races arent smart then ?

          1. Mike says:

            Really? Trying to make this a race thing? You sound a bit insecure. Do you have something against Asians? Or perhaps you just cannot accept that Asians are on top the charts, grade wise in universities? That they constantly outperform other races from kids to adults in school? It’s not a race thing but a cultural one. Asians will work harder, try harder, push harder, and for those reasons, they top charts. That’s why I call them “very smart people”.

            Instead of trying to make something out of nothing, why don’t you give your own explanation about the reason for Covid? You bring in nothing except that there’s more than just money. I am taking the hook…educate me.

          2. Fog of War says:

            ” Trying to make this a race thing? ”

            Check your premise, Asian / Mongoloid is a race.

            ” It’s not a race thing but a cultural one. ”

            All Asians same the identical culture ? If thats not a ” racist ” generalization then I dont know what is.

          3. Mike says:

            You are an imbecile…plain and simple! “Mongoloids”? Really? You are grasping at straws and when challenged, you fold immediately.

            I have beaten you all over the Covid thing and yet, you constantly refuse to bring up your own point of view of who or what is behind it all.

          4. Traiano Welcome says:

            Those groups who believe they can continue treating Asia like colonial possessions. They’re really dumb if they fit that description.

          5. Traiano Welcome says:

            Ah, another deflection and straw man argument.

            Do you beat your wife every night?

          6. Mike says:

            A deflection indeed and a poor one. 50% of Americans are morons…does that make me racist or is it just a fact?

      3. Fog of War says:

        ” The thing about Asians, all Asians, is that they weigh up the economic benefits of every action very carefully. ”

        Racialy generalize much ? Racial stereotyping even ? Tell us the characerstics of other races, as you seem to be an expert ? Do all Black people act the same ? How about Arabs, how do all of them think ?

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          Yeah. So what? You a social justice warrior now?

          Generalization is the core of human intelligence.

          The ability to gather data and observe behavioural patterns in groups of populations and then build predictive models of general behaviour isthe core of human intelligence.

          There’s a fine line between this kind of analysis and racism or racialism.

          None of the cultural generalisation I’ve demonstrated here is for the purpose of discrimination, or supporting theories of racial supremacy. All of it is an attempt to build good models of behaviour of cultural groups.

          It is based on decades of living and working with these group and sharing their cultures enough to pick out patterns and traits.

          1. Mike says:

            Good answer.

          2. Fog of War says:

            ” Generalization is the core of human intelligence. ”

            So sterotypes are actually valid ? So one should adjust their actions based on those
            valid sterotypes, yes ? For instance, avoiding certain groups based on the ” sterotype / generalization ” of their behaviour ? I think we finally agree on things.

          3. Traiano Welcome says:

            >”So sterotypes are actually valid ?”

            How did you jump to this conclusion? Which stereotypes are you claiming are valid here in your question?

            There are valid generalisations and invalid generalisations.

            There are stereotypes, then there are patterns of behaviour. You seem confused about the distinction.

            >”So one should adjust their actions based on those valid sterotypes”

            How are you jumping to this conclusion? What one does based on valid or invalid stereotypes is ones own affair.

            One could simply observe the patterns and do nothing.

            There is no obligation to do anything. The urge to act based on models often merely leads to discrimination of the type zionist jews on this forum often express towards Arabs.

            >”For instance, avoiding certain groups based on the ” sterotype / generalization ” of their behaviour ?

            This is done all the time, by almost every healthy human being. It’s an evolved survival trait. Surprised?

            P.S: It’s “s – t – e – r – e – o – t – y – p – e “

          4. Fog of War says:

            Thanks for the non answers. You know what you implied and you damn well know what I was saying. Therefore, lets not talk again as its a waste of time.

          5. Traiano Welcome says:

            What? I ask a few clarifying questions and you don’t like it? You ask a bunch and expect me to answer just like that?

            This a one way interrogation?

          6. Fog of War says:

            One last time:

            ” The ability to gather data and observe behavioural patterns in groups of populations and then build predictive models of general behaviour isthe core of human intelligence. ”

            What you wrote is the classic defintion of stereotyping:

            stereotyping (present participle)
            view or represent as a stereotype.

            typecast · pigeonhole · conventionalize · standardize · categorize · compartmentalize · label · tag · stock · conventional · stereotypical · conventionalized · standardized · standard · formulaic · predictable · hackneyed · clichéd · cliché-ridden · banal · trite ·

            We actually agree on this, yet you deny thats what you implied.

            True or not ?

      4. Ronald says:

        India included, despite the current Kashmir incident.

  7. johnny rotten says:

    They do not know how to distinguish sweet from salty, sunrise from sunset, yet they want to convince the whole world that they are going to war against China for pacifist reasons, they who in their entire history have never stopped, not even for a day, from ‘attack anyone, they speak of a Chinese threat when China on the contrary has not attacked anyone and has been torn to pieces for more than a century by the US outlaw empire and its miserable accomplices, only with violence can they be able to impose on someone to follow them, it is no coincidence that the NATO countries are militarily occupied and therefore who could follow them if not countries that are militarily occupied such as japan, south korea and australia? gossip is zero and no country in the world can still give credit to the outlawed US empire, so far from home it is even worse, anyone can see the level of triviality and ignorance of these self-styled peace lovers, the vote at the UN on extending sanctions to Iran exemplifies the situation.

    1. occupybacon says:

      There is no need to convince anybody, just let them say if they want to be integrated with China or resist. Who wants to resist joins USA team.

      1. Traiano Welcome says:

        There is nothing to “resist”. Just Uncle Sam’s overblown ego and desire to dominate.

        Nobody in Asia would fall for a con like that, not even the Indians.

        It’s clear that China isn’t invading any country in Asia. A simple look on the map shows who is really invading Asia (see map below).

        Also, nobody in Asia is obligated to buy from and sell to China. Unlike the UK and USA, China will not invade or embargo if you do not buy a certain amount of it’s products.

        If China was not there, Asian countries, even Australia and New Zealand would have either no solid supplies, or no reliable markets, or neither.

        Here’s the real threat:


          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            Paywalled …

          2. johnny rotten says:

            “If one place underscores just how dire America’s hunger problem has become during the pandemic, it is here—in the middle of the breadbasket that supplies food from coast to coast. The ranks of Americans fighting hunger are projected to swell some 45% this year to more than 50 million.”

          3. Traiano Welcome says:

            Well, there’s one cure for that obesity epidemic …

  8. Dprk says:

    The only country to go along with that could be Australia hated by many Asians. Ask Indonesians about Australia.

  9. Daily Beatings says:

    The US is going to contain 1.4 billion industrious people who work 996, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM six days a week? Not going to happen. US needs to get a grip on reality.

    In any case this has nothing to do with China containment and everything to do with keeping the MIC going since NATO has outlived its usefulness.

    1. Dprk says:

      US is getting desperate. That is all there is to it.

      1. Laurent Parodi says:

        That is why the US may try its stupid war strategy. Desperate times desperate measures. It s becoming serious.

    2. Traiano Welcome says:

      They cannot even contain Cuba.
      NATO can barely contain Serbia.

      1. Fog of War says:

        Cuba has fully sold out to the ” Covid ” hoax , just like almost everyone else. Makes one wonder .

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          I don’t get the NATO link …

          Besides, even I’ve sold out to the Covid hoax … Want 1000 magic masks at discount price? ;-)

          1. Fog of War says:

            Thats a dumb response. Like I said, what deadly virus ? What Covid ? Why ruin your economy over a phantom Cuba ?

            ” Cuba to implement new COVID-19 measures on Sept 1 ”


          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            Your initial post was not intelligent to begin with, so there’s not much to respond to.

            You start with a straw man argument about Cuba that has no bearing on the topic – really, what has Cuba’s Covid response got to do with anything?

            Then you immediately mix in the unsubstantiated premise that Covid19 is a hoax – while providing no evidence of that.

            then based on this you throw in some fuzzy implication about some undefined conclusions we’re supposed to draw from this.

            Really – what argument are you making and how is it even relevant?

      2. HiaNd says:

        Do not get carried out, doesn’t impress those intelligent enough who know better.
        Mouth never win the wars and exactly US are best proof for that.

    3. Fog of War says:

      ” 1.4 billion industrious people who work 996, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM six days a week? ”

      Thats not industrious but plain slavery. If you think human beings should live that kind of life then we are in great disagreement.

      1. Daily Beatings says:

        Versus the debt slaves, and masters, that you cohort with?

        1. occupybacon says:

          Upper class of China have debts too.

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            So does Upper Class of Europe and USA …

          2. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, only priviledged people can have debt. The poor calls them slaves of debt. The irony…

        2. HiaNd says:

          Between those 2 types of “slavery” China is winner.
          So loser is always wrong, since winner writes the history

      2. Traiano Welcome says:

        The white slaves in the tax cattle farm called the USA have it even worse.

        “GENEVA (ILO News) – US workers put in the longest hours on the job in
        industrialized nations, clocking up nearly 2,000 hours per capita in
        1997, the equivalent of almost two working weeks more than their
        counterparts in Japan where annual hours worked have been gradually
        declining since 1980, according to a new statistical study * of global
        labour trends published by the International Labour Office (ILO).”

        Now, think about the fact that Japanese are suffering a suicide epidemic due to overwork – AND AMERICANS WORK MORE HOURS!

        Anecdotally, since I’ve worked widely in Asia, Chinese workers work hard but balance their family time very well. No matter how hard they work, family time is rigidly kept due to cultural tradition.

        Chinese working conditions are far from slave shops, unlike the western propaganda.

        Go there yourself if you have any doubts.

        1. Fog of War says:

          ” US workers put in the longest hours on the job in
          industrialized nations, clocking up nearly 2,000 hours per capita in ”

          So Americans are the most hard working and industrious people ?

          ” The story that emerged was one of low pay and long hours, but altogether not that different from other factories in China.

          Foxconn, the workers told us, is no better or worse than any of the other factories they had worked at.

          But few saw a way out of the grinding factory lifestyle in which they work six days a week, see their spouses once weekly if they are lucky, and frequently work dozens of hours of overtime. ”


          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            It would seem so, if those stats are to be believed.

            However, those hard working industrious Americans are few, and they’re up against almost 1 billion Chinese who are almost as hard working and industrious (per capita) as those Americans.

            Which is why Chinese overall productive output is higher than the US’. Quantity is a Quality at a certain scale …

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            One more point:

            “Foxconn, the workers told us, is no better or worse than any of the other factories they had worked at.”

            You might want to weigh this against the same form of wage slavery practiced in Amazons sweatshops:


            Ambulances required so frequently that they sometimes just stationed themselves outside just in case.

            And we haven’t yet come to the sweatshops run in Europe filled with Asian, African, Arab and Eastern European workers serving CAPITALISM!


            HOW COULD YOU MISS THIS!??

            At least Foxcon has the decency to install suicide nets. In Japan you have to jump of a cliff, out of the public eye.

  10. Rhodium 10 says:

    There was another US alliance..USA-Australia-South Korea-New Zeland-South Vietnam-Thailand….to fight vs Vietnam…and what happened?…who lost?…

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      Thailand won. They made out like bandits with no casualties and huge rental profits on base rentals …

      1. Антон С says:

        Don’t forget about thai prostitutes. Thailand is bordello since yankees get out from Cuba.

        Their king before coronation.

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          No comment ;-)

          1. Антон С says:

            There is something to add.) No woman on the photo is his wife.

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            As far as I know they’re all his Concubines – so they’re “legit” :-)
            Thais be down with that …

        2. Fog of War says:

          That particular ” king ” has serious issues.

    2. occupybacon says:

      Capitalists always lose. That’s why everybody hates them.

  11. AM Hants says:

    Bet many would prefer to align with China rather than the US? What is India playing at, considering they are partners with China, in NRICS and the SCO?

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:


      1. AM Hants says:

        Cheers, typo error.

  12. 1azdeb2 says:

    Hmm. Don’t be surprised this happens. Unbelievable. Bolton and his Jews still running the show. Now Serbia is under their control. Who will make money? How many countries depend on China’s supply line?

    1. Daily Beatings says:

      “How many countries depend on China’s supply line?”

      It’s a much shorter list if we said how many do NOT depend on China’s supply line:

  13. Icarus Tanović says:

    Japan and Asutralia! Hahahahha It’s funny. Who else? Unknown independent countries of Maldivi type? Coconuts bombs.

  14. Robert Ferrin says:

    Idiotic fools what do you think China’s going to due with all of its missiles. some will be used in a turkey shoot of U.S, bombers.!!!!

  15. Tom Tom says:

    The U.S. is, and will be, too focused internally to do much of anything.
    A Trump win, fairly certain now, won’t be the end of a crony corporate
    globalist destruction of the U.S., to divide and conquer, using whatever
    useful idiots, such as the bit-coin paid fools in the streets at the moment.
    The same people who brought the color “revolutions” are bringing the same
    thing to the U.S., as per the Transition Integrity Project (TIP):


  16. RichardD says:

    The US centered Jew world order has lost their global hegemony drive military and economic competition between NATO and the SCO. As illustrated by the progressing victory in Syria and China’s expansion of it’s economy at a faster rate than than it’s NATO US/EU competition. So the Jew world order miscreants have crashed the global economy with the scamdemic. And are implementing an order out of chaos fascist totalitarian replacement.

    1. RichardD says:

      “For the fifth year in a row, China was the world’s largest economy in 2019. It contributed $22.5 trillion, or 17.3%, of the world’s $130.1 trillion in gross domestic product (GDP), according to estimates by the World Bank. It uses so-called international dollars to make better comparisons between countries.1

      The U.S. was second, with $20.6 trillion, or a 15.8% share. The European Union was in third place, contributing $19.9 trillion, or 15.3%, of world GDP.2 The three combined represented 48% of the world economy.”

      – Largest Economies in the World
      Why China Is the Largest, Even Though Some Say It’s the U.S. –


      1. alejandro casalegno says:

        USA is in the way of the USSR, a powerful army with the best weapons…..and a broke economy.

    2. RichardD says:

    3. Fog of War says:

      ” The US centered Jew world order has lost their global hegemony drive military and economic competition between NATO and the SCO. ”

      What few here understand, is that ZioAmerica is slated for destruction as it has used up its usefullness to the PTB. Israhell is about to jump hosts to the next ” appointed ” world power, which will be used as a model for other countries of the world, just like the US was. Except, this time the venner of Democracy will be stripped and replaced by authoritarian Communism, just like in China. Its obvious this is the intended goal / direction , as the Western world was becoming more authoritarian anyway, however, the few vestiges of ” freedom ” need to be stripped away first.

      One world government here we come.

      1. RichardD says:

        I’ve read that Israel will switch to a new alliance to replace the US one when it falls from the Jew pump and dump.

        85% of the planet’s Jews live in Israel and the US. At about a 50% split between the two. The Jew infestation that the US suffers from is the primary cause of it’s and the world’s problems.

        I don’t see US Jews engaging in a mass migration to another super power to take it over like they have the US in time to provide a replacement protector for Israel.

        What do you think is going to happen when the US is no longer able to shield Israel from the rest of the planet that votes against it 188 to 2 at the UN?

        1. Fog of War says:

          That all depends, because I dont think Israhell is that important in the scheme of things. But, China has veto power in the UN also, if it gets infected , I dont see why they wouldnt use that power to protect their new ” guests “. Also, the Khazars have ” jumped ship ” many times. I dont see it as a problem for them. In fact, they’re already prepping. Look at Mark Zuckerberg’s wife.

          As far as shielding the Zionists, it seems to me , China and Russia are both very cautious when it comes to the Jews and Israhell . There must be reasons for that.

          1. RichardD says:

            Russia has reduced it’s population of Jews by 95% from when it was the most Jew infested nation on the planet. The remaining 5% are still a serious threat to Russian national security. And they’d be better off without them.

            China expelled all of it’s WW2 Jewish refugees after the war and outlawed Judaism. There is a minor foreign Jew population that they tolerate for business purposes.

            I don’t see Russia or China allowing their governments and societies to be taken over like the US. The Jews may want to find a new host to feed off of. And they’ve done this for their entire history. But they may have run out of places to go.

            There’s a lot more anti Judaism in the US than the Jew controlled msm likes to admit. Many Americans want to get rid of them.

          2. Fog of War says:

            ” There is a minor foreign Jew population that they tolerate for business purposes.

            I don’t see Russia or China allowing their governments and societies to be taken over like the US. ”

            Russian government is already compromised by the Khazars, as far as China, you might want to research some more as I’ve seen interesting developments in the China – Khazar relationship.

            Either way, the ” chosen ” dont need large population numbers to dominate a country. Whats their percentage in the US ? Great Britian ? Australia ? and so forth.

          3. Traiano Welcome says:

            “Russian government is already compromised by the Khazars, as far as
            China, you might want to research some more as I’ve seen interesting
            developments in the China – Khazar relationship.”

            I’ve done a lot of research in this area and can tell you that there are no more than the standard business links in this area. The relation is not Chinese-Khazar per se but Chinese-European/Chinese-Anglo-American.

            Again, the Chinese power structure is jew-free, unlike the US, UK, EU and Russia.

          4. RichardD says:

            The Russian government has had a Jew problem for hundreds of years. That’s why they got rid of 95% of them and would be better off getting rid of the remaining 5%. They know that they’re a problem, which is why they’re in Syria fighting a hot war against the zioblock. And Putin more than anyone else has gone after a significant portion of the Jew oligarchy which fled Russia with their ill gotten gains to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

            China expelled the Jews after WW2 and formally outlawed Judaism with the 1978 constitution. There are two basic forms of outlawing a “religious” ideoloogy in China. The one applied to Judaism is not recognising it as an approved religion. The other is banning it as a cult. Like they’ve done with falun gong. Which would be easy to do with a pedophile mass rape cult like Judaism.

            They clearly don’t want Jewish infiltration of China like America and Europe suffer from. They’ve cooperated with the zioblock for economic reasons. That hasn’t translated to Judification of China. Which the Chinese are clearly against. If the zios attacked China with a bioweapon, and are planning to kill every Chinese man, woman and child with their Jew world order omnicide plan that Jones regularly warns about. Then the Chinese have even less reason to allow Jew infestation of China on national security grounds.

            I don’t see Russia, China or anyone else replacing the US as Israel’s protector or the Jew world order’s hegemony drive stalking horse. The European powers individually are second tier powers that lack the US super power strength to individually protect Israel from the rest of humanity. And the EU collectively has been far less Israel friendly than the US.

            The Jews have ridden their US super power war horse into the ground. The only reason that they gained the extent of control over it that they did is through the volume of their numbers. The US is the only nation outside of Israel with millions of Jews. They’ve saturated important control functions of American society, the media in particular. And need to be gotten rid of. Humanely and legally. But gotten rid of none the less.

            The next highest Jew populations are France with 450,000, Canada with 390,000, and the UK with 290,000. None of these nations are going to be able to come anywhere close to providing Israel with the protection that the US did. The Russians and Chinese aren’t going to do it. And neither are the Indians, Japanese or anyone else.

          5. Traiano Welcome says:

            “Also, the Khazars have ” jumped ship ” many times”

            I’ve said this before but again: the Han are more than a challenge for the Khazar.
            It’s an impenetrable society for westerners, both regarding language, culture and a deep distrust of the white man.

            The jew has no capability to infiltrate the complex Han Chinese society and CCP power structure – they are not capable of winning the trust of Han Chinese elites.

            Three key factors guarantee the jew will never be able to infiltrate the Chinese power structure while the CCP is in power:

            a) Organisations like AIPAC are not tolerated in the CCP – it’s communist structure precludes that.

            b) Absence of “White man’s Guilt”: Since the Chinese had no part in the WW2 persecution of jews and have very little empathy with the holocaust tale, and also do not have a judeo-christian religious base, they have no inclination to feel a sense of obligation to “be nice to jews” as was the case in the west.

            If the jew cries “Anti Semite” in Red China, the Chinese simply laugh in his face.

            c) Absence of a fundamentalist christian base brainwashed to see jews as ‘gods chosen people’ (as in the US and UK). China is not Christian. It is atheist primarily, then Bhuddist, then Taoist, then Muslim, then there is a minority of Christians (Catholic and Falun Gong).

            Given this they can obtain no broad-based support within Chinese society as was done in the West.

            Christianity was the trojan horse used by the zionists to infiltrate the US and UK power structure. This cannot be the case in China.

            They will be eaten for breakfast, as the Chinese do not operate on “trust” as westerners understand it. They operate very much based on observed actions and put no value on promises … and the zionists love their lies and promises.

            Note that Zuckerberg’s wife is a Singaporean of Teochew Chinese descent. Not Han. Not even Mandarin Chinese.

            The gap in connection between her and China is about 200 years of British Anglicisation. To express it in few words:

            “They can’t get there from here”

            PS.: The Chinese have a deep historical suspicion of the jew due to their key involvement in the Opium Wars leading up to the century of humiliation:


            They will remember that it was a family of jews that was instrumental in running opium into Chinese society with the help of the British Empire.

            The Chinese never forget their history.

  17. Tommy Jensen says:


    We maintain order in International waterways of freedom with heavy bombers B-52 loaded with the biggest nukes ever seen.

    A swarm of F-35 are ready to back up the land forces from India, Bangladesh, Japan and South Korea lead by Aussies and UK, and leading it all from behind our US Command.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      incompetent f35 tracked by s400 400 km away…order is not imposing your trailer park meth fascism on civilized people

    2. Ronald says:

      “Leading it all from behind our US Command”,
      at least that was funny Tommy.

  18. julot says:

    China is the new dumb giant of banking oligarchy, so anything countering them is welcome

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      Don’t you think that instead the “banking oligarchy” itself should be countered instead of the “purported “dumb giant”?

      After all, if this giant is so dumb, then it is not a threat and we’d be better off striking at the root of the evil – the anglo-american-zionist banking oligarchy.

  19. citris1 says:

    Every cell phone in our hands, every computer on our desks is made in China. I don’t see that changing. Methinks we are being played for fools.

  20. alejandro casalegno says:

    “When China rise, the World will fear”…..Napoleon Bonaparte around 1800.

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      That was a prophecy. China has risen, and indeed the world fears …

      1. alejandro casalegno says:

        When Napoleon did say it, China was weak, and the worst was coming, the 1845-1945 “Lost Century”…….China was occupied, destroyed and sacked, ….but survive…

  21. verner says:

    it will be about the same as nato – the morons will try to force the other members to join in the moron’s aggressions against Russia whereas the european members are reluctant and would prefer a more peaceful coexistence with russia. the difference will be that the morons (almost dead broke hohoho) will try its aggressions against China and as in europe, the neighbouring countries will be reluctant to engage China in any more serious way. the white house is run by a racist, a stupid one at that, and the country is flat out broke. what a larf!!!

  22. chet380 says:

    The brashness and arrogance of Aussies has always annoyed me, so I am biased — the Aussies will happily continue to be Uncle’s poodle in this matter … oh, additionally, F**K the the Five Eyes.

    1. John Wallace says:

      They don;t need those spy bases anymore. They are really outdated. They have been replaced by every cell phone , facebook , twitter , e-mail and the rest plus if America can buy Tik Tok then they can implant spyware on everyone else in the world they don’t already listen into .

  23. John Wallace says:

    An American envoy will visit each countries leader and show them “The Godfather Pt 1 ” and then make an offer they can’t refuse. The President will then be pleased too announce another country willingly joining the coalition.. If the might of NATO bend the knee to the US how does one expect the Pacific nations too resist.

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