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US Order? SDF Shot Down Russian Drone Near Ain Issa In Northeastern Syria (Photos, Video)

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US Order? SDF Shot Down Russian Drone Near Ain Issa In Northeastern Syria (Photos, Video)

Illustrative image, By: sdf-press.com

On February 6, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shot down a Russian drone near the town of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

Initially, Kurdish sources affiliated with the SDF claimed that the drone was belonging to Turkey. However, a photo released by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the drone was a Russian-made Orlan-10.

The Orlan-10 has a flight duration of up to 16 hours and an operational range of 140km. The UAV can be equipped with different types of sensors to carry out several missions, including reconnaissance, 3D-mapping, electronic warfare and communication relay.

The drone was likely on a reconnaissance mission to monitor the situation around Ain Issa. SDF sources claimed that the drone was shot down by mistake. The US-backed group is yet to confirm or deny this.

A few hours after the incident, a US MQ-9 Reaper combat drone was filmed flying over Ain Issa. The drone, which was not armed, was carrying three unidentified pods. The drone was most likely spying on Russian and Syrian government forces.

Several units of the Russian Military Police and the Syrian Arab Army were deployed in Ain Issa in October of 2019 to monitor the ceasefire between Turkish forces and the SDF.

The US, which abandoned its Kurdish allies around two years ago, is apparently planning to limit Russian and Syrian presence there. The SDF may have shot the Russian drone to facilitate these plans.


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Lone Ranger

Time to target U.S. drones…

Jens Holm

7 making bows and arrows


The SDF are big part of the problem,the Syrians should write them off as a lost cause,they are not loyal and can’t be trusted.

Jens Holm

Hard to see.

They didnt go to refugee camps waiting for Assads to come back. They saw the priority. Not even oil was important to defend their area and they never would come back, bacsuse ISIS and the Jihadists – for a while had taken all land and killed all, they doidnt like.

By that Assads were ruler of nothing and probatly spread for eagels and falcons.

Kurds also didnt uprise against Assads.

The problem is You, which cant even see, that if one of 3 is not even in tne country, they dont support Assads – or for that matter anybody else. If those 6-7 mio gave soldiers to Assads, they would win. But they dont.

There is no structures for one country only. Its COLLAPSED YEARS AGO.

And why ??? Because its BAD BAD BAD.

You dont know what loyalty is. Sure Kurds and SDFs can be trusted. They never asked for what now never, and want to be more themself.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Syrian govt should be enforcing it’s own airspace sovereignty by shooting down enemy drones and aircrafts, fixed-wing and rotary.

Jens Holm

There is no Syrian Goverment. With no support from Irn, Russia and Hesbollah, they would be gone in 60 seconds.

Freemon Sandlewould

Who the Israelis?

Jens Holm

There would be a landslide uprise everywhere. You really dont get how hated Assads for good reasons are.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

House of Saud would be gone in half that time without Yankee, Limey and Jewish support.

Jens Holm

Its wasnt about them. Yankies and many of the rest of us has very good reasons to remain even we mnight not like them. They sell oil and they also buy stuff.

We hardly buy dades from Syria for Christmas.

I will remind You Saudi-Arabians are stronger then You assume. They fighted the Osmans for liebration even they could not take the coast before WW1.

Next I again see the same from You as many others here. You say they were helped, but the rest was helped too – wasnt they.

You say or assume fiasco because You probatly didnt liberate anything at all and supoport the dirtbags of ME.

I see succes for Jordan(and later on Israel), I see Kuwaít, Bahrein, Qatar, UAE and KSA. Even Lebanon WAS a succes. Who spoiled that and still do????

Turks are rather succcesfull too.

erwin vercauteren

that is your dream but now its your nightmare Israel zio scum is on the road to total annihilation and nobody will give a shit for your kind to be hanged high and dry

Jens Holm

Another stupidisme from You. This is not about Israel at all. Very very much there is not about Israel at all.

This is among Syrians living there and enough is enough.

As many others You never take the reasons for the uprisers. Those are ignored.

If anything Israel might try to decline Hesbollah.


There is no SDF or Kurdistan without support from the US government so what’s your point?

Syria has a constitution, an elected government and is a UN member.

Kurdistan is none of those things …. it’s an ethnic group divided amongst 3 nations and the SDF is the rebranded PKK … a terrorist organization according to the US state department.

The ONLY reason the USA backs the SDF and supports Kurdistan is because they are in a position to destabalize Iraq, Syria and to a lesser extent Iran and are naive enough to believe the USA won’t throw them under the bus as soon as they stop being useful to them

Blas de Lezo

Russian armored vehicles and attack choppers should box in many SDF vehicles and have their crews vacate them and confiscate the vehicles as payback.

Fog of War

I love it, keep protecting the SDF and playing footsie with the ZioAmericans Russia it seems to be paying off. Note, how the Zios flew their drone over the same area knowing that the Russians or Syrians wont dare touch it. What a joke.


What would or will happen during a second Trump administration if that happens with relation to Israel and Jews is an open question. If he wasn’t aware of the depth of America’s Jew problem before, he is now.

I’ve offered to help him with that. And will be upgrading those capabilities. He hasn’t accepted my offers. But hasn’t rejected them either that I’m aware of. Now that he’s out of office I’ve left them dormant and will watch what happens.


Stop snorting that shit man, it is not good quality


And what experience in these matters is your opinion based?

Jens Holm

If You were given a flashligt or candle the light would be dark.


Let me guess,usa or french teorrist supporting hub,in pretence of democracy,fake snake,fakes!

Jens Holm

Maybee. It could be a Biden move.


Could. But whatever Biden and Macron promise to Kurds, it’s only temporary. If Erdogan and Putin decide to punish them, NATO will defend them only in MSM.


It’s not that difficult to understand if they lie or not.
Wait to see what they do with the drone wreckage. Will they immediately return it to the Russians or do it with delay or don’t send it back at all.

Treacherous idiots, Russians are there so the Turkish backed terrorists do not steamroll Kurdish terror alphabet soups. We all know that Kurdish political leadership have always bit the hand which fed them and gave them shelter without asking much in return (just behave like any sane human being would act) but this imbeciles just have to break their own record in stupid moves.

If Turkish backed terrorists weren’t such a headache for Syria, I liked that Russians pull back a little to see how these SDF and their security forces (only brave and bold against unarmed whose whose power, water, fuel and food they cut off) run away from them like rabbits (they always do) while howling about their bravery, honour and manhood!

Jens Holm

We all dont know. Kurdish Leadership always has been several very different ones too.


They probably thought it was Turkish by the looks of things. Orlan-10 is a small, simple drone that is easily mistaken. Maybe Russia or Syria might ‘mistake’ an American drone in return.

erwin vercauteren

SDF have just signed their destruction this will be settle like usually Russian air force will have a few overtime hours and these Kurdish scumbags will be dust and fertilizer we all know how Russia works in silence but efficiently not like the Zionism scum with their propaganda and desperate attempts to accuse anyone of anti-Semitism when they get their ass kicked


Looks like EW developed for MQ9

Jens Holm

Sorry whats EW for MQ9 ?


Electronic warfare

Jens Holm

Thanks. No more SOS from here:)

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