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US Oil Embargo Against Venezuela And Indo-Pakistani Conflict

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US Oil Embargo Against Venezuela And Indo-Pakistani Conflict

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A new round of escaltion is being observed on the international scene with two main hot points located in Venezuela and the Jammu and Kashmir region contested by India and Pakistan.

In Venezuela, Washington continues its attempts to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro and establish own Interim President Juan Guaido. Over the past few weeks, the US and its proxies have undertaken a wide range of efforts: from economic sanctions to direct provocations, like delivery of US “humanitarian aid”. However, so far, these efforts have appeared to be not enough to change the region. Therefore, the US is increasing diplomatic and sanction pressure on Venezuela. The country’s oil exports is one of the targeted fields.

In response to US embargo, Venezuela has shifted some crude exports from US refiners to India and Europe, according to the country’s oil minister and ship-tracking firms.

The US sanctions against state-run PDVSA, effective January 28, reduced Venezuela’s daily oil exports to the US to 149,000 barrels a day in February from 484,000 bpd in January. The US sanctions also led to the 10% decrease of Venezuela’s oil export in the period from December to January.

However, the Venezuelan government says that it is not going to reduce the oil production. According to the government, Venezuela’s oil export is 1,200,000 bpd. One of the reasons is the expansion of the export to India.  In middle February, the Venezuelan oil minister declared that his country exports 300,000 bpd to India and is going to double this number.

In own turn, Washington has repeatedly threatened states, whih buy oil from Venezuela. The recent Indian-Pakistani escalation opens a window of opportunity for the US to impact the Indian-Venezuelan relations.

In the current Pakistani-Indian escaltion, the Trump adminsitration has so far played a neutral role calling for the de-escalation of the sitaution. However, mainstream media outlets, many of them controlled by the Washington establishment, provide a picture of the conflict, which plays into the Indian hands. The all-out war between two nuclear powers are hardly interesting for any world power, including the US. However, the US may try to sell its soft media and diplomatic support to India in response to New Delhi decision to impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports.

If the conflict develops in this direction, the economic difficulties facing by the Maduro government will increase significantly. Therefore, Washington will get a fresh opportunity to promote its regime change agenda in Venezuela.


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AM Hants

Do like this article from Russia Insider, which so needs sharing, owing to highlighting what Vasily Nebenzya, the russian Permanent Envoy to the UN, had to say to Elliot Abrahams, who was representing the US over in the UN, owing to them not replacing old Haley.

Russian Envoy to UN Humiliates Neocon Henchman Elliot Abrams, Says He’s a Scheming Liar (Russian TV News)…

‘…Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN:

“We can’t but remember the events of 1986 when the humanitarian aid for Nicaragua turned out to be an arms shipment for the Contras.

Obviously, we have deja vu remembering that episode. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s not humanitarian aid. If the US really wanted to help the people of Venezuela, it’d act via any of the UN agencies accredited in that country as other countries successfully do.

For example, last week, we delivered 7.5 tons of medical supplies to Caracas. We did it via the WHO. And we didn’t face any obstacles…”


AM Hants

Together with this article, which flows nicely with the above. Do believe old Elliot is not an asset, with regards the US position on the world stage. Who was the idiot that gave him the job?

Genocide Survivors Call on US Holocaust Museum to Dump Abrams from Committee… https://sputniknews.com/us/201902281072849171-survivors-say-axe-abrams-holocaust-museum/

Pave Way IV

“…However, the US may try to sell its soft media and diplomatic support to India in response to New Delhi decision to impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports…

Huh? New Delhi didn’t impose any sanctions on Venezuelan oil. In fact, they’re buying more than they ever did.


Personally I think that when you (as in Washington) have to chose between Pakistan and India, the latter is a better option. India is slated to become an economic giant, therefore good for business, Pakistan is an economic midget. Pakistan is all but a Chinese ally, India can be turned into a US ally against China. And by supporting India the US might make India less favorable towards always buying Russian military gear and instead buy more American gear instead. That India still buys oil from Venezuela is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Joe Kerr

If that’s the case, then the U.S. has a long way to go considering India also rejected U.S. demands to stop purchases of Iranian oil.


And the Americans seem to be smart enough in this regard to not piss off India by turning on the sanctions regime over this.


“The United States will continue to use all of its powers to preserve the Venezuelan people’s assets..”

I like this line from Bolton. The translation is, ‘we will continue to attempt the complete and thorough theft of Venezuela’s resources to buttress the 50 tons of Syrian gold we recently pilfered from Syria….together with our firm ally Britain, which has decided to keep Venezuela’s gold and not return it to it’s rightful owner, we will continue to commit as much murder and mayhem as is required to pillage as much of the world’s resources as is humanly possible.’

Kathi Prapul Chandra

All Muslims and Christians are anti indian.even though South front is pro russian channel when it comes to India they support the muslim narrative. And they want India to buy russian hardware

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