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US Officials Meet With Taliban In Doha As US Appears Unable To Achieve Military Victory In Afghan Conflict

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US Officials Meet With Taliban In Doha As US Appears Unable To Achieve Military Victory In Afghan Conflict


On October 12th, Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan met with six Taliban representatives in Qatar’s Doha, according to a statement by Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.

“Both sides spoke (about) an end to the occupation and a peaceful solution to the Afghan issue … Both sides agreed to continue meeting in the future,” Mujahid said on October 13th.

He also said that the group would continue to have discussions with the Afghan-born diplomat.

An unnamed senior Taliban member, cited by Al Jazeera, said that both sides had tough conditions for peace. “It was an introductory meeting in which an eight-member U.S. delegation held a detailed meeting with members of our political office,” he said. Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai, who is the head of Taliban’s Qatar office, led the discussions, the source said.

Al Jazeera also cited a different Taliban member who requested anonymity said that “both sides discussed prospects for peace, and the U.S presence in Afghanistan.”

Furthermore, Al Jazeera cited another senior member of the Taliban claimed that Khalilzad had requested the Taliban to declare a ceasefire in Afghanistan for six months, starting before the October 20th elections.

In exchange, the Taliban wants the Afghan government to release fighters from jails across the country and the swift removal of foreign forces fighting alongside Afghan troops.

According to yet another unnamed Taliban source, the US delegation proposed forming different committees to handle the release of prisoners. The source, however, said that neither side agreed to the other’s requests, but they agreed to meet again and find a solution.

As reported by Al Jazeera, Khalilzad arrived in Kabul on October 13th and briefed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani about his 10-day tour of four countries and about the meeting with the Taliban representatives.

A statement about Khalilzad’s diplomatic tour released by the U.S. embassy in Kabul did not confirm his meeting with the Taliban.

“The United States shares the aspirations of all Afghans for a peaceful Afghanistan where all Afghans see themselves included. All citizens of Afghanistan must be a part of this reconciliation process,” said Khalilzad, according to the press release.

“The purpose of this entire trip is to talk about the peace and reconciliation progress,” US State Department’s spokesperson Heather Nauert told a news briefing in Washington. “Any time we’re there on the ground we’re making headway.”

Previously, in July there were reports that Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells met Taliban members in Doha. The meeting was aimed at establishing the grounds for actual peace talks. Neither side confirmed the meeting in July.

The October 12th meeting has so far been confirmed by the Taliban side, the US and Afghanistan governments have not confirmed it.

The Taliban has long demanded direct talks with Americans, instead of coming via Kabul. The Trump administration has assured the Afghan government that they will not be sidelined.

Continued fighting has raised questions about the viability of the US strategy to achieve any kind of victory in the conflict by military means. After 17 years of war, Washington has shown that it is incapable of defeating the Taliban movement. The only choice would either be peace or a large-scale invasion, which would be complicated due to other countries that have an interest in Afghanistan such as Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India.

Negotiations are also a sharp turn in policy in Afghanistan. The Trump administration and its preceding ones have repeatedly declared the Taliban group a terrorist movement. The US, however, appears to be negotiating with terrorists now.

All of these happen amidst setbacks of the US-backed Afghan government, which are under constant pressure by the Taliban. Following the large attack on Ghazni, as well as the Taliban movement shooting rockets at the presidential palace in Kabul on August 21st. The Taliban continue expanding and even the appearance of ISIS in Afghanistan has not hindered them.

As of October 14th, out of 398 districts, 146 are under Afghan government control, 52 are under Taliban control. The remaining 200 are contested under various amounts of influence by one side or the other.

The reports of negotiations are promising; however it should not be forgotten that the Taliban and US have significant difference in their wishes for the outcome of the 17-year war.

The Taliban is a local conservative nationalist movement and they request the withdrawal of all foreign troops, especially US ones from Afghanistan.

Washington, on the other side, wants to keep the government it backs in power and to keep its logistics and military bases in the country, allowing it to keep and increase its influence in the Central Asian region.

The Taliban has said that there will be no established peace until their demands are fulfilled. The US avoids confirming that any meetings with the Taliban movement took place.

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An unnamed senior Taliban member, cited by Al Jazeera, said that both sides had tough conditions for peace….

The U.S. only wants to keep the Poppy-Fields for their Heroin-Production Taliban….the rest of your Country you can have… but the U.S. needs the Heroin for the Americans…the Heroin-Pills are a Hype in the States and Washington wants to keep’m Happy Junkies…otherwise they might Revolt..

comment image comment image

MeMad Max

Guess again.
Russia, Ukraine, and just about everyone else is in on the heroin bandwagon…
The US is just doing everyone a thankless favor:


That Wikipedia-list doesn’t even include Opioids… I think if you add them the U.S. Will be on Number One…
The US makes up 5 percent of the world’s population and consumes approximately 80 percent of the world’s prescription Opioid Drugs. That is probably the reason they Kept the Prescription Opioids out….smart


Opioid meds are synthetic or extracted from plants not related to poppy itself. The ones related to poppy are called Opiates. No go and cry in your corner.


I was talking about 10% of the Americans using Crack, Cocaine, Crystal-Meth, Speed, Heroin, Painkillers, Uppers, Downers, Marijuana

Promitheas Apollonious

if it was only 10% that be nice. By the way if the americans only smoked marijuana, maybe the world will been much better than it is now.


I like to use moderate numbers….that is why I have put Marijuana on the end… but it had to be on the list…. I even think Natural drugs should be Free available in a Shop or Pharmecy anyway….Alcohol is available too….Holland is pretty Liberal..we don’t have Major Drugproblems….or more addicts… Even addicts that want to quit can get all the Help they want…

Promitheas Apollonious

marijuana is not an addictive drug, not that I promote it because now days it never goes alone, but is the preliminary to pills and other substances. Marijuana always been the base of all natural healing back in the day before drug industry took over medicine and doctor profession.

What I witness in US as far the forceful drugging of children and destruction of the future generations turning them into zombies and worst, it was make me cut all business ties with US and swear never to step foot within that country. Discuss is an understatement.


More states are passing laws that allow people to use medical marijuana. So what does it treat, and who can and should use it?

Pain is the main reason people ask for a prescription, says Barth Wilsey, MD, a pain medicine specialist at the University of California Davis Medical Center. It could be from headaches, a disease like cancer, or a long-term condition, like glaucoma or nerve pain.

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and your doctor thinks it would help, you’ll get a “marijuana card.” You will be put on a list that allows you to buy marijuana from an authorized seller, called a dispensary….In Holland Marijuana isn’t Illegal to Smoke but it is Illegal to Grow…

Promitheas Apollonious

k humoring not you but the notion, there is no such thing as medical marijuana, just for the record. Also if you let marijuana grow natural very rare will produce what stone you because are mixed plants male female that one neutralize the other and those plants call them industrial quality.

My group we been working with marijuana producing cloth – paper with out chemical treatment – rope and sails, as well fuel for our machinery for the fields. I also tell you something you may not know. Take any dead land that even stones in a matter of speaking dont grow in it and plant it with marijuana for two seasons and you have the richest top soil to grown anything in it you wish.

John Whitehot

“My group we been working with marijuana producing cloth ”

I think you are referring to hemp, not marijuana.

around the 1920-30s, a US engineer came out with a car engine that used hemp as fuel – of course the project was murdered by the oil elite and the guy was never heard from again

Promitheas Apollonious

hemp it is marijuana my friend.

John Whitehot

yeah you are probably right, but i don’t really know if and how the leaves are involved. I’m not really informed on this subject.

Promitheas Apollonious


Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. marijuana (happy mary) got her name from the pantcho villa soldiers who refused to march unless they had their smoke. Just for the record. It is also called with many various names depending what geographic location you are. Still how ever is called it is marijuana as is commonly called now days.

Promitheas Apollonious

wrong all cars with out any modification can use hemp fuel and before Adams Opel sign the contract with GM, sharing her oil by product patents, all middle and down states was ones of the bigger growers of marijuana, that was been used for the same reasons we use it today in our family industry. As well producing fuel for their tractors and cars.

in 1937 US introduced the tax act for all the byproducts of hemp and that forced the farmers after resisting for a bit to forcefully stop the production because with the bill also classified hemp as a drug A narcotic that is the same level as heroin and cocaine.

I dont want to post here long articles but I am sure if you google it you find what I am saying.

John Whitehot

“wrong all cars with out any modification can use hemp fuel”

I guess that it depends of being able to produce hemp fuel that can provide for the requirements of those engines.

That said, you may refer to the simple operation of the piston/cylinders and valves, but i’m not really convinced that you don’t need modifications at least to the fuel filter devices.

you aren’t even differentiating between gasoline or diesel engines, which makes me think you were just looking for one of those uneffective dialectic hit and run attacks.


“So why don’t we switch to biofuels now? It would require a fundamental shift in farming. Energy consumption is at an all-time high. To meet demand, we would have to devote more land to growing energy crops than we have available. At best, we can only supplement our current need for energy using biofuels.”

While reducing our use of fossil fuels would help the environment, we would need to either reduce our energy consumption or invest in other forms of renewable energy to stop using them completely.””



take the free energy like the the solar energy, the waves and wind, alongside the eco manufacturing for sustainability, long life and durability. Save the finite and precious fossil fuel, for its other uses.

we are leaving the need for money behind us. Technology can be used to free us, or enslave us.

profit motive will always enslave.

Promitheas Apollonious

no I am not differential, between diesel and gas. But let me ask you something, have you any expiriense of what you answering to, or just guessing that is what I think you dong right now. You also seem to be missing what I said that we already using this fuel.

For the diesel engines yes we need to process the fuel same way regular diesel fuel is processed, but for the gas engines no the fuel is good from the get go. Still even the processed fuel cost us around .20 cent to the euro. Also does not produce bacteria, as bio fuel that is mandatory in EU to add to diesel does so no special treatment for the filters is needed.

And another thing the filters in modern diesel cars, when the car pass 120-140 km an hour are self cleaning them selves. I am sure you did not know this. With the tractors is a different story. And I am talking of biodiesel not hemp fuel.

Tommy Jensen

They called him Too Smarty John when they dropped him from the Apache.

John Whitehot

tell me this is a fucking threat.


Marijuana has never, ever killed anyone, Because it is near impossible for marijuana to do that. Yet they call it a crime while the legal drugs called alcohol and tobacco, both taxed, both causing great social cost to ALL people, both being corporate made and profitable, and both killing about 8.5 million a year combined world wide.

Marijuana is a TUMOUR SHRINKING DRUG (It kills cells from the most deadly virulent form of cancer, those being GLIOMA tumors of the spine and brain, as well as being a treatment for LEUKEMIA), alongside others.

It is an ANTI-DEPRESSANT, an ANTIOXIDANT, a PAIN KILLING, INFLAMMATION TREATING, CROHNS HEALING, ARTHRITIS TREATING, PSORIASIS TREATING,EPILEPSY TREATING, GLAUCOMA TREATING, AUTISM TREATING, APPETITE STIMULATING, ATHEROSCLEROSIS reducing, drug. It provides relief for EMPHYSEMA, ASTHMA, and has been suggested as a treatment for OBESITY IN TYPE TWO DIABETICS, and is used by 1 in 8 FIBROMYALGIA patients for relief of symptoms.. It is used by HERPES SUFFERERS to both reduce the sores,and reduce the frequency of the herpes sores. Marijuana reduces BLOOD PRESSURE, treats iNSOMNIA, provides relief from MIGRAINES.

It is also a NEUROPROTECTANT; for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as STROKE and trauma, or in the treatment of NEYRODEGENERATIVE DISEASES, such as ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS(ALS),PARKINSON’S DISEASE, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS), and PTSD, as well as TOURETTES SYNDROME, HIV DEMENTIA, and SPINAL CORD injuries.

Marijuana is also useful in the TREATMENT AND PROPHYLAXIS OF WIDE VARIETY OF OXIDATION ASSOCIATED DISEASES, such as ISCHEMIC, AGE-RELATED, INFLAMMATORY AND AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, and in the final analysis, is a brain cell creating, wonder drug…..


Thanks…. I know all these things I’m Dutch… Slowly but surely the rest of the World starts to realise its Potential… It was the Pharmaceutical Industry that made sure that it was Banned in 1920 so that they could sell more Chemical Pills


Yes indeed, many industries were to be affected by the wonder planet. I posted the links for all who cared.

But since we are talking about why ? I think there are two more very good reason the establishment had for making weed illegal.

I will quote them now.

Canadian Government Commission – Cannabis

“Psychological, effects which are typically reported by users include: happiness, increased conviviality, a feeling of enhanced interpersonal rapport and communication, heightened sensitivity to humour, free play of the imagination, unusual cognitive and ideational associations, a sense of extra-ordinary reality, a tendency to notice aspects of the environment of which one is normally unaware, enhanced visual imagery, an altered sense of time in which minutes may seem like hours, changes in visually perceived spatial relations, enrichment of sensory experiences (subjective aspects of sound and taste perception are often particularly enhanced), increased personal understanding and religious insight, mild excitement and energy, (or just the opposite), increased or decreased behavioural activity, increased or decreased verbal fluency and talkativeness, lessening of inhibitions, and at higher doses, a tendency to lose or digress from one’s train of thought. Feelings of enhanced spontaneity and creativity are, often described, although an actual increase in creativity is difficult to establish scientifically. While most experts agree that cannabis has little specific aphrodisiac (sex stimulating) effect, many users report increased enjoyment of sex and other intimate human contact while under the influence of the drug.”


“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

― Terence McKenna


A good way to put it…. but the same as with anything: a little goes a long way….


Well, I read 1000 words per minute. So that was just “a little”.


“can” lead to problems. Problem is individual.

And “excessive” is subjective.

Canada becomes legal in less than 30 hours. Makes me laugh, the drama that comes with it.

John Whitehot

10% is a great underestimation.

the whole South-West is on meth, users amount probably larger than non-users.

the north-east is under an heroin epydemic in the same order of magnitude of those in the 70ies.

All in all, the statistics on these phenomenons cannot be trusted at all, as police would only get a small amount of people into “the system”, and the large part of those interviewed in polls lie about their drugs usage.


Agreed…you can double the numbers because many people won’t admit & Lie about their use….Imagine 20% of the States being a Problem-User….that is a real Serious problem…. because abusive use of drugs will become socially accepted if everyone does it..20% becomes 40% easily…and after all in the Black Ghettos it worked, so why not in the White Ghettos

Promitheas Apollonious

consider this as the base of your thinking. The video says 6-7 million but the truth is like 16 million today is happening to them what the video discuss. If you think with this behavior modifications drugs they start the children from as early age as 2 year old, allows them ever to live with out their dosages for life, then you are mistaken. This is the short version of the video watch it.


Tommy Jensen

Childrens problem is they dont make money.
They are a cost, a cost for the family, for the community, for the society, for our country!
Therefore children simply must learn to behave. They are costing everybody money. Everybody must behave, also children.
When the society is no more allowed to beat up children, we have to have another way to make them sit still on the chair and be teached about Clima Change, Green Change, LGBT Natural, how we feel today, learn to function in a group and how China would nuke USA if we dont do something.
Its just a f…… pill man.

Promitheas Apollonious

poor thing you too are one of those children aren’t you.


Two dogs and a truck.

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

Just say for looking good for make it legal in your country what they are hiding is opioid are made from poppy.

Promitheas Apollonious

let him in his illusions.

Even the bread has a small amount of opioids, and of course eating too much bread makes you dumber

John Whitehot

“No go and cry in your corner.”

it’s funny how, the more one is a frustrated fool, the more overrates the effect of his actions (or words).


Chill, it’s just an expression. After all the indian dude was really worried for his fellow americans. A smack can help sometimes to stop taking yourself seriously.

Promitheas Apollonious

get educated on the subject you may get it right after you do. As for using wiki as the source of your info……….. is better to be holywood educated than wiki educated.


The US decides to invade Vietnam, and the heroin trade booms. The US is defeated, and the heroin trade slumps.

The US tells Afghans to grow opium in exchange for American arms to fight the Soviets, and the heroin trade booms. The Taliban stop the heroin trade, so the US invades, and the heroin trade booms.
It’s not guess work, the USA is nothing more than a low life drug dealer.

Tommy Jensen

boom boom boom Iran, boom boom boom Iran.


also, not to mention, U.S. banks, along with HSBC in Europe, are the biggest launderers of cartel drug money. The Federal Reserve is the largest.


So you reckon, the US guards the poppies for Russia?

John Whitehot

Ukraine no doubt.

Russia, i don’t think so.

because in case you have missed it, it’s a matter of producing and selling opiates, not buying and using them.


My cousin was in Afghanistan and he told me CIA was moving poppies/seeds to Incirlik in Turkey and then when they couldn’t go to Incirlik, they went to Italy and Germany. So, yeah, Russian mafia’s in it, but so was CIA. Wake up.

Tommy Jensen

The US poppy fields forever and Taleban must keep Russia out.


Russia is already in Afghanistan they are talking for quite a while already with the Taliban….just like Iran…Pakistan moves closer to Russia…. everyone is moving away from the U.S… They know the Consequences of hangin’ around with them…it is not the States isolating itself…it is the rest of the World isolating itself from the U.S… Which would mean De-Dollarization is getting closer & closer…

Tommy Jensen

I dont believe in this de-dollarisation bs. Not even Russia can stay out of it. They can limit the dollar´s influence in their internal economy only.

But when anybody goes International trade, the whole thing is owned by the Rothschild banking cartel backed up with US Forces and CIA;
You cant avoid them.


That is the whole problem…. those Folks are too Powerful…they have proven to be Hardcore Criminals… and the way the system is working: All Money Flows to the Top….automatically…. Which means it Ends when the Top got all the Money…

Promitheas Apollonious

Why talibans want to discuss with them anything, is beyond me. All they have to do is burn the poppy fields or use drones and spray them. If they kill couple of crops one behind the other you see all who went to spread american style democracy to them packing up and go.

I often wonder why humans never use their brains and do the obvious, before they start killing each other.

Tommy Jensen

Would you risk driving by with 200l of gasolins to burn poppy fields, knowing surveillance systems and Apache Helicopters can see you even in the night?

How many of your Afghan countrymen would you kill when you send out drones filled with chemical Roundup spray to destroy the fields?

Maybe you should be carefull to issue statements about “humans use of their brains”………..LOL. (I burnt myself a couple of times on that one :-D).

Promitheas Apollonious

been unthinking and choosing the most idiotic solution just show your limited thinking span. So to you spraying the poppy fields must do it with gasoline and burn them.

You dont have to show how stupid americans are every time you post we already take that as a fact hence the reason we humor you. My country men are not afghans, but I am sure with the mixing of races where you live is more your country men than mine.

Now go see your self in a mirror and yes the retarded face is looking back at you is your pathetic unthinking self.


No one can rightly end the war, that’s why we’re talking. But if you ask me we should just ignore the Taliban because they’ll inevitably demand so much for so little and we can just keep fighting until the Afghans get tired of fighting.


Ignoring the Taliban is why the US has spent 17 years trying to defeat a bunch of dudes in sandals.
The trillions wasted, because America refused to pay the transit fees that other nations pay and receive.
The American belief that America can steal what it wants, when it wants has cost America dearly.


The U.S. could stay in Afghanistan for decades to come, selling some weapons, moving poppies for heroin to Italy and Germany to the drug labs outside those bases for profits, BUT, they can make a lot more money in a real war with Venezuela. So, they pull out and go south.

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