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JUNE 2023

US Officially Rejects SDF Officials Claims About Staying In Syria After Defeating ISIS

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US Officially Rejects SDF Officials Claims About Staying In Syria After Defeating ISIS

Heather Nauert

On August 18, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Heather Nauert, rejected claims that the US is planning to stay in Syria for decades as the spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claimed on August 17.

“Our overall mission is to defeat ISIS, whether it’s in Iraq or in Syria. That is our intent to defeat ISIS and not do anything more than that,” Nauert said.

Spokesperson for the SDF, Talal Silo, claimed on August 17 that the US has a strategic plan to stay in Syria for decades. Silo claimed that the US and the leadership of the northern Syrian areas –SDF- will sign an economic and political agreements in the future.

“That is not our plan. Our intent is to defeat ISIS and we’re keeping our focus on that,” Nauert said in response to a question on if the US is planning to stay in northern Syria. “We want the Syrians to lead their country, not the United States or any other power, only by the Syrians.”

Many in Syria from the opposition and the government side predicted that the Silo statement is more of a dream than a reality, especially, that the US have no legal base to stay in Syria after ISIS is defeated.

The US deployment in Syrian have also caused a lot of tension between the Syrian Kurds and Turkey and even between the SDF and the SAA lately.

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Daniel Castro

Now we can say kurds are scheming directly with Israel instead of the USA.

If Turkey/Syria/Irak/Iran decides to crush kurdish pro-zionist rebelion on the middle east I wouldn’t pity them… you make bad choices, you pay for them!


I hope its true. If the Government does not want us there, we should leave, and leave on friendly terms fer christ sake. We the people do NOT need enemies, we have plenty of enemies already, we need our Government to stop being bullies and conduct business like business men.


That guy (blucross) is one sensible human. lol


If you say so :)

Charlie rad

it is WISHFULL thinking by the SDF !! they want to act like they have BACK-UP ! They don’t. & they know it. HE’S LYING !!


Talal Silo seems to be in his way out, he lost credibility long ago with several unfortunate and stupid declarations, he will soon be jobless.


There is a vacancy for Chief Strategist in Trumps team. He would fit in there very well.


There is a vacancy in Trumps team. Full stop, close paragraph.


Mind you, what is preferable ? A Trump vacancy or a Hillary autocracy ? Both degrade the ideals of the’ Founding Fathers’.


And we wait to see if America can tell the truth for once in its life.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The definition of US foreign policy is… Duplicity. She’s lying.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You can always tell by their lying eyes , she is so full of deceit the smile is even leaking it out.

Charlie rad

She’s a spokesperson. What you see is she had great sex last night. Trump has no interest taking countries. He is “AMERICA 1st”. HE HATES ISIS. They are OBAMA-McCAIN ! & he really HATES THOSE SCUMBAGS. USA will be out of Syria soon.

John Whitehot

lots of folks here wish she’s lying no doubt.


They didn’t say anything about leaving unless I missed it. Will they leave after ISIS is defeated or not?


Whenever i see people with a synthetic smile syndrome i get the tendency to grab a hammer and punch a hole in their front teeth. They are so annoying, like monkeys, those always show their teeth too.

Moussa Saab

Let’s see what the naive Kurds have to say about this.


I guess time will tell the truth won’t it miss heather nauert?


Once you get US troops in your country they never leave on their own. After 75 years they are still in Japan and Germany. The US army is a bit like herpes once you get it you’ll have it forever.

Virgil Cane

We Americans have a cure for herpes but we don’t share it with your country.

John Whitehot

So the same day the US officially declares that their only mission is to destroy ISIS, the same day we’ve seen the Tigers commander being decorated and thanked by the Ru Chief of Staff, this same day “the US bombs a Tiger unit and then ISIS attacks it”.

Do I have to add anything? Where is the proof of the airstrike? Why has it been reported only by jihadist medias?


20 August 17 By ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE 1 hour ago


Syria’s Assad rejects security cooperation with the West

Source: https://www.ap.org/en-us/


Sweet-faced little thing isn’t she? Bird-brained too. The idea American woman!

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