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JUNE 2023

US Officially Announces Start Of Weapon Supplies To YPG (Photos)

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The US has officially started supplying weapons to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) that are a core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, NBC NEWS reported citing US defense officials. According to the report, the US began providing the equipment in the last 24 hours.

Neither would give any specifics about what the U.S. is sending the Syrian Democratic Forces — also known as “YPG” — or how those items are being delivered.

In the past, the U.S. military has said they will provide the Syrian Democratic Forces with ammunition, rifles, armor, radios, bulldozers, vehicles, and engineering equipment,” the report reads.

Syrian journalist, Mohammed Hassan, released photos of the military equipment supplied to the YPG by the US

US Officially Announces Start Of Weapon Supplies To YPG (Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

US Officially Announces Start Of Weapon Supplies To YPG (Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

US Officially Announces Start Of Weapon Supplies To YPG (Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

US Officially Announces Start Of Weapon Supplies To YPG (Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

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Miguel Redondo

Defenitely , YPG – PKK is the new mercenary troup for the Zionazis. I think Mr.Erdogan is not amused ……..


Most people are amused when Erdogan is not amused.

I hope he will have many bad nights and days ahead.

For once the US did the right thing, even though at first Trump was misled by Flynn who was taking bribes from Erdogan.

Justin Ryan

Absolute bullshit is what u speak here! If u listen to CNN sure Flynn was working with turkey. Lol so u watch CNN? Erdogan is a scum bag sure but the USA arming the SDF with heavy weapons is for only one reason, to balkanise the Syrian nation!

This is all for future gas pipes from Qatar to Europe (the real reason for this war and the real reason for the coup in Ukraine)

These heavy weapons are to fight a future war against turkey and the SAA. NOT TO FIGHT ISIS.

turkey was with the USA at the beginning assuming it would be the gas hub for the Qatari pipelines. But those pipes would run through a Kurdish region. Erdogan couldn’t have that which is why he sucked back up to russia, signed off in the turkstream gas pipe deal with Russia and blamed the USA for the attempted coup on his administration.

So for their own interests, turkey will now support the SAA and the USA (as usual) will try to steal away Russia’s energy market from Europe and ensure the Qatari pipeline is built through Syrian Kurdish region to replace Russian energy to Europe. This ensures the US reserve currency status (petro dollar) and thus the ability to print its own wealth.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

This was an Arab statement made. Looooong time ago.

Who is turkey’s main enemy? THE KURDS!

How u like them apples!

John Brown

Yes you are right. Its also part of the Yinon plan for a greater racist, supremacist, Israel to carve up Turkey, Syria and Iraq between Israel and the Kurds.

Justin Ryan



Quote: “Absolute bullshit is what u speak here!”


Everyone does know that Qatar is spending far more than one billion dollars per year in this war, don’t they?

To maintain an army deployed at long distance for 6 years of continuous warfare the Saudis and their gulf buddies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on their war on Syria.

Pave Way IV

Qatar would ‘like’ to build it and they can afford it, but it’s the U.S. that needs it built to diminish Russian revenue and influence over Europe. Given that powerful tag team, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of it being built merely on the whole legal issue. Laws don’t apply to America. Like incirlik, the Qatari pipeline is also a bargaining chip of sorts. Assad might consider it now if the U.S. said they would stop trying to destroy/partition Syria if it was approved.

The pipeline itself really doesn’t hurt Syria in any way – they actually would get some much-needed revenue from it. It’s mostly a matter of pride for Assad to refuse, but he might be a bit more conciliatory now to stop the war.

Justin Ryan

Agree but it hurts russia! (Hence ukraine) They are trying to steal russias market to also economically weaken them!

So assad stayed loyal to russia and thats why russia is involved now!

Plus the proposed silk road will benefit syria immensly! Much more than qatar pipes.

It benefits the usa because the qatari’s will trade in US DOLLARS! Ensuring the reserve currency status!

Also america (unlike qatar) had a shale gas market but no buyers simply becasue its much more expensive to extract and then it needs to be shipped!

But qatar will be the cheap gas bait for europe! Once it is established, the usa will Just muscle in on the deal and ensure themselves a piece of the market with their expensive shale gas. Who’s gonna stop them! Certainly not russia because russia will have lost their market to europe weakening them economically, militarily and geopolitcially. Which is why russia was forced to make a pipeline deal with china! A very cheap deal if i may add!

US will control the trade (us dollars) The nations in which it transits through (the route) And will also control the market (who sells what to who and at what price)


Solomon Krupacek

you bilive insuch bullshits? western europe bought russian gas already in cold war. the pissed on america. and it will be continued. look at nordstream2. theay want russian gas, only the want diversit. which is normal, standard thing. this is not war of europe. this is war between usa and russia. russia want to control each pipeline. and tjhis is flase and sure will not happen. otherwise, the qatari pipeline can run via iraq or only jordan and end in israel. similraly, like iranias should end in israel. this pipeline bullshit is absolutly marginl in this conflict. the main goal is balcanisation of syria, and in such situation syria is not able to participate in mediteranean gas production. the second goal: if syria will not exist, the gola automaticalli will belong to islarel. for good.

Justin Ryan

Yes russia dis supply europe gas during the cold war! Yes nordstream 2 was Germany fucking Bulgaria in the ass because bulgaria was supposed to transit SOUTHSTREAM! But were unable due to new EU rules! So now germany ia the hub to most of europe who then re-sell russian gas at a higher price!

This diversity in gas customers already existsnas russia sells about 35% of europes gas!

Have u ever read “the grand chess board”??

And yes i have said many times the usa wants to balkanise syria but its NOT ONLY for gas pipes!

It puts US bases in iraq and syria and allows a route to iran for a future war using kurds for the reason!

Syria will still exist!

But yes israel now has found huge quantaties of oil in the golan heights of ehich israel controls but does not own!

Israel and american companies ARE ALREADY extracting this oil and Nobody gives a shit in the western media!

Russia has multiplie reasons to be in syria!

To stem any muslim infiltration of uprising into russia’s oil rich caucus region. To disable any planned oil pipes of qatar reaching the mediteranean via syria

Turkey wanted pipes to go through syria into turkey but aiding kurds has screwed that! This is why the north of syria was in the interest of turkey and russia to stop the two kurdish regions merging!

Thats why russia made an agreement with turkey to tale out isis in the north to stop the kurds from joinjng up!

There are sooo Many pictures leaked of these proposed pipelines!

There is even more to this because qatar gave up at one stage and invested into russian energy companies becasue They assumed russia has won this already after the liberation of aleppo!

But now it is the usa pushing to split syria! Because it means another super power rises up, there middle east hegemony comes to a sudden end! Iraq will ally with iran and syria and lenbanon which can then threaten israel as these nations will be able to transit over land!

This is about energy markets


Religion (shiia vs sunni)

Another super power re-emerging

Reserve currency status (petro dollar)

Geopolitical power

And russia’s ability to contain israel in the same Respect that nato contains russia!

So there Is Much more To This but i can tell u this…..

The regions the usa kurds, the fsa rebels, hts and all Other factions control are due to the money thy can make for their region being a transit route! Which is why turkey pushed so hard in idlib and latakia!

Why israel bombs areas near the golan heights and palmyra.

Its a multi proxy war between iran and saudi

Iran and israel

Turkey and kurds

Russia and usa

Shiia vs sunni

Etc etc

So Do I believe in this bullshit about pipelines???

Why the fuck do u think america is in the middle east since 1990 (just as the Soviey union collapsed)?




And to Never allow another super power to rise again!


And israel is in control of usa foreign policy!

I know what i am talking about!

Do u?

Solomon Krupacek

the grand chess board”

this is brzezinsky. most of european countries are against. they also do not want be vassals.

Justin Ryan

Ukraine is very happy, especially western ukraine and the leaders in kiev!

Ukraine and syria are key to brezinski’s plans!

But he wrote another book about how the west had lost!

It was all detailed in hia first book in the 1990’s. Ukrainr was key!

U notice that since the liberation of aleppo, there hasnt been too much foing on in ukraine!

Ukraine amps up when russia fails in syria (like palmyra)

If syria conflict leans towards US victory, u will see east ukraine conflict flare up again

But if the syria conflict leans towards russia, u will see east ukraine go quiet

Since russia won aleppo, turkey saw the writing on the wall and started making deals in Astana with iran and russia!

If the SAA seal the border, turkey will fully ally with russia nd iran

If usa creates a buffer zone between iraq and syria, turkey will fall into line with usa demands

Justin Ryan

Are u kidding me? If it only took a billion dollars and 5 years, Qatar would be rejoicing in the streets! Lol, Do u even know what u are talking about?? Whats on the line….

Many many decades (maybe a century or two) to feed europe energy.

Russia fed europe gas and energy even throughout the soviet cold war era when they were enemies. Thats how badly europe needs energy!

70% of russias energy market to europe runs through the Ukraine (“hmmm i winder if thats why there was a coup/ revolution in ukraine”)

These pipes from qatar are not a consiracy theory u idiot hahaha, they are admitted too openly hahaha

Infact there are 3 nations competing, iran, qatar (and russia who is re-routing theirs through turkey)

“Is qatar willing to spend a billion dollars and 5 years on illegal pipelines”

Hahaha. U must be a newbie! Hahaha

Qatar would piss a billion dollars anytime any where!

5 years? 5 years is nothing when ur investment benefits u hundreds of billions per year for 50 plus years

Illegal? Hahahaahahahahaha

The USA is in syria ILLEGALLY! They have no UN mandate, only a “coalition of the willing”!

Oh my god somebody get this person some toilet paper, he is shitting himself everywhere on this forum.

Ummmm, some advice, read up a little more sunshine! U dont seem to know much about the world.

U are either very young or very niave.


Sometimes I put out some BS :/ I have read your material, but I still think the pipeline would have to be legal before anybody would build it.

888mladen .

They are not just watching CNN they been actively promoting it.

Red Tick Alert

But to you realise that Russia is already building a pipeline into Turkey don’t you ?; Turk Stream.

Justin Ryan

Yes i do know that! Maybe if u read all my comments ull see i refer to this many times on this pages forum!

And do u know why they are going through turkey?

Well the route of ukraine is now screwed thats why!

So u have to ask urself, is ukraine and syria related? YOU BET UR ASS THEY ARE!

Russia used to call it southstream as it was to go through Bulgaria but the EU wrote new laws not allowing this! Many countries who would have benefitted were pissed off (austria, bulgaria, serbia etc)

But i think u know that turkey is not a fan of the EU as they have applied for memebership for 25 plus years and have been rejected! Yet ukraine disnt even apply and were aske to join immediately haha

So, turkey (to the dislike of the EU and the US) agreed to russia’s turkstream (cancelling southstream) AFTER the coup was made against erdogan and especially after the US aided the kurds and ESPECIALLY after their current dispute with Germany (who actually are the true head of the EU)

So do i know about turkstream??


This entire war is based on pipelines! Of course i know!

Followed by US dollar reserve currency status aided by qatar trading in us dollars (hence petro dollar)

Russia is protecting its current energy market to europe (nobody can sell cheaper gas than russia) And the usa and qatar are trying to steal It!

Assad and syria have always been lotal to russia and he said “no”!

Yanakovich in ukraine also said “no”

Thus u now have war in ukraine and in syria!

Do u get me sweet heart??

John Brown

Erdogan and turkey will launch an all out war against the Kurds in Eastern Turkey, eastern Syria and northern Iraq at any time now and if USSA forces are with them they will be attacked as well along with the NATO base Incirlik . It could be tomorrow, next week or next month at the most.


LOL You need to inform Erdogan about this upcoming operation.

Pave Way IV

I just texted Erdogan and he said he knows nothing about it, but he’s a sneaky weasel.

The invasion/war against PKK Kurds in Iraq has been going on for years in the northern Iraqi mountains. Erdogan has shyed away from making bolder moves in Iraq so far because his puppet Barzani is suppose to be policing the place. But there is already plenty of bases/armor/troops in Iraq right now and Turkish aircraft attack suspected PKK positions there with impunity.

I can’t predict the timing, but I have to go with John Brown in spirit anyway, PZIVJ. CJTF-OIR used code words for TOWs (or something similar) going to the Kurds. This was an Erdogan red line – well, one of them, anyway. He has to be especially pissed about the most recent announcement. The guy is unstable – you know he’s going to attack the Kurds eventually.

Disagree about Turkey doing anything against known U.S. troop/adviser positions with the Kurds, but he doesn’t have to. Ameicans are not everywhere and can’t be. Erdogan will also never attack Incirlik – it’s a Turkish base for God’s sake. If he gets really pissed, he’ll turn off all the electricity and water to the American part and ‘invite’ them to leave. Pointless though. He’s angry with America, but he wants to slaughter Kurds. Kicking the U.S. out of Incirlik just wastes whatever bargaining power it gives him and will do nothing to stem the flow of weapons to the Kurds.


These weapons are for fighting against Syria army !! Right thing ? BULLSHIT, as Justin has just said. Syria.Russia-Iran-Hezbolah do not need at all of Turkey, kurds, FSA, SDF or USA or NATO to deffect the terrorists. USA-NATO-Israel (together with Jordan-Saudis-Qatar) are just the creators of terrorism in Syria and wanto to see Syria completely destroyed. Of course, USA can use YPG and PKK also with this propose.

Sven Ekegren-Salton

Nice one.


YPG/PKK/KURDs… The *New ISIS* minus the beheading videos… Because they don’t have as good of an internet connection, and they use different methods…

Kim Jong

Turkey should bomb them.


More pictures:

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C_j4LrEW0AA0PGv.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DBGaW9XXkAICOCL.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DBGaW9VXkAELPbv.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DBGaW-gXgAEtZaC.jpg

Pave Way IV

Hey, wait… those look just like ISIS HUMVEEs. Oh, I see… not just yet. The final transfer usually takes a few months. Must be paperwork or something involved.

Concrete Mike

Couple humvees à dump truck and a forklift, nothing scary There yet boys


Now Erdogan is fucked! I Really hope that some batches will be smuggeled to the kurds in Eastern Turkey.. or should we say “nothern Rojava”? ☺


So what does Erdogan have to say about this? HAHA I’m glad it’s official now. We no longer have to keep this covert op a secret. :DD

Free man

I wish SDF great success in their war against ISIS.

Behold a Pale Horse

From what I have seen this is just military surplus the Americans want to get rid of. A few humvees and some boxes of rifles is not going to make that much of a difference.

But the borrower is always the slave to the lender, that is probably what this is really about.

Joe Doe

Those kind weapons have no significance in the battle fields. Looks to me like americans trying cheap way impres SDF and have control over SDF and most likely new proxies against SAA and Assad


As a Kurdish SDF commander once said “America may give us a few jeeps and rifles or trucks to use, but let us remember that one F-16 jet they sell to Turkey can destroy all of those in a moment…”

888mladen .

Wrong. They don’t sell them to Turkey. TAI’s experience includes the licensed production of General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon jets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Aerospace_Industries You better inform yourself before you start writing a comment. That SDF commander has lied through his teeth.


Turkey is ALREADY armed with those lol that’s the point they already sold Turkey a ton of vehicles both ground and air (jets. helicopters such as Cobra….). You fail to understand the meaning? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_aircraft_of_the_Turkish_Air_Force See for yourself the composition of their airforce, 180 F-16C +53 F-16-57 jets… “Most of the parts were built by Turkish Aerospace Industries.” BUT NOT THE WHOLE JET, if you think Turkey just produced 200 F16s by itself since 2005 then you’re mistaken, they could have perhaps made a dozen. Half of the list are aircraft from USA and other half are from their allies such as Germany, South Korea, Spain, Israel… Now you come here and tell me that I should inform myself lol. Yes I’m sure that after the recent arms deal between USA and Saudi Arabia is done by your logic you could say USA NO LONGER SUPPLIES SAUDI ARABIA, well duh because they already gave them everything they could need and more. xD

eric zweistein

As I like to say “When the Kurdish card is your best card, you are in deep trouble.”

Concrete Mike

Ouuuhh a forklift how scary

Free man

Watching the battlefield shows that SDF is fighting ISIS much better than the Syrian army. With light weapons they manage to conquer 10 times the territory the Syrian army manages to conquer with the best Russian / Iranian weapon. The Syrian army should focus on liberating the city of Deir Azur. After that, there will be enough time to negotiate with the Kurds on a form of rule suitable for all sides.

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