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JUNE 2021

US Nuclear Submarine Involved In Syria Strike Is “Not Welcome” Back To Italy

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US Nuclear Submarine Involved In Syria Strike Is "Not Welcome" Back To Italy

U.S.S. John Warner

The U.S. nuclear submarine that participated in the US-led strike on Syria last week is no longer welcome near the Italy’s largest seaports, Newsweek reported.

Ahead of the April 14 strike, the prime minister’s office in Italy released a statement that confirmed Italy would not play any role in an attack on the Syrian government but would offer “logistical support”. On April 17, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni supported the strikes against Syria, saying “Italy is not a neutral country”.

On April 17, it appeared that Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris is unwilling to see the submarine near the city. De Magistris wrote to Rear Admiral Arturo Faraone, head of Naples’ port authority, to express his disapproval that Faraone had allowed the U.S.S. John Warner to pass through the Gulf of Naples on March 20.

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, De Magistris stated that he had designated the city a “denuclearized zone” in the 2015 act that sought to “prohibit docking and parking of any vessel that is nuclear-powered or contains nuclear weapons”.  It declared Naples a “city of peace”.

The Mayor emphasized that the submarine’s involvement in the Syria strike strengthened his attitude.

“Our administration is not against anyone but it is in favor of policies of peace, disarmament and international cooperation,” de Magistris told Italian news agency Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata on April 16.

Faraone shared the Mayor’s opinion, but stressed that the issue wasn’t under his jurisdiction, but that of the Italian Ministry of Defense

On April 17, de Magistris also told the Italian daily Il Mattino:

“We hope that the national government and the governments of other countries in the future will refrain from allowing these types of ships to transit or stop in the harbor”.

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Gentiloni isn’t even supposed to be in that position lmao. His party got brutally defeated last election.


It is time for Europeans to circumvent their sold out federal governments, each and every city needs to express their displeasure at US?UK and French the crime of breaking the peace with their attacks on Syria.

Peter Ravenscroft

G’day, Ronald,

Spot on. Their survival depends on trashing nationalism. That vicious fantasy is way past its use by date.

Regards, PSR, Australia


It seems he’s only opposing it because he’s a neo-leftist who hates Nuclear technology, pathetic. There is nothing wrong with nuclear propulsion, but these people just have a knee-jerk hatred of anything using the word “nuclear”.

They should be opposing it for warmongering against a non-hostile state.


Actually there are lots of problems with nuclear propulsion and energy production. It’s called waste, leaks, cooling failures and technical failures. Do you want waste buried in your back yard? No one does. Do you want to live next door and experience another TMI…or Chernobyl? What about all the leaking waste water discovered (Turkey Point, FPL)? Does anyone really need to be reminded of the disaster of Fukushima, even though the MSM have ignored it after the first ten minutes? I think he is absolutely right.

Peter Ravenscroft

If either of those obscene nuclear-powered things, the US murderplane carrier the USS Truman, now entering the Med at Gibraltar, or the submarine the USS Watson that attacked Syria following the totally-faked chem attack on Ghouta, is sunk in the Med, the reactors will not be recoverable, and stand to turn the Med, in large part, extent not possible to determine, into a dead nuclear wasteland. Russia threatened to sink whatever fired missiles or launched murderplanes against Syria. Insane warmongers, the lot of them. Those nuclear-powered obscenities must be driven out of the Med by public fury. Syria is being used as a weapons showroom. Peter Spencer Ravenscroft, Australia.


You are missing the point. Given the events of previous week, between US and Russia, it is equally about not having a (foreign US state) nuclear reactor as large and obvious sitting target in the Naples harbor. Naples is a traditional sea orientated city – fishing economy etc – why risk its vital waterways, for the foreign US state, who are behaving desperately and recklessly in a fit of pique over losing their proxy-war in Syria?


Just imagine the US without NATO and European Union, who will the US be if there is no NATO. Haha they will be no one.


but there IS nato, you little chacal.


Correction. They will be the United States of America. The European Union on the other hand would be a powerless state trying desperately to be relevant while tetering on the verge of civil war because it’s politicians have allowed immigration to trump its own people. Europe deserves to fail. Any country that gives its sovereignty away deserves to and will ultimately fail. Canada will fall right behind Europe.


the EU is stronger then russia


The EU is a farce. The simple reality is it’s entirely predicated on the creation of a centralized and federated super state with major political and economic policies determined by its most powerful member – Germany. That rather resembles the ‘European Economic Community’ proposed by Nazi economics minister Walter Funk in 1942. But nobody in EU wants to publicly admit all this, quite possibly even to themselves.


The EU has no strength. Do not get confused with the amount of $ being spent against the bravery and willingness to fight. EU armies have been nothing since 1940


hahaha, the single germany almost desroyed ussr. the whole eu would not stop before vladivostok


Almost destroyed Russia? Not close. The Germans were done once they were pushed back from Moscow in 41. That was a different time. The EU has no will to fight. They are run by left wing fruitcakes more worried about immigrant rights than looking after their own sovereignty and having the ability to fight


very close. russia until today is not regenerated from that victory. germany has bigger, stronger economy than russia. id grmans would use 2% of gdp for military, ruskies could hand up themself.


This discussion started with the USA. Somehow you have found yourself talking about Germany and its war with Russia. Tell me, how powerful would the Germans be economically without the USA Marshall plan?


more than russian. more than any european.


btw., putimn uses mercedes …

Robert Ferrin

And we here in the U.S, the sheeple will be right behind Canada as we gave away what little freedom we had left,you do remember Bush the shrub and his famous saying the Constitution is nothing but a GD piece of paper and promply wiped his ass with it…

Dušan Mirić

They are the NATO!

Dušan Mirić


Ivan Freely

Mayors usually have little influence at the national level of government. Nothing will happen.


I will be glad, if one day in RuSSia will be so big freedom, that the mayor of kalininkgrad(murmansk) can say the same idea and will not be arrested or killed.


You have never been in RUssia and have not idea at all.


more then 10x


Putin has just declared you persona non grata.
You can be arrested if you cross the border now. :)


Putin doesn’t arrest gnats! ;)


who is putin?


You lie….


in 1987 first time


Looking at Google maps doesn’t count.


Nothing new, they have not been welcome there for a long time, now it’s official.

Dušan Mirić

Wow! How courageous!!!
There is no courage! Just pale attempt to same some of national pride for being a slave to The Dark Force.


Wow, the Italians not just growing Balls but driving a big chisel into emerging NATO craX. Seems Uncle Sam and his Yanki Hoodlums are starting to lose some of their extortion tribute. Expect more of this over the coming weeks. The Empire losing vassals ‘cos the Emperor is clearly seen disrobed


no more than internal politics

a rabbit roar

Richard M

Translation: I am not willing to cut my neighbors throat. I am willing to buy a knife for local gangbangers and pay them to do it. I am neutral! :D

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