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JUNE 2023

US Ninja Bomb Killed Jihadists Military Trainer In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Photos)

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A suspected U.S. drone strike has claimed the life of Abu Yahya al-Uzbeki, an infamous jihadist, in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

A drone targeted al-Uzbeki’s SUV, a silver Hyundai Santa Fe, south of the town of Sarmada in northern Idlib on August 13 noon. Al-Uzbeki was killed on the spot. Other individuals were reportedly injured.

Photos from the strike scene indicate that a U.S.-made AGM-114R9X Hellfire missile was used. The missile is a Hellfire copy with a kinetic warhead consisting of pop-out blades meant to reduce collateral damage. The missile is famous as the “Ninja Bomb.”

According to jihadist sources, Abu Yahya al-Uzbeki, a Uzbek citizen, worked as an independent military trainer for several factions in Greater Idlib, including al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din.

Al-Uzbeki used to cooperate with Abu Ahmad al-Muhajir, “al-Jazaery,” who was killed in a U.S. drone strike on the town of Atmeh in northern Idlib in December 2019. Al-Jazaery was also targeted with an AGM-114R9X missile.

U.S. drone strikes killed a number of prominent jihadists in Greater Idlib and Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo in over the past few months. In recent years, these regions have become a safe haven for terrorist groups.


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They’re always “killed” in their cars. Are they really killed or is this just a cover for the CIA giving them new IDs? How do we determine that?


Also from technical side it has to do with with “capturing” capabilities of the missile…I presume that killing somebody on the motor bike is more difficult to “scan” because smaller, less visible , having less contrast against the background, less heat (if heat seeking) than car and motion tracking automatically has less precision.

They would not like to use expensive missile and miss and it is not good publicity either


Well a lot of these terrorists worked for America during the Obama regime, which Trump has since ended. It could just be the US cleaning-house now that it no longer has any use for them.

James Adams

Your a fuckhead, be happy that a terrorist is 6 feet under.

Fleecing Rabbi

Why are Japanese Ninja attacking our friends in Idlib?

Free man

The United States is bombing Sunni jihadists and Israel is bombing Shiite jihadists.

James Adams

Isnt that good. Islam is a cancer to this world

Free man

“Isnt that good.” – It’s great.


Jihadists “Ninja” killed by Ninja bomb….

James Adams

Kill that cunt

Assad must stay

man that is a gory picture hahaha

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US has killed hundreds of Turkeys favourite terrorists since last year but haven’t harmed a single hair on HTS’s head. Perhaps HTS found a helpful talisman to help ward of US evil and that’s why it’s only the Turkish backed terrorists who are getting the evil eye, or maybe the evil eye has a very good reason to only slice and dice Erdogan’s favourite terrorists.

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