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US Navy’s $2.6Bn Submarine Losing Its Stealth Coating After One Deployment

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US Navy's $2.6Bn Submarine Losing Its Stealth Coating After One Deployment

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On February 20th, the USS Colorado, the US Navy’s new Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, came back from its maiden deployment and its stealth coating appears to be falling off.

Upon surfacing, the submarine was spotted with significant cracking along her hull, though she remained structurally sound and the damage appeared to only affect the Special Hull Treatment, an anechoic coating used to absorb sound waves.

This could be due to the long voyage, as well as that it was in harsher conditions – northern waters.

Regardless, given the cost of the technology, associated costs of applying the coatings and the drag caused by uneven surfaces, the significant wear is anything but ideal.

The US, British and Russian navies all struggle with the coating eventually coming off, particularly in colder waters, but the case of the Colorado is rather unique since it happened on its very first deployment.

The submarine costs approximately $2.6 billion.

The Virginia class fast-attack submarine USS Colorado (SSN 788), commanded by Capt. Jason Geddes, returned from a maiden deployment to its homeport at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut.

During the course of sailing approximately 39,000 nautical miles, the crew of Colorado executed the Chief of Naval Operation’s maritime strategy supporting national security interests and maritime security operations.

“I am humbled by the skill, hard work, and dedication these Colorado warriors displayed for our maiden deployment,” said Geddes. “It was an all-hands effort to include the love and support we enjoyed from our amazing families back home.”

Colorado was commissioned in March 2018 as the 15th Virginia-class fast-attack submarine to join the fleet. The crew demonstrated critical navigational and ship handling skills throughout the deployment.

“It’s truly impressive that after only a year-and-a-half after commissioning, our crew displayed the toughness and tenacity required to go to the far-reaching corners of the earth in support of our nation’s interests,” said Master Chief Electronics Technician (Radio) Larry Alger. “We’re ready to get back out to the fight if called on to do it tomorrow.”

Fast-attack submarines are multi-mission platforms enabling five of the six Navy maritime strategy core capabilities – sea control, power projection, forward presence, maritime security, and deterrence.

They are designed to excel in anti-submarine warfare, anti-ship warfare, strike warfare, special operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, irregular warfare and mine warfare. Fast-attack submarines project power ashore with special operations forces and Tomahawk cruise missiles in the prevention or preparation of regional crises.

The characteristics of the Virginia-class submarine are the following:

Displacement while submerged: 7,900 metric tons

Length: 115 meters

Beam: 10 meters

Propulsion: S9G Reactor 40,000 shp (30 MW)

Speed: 25 knots

Range: Unlimited

Endurance: Only limited by food and maintenance requirements

Test depth: +240 meters

Complement: 135 (out of which 15 officers)


Block I–IV:

12 × VLS (Tomahawk BGM-109) tubes

4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes (Mk-48 torpedo)

25 × torpedoes & missiles (torpedo room) + 12 x missiles (VLS tubes)

Block V:

VPM module (28 Tomahawk BGM-109)

12 × VLS (Tomahawk BGM-109) tubes

4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes (Mk-48 torpedo)

65 × torpedoes & missiles


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Zionism = EVIL

Hahha the fucking Jews must have painted it, corrupt to the core.

AM Hants

Middle man did well, recommending cost cutting paint.

Jens Holm

Very good one. Lazy bums like You never would get a painterjob like this.


Lazy sack of shit who can’t speak proper English like you, you piece of Eurotrash.

Jens Holm

My english is proper enough. You dont understand parts of it, bacause Yours is only a part of it as well as You dont understand my context is a typical European Western one.

So I do blame You for knowing less then needed to understand all the things about us, which are the most important ones.


Well the US got poland to pay twice the price for LNG.. Which they bought from Russia and transported to Poland as US LNG.. Shows how smart some yuropeans are..

AM Hants

How much does the US spend on defence? Didn’t it used to be $750 billion and rising? Compare that to Russia’s $47 billon and decreasing budget. The 11 time zone nation with a defence budget, give or take a $billion, similar to the UK.

US have 2 types of submarines, the attack on a replacement programme and the old deterrents. Not due to be renewed until almost a decades time, allowing for time delays, no doubt nearer 20 years.

Russia has, excluding their special mission submarines, around 4 different types. Electro diesel, including newbies. Attack, including newbies. Attack, using a variety of missiles, standard, precision and hypersonic, including newbies and deterrent, including newbies.

What has the US produced in the 21st century, in defence that works, came in on budget, or on time?

Submarines, shedding stealth coating, like a snake sheds it skin. Well NATO does like the word ‘anaconda’. A snake, with a short life span, that relishes in cutting off blood supply to the organs, leaving victim losing life, from lack of support to the primary organs/systems. Emphasis on short shelf life of that form of boa constrictor.

Aircraft carrier, with exploding generators and missing missile lifts.

Literal class ships, with major problems.

Stealth ships, that all, excluding fishermen and merchant shipping can see, plus other defects.

F35, where they stopped counting primary concerns, when they reached 100.

F22, which the pilots refused to fly, owing to oxygen problems.

$40 Billion First Strike Missile Defence System.. Which took almost 2 decades to achieve active service, and came into play, once it was obsolete.

Before we get onto land based systems.

Why does it cost the US around 16 times the cost of Russia, an 11 time zone nation, to provide defence? Besides Russia cutting out the middle man?


I have a theory that could explain the US sub losing part of her coat, AM. Whilst in port she and the crew consumed to much American junk food , with the resultant pressure on the subs waist line. The result being burst buttons and zips.

This theory makes more sense that the US sub designers creating a steal cloak that shrivels in cold waters.

Mind you, the British Royal Navy did build 6 Type 45 Destroyers with engines that failed in warm waters. The remedy being to literally cut the hull of the ships open in order to replace the Gas Turbines with Diesel power.

I must email Greta Thunberg and inform her of the air pollution created from these recently refitted ships. Surely battery powered ships are the Green option ? Onboard Solar panels like sails could supply the power unless its dark or raining, and who wants to fight on a bleak wet day anyway?

Jens Holm

More like the Russian navy fired some disdunctionel experts and those Emmigrated to USA.

Some bad American ones semes to have “helped” Russia too. Mybee those only should make lifeboats and test them themselves:(

AM Hants

Please translate. By the way how does the US make it into space?

Jens Holm

Sorry. Its a kind of joke. Both USA and Russia have construction probems. So It might be so, that Russians got fired and went to USA and got the same kind of job there as well as the american socalled experts went to Russia and got their jobs.

I dont care how USA and our Austronauts go into space as long as the get up and down alive. I am not like that. My carrot seize below remain tne same.

I can do like that too. Which Russian car should i drive :(

As from Denmark I a proud we make imprtant parts for the spacelabs as well as satelites. We also dont produce jets but we do preoduce important parts for that and even replacements. Last month we were ordered 250 units for missiles to the the F16s.

Thats our level.

So far that Russian Rocket is the best ever, so we all use it.


Get lost you idiot.

Harry Smith

Oh come on Mike! The school boy is so funny! I laughed a lot when he said that Denmark can put machine guns on Sikorsky to restrain Russian iskanders in Kaliningrad. BTW did you ever read the “The Good Soldier Švejk” book? Please let me recommend you this book for reading because after you will look at Jens from completely different point of view.

Jens Holm

You can only hope for a car hits me. My plan is to live many years.


Your a fucking moron, I thought you Danish fags had better comprehension of English, fuck of pickled herring eating piece of shit.

Zionist Internet Warrior

The danish pussies in Ayn Al-Assad Airbase needed psychotherapy after the Iranian missile strike, took them 2 weeks to return to duty. Bunch of little girls.

Zionist Internet Warrior

More retarded bullshit, have any links? No, now go back to Special Ed class the teachers are waiting

Jens Holm

Thats what I say: You dont understand advanced english. In this You only has “irony” covering 10% of the word “irony”.

Some the other day also tryed to tell me, that not sober was only about being deunk or not. Thats how limited You english lowyer and doctors english is.

You languages dont cover greta parts of my world, because You – its not my fault – are learned more simplified languages such as farsi, turkish and arabic ones.

Most muslism never has been able to read the Holy Choran. Most muslims not even live in Your version of Arabistan.

I copuld read and write as You when I was 15 to 17 years at the Highschool/collage level.

And You put all kinds of lying and swearing into that pidgin version. Culture seemes to be some kind of omproving Your furniture with like polish or thin layers of paint.

AM Hants

Haha, GM diet strikes again..

Thanks for reminding me of the UK destroyers, that could not handle warm water. Did not realise that Naval health care, requires ‘liver eating, steel munchers’ to guillotine the ships and glue them back together. Not forgetting the refit on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, owing to her plumbing problems, before she was even commissioned.

So not a good look.

No wonder they are so envious of Russia.

Jens Holm

Climate is very important in warfare. Thats no USA and UK thing at all.

Russians had to “sand adjust” all helicopters to Syria. And the list is long. Germans could not support Stalinggrad because of temperatures for oil.

But of course there is no difference for troops and ships being in tropics and artics. People run with no trouser at arktis and penguins are too fat.

AM Hants

Yet, all UK destroyers had to go into Naval Health Care, owing to warm weather, at the same time.

All US Littoral Class Ships had similar problems, hence very long delays in trying to make it to active service.

Exploding generators and missing missile lifts, on newbie aircraft carriers, again delaying their passage, into active service, is seriously not a good look.

Funny how the Afghanistan Forces, refused to fly any helicopters that were not Russian made, isn’t it?

Jens Holm

Danes shoud had helped with new helicopter there. Those could not take that altitude. We also had a sub at the Iranian coasdt as gurad, but it had no coooling system but a very good for warmning up in the atlantic ocean.

So thats how it is.

We have learned after that and therefore buy the most flexible equipment now. Another thing is handling, what we buy. We bought very good canadien drones, but when they finally arrived the airforce had fired the well educated people for handling them.

As taxpayer thats not funy. We now (again) have a few drones but also has had to educate from the beginning. Thats very expensive. None of the old soldiers anted to go back. People like that can get better paid jobs anywhere else.

AM Hants

Danish helicopters or Russian helicopters? Lol, the Afghans loved the Russian kit and refused to fly any others.

Danish submarine or Russian submarine. Know which one I would go for and it would come from a nuclear, not non nuclear nation, that understands submarine technology.

Still at least you can keep upto speed with things, courtesy a Hans Christian Anderson book of fairy tales.

Jens Holm

Well, Yes. Our big ones are Sikorskis. I think we have 9 seahawks. Those mainly are made for rescue operations, but they can be armed with a máchine gun and some missiles and and has anti missile defence.

Those new ones are critiseised for they cant be floating if the cant flye. Tjere is no time for putting out a rubber life boat evn there is a small extra door.

We take up many people by them every year. They are long distance and among the best.

fx https://www.berlingske.dk/samfund/forsvaret-faar-nye-amerikaner-helikoptere

AM Hants

Yeah, the world finds the Danish military equipment on a level that you would expect from nuclear super powers. Or am I confusing it with what you would expect Luxembourg to supply NATO?

Jens Holm

Its not like that. We are relative small but integrated with Nato and on level with them as asked for.

We do participate as such and are now in Afghanistan, has been in Syria(we killed 80 syrians by acident at DEZ). We also deliever Herkules tansport and few things more in Niger and Mali.

Our fregats and korvets are in the anti pirat system trying to protedt civile trandportation.

In Iraqq we have delievered a good radar and maost of the crew for it. Here we have been fighting ISIS fx by support for Iraqian troops taking the entrence to Syria to Abu Kemal.

We also has been traineers for the Iraqian soldiers learning them to waste bullets as well as hit with the ones, they use. Here we also has trained low level officers to be better and more mobile and independent commanders.

Here in summertime, we will take over the Leadership of the Military complex where Americans and partly others were hit by Iran. Before that we also improved lofiostics for all kind of troops in the Northern Iraq(Iraqis and others).

We also should have made some minesweeping in the SDF, but as You know Turks attacked and fightings are, where the mines are.

Thats how it is.

Quality? Well we are very semilar to britts. Actually our troops in Afghanistan is a part of the Brittish troops in Helmand.

Thats how it is.

Comparing with Luxembóurg makes no sense. They pay money to Nato. Money is very needed for warfare.

And we do have Leopards as well as light tanks, light armored armered vehicles for infantery and some old artillery as well.

We dont have nukes, but our Nato friends have … Sowe have too.


Why are you even here you dumbfuck.

Jens Holm

I am here because some dane muslims told me, I knew nothing. So I came from a danish debate level i Denmark to here.

So far I only can confirm, that those dansish muslims know even less, then I though as well as I do know more and more.

You make ann own non devellop zone and insist and even blame us for most things.

Ypu have no relations to our production capasity as well how it works and are like that because You not even has language for, what we are.

Ypu only knopw, what Your dictators tell You. Often Your internet and other sources are censured hard to support that and that too often includes jail, torture´and death.

So I do support You by wishing a wall around You. That will protect both of us.

Zionist Internet Warrior

Russia could invade Denmark in 1 week or completely destroy it in 10 minutes, you realize that? Stay humble, faggot.

Harry Smith

I hope you included 5 day victory vodka festival in that 1 week?


Good idea, I could use a drink right now.

Harry Smith

But do not forget to start reading “The Good Soldier Švejk”! It will bring you a lot of fun and relaxation. :)


You are pathedic,the only ones who know their sht in europe are the swedes and the french!


Stupid Dane can’t even speak proper English.

Jens Holm

You do understand most of it, even Ypu only are able to use the primitive part of it.

AM Hants

Remind me, but when did Denmark last deploy submarines?

Jens Holm

We had 3 or 4 until just after the Gulf war. The one there of course was armed. It was a good because it was small ones for shallow waters.

It was a listening guard equipped with anteneas and like that. So we have none and no plans for such.

Some few in the parlament say we might need some, if Russia deploy more missiles in Kaliningrad. I think the idea is outdated here and do prefare more drones and for that matter less F35s.

I am no military expert:) Its and oppinion only…More like if we wish lees of USA in Europe, we in western Europe has to replace their junk for ours. I am prepared to pay too.

AM Hants

When was the gulf War and what year are we now in?

Didn’t the UK send a couple of our old Upholder class, diesel subs to Denmark. As well as Canada? Who hade mega problems with the vintage boats?

Jens Holm

Yes, we replaced each other with the subs but was very active in troops and tranportation as well.

Half of the transportation of troops and heavy equipment like tanks were danish by Mearsk line as well.


I only recall I own sub having no aircondition but heating for the artics.

According to this anish link our last sub was 2004



You are not only no military expert, but your an idiot who doesn’t a single point to make or grasp of the English language.

Jens Holm

If You remain in the level of everything is about language, You willl remain where You are. Thats low in almost any devellopment.

I was asked how about our miliatry forces. I told it. And I did my oppinions. Thats how most things work in my world.

After that – in my world – people fx can say we should need mpre missiles, more subs or fx Russians will never be able to attack and we should buy candy instead.

Ricky Miller

Blah blah blah nonsense and “oppioions” and onions blah blah because you make us cry. With laughter, at your pathetic Imperial scripts, which you mutilate. Fess up, even your CIA and Danish foreign ministry bosses don’t let you anywhere around their kids.

Jens Holm

You have no proposels for own neeed changes and even think 10 mio refugees is a good thing and insist they should not come home.

You not evenb take our many refugees and unnneded emmigrants back. We even pay Your grreedy Æeaders to take them.

And Yes, we have had and have som foreign minister bosses less patient then me. They dont see how people trying to integrate Your most dirty culture, religion and behaving here.

We alredy has our own problems and has lowered them by needed changes. Therefore we will not start again with muslims. Muslims are welcome supporting themselves where we need it. WE also take refugees, when they by classical reasons can go home.

But thats it. Danes work and all women too. Here is no free meals and should be no free meals for bums insisting living as they used to, where they came from.

If they insist, thay fit into, where they or their children and grandchildren came from.

We do have none integrated old Europeans. We could send a couole of millions to You. Some might build some churches and demand Your Goverments to pay for it. We insist in run naked along along ME as well as Eufrat, Tigris and Khabour as wel wish and everý coffeshop should have cigars, whisky and beer.


Yet your language the level of stupidity is only exceeded by ignorance indeed,

either way you are one seriously fkd up freak,without any clue about strategy, but of course you hato group will survive at your expense too,poor bastards!

AM Hants

Off topic, but, have you seen this over on the Duran?

Leaked documents about Malaysian Boeing MH17 Yana Yerlashova and Max van der Werff discuss the leaked documents about the case of the Malaysian Boeing MH17… https://theduran.com/leaked-documents-about-malaysian-boeing-mh17/


The Danish stink, nobody asked around here.

Jens Holm

I kind of agree. I tell You why and how most of Your quagmire is made, and You insist in no change.

I even give You tools for needed changes. Thats taken as hostility and I am the one, which dont know. Westerns are strong by. You never will have any chance to be strong, if You deny to take our good parts and make tme to Yours.

But of course You see Yourself as usual. All attacks Your and hit You hard in Your lazy peace and teadrin,king treating each other nice. Westerns an jew that agaaint 1 billion miulisms in no change for improvement.

Most mulisms are killed by muslims. We dont do that. WE not even buy oil and gas and steel it. Jews like Soros and Rotchild are plundering You day and night.

Whats to plunder, when You hardly has anything to plunder apart from dates for Christmas.

And Yes: Nobody around here ask. Thats Your main problem. You only learn to obey and its an honor to think nothing and copy old days only.

Ricky Miller

Go away. It’s you and your country who steadfastly obeys the Imperial decrees from Washington and who joins in on attacking countries far smaller and weaker than you, all the while considering it brave, or part of a “rules based” international order. You’re here just to support that narrative and ruin our discussions in the service of your paymasters, and your particular tactic to earn your pay is to type out long diatribes of insulting know nothing nonsense disguised as wisdom, but poorly.


Hey zealous bot,germany were p2 in latest winter games,your pathedic excuses are just that,why don’t you grow up fkead and admint incest ideology got flogged! This is what I mean bot,your lies are only making it much worse for your kweers! You are so dumb,without realising the curse you represent is proof in failures!


Ahh Greta, the face that sank 1000 ships. Look on her you mighty and tremble

Jens Holm

What a stupid question. They have a budget for it and most things are included. Dont You have internet. And next its not Your money. The have made those money for own purpose and spend them by their President and the Patlament by the war comitty.

The real thing for You is You have less income, being less in school, being uneducated, having no skills being lazy and are not paid for improving Yourself paid pt hours.

No go on supporting Muhammed Economics.

AM Hants

Excuse me from laughing.

‘they have a budget and not our money paying for it’

How much is the US Defence budget and why are citizens taxed?

Why, can an 11 time zone nation, with a budget 16 times less than the US, make all NATO member states, including the US, weapons and systems obsolete.

The economical system I use, is not dedicated to anybody, but, just simple ‘incoming income’. And outgoing expenditure. Being an uneducated and illiterate, with a single digit IQ, I do find it is the easiest method to understand.

Ricky Miller

The reason is because the U.S. Defense establishment wastes huge amounts of cash. Supplemental bills in Congress add to the defense budget but then is promptly wasted in Afghanistan-more than a trillion and in Iraq-now approaching two trillion. Add to that U.S. operations in Latin America, Africa and so on and you get a lot of money spent on trying to conquer people and manage their affairs in third world countries. But, more than that American defense companies are just plain loaded with fat. Government run golf outings, U.S. financed health care for contractors and dependents and endless weapons programs that go nowhere but which we the American taxpayer pay for add to the Pentagon budget but not it’s weapons arsenal. In my area, WPAFB Ohio I was taking my daughter in years past to the Primrose School in Beavercreek. It’s expensive and my parents helped me pay for it, a thousand dollars a month. It’s classified as pre-school, not just day care. Air Force personnel on their way to the base were dropping their kids, plural, off too. I asked someone one night, how in the world are enlisted personnel paying for two kids to be in the Primrose school instead of the day care center at the base. A military wife told me that the USAF pays for private daycare/preschool. PAYS. It’s all in the defense budget. Russian kids no doubt go to whatever base daycare, and their fathers practice with supersonic anti-ship missiles. American kids Dads are stuck playing G.I. Joe in third world states and fill their arsenals with old tech sub-sonic anti-ship missiles; just one example of the tech decay.

Jens Holm

You are partly correct. The more You get extra, he less You are paid as sallery.

I am sure You are correct that old systems often can be too much “milking the cow for free”.

Others things in Your verses are higly incorrect and made from low knowledge.

Danes pays half or less for daycare. The high incomes pat half. We pay nothing for school. We pay nothing for education, hospitals are a no pay – not a single 50 doallers for an X-ray. Medicine is not free, but there is a limit from where its free and the rest is free. We gets better pension then most.

Something like that. And we are not collapsed and has almost the same GDP as You but we UNITE people. You make confrontations.

You ahve to understand haltcare, childcare, schools, pension a.s.o. is never free. Its where You pay it and if its effective for all or selective.

A very difference from You is the local state or Goverment always are on the top. By that private companies has no patent for the highest level and can do as they wish. So we do outsource a lot but under country and down to county level.

We – very relavant – have a good money control and flow being local by the lected ones and local administration. So I am proud of one thing. We 2 times within the last 5 years has the bottom in corruption.

We also have half price for healt care pr capita and in most matters reach all and are treat people so they live longer.

Thats exact what Sanders wish for. Implementing Our good parts replacing the bad parts. They partly are as You descrtiebe and they do waste a lot of money as well as some of the money goes to the wrong pockets.

Most here can understand so many emmigrants didnt trust their own states and that made people allowed to wear guns too.

But that was 200 years ago. Want it. So You have to learn to trust Your state, beacause and also because You in so many matters cant trust private ones smiling the american dream taking Yours.

The very good thing for Denmark and Sjandinavia is, that we do have capotalisme making big companies and big import to USA – BUT we make middle class being good taxpayers investing in them.

You get equal rights for good education, but You make an income after what You are in skills and hard work.

And by the way You tax system is far out too. “Waiting for tax return” , What the F…. is that.

Number one here is we let the ones we work for do the taxcalculations. They pay You and shopuld know. And You do have fingers, IT and pocket calclaters. Even so You in Your name of freedom waste ours in taxcalcualtions.

So many of You also are paid as we did for peasnats in old days. We pay monthly as well as get and most is totally automatic. Its hardly possible to see the money for most things.

So Yopu can find a lot of money and more happiness all over and not only in the military forces – BUT if You are paid for fx childcare, the sallery as a soldier is lowered too.

We pay by high income tax and our soldiers probatly are better paid, because the income tax is high. So its often a matter of being effective or not and no with hands in Your pockets.

AM Hants

Must admit, since following events, post Ukraine, 2014, I was flabbergasted with how much the US tax payer is charged for their defence budget. Compared to the quality of systems and weapons that Russia can produce, in working order, at a fraction of the cost. Not forgetting the sponsorship deals, which support Western politicians, all parties from the defence, energy and Pro-Israel US lobbyists. Who Ironically do nought for the people of Israel and America. Yet, demand 95% of Government funding, in return.

Jens Holm

Finally hip hip I agree. Most things You write is crap.

USA waste a lot of money being very ineffective i several sectors. Whatever money they produce, thats a waste.

I only see some Sanders learning new things might do that. The steablishment for both republicans and democrats has to be replaced, but with no Trumps.

Its devastating for them having 327million inhabitants, they can produce several good presidents. So even theor election system is sick.

AM Hants

US electoral system.. Bus in voters, from state to state.

Exhume the dead, to turn up and vote, favouring the Dems.

Sorass electronic voting systems, with votes counted, Dems of course, before polling booth opens.

Ballot boxes, discovered when polling stations closed.

Florida recount and how many weeks did it take.

International observers banned, especially from nations US does not like.

Dems primaries in Iowa and how long did it take for them to disclose results of new rigged voting system

Sanders Lakeside Manor, in lie of not complain when the DNC handed his votes to Hilary.

2016 to present, still fighting the result of a democratic Presidential campaign, as the loser could not accept the result.

Is the US a banana Republic – Vladimir Putin.

Sure looks that way, where elections are concerned.

Jens Holm

I will comment the busses. USA is a very big country having 52 states and 327 million inhabitants, so some transportation is needed to try to cover all.

I think they should find a better system, where the candidates becomes know before that kind of compaining.

Having a small high pulated sate like ours is much easier.

Jens Holm

You can only relate to Your own low income and probatly a goat as own transportation in Your back yard.,

You lie for Yourself about what westerns can and do and even believe the usual selfproduced lies blindfolding Yourself.

When I read here the 200 mio middle class is totally Ignored. Only rich (jews) and poor are even mentioned.

How do You explain people are emmigrating TO countries like that ???

AM Hants

Please, being an uneducated, illiterate female from England, with a very low IQ, I seriously am in dire need, when trying to read your reply.

Even my goats could not help with the translation.

Ricky Miller

I apologize to you for his absurdity. Someone with your history of intelligent and thought provoking comments should not be harassed by this bozo. It’s the intellectual SF equivalent of a Beverly Hills girl being ambushed on Rodeo Drive by Skid Row people and having her Bentley spit at. You deserve better and I am always grateful anytime I see your comment anywhere. People like him make me wish that core Empire haters here had our own private discussion board.

AM Hants

Cheers, but, do not worry. I have no ego, when commenting on these forums and took it with good humour. Mainly, owing to having zero respect for the moron.

Ricky Miller

You’re ridiculous. And one of the primary reasons this message board is hardly worth it anymore. You spout nonsense, in large volumes and degrade the intelligence of the conversation. You’ve been doing it without sanction for several years.

Jens Holm

You are the ridicules stupidisms. Here most people only can unerstand whats learned about them and us.


Here You are very good reprepsenative for serving Your crap based on Your stupid low income and no hard work as if a goat in the backyard is the only transportation in the whole world for us.

So I do comment Your mega illusions, where You even name mine as ridiculos.

This is not about intelligense at all. You any time can find support for my lining up facts right here at the Internet. Thats what Internet is for among other things. BUT OH NO. Danger information and putting rodside bombs out should be rewarded by Israel as well.

People like You even predict we soon will collapse and Rubel and Yuan will take over.

But You systematicly ignore any kind of learning. Things are not as You asume in USA as well as here.



Go away idiot.

Jens Holm

Some of You should not be here. Make some bad science fiction site somewhere else.

SOUTHFRONT is a good name, but i dont think its meant as using Your behind here with Mr and Mrs Yellow and brown blowing in the wind.


For a nation full of bludgers whoms tyrants ripp off all other countrys particularly the wests,it remains to be seen what true economy you rely on ,the fruits of your labours or rather the taxes from others more fkn well like it rotbrat!

Jens Holm

As You wish.

Before Nobel and other came, the crude oil was worth nothing and not even usefull for lamps.

I wont be blamed for Syrians even telling they are a high rqanked oil producer is not even able to produce a single plastic bottle.

Thats where the benefit in many 1000% are and not in some dirty crude oil with water and sulphur.

And who do mainly buy that expensive stuff and pay high taxes. Well we do.

Your main problems often are, that the income You get never reach where it is supposed to be to improve Your incomes. We also create a lot of jobs too. Many of them are not well paid, but it is jobs.

Here You of course forget, that we now has to create livings for 7 billion people. 100 years ago it was about 1,5 billions. So at 1900 the world was populated as all living in China or India of today.

You might name us as plunderer, but You might have done same thing, if You had the technology for it. AS wriiten I also think You close at least one eye.

ITS NOT OUR FAULT YOU ARE NOT AT OUR LEVEL. Look fx at Tyrkey. They have made the needed changes. So if You say that change is a too high pay, You should not blame us.


In all fairness since Russia buys its equipment in rubbles, using PPP their purchasing power is closer to 200 billion. US MIC is brain dead while Russian counterpart is innovative and developing new technologies.

Ricky Miller

Yes. People all across the West are having a real hard time understanding the PPP disparity. They think everything is weighed in dollars and the only reason any economic activity or property has value is if Americans want to buy or sell it, in dollars. Then they measure the value, in dollars. An example I came across lately is the U.S.frigate sale to an Arabian state. $500 million per ship, $2 billion total for four ships. In Russia, the $2 billion equivalent would get you nearly seven Admiral Gorshkov class frigates, with better missiles and SAM systems to boot, if they were available for export. There are similiar disparities across many weapons programs and part of the problem in U.S. defense contracting is that a company who wins a successful bid often has built into that bid the costs of the last several failed programs. Essentially, a customer like the U.S. Navy has to pay an inflated price for the ship and weapons systems they’re buying with an even greater price tag add on for the last two projects they didn’t buy but which the contractor in question spent research money on. It’s scandalous but they get away with it based on the reputation that the tech provided ends up being the battlefield back breaker.


I see US MIC as being brain dead since the days of the end of the Cold War: most current weapon systems have been deployed in the late 70’s early 80’s with gradual improvements of the basic platform. Hundreds of billions wasted on weapon concepts Pentagon did not buy into, set up a trend where a few defense companies manipulated most of the defense contacts without the counterbalance of competition, producing expensive exotic weapons that have limited battlefield value, yet they are great cash cows.

The danger comes if US gets involved in an armed conflict relying on these super hyped up mediocre weapons and equipment that is 4 decades old, and faces an opponent with more capable weapons and new strategic concepts to use them.

Jens Holm

Maybee, but so far Russia is also a mini according to USA and China in those matters.


Because most of the money goes on embezzlement and bribes

AM Hants

Don-t the politicians do well out of it?


To tell you the truth I sort of feel sorry for those politicians they have guns pointed at their heads and they are also being blackmailed and threatened in other ways I think most of them now realise they shouldn’t have got involved in politics at all

AM Hants

Many blackmailed for life style choices or just plain greed.

The likes of Biden and Pelosi, who should have given up decades ago, like Clinton, but, want to end their days in Washington DC, fleecing the tax payer, I have no sympathy for. They will end up on Lucifer’s BBQ, wondering why they are devoid of souls. Will never forgive them, or those in Westminster who embrace international genocide and ethnic cleansing, for no other reason than ego and greed.

We were all taught ‘right from wrong’, and no such thing as a free lunch, especially if you expect it to be garnished with a ‘cheesy toppjng’.


While they do promote evil narcissists into power there are some politicians who get into a position power that are half decent and if they show a willingness not to be corrupt they corrupt them by taking them on a night out drugging them and getting them to fuck a kid then the message is clear we have video of you fucking a kid we own you that little tactic seems to work on everyone plus these politicians have 5 or 6 people plain clothed and armed following them about everywhere they go they a.re there to protect them yes but they are also there to shoot them if they try and tell people what’s going on so you can see the sort of pressure these people are under so if there is anyone out there that is thinking of a career in politics think again

AM Hants

Cheers and found your reply interesting.


Thanks but I can’t help smiling at the thought of starry eyed politicians thinking they can make a difference then whack the illuminati hits them that’s a vicious reality check hey that’s what enter Sandman the mettalica song is all about the illuminati entering your life

AM Hants

Why do so many narcistic, sociopaths with psychotic tendencies, flock to politics and show business?


The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

AM Hants

Bob Dylan and Coronovirus – interesting combo haha.


He looks like he’s been hit with a virus these days

AM Hants

Surprised he is still around.


There’s a couple of rules everyone should adhere to never become famous and never show a talent at anything because if you do your in for a rude shock

Xoli Xoli

As usual USA and Turkey warships.armor cars,tanks are made of of third class steal.Therefore Trump put heavy tariff on China and Canada to get discount on steal.

Jens Holm

USA gets exact the same kind of steal and aluminium as anybody else. USA impot those products because the American companies has not renewed themselves and wages for bulk steel and aluminium is too high in USA.

USA are the best or in the same quality then the rest of the Western Economics. Here they instead export.

The Trump balancing is because much more import makes less jobs and make the dollar weak.

We all see how China behave. They sell things to the whole world too cheep and dont care making the Yuan xheep.

Europe also makes tax and limits for China. They cheat. As long China dont change into market prices tax is the weapon.

Trump is for protectionisme and expect americans will produce more stuff. I dont think that kind of stuff is possible to reastablish. Its just like opening old coal mines. IF they should reopen, they also will make only few jobs.

Solutions is not the Trumps in matters like this.

So we see tha same thing all over the world for many products. They are made effective and as cheep as possible. Descrebing their weapons like that makes no sense unless You include anybody else and a lot of products. Making them produced as cheep as possible also lower the standards too much with no margin.

Xoli Xoli

You are real USA compatriot very good besides politics you love your country.That’s a clear example for citizen to face its leaders were their are wrong and give credit were their deserved it.


harsh weather conditions and long deployment are noexcuse for such damage. the sub needs to enter the dockfor repairs. unacceptable !


Its hilarious:)

Ivan Freely

But acceptable for the military defense corporations and their share holders! LOL

Ricky Miller

All submarines show this damage to soundproofing coatings after deployments, although this much damage on a maiden mission should alarm some people. Usually the kind of soundproof damage like that is a result of deep diving, which alters the shape of the pressure hull slightly during the dive which causes sections of the metallic-rubber sound cover to pop off as the hull they’re mounted to doesn’t have the same shape under extreme pressures. This sort of extreme pressure damage most likely means that this submarine was tasked with remaining in sound contact with one of the new Russian Borei class submarines, who went on a deep dive to shake a stalker and the stalker followed.

Jens Holm

We have painters like that too:(


Yeah and you breath in the fumes, retard.

Jens Holm

We do have big bridges and paint them stealth so they are not visible in the terrain.

Birds passing by all wear heltmet and not the white version. Some still has fear in their eyes after visiting Syria.

Raptar Driver

Stealth is bullshit, another scam for the MIC racket.

Wayne Nicholson

Stealth is an overhyped marketing term. Obviously politicians and generals are easy marks for a good salesman.

It’s really hard to get dissimilar materials to bond period let alone when they have to endure temperature changes, pressure, salt water and currents. Because steel moves and flexes so much it’s difficult to find an adhesive that allows for that movement and well as the movement of the coating which moves at different rates to the steel. Either it bonds to the steel and the bond to the coating breaks or it bonds to coating and the bond to the steel breaks …. or both.

Sometime you just have to accept that we live in an entropic universe and no matter how much money you throw at a problem it won’t work. Same goes for packing a fighter jet full of microchips and expecting those billions or trillions of circuits barley atoms wide with barely atoms of insulation between them to work perfectly every time. In the quantum world atoms can migrate through insulation via quantum tunneling ….. it’s the ghost in the machine. No matter how good your software is it just does unexpected things once in awhile and there is no way of insuring it doesn’t as long as probability and entropy are laws of nature.

Raptar Driver

Well said!

Jens Holm

Yours dont work. You are still here:)


Why the fuck are you still here, Dane shitstain, you stink worst then you cheeses.

Jens Holm

NIce persons like You should be reduced to some DNA in a freezer. If e need an extr kind of animal in Öur zoo or for tunneldigging, we can reproduce and add up.

Jews already do that. They have the strongest ISIS memebers added up fopr tunneldiggig under Jerusalem. They might get the next Nobel price for recycling:)

Zionist Internet Warrior

yes, bullshit and incredibly toxic, stealth submarine coatings are polluting the ocean and killing lots of fish. Greta THUMBberg should know this.

Zionist Internet Warrior

That “stealth coating” by the way is incredibly toxic and dangerous to humans and all living organisms. Similar to the coatings used on F-35, workers wearing full body suits and masks have to apply it carefully. US clearly cares so much about the environment that it now pollutes the ocean with these extremely noxious chemicals.

Jens Holm

Yes and the nitrogene used for Assad and Russian bombs is for fertilizing Syria as well.

Oil is same thing. IfYou take over all control, will You keep it below You. OH NO: You will sell it to the air and everywhere else as us.


Great, let’s build another one!!! :P


Lets hear it for the villiage peop’err kweers!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Must have been attacked by the kraken.

Jens Holm

Haha. Looking up Kraken in Wkki i am told it lives west of Norway and along the coasts of America:)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Below the thunders of the upper deep; Far far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee About his shadowy sides; above him swell Huge sponges of millennial growth and height; And far away into the sickly light, From many a wondrous grot and secret cell Unnumber’d and enormous polypi Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green. There hath he lain for ages, and will lie Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep, Until the latter fire shall heat the deep; Then once by man and angels to be seen, In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.


Sounds like a clever way to hijack a submarine,sht happens every now and then!

Jens Holm

I think I wrote that as a chid in danish. Terrifying brrrr … No swimming outside the bathtub this summer.

Assad must stay


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