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US Navy Ship Arrives In Lebanon On First-Ever Visit

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US Navy Ship Arrives In Lebanon On First-Ever Visit

USNS Choctaw County (JHSV 2) prepares to moor pierside at Naval Station Mayport basin after picking up the U.S. service members who participated in Southern Partnership Station 2014. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Adam Henderson/Released)

On September 21, the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) announced that the expeditionary fast transport ship Choctaw County had arrived in Lebanon. The trip marks the first visit by a US Navy Ship to a Lebanese naval base.

In a statement, the NAVCENT said that the ship will be taking part in the first-ever Central Partnership Station (CPS) mission in Lebanon.

The mission in Lebanon was designed to build “partner capacity” through subject-matter-expert exchanges, enhancing interoperability and the military-to-military relationship between the US Navy and Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

The two sides will exchange experience on mine countermeasures, disaster response, public health and construction capabilities.

Choctaw County, explosive ordnance disposal technicians and Navy divers, a medical and health engagement team and a Seabee construction battalion will take part in the CPS mission.

“This is a new opportunity for the U.S. Navy to work with our Lebanese counterparts,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of NAVCENT, US 5th Fleet, and Combined Maritime Forces. “We are ushering in a new era of strengthening and expanding capacity building across the region.”

The US Embassy in Beirut said that the visit of Choctaw County “highlights the strong partnership between the US and the LAF”.

The US and other Western countries, mainly the UK and France, stepped up their support to the LAF following the outbreak of the Syrian war on the hopes of restricting Hezbollah’s activities in Lebanon and its access to the border with Syria.

The LAF received loads of military equipment from the US in the last few years. Last April, 55 armored vehicles and trucks were delivered to Lebanon. Despite receiving much support from the US, the army maintains excellent relations with Hezbollah.


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This is probably to deal with Hezbollah. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zionist regime starts causing more trouble on the border.
Hezbollah can easily take that US Navy Ship like how they almost sunk the Zionist boat in 2006 if America wants to start acting up.

Arch Bungle

The last time a US Navy Ship left Lebanon with its tail between it’s legs it was because Hezbollah sent them packing.

Barely 4 decades later and they’ve already forgotten the lesson …


Looks like a bait…


Question i have is,why the hell would Lebanon allow such a visit? the US is hostile to a independent Lebanon,wonder if there is a false flag attack coming on?


Because some Lebanese politicians dickride Israel and America. I honestly think something is going to happen, it’s just very odd to this during one of the worst economic crisis.

jens holm

USA during time has given Lebanon a lot of money for help and even has an amarican university.

Those politicians are elected by the lebanese people even none of them got 91,5%.

And no its not odd. Before this many years ago lebanon was well connected to the rest in the area at all coastlines and to the whole world.

Thats starved and eaten up mainly by the non productive Hesbollahs, disputes about nothing and corruption of the worst kind.

Sure it would be nice something in + + would happen. No locals seemes to have any idea about what that is. It even has been invaded by Assads.

Arch Bungle


If The US is starving Lebanon on all fronts.

The American university is a school to train traitors.

You are a moron.

jens holm

I was there just before Hesbollah became something. Since then it has been downhill. The only unsafe place was passing a Palestine refugee camp at the airport.

Nice streets. Very few very poor ones. My hotel was Phoenesia and do shopping. ME airlines was nice people having very good coffee as well.

USAwas not starving Lebanon or parts of it. It also was a Paris in the middle East for americans. hesbollah and the mad ones in syria stopped that contact to the rest of the world.

No more contact with North Africa and Kartago, no More Sicilia, no more Cartagena. No more incomming rich arabs.

You seemes to have no ideas about how Lebanion has been helped byh many and parts of the Lebanese as well as the israeliqans has made that pearl into ruins and rubbble.

And now Afghanistan is liberated too and there will be peace or what ???

You dont have structures for states and dont make them. You not even try to make them even people leave in millions.

And those leavers all are uprizers supported by West, jews, America, CIA, Mossad, EU, Nato, Khazars and probatly Marsians too.

JC Denton

There was a 15 year long “civil war” dickhead. US & Isntreal fueled sectarian violence as they always do and commited massacres.
Probably you werent even there.

Last edited 22 days ago by JC Denton
Arch Bungle

In your mind, “Sabra and Shattilla” made Lebanon so awesome, correct?

In your mind it’s been “all downhill” since Sabra and Shatilla because you enjoy watching Lebanese get massacred by Joos and their Anglo-American puppets, don’t you.

Nobody buys your garbage, hope you know that.

Last edited 22 days ago by Arch Bungle
Icarus Tanović

I hope so, that we will hit them with 120 km range anti ship missile.

jens holm

Yes, just ask. You will never understand.

You are the false flag attack :(


The zio terrorist Gay US navy will only bring divisions, sow discord, infighting and chaos to Lebanon, more than already exist. They are there to do their masters dirty work, install spies and spying equipment for the children of lucifer, the zio Jews.

jens holm

You probatly found GAY under Your bedblaket and maybee some one else too:)

So funny. Lebanon already has those installations.

You have no focus on the real problems there and not even care. Thats how it is. Integration is something like they should look like even more ruins and refugee camps all over so integration and assimilation to the sonege or before that can contue faster.

But but its doing fine well supported by the Russians and Iran.

Simon Ndiritu

Such floating junk was not sent to rescue Lebanese during the port tragedy but has now come to lead a procession of fat Americans to dance on graves of Lebanese that have died during Zionist expansion schemes, pathetic!

jens holm

Lebanon still is overpopulated because You underdevellop it. There will be no peace before all has died.

Arch Bungle

Jens the gobbling turkey again.


Send this american transgender navy home. They have no business in Lebanon. Close the american embassy in Beirut.

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