US Navy Establishes First Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Squadron


US Navy Establishes First Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Squadron


There was a combined change of command and squadron establishment of the Submarine Development Squadron 5 (DEVRON 5) at Naval Undersea Warfare Center on September 26.

Capt. Stephen Mack, from Silver Spring, Maryland, relieved Capt. Robert Gaucher, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as commodore during the ceremony held at Barb Hall, according to the US Navy website.

Gaucher’s next assignment will be as the chief of staff for Commander at Submarine Force Atlantic in Norfolk. Gaucher assumed command of DEVRON 5 on March 23, 2016. He oversaw the successful deployments of the Seawolf-class fast attack submarines and their maintenance. Under his leadership, the command supported the development and launch of the Navy’s first unmanned undersea vehicle squadron.

It is fitting then, that in addition to welcoming a new commodore, Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Squadron (UUVRON) 1 was established.

Gaucher called this a historical day for the Navy.

Today we are transitioning our UUV detachment into the first UUV squadron. Why is this historical? It’s because in standing up UUVRON 1, it shows our Navy’s commitment to the future of unmanned systems and undersea combat,” said Gaucher.

Gaucher’s next assignment will be in Norfolk, where he will serve as the chief of staff for Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic.

The new commodore Stephen Mack comes to DEVRON 5 from US Pacific Command, where he served with the current operations division.

“We have a strong group of devoted leaders in our commanding officers, officers-in-charge, and staff here on the DEVRON 5 team,” said Mack. “I am excited to be here serving with you and will endeavor to do my best every day to mentor, motivate, lead, drive and work with you best to achieve your full personal and professional potential while we strive to reach our team goals in support of the submarine force and our great nation.”

DEVRON 5 is charged with multiple submarine warfare mission areas to include submarine rescue operations and the activities of its three Seawolf-class submarines. DEVRON 5 is responsible for developing and testing new submarine warfare capabilities, including the use of unmanned undersea vehicles.



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