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US Naval Official: Russia Preparing for War in Alaska

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According to a former US Naval official, Russia is actively preparing for war with the US in Alaska.

US Naval Official: Russia Preparing for War in Alaska

Moscow is preparing for an invasion of Alaska in case of beginning of war between the US and Russia, the Daily Star newspaper reported, citing an unnamed former high-ranking Naval official.

“We are the verge of being invaded from Alaska all the way down into Canada and eventually the Northwest,” the former official said.

According to the newspaper’s source, the invasion will be started with a submarine incursion near Wasilla city, located along the coast of the Knik Arm, approximately 43 miles northeast of Anchorage.

“Our feeling in the Navy was that Obama had turned Alaska into a defenseless area that will serve as a forward base of operations when World War III begins,” the official noted.

He also added that Russians are allegedly already in Alaska. They are disguised as ‘highway road crews’ and would ‘disrupt communications and seize vital bridges’ when the war begins. At the same time, another anonymous source of the newspaper pointed out that Russians, dressed in ‘civilian clothes’ have been spotted on their way to abandoned motels and military bases.

However, the Alaskan coast around Wasilla is not so ‘defenseless’. The Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson, site of Alaska Command, NORAD Alaska, the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division and the 11th Air Force, is located in Anchorage. The Eareckson Air Station, equipped with the Cobra-Dane radar system, and the Clear Air Force Station, capable to detect ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, are also located in Alaska.

The US is concerned by the fact that a number of steps to build up the military capabilities in the sparsely populated Far East region of the Russian Federation have been started to be taken by Moscow in order to ‘counter American military forces in Alaska’. In addition, plans to position a new coastal defense military division along Russian eastern coast by 2018 were also recently announced by Moscow. It is expected that some Russian troops will be deployed some 50 miles from Alaska. The main reason of such actions of Russia are rising tensions between Moscow and Washington over competing interests in Syria, as well as threatening language of US military officials.

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It will happen as soon as Russia has finished the last works on it´s deathstar. It has no ventilation shaft as Russians don´t need oxygen.
If I would get a dime every time some anonymous US official nobody claims whatever I´d worry about nothing anymore.


In order to get money for military projects and avoid a collapse of military industry, we need to scare the people ¿ don’t we ?


Next time someone asks for free education in the USA, the answer is “Who will pay for that? Don’t you know the ruskies are preparing for war … IN ALASKA?”

john mason

Yanks becoming paranoid and they must have a spy stationed in a high place amongst the Russian leadership to know that the Russians are going to invade Alaska.

Pave Way IV

Wait… Putin will send “highway road crews” in as cover for an invasion?? The roads in my state suck and I can’t count on the U.S. government to fix them. How do I get on that invasion list?
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And Canada is preparing for an invasion of eastern Maine to reclaim the Aroostook region. And Mexico wants California back.


hahah good luck . We have 4 guns per women man and child in the US . It would be a big mistake for anyone to invade the US on the ground .


So on one hand the message from the US media is Russia has a “gas station” economy that’s going broke under the weight of a military budget that’s 10% that of the USA. Their technology is antiquated, weapons are rusty and don’t work.

OTOH they are super spies who are able to deploy sabotage teams disguised as road crews out of submarines?

Wouldn’t teams of tourists, birdwatchers and hikers, that could be deployed anywhere and have an excuse for being out with maps, cameras and binoculars make more sense that a road crew who tend to attract attention and could be easily caught if they weren’t for example…..getting actual work done or meet up with another crew or supervisor on the highway?


…it’s American stupidspeak.

Caio Gondim

Former? Do you guys listen to former officials? Give me a break


i love to see this Hollywood movie.


Oh FFS, will somebody shove a sock in it, please!


This guy saw the movie “Red Dawn” too many times !! Funny thing is even that 1980s movie didn’t predict a victory !! Sweazy is killed by the Russians at the end, with the rest of the Wisconsin or whatever militia !!


Come on southfront you have a great site here. Please spare us this crap! When one tells another that this is a good place to get real info and they read this it hurts the credibility of the sites good stories and real news. a former anonymous naval official? Official what jackass! This kind of crap is beneath you and the many great pieces you put out!

Leon Auguste


Timothy says ASK BILLY

The man with the most corroborated predictions in all of human history, and not some cryptic, Nostradamus style, read between the blurry lines and it becomes clear type of predictions either, stated this very thing, although there is far more to the prediction than just Russia invading Alaska. Check out the mountains of freely available information regarding what I consider the most important story of scientific and historical significance to NEVER be told, the story/case of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, brought to us by the tireless efforts of Michael Horn at theyflydotcom, the truth is only stranger than fiction when the fiction was accepted for truth first!


goddamn fake news

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