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JUNE 2023

US, NATO Kicked Off Historical Withdrawal From Afghanistan

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US, NATO Kicked Off Historical Withdrawal From Afghanistan

An 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron airman observes a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. IMAGE: US Air Force

The United States and NATO have begun withdrawing their troops from several bases in Afghanistan, Commander of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, General Austin S. Miller said at press conference on April 25.

According to Gen. Miller, the US and NATO will eventually hand over all their bases in Afghanistan to local government forces.

“We have started withdrawing from a number of bases … Even if Afghanistan has access to a peace agreement, we have been told to leave,” the general said.

US forces are planning to hand over three military bases and one airport to the Afghan national defense and security forces in the upcoming two weeks. Kandahar Airport, Camp Shorabak, Camp Eggers, and Dash Towp are all expected to be handed over to local defense and security sectors.

US President Joe Biden vowed to withdraw US troops by 11 September, on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. In turn, the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg revealed that the military block will pull its troops from Afghanistan by 1 May.

On April 24, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby revealed that extra defenses may be deployed in Afghanistan to secure the withdrawal process.

According to Kirby, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had decided to keep the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier in the region for a period of time, as well as to send several B-52 long-range bombers.

“The secretary’s been clear, we have to assume it would be foolhardy and imprudent not to assume that there could be resistance and opposition to the drawdown by the Taliban given their staunch rhetoric,” Kirby said, according to The Hill. “We’ve made it clear that force protection is going to be a priority as we begin to move all our military personnel out of Afghanistan and that means giving the commander on the ground, [U.S. Forces Afghanistan head Gen. Scott Miller], options. … Things like bombers provide you options, things like strike aircraft off an aircraft carrier provide you options. Options are important in a mission like this.”

Around 2,500 US troops and an unknown number of special operations forces are currently present in Afghanistan. The Taliban refused to take part in any peace talks unite the US withdrawal had been completed.

A recent report by the CNN revealed that the US may temporary deploy up to 1,000 additional ground troops in order to secure the historical withdrawal process.



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johnny rotten

The mercenaries will remain to guard the opium plantations.

Jens Holm

Most opium plantations are controlled or owned by Taleban.

Oliver Eitel

ohhh Boy are u that stupid…..why did the Opium production increase by 38 times when NATO controlled in the past almost all of the landscape directly after they took over?….the ISAF was just there to control the Opium production for CIA and Wallstreet….google DEA complains about CIA….all Cocaine Druglords are CIA Intels..as they pay 30-40% to CIA and they keep the government away….who is the biggest drug consumer on earth? the USA…..its just buisness for the CIA to get money to finance ISIS and coups in other countries without using public money and to hide their finger prints….


He is :) He is Jens..

Af gaming


Jens Holm


Jens Holm

I am. https://projekter.aau.dk/projekter/files/18274422/sustainable_agricultural_production.pdf

Jens Holm



Pave Way IV

Jens is actually correct about this. The Taliban almost eliminated poppy cultivation and opium production in Afghanistan until us Americans showed up. A few years later, the Taliban recognized it as a great funding mechanism and encouraged its expansion. The bulk of it is grown in Taliban-controlled areas. I don’t think they own any of the farms. The farmers just grow whatever will bring in enough money to feed their families, and that crop is poppies. And the bulk of Afghani opium and heroin has always gone to Europe, not America. We might take a lot more drugs, but Afghan opium is not part of our supply chain.

Raptar Driver

Taliban are Islamic fundamentalists and are against all types of drugs including alcohol.

Furkan Sahin

Taliban is like Isis

cechas vodobenikov

jens cognitive functioning was equal to lemur, now resembles medium size carrot

Jens Holm


Ricky Miller

No one is going to click on your links, Jens. You have no credibility left for anyone here to invest that much time in. Additionally, whatever source you post will no doubt be a part of or sourced through Imperial media, with all the spin and lies included.

Jens Holm

Im not here for those, which will remain illiterate stupid but for the ones, which wont.

Those and We run the the world not ants like You.

Robert Ferrin

Indeed some 18,000 contract killers along with the intel agencies will remain to guard the opium fields and production and the rest of the NATO countries are involved in it, what a sweet deal worth billions as it’s fed down through the ratlines all over the world including America, lol now how’s that for a government who kills its own people to make the bucks..

Jens Holm

So many must be working and paid by tTaloban. Nwes to me.


Roy Sonman

You are wise.


I had reached the same conclusion in another thread. It’s just like the oil fields. The conspiracy theorists have been right all along.


The ANA is 250k strong now and absolutely ruthless. Dozens of talibunny are killed every week. There is no way in hell ANA s going anywhere. And if Pakistan tries pulling any stunts, they got the FATF/ IMF noose around their necks. Pakistan will collapse in a week if the US sanctions their weak asss failed state, they are not Iran.

Jens Holm

As written many times before it was decided to split oof the Brittish Emperialisme by civile war and by that Pakainstan even was Bagla Desh.

It would make sense to make 3 countries of the “West Pakistan” of today and maybee include small corners of Afghanistan.

Pakistan as it is today has not develloped themself much since the Britts did it for them. They today are in horrifying food problems because their irrigation systems makes more and more salty fields.

Here You are right too. Only good planning can change those ancient systems. We see many pakistanis leave. Anything seemes to be better.

I have studied WW1 and WW2 very well. Here Pakistan was highly productive in a lot of things for the warfares. Hardly none of that has been replaced or has expanded.


Jensi, these hendu-pak are lucky Iran is not focused on them anymore, or else wed’ve totally fukkin balkanized them all over again. However Iran is focused out west on the ME…….where da money is. Focused on the shyster the turkish guppu and the camel jockey…… Kabul regime looks out for Iranian interests automatically and Iran lets the shitbilly kill the jihadi…..you gettin it?

Potato Man

LOL, the UK and US both side they come back when they want it… Also, the US/NATO troops “real” soldiers are not the main force in Afghanistan, it is the mercenaries and btw the US have set up CIA pigs “Zero units” which fuk Afghani government if they want to deal or ask for help from Russia, China or Iran. Nothing changed…

US Troops Will Be Replaced By Notorious ‘Blackwater Mercenaries’ In Afghanistan When Biden Takes Over


Peter Moy

You hit the bull’s eye. In reality the US may be withdrawing the bulk of its military out but there are still an estimated 18,000 civilian contractors and mercenaries remaining in the country making huge salaries, paid by the taxpayers and borrowed money. This is just another Uncle Shmuel war that has been privatized.

Jens Holm

At least sopme has correct data here. 18.000 is correct but may are not soldiers at all but fx in needed logistics.

Pave Way IV

Afghanis who supported the failed U.S. puppet government: Kabul is not Saigon. There will be no room on the ‘choppers for you this time. U.S. troops and mercs will be leaving. YOU will not be saved. But, hey…. thanks for your support!



The ussa and nato, tails between their legs like two mongrel dogs are going to leave Afghanistan in the hands of the cia and blackwater (etal.) mercs.

Now that is one big joke.

The mercs going into that meat-grinder won’t have much of a shelf life. It will be open season on those neanderthals from day 1, big time.

The difference between “regular army” and mercs is that “regular army” has a country behind it. Mercs don’t… even though some country (eg murika) is paying the bills. That means that they are everybody’s targets and that includes other sovereign states. It won’t be long before other actors will be offering their services to help get rid of the mercs and cia. Let the slaughter begin. And you won’t hear it on the MSM because the ussa and its lackeys are no longer there.

The Taliban own the country. And now they are going to claim it for better or worse.

Jens Holm

Some few tribers and warlords own everything as nasty greedy warlords we have eroded away here – thank You.

Your “Taliban own the Country” is not correct. It taken by force as well as they read Islam in the most devastaing ways. Much as bendover 5 times a days is for something else.


The simplest of research will tell you, Afghan society and culture is traditionally predicated on decentralized, tribal, competing, warlord based power structures. That was never going to suddenly change because CIA operatives handed out wads of dollars to village elders, who nodded and took the cash. The US occupation forces had no sustainable management plan, falling back on ill-thought out, and rather desperate, tactics like cash handouts to try to buy local compliance, as if that was going to change an entire traditional society and culture.


Twenty years – that’d be a stock-standard quagmire. With years of successive US state department and military officials kicking the can down the road – not wanting to be publicly responsible for a withdrawal without much in the way of a successful outcome, to show for the huge investment. The US has now doubled the Soviet in-country occupation time in Afghanistan – twenty years to ten. But the outcome will be much the same – without their ongoing occupation presence, any US sponsored government will fall, as did the Soviet sponsored government, after their withdrawal. The US has long known it must negotiate an exit strategy with the Taliban, but successive US officials have not been prepared to present this reality to the public. Back in 2001, US officials were adamant they didn’t need to heed the Soviet experience in Afghanistan, as their approach would be entirely different. Ah, those that ignore history, and choose hubris, are doomed to repeat it.

Jens Holm

It males sense. USA might win wars, but they dont have the tools to put in others, which can make and keep peace.


Which, rather begs the most basic of questions – to ask at very outset of such ventures. If you launch a distant military war, and subsequent occupation, of a hostile third world country, do you have capacity to politically, sustainably, manage the ensuing power vacuum? Analysis of the Soviet experience indicated some very basic conclusions – Afghanistan is a tribal Muslim culture and society, and ergo, forcibly imposing a foreign political system and culture, be it sectarian socialism, or representative democracy, would not be particularly successful or sustainable. In the deeply conservative Afghan society, the traditional political culture is one whereby the most powerful warlord/faction invariably gains power, through a system of both violence and patronage. This information was readily available to US analysts – but they chose to actively ignore it, in an act of self-delusional hubris. But that, of course, is what characterizes the very mindset of the architects of the whole venture, the US based Neo-Cons.


The USA doesn’t win wars … they win battles but lose wars. Slaughtering people and blowing shit up alone is not winning a war.

To win a war you must achieve the political objectives whether that be to secure resources, change a regime or change the behavior of a government. The USA has never achieved their stated objectives in any post WW2 war.

Either they are militarily inept or are lying to their people as to the true objectives of their wars. Draw whatever conclusion you like from that.


20 years of trillions of dollars wasted. Led to further waste of money for military equipment fighting that kind of war like MRAPs. Over an incident in New York and Washington that was suspicious from Day 1 and the leaders took advantage of the confusion to push Americans into the Middle East before the hard questions around the incident were raised.

Meanwhile Russia is spending money where it matters: https://www.rt.com/russia/520992-iss-replacement-putin-plan/


they are comical..USA NATO if it was not already so horrific what both had done to humanity and the planet…decades of it….(which includes since the 19th century in the cultural worldview.sense…) usa and nato are after all the modern continuation of western global tyranny…plain and simple…

their wars have never stopped ..between themselves..and the only unity they have is a WAR against everyone else that ISN T “west” regardless of who s in charge ..so that it just changed between ANGLO to AMERICAN..at the head of it…at some point…german..french ..spanish..italian…danish…belgian..etc…USA and UK being the most expansive than the rest…and deceptive…FEIGNING every good behavior but NEVER stopping in scheming…fr world dominance…to maintain their overblown opinion of themselves…

at the end of their own wars..which are rivalries for who gets “world leadership” …over and over …it is still a kind of “WAR THAT WANTS TO GROW BIGGER” …THE IDEA OF NOT BEING “WESTERN SUPREMO OVER THE WORLD” doesnt enter..n matter how dire their own situation is…

Jens Holm

You are partly correct, but You forget the results for the western economies also pays on in wellfare for the people we live with. We and I like that.

And yes, those expansions are correct BUT that because we can and could by how we see Ourself as learning and using.

We go to school and not the one many others has for stupidisme only. We educate people. We let people find their skills themself instead of parents and grandparent choosing old days or specific education. By that we find skils and talent. That talent also is rewarded by higher income and by that production, which gives what other needs and tax for wellfare for the ones, which in Your systems are as poor as any.

You forget the addings. And sure knives can be used for carrots as well as other things. We do have bad sideeffects too.


they can t even defeat taliban or maintain their “gains” ..in a medium sized land…that isn t exactly more hightech…and they obsess about conqurering…er…RUSSIA or CHINA?.OR BOTH?



Holed up at base to keep Mortality down…main fighting is done by unreliable Native troops on merc basis… shallow loyalties here and are apt to do a switcheroo.


The British had the same problem with their Indian Sepoy ‘mercenaries’ during the Indian Mutiny in the late 19th century.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. There are risks in higher levels too.

Roy Sonman

This is a good thing, but does not bode well for Iran and the Iranian people. My analysis of the Jews’ coming war/destruction of Iran has indicated that a withdrawal of much of the US Tyranny’s poppy field guarding forces from Iran is necessary.

My analysis also indicated a partial withdrawal from Iraq, that will actually be a pull back to bases closer to Iran’s energy fields.

Unfortunately for Iranians and we all, the Jews are gearing up another war using our children again as kill or be killed cannon fodder against another people and country, this time Iran.

Jens Holm

Thats no analyse at all unless its taken from Your behind.

Much like conneting Muhammed with “Ham”

Roy Sonman

Before I became Jew-wise, I was mystified by the US Tyranny’s propensity to engage in long-term non-territory gaining wars. The only corollary in history I could identify was Napoleon’s wars. Then I became Jew-wise, and read their Protocols.

Protocols 2:1 “It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international agentur; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.”

And Napoleon was a huge tool of the Jews, possibly a Jew himself.

All part of the Jews’ plundering and destroying plans.

Jens Holm

At tat time it was easier. All Jews was green and had 5 legs. Hard time to be You.

klove and light

british zionism opium fields… the strongest currency in the world

Roy Sonman

For those wanting to know a little more about the Jew controlled US Tyranny’s Z(C)IA’s interest in Afghanistan’s poppies/heroin production:

The Z(C)IA launched a war in the 50s for control of Laos’ portion of the poppy and heroin producing zone known as the Golden Triangle. The Z(C)IA wanted a source of off-budget funds to use against peoples and countries around the world. The North Vietnamese responded and prevented the Z(C)IA from succeeding in Laos. The Vietnam warcrime was then launched in an effort to keep the North Vietnamese from succeeding in blocking the US Tyranny’s takeover of Laos and the Golden Triangle.

In the 70s, after failing to secure the heroin production of Southeast Asia, the US Tyranny’s Z(C)IA set their sights on taking control of the heroin production of Afghanistan. In the process, as in Southeast Asia, Afghanistan was turned in to a war-torn nightmare. In the meantime, Russia became involved in assisting Afghanistan, while also hoping to trap the US Tyranny is Afghanistan as in Southeast Asia. That backfired on the Russians, because the Z(C)IA moved to trafficking cocaine out of Central and South America. The Z(C)IA did succeed in trapping, for profit, the Russian military in Afghanistan.

In the late 90s and early 00s, the Z(C)IA pivoted back to heroin, hence their renewed interest, and ultimate occupation of Afghanistan, They are now pivoting once again, this time towards meth and fentanyl. In 2006 the US Tyranny moved the center of their so-called “Drug War” from Columbia to Mexico.

Poor Mexico.

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