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US Military To Expand Jordanian Air Base To Use It For Oprations In Region


US Military To Expand Jordanian Air Base To Use It For Oprations In Region

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The US Pentagon wants to use 143$ million from its budget (passed by Congress last week) to expand and upgrade the Muwaffaq Salti airbase in Jordan, the Stars and Stripes newspaper reported on November 23.

According to the US Air Force budget documents, the US military is going to use the Muwaffaq Salti Airbase to expand drone and warplanes flights in the region. The airbase is considered the most strategic base in Jordan. It is located near the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border in the northern part of the country.

In its budget documents, the US Air Force claimed that the Muwaffaq Salti airbase is operating at “four to five times what the space was originally intended to support”. The US Air Force also said that the US troops currently deployed at the airbase are facing “extreme life, health, and safety risk”.

“To alleviate these risks, to support the influx of personnel, and to provide adequate facilities for a contingency operations population, a new LSA [Life Support Area] to include supporting facilities and infrastructure are required,” the air force documents said, according to Stars and Stripes.

The Pentagon decision could be related to the latest Washington Post report that claimed Trump administration is willing to keep the US Army in Syria after defeating ISIS, until a political solution is reached in the country.

The US had deployed warplanes to Jordan way before ISIS raise in Syria and Iraq. This confirms that the US military deployment in Syria and the planned upgrade of the Muwaffaq Salti Airbase is a part of the wider regional strategy.



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  • Travis Kelso

    Oh you buried this article. Nice Crickets, Crickets SF readers! This is a big deal!

    • Solomon Krupacek

      you can recommend it

      • Travis Kelso

        good idea

    • VGA

      What do you mean “buried”?

  • eric zweistein

    Banging one’s head against the wall achieves little and hurts like hell, Zion finally realizes, and decides to ‘expand an airbase’ instead. Ha ha!

    • Priscilla

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  • Jens Holm

    Its replacing other things and will be a “minibase”. Their whole picture will be : better but not as expensive.

    • Bob

      Err, take look at bigger picture, the US is claiming it will be keeping its illegal bases across eastern Syria – the US have just broken ground on new base inside Israel and are upgrading this Jordanian air base – take a guess what that this all means – encircling the Syrian state to maintain US policy of aggression and actions against it.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    The only thing U$A is be security officers for the worldwide corporations! They cannot win a War??? They have been in Afghanistan since 2001; They destroyed Iraq and now is fighting off all the terrorist on their own. Hezbollah/Iraqi PMU’s and special forces of Syria must eject them from Al Tanf asap.