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JUNE 2021

US Military Seeks To Establish Air Defenses At Its Garrison In Syria’s Al-Tanf

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The US-led coalition is planning to establish air defense stystems at its garrison in the area of al-Tanf occupied by the US in southeastern Syria, former Commander of Syria’s Deir ez-Zor Military Assembly Fayez Esmer told Turkey’s Yeni Safak newspaper on August 28.

“The US’s next step is to build a missile defense shield in the region which must be considered as a part of Washington’s long-term plan for chaos in the region,” Esmer said.

The Washington administration has realized that the PKK [the Kurdistan Worker’s Party] is insufficient regarding its plans related to east of the Euphrates. Therefore, it will further fortify its military presence in the region. On the other hand, US activities carried out in Syria and Iraq is due to its determination to exploit underground resources.”

Yeni Safak also recalled previous reprots that the US military has installed three radar systems in in the areas of Hasakah-Tal Baidar, Ayn al-Arab and Sarrin in northern Syria.

Remarks of Esmer about the PKK clearly shows that Yeni Safak’s article is a part of the ongoing Turkey-led propaganda campaign aimed at criticizing the US support provided to Kurdish armed factions in northern Syria. However, the info provided by the Turkish media on this issue often appears to be close to the reality.

It’s also interesting to note that one of the bloggers following the conflict, Already Happened, has already found some things that may look like some kind of air defense systems in the newly published satellite imagery of the US-held garrison of al-Tanf.

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When you consider the aircraft that ISIS can deploy then one certainly needs SAM missile sites to fight them. I suppose the US shooting down US aircraft is not too big a stretch for congress. After all they fund the guys who “did” 9/11 and no one questions that.

It’s absurd to build military bases in a country that does not want you there and call it anything other than what it is, an invasion. You have had years to prove all your false assertions and as yet batting zero. Prove one! Sorry but repeating a lie on CNN 6000 times, while convincing to robotic type people, does not stand in a court of law. Yeah I know, why go to court with no proof when you have good polling numbers.

Brad Isherwood

>>It’s absurd to build military bases in a country that does not want you there and call it anything other than what it is, an invasion.

The US made promises to Russia after the end of the Soviet Union that NATO would not move Eastward.
Under Putin…..US/NATO rolled up missile shield to Russia’s border.
The US system can become Offensive and Nuclear.

Myself and others have posted this forum and others like Sputnik/Russia Insider, that US would use occupation in Syria and Iraq to set up Missile shield…
And …those Evil Gremlin Jews… are very much pushing this.

With Putin/Lavrov giving into US Illegal footprint in Syria by permitting the AL Tanf annex,
The bases in North East Syria,….
You can kiss This part of Syria goodbye
The US consolidates on everything they steal.
Hell…even the Kurd Drug trade is increased since CIA get in …just like Dopeistan (Afghanistan )
Recent US Propoganda on Syria East Euphrates says some mumbo jumbo about International Coalition and stop Iran from terrorism.
The Rand Partition map of Syria labels the same area as International Administration Zone.

So ya. …all is adding up to the Usual suspects pattern.


They have their own reality and the means to establish it. They argue that Assad is illegitimate and that Syria is no longer a sovereign part of the “community of states”.

They are true criminals and a very bad sort of human beings.


Ask Cuba. They will agree.


Who are US, UK, France and Saudi Arabia to interfere in other countries internal affairs. They should hands off Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and let them to solve their problems themselves. These are sovereign countries and the respect of their sovereignty is the responsibility of every civilized country.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The U.S.invasion and occupation of Syria gets more outrageous by the day.


Israhell is behind it….


Much reference to Sun Tzu on these pages, but his lesson about the dangers of underestimating the enemy is yet to be learned by many. If you say “We’ll deal with al-Tanf later”, did you really think the orcs would just sit there and wait for you to take their base? Candidate Trump has stated so often he was all for “taking the oil”. Even if exploiting someone else’s oil wells isn’t viable, you deny the oil revenue to Syria, nicely clogging up the machinery in Assad’s camp.

There was this childishly naive idea that victory would just fall into Russia’s lap once it got exposed that the US isn’t really fighting ISIS. Like anybody in Washington cares: in tandem with a helpful media they rebranded their anti-ISIS coalition into an anti-Iran coalition without breaking a sweat. We remember, Vlad, these are the people you invited into Syria for partnership.


American “partners” are afraid of Russian revenge after they staged multiple “chemical false flag attacks”, shot down Russian fighters and bombers and killed Russian ground personnel.
Things went too far.
It is only matter of time when some US led coalition bomber – fighter – ship – military base will be destroyed directly by Russia.
Teeth for teeth, eye for eye.
It is time to teach Amercian “partners” a lesson.

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