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Preparations For Agressive War: US Military Presence In Poland To Be Increased Tenfold

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Preparations For Agressive War: US Military Presence In Poland To Be Increased Tenfold

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The US has decided to increase its military presence in Poland more than tenfold, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki said.

“The United States, our most powerful ally, thanks to the efforts of President Andrzej Duda and the Minister of National Defense, has decided to increase the troop contingent of the US forces in Poland by more than ten times,” he said in a speech in the Polish Parliament.

Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the PiS party, currently with the largest bloc in Polish Parliament also reinforced the claim.

Kaczyński said that the United States is the only country that can guarantee security in the international sphere.

“The issue of alliance with the United States guarantees security, even by expanding US troops in Poland.”

Warsaw officials said that in this way the command of American troops on the eastern flank of NATO would move to Poland.

Earlier, in September, Kaczyński, said that initially there was no plan for a permanent American presence in the alliance. However, according to him, the geopolitical situation in recent years “has led to a change in the position of our Western allies, in particular the United States.”

Also, in September, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that the command of the US troops on the eastern NATO flank would be moved to Poland.

In the summer, Warsaw and Washington signed a joint declaration on military cooperation. According to the document, the size of the military contingent was to grow by a 1,000 from the current 4,500.

Warsaw and Washington also agreed on places in Poland where it is planned to deploy American troops. Among other things, Poznan is identified as the location of the headquarters of the divisional command and the US Army support group.

“This means that from Poznan, the American commander, the general, will lead the American forces, both in Poland and in our part of Europe, that is, on the eastern flank,” said Blaszczak.

According to him, “this means that there will be a high-ranking military institute in Poland.”

“The American forces will be commanded not from Germany, as until now, but from Poland,” he added.

Poland justifies the need for an American military presence with a threat allegedly emanating from Russia.

Currently, the US has upwards of 60,000 troops stationed in bases throughout Europe, with the biggest being in Ramstein base in southwestern Germany. Ramstein is one of two bases on German territory where nuclear warheads are presumably stored. It is also a stronghold, the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe and one of NATO bases. About 15 thousand military men serve there and almost 30 thousand civilian specialists work at the base.


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I would hardly call the increase of US troops from 1000 to 4500 preparations for aggressive war. A single US brigade does not equal Barbarossa Mk.II. For one you’d need a troop increase into the 6 zero’s for that. Also on the plus side it provides the Russians with a convenient target to lob some Iskanders and Kalibr’s on a full US brigade.

Charles Homer

Here is an article that clearly explains the type of war that the United States is preparing to fight:


Given its military failures since September 2001, this is a type of war that America simply cannot win.

chris chuba

I’m convinced if you want to convince people in the U.S. that something unimportant is vital you have to include the word, flank. Say, this secures NATO’s western ‘flank’, or say that Putin is using Crimea to undermine NATO’s ‘southern flank’. It doesn’t matter that this is absurd, it sounds good.


“The United States, our most powerful ally,” ahhh your only ally.

5500 overweight millenials all in one spot. can’t get much dumber than that, can it?

Q: Did you hear about the Polish guy that locked his keys in his car? A: Took him an hour using a coat hanger to get his family out.




They’ll have to build another Maccers.

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