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US Military Killed ‘Couple Hundred’ Russians In Syria Strikes Pompeo Claims As Trump Considers New Attack


US Military Killed 'Couple Hundred' Russians In Syria Strikes Pompeo Claims As Trump Considers New Attack

Illustrative image: Reuters

On April 12, Mike Pompeo, the CIA director nominated to be US State Secretary, claimed that the US had killed up to 200 Russians in airstrikes conducted against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Euphrates Valley in February.

“In Syria, now, a handful of weeks ago, the Russians met their match. A couple hundred Russians were killed,” Pompeo told lawmakers during his confirmation hearing in Washington.

The US-led coalition carried out strikes on Syrian government forces in the Euphrates Valley, near the city of Deir Ezzor, on February 7. Since then multiple media outlets and “experts” have speculated that “hundreds” of “Russian fighters” (private military contractors) were allegedly killed in the strikes. However, the provided numbers were hardly confirmed by any evidence.

The April 12 remarks by Pompeo were the first public statement of a US top official arguing that these rumors are true. Syrian experts already described Pompeo’s claims as a propganda stunt, which clearly shows the growing tensions between the US and Russia over Syria.

Meanwhile, the US and its allies are still considering a possible attack on the Syrian government over the alleged chemical attack in Syria which took place in the town of Douma on April 7.



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  • Luutzen

    A bit stupid title, at the moment. :(

    • Wanklord

      SouthFrontards (Putin cheerleaders & russophiles) are looking stupider by the hour due to their idiotic comments.
      US/NATO PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AT THEIR BEST: Russia’s strategy in Syria is already proving to be a total failure since all Assad forces, IRGC, Russian mercenaries and Hezbollah are now forced to seek shelter (while abandoning their current positions) due to the impending US/NATO attack. Just the simple threat that Tomahawk cruise missiles are on their way is forcing the Russian dysfunctional-coalition to irreversibly alter their plans, leaving behind all the military gains they have achieved in recent months.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        Today they are fighting vs ISIS in Deir Ezzor-Sukhna…meanwhile ISIS navy want to launch cruise missile vs SAA…

      • Aurelio Ferdinand

        Yes indeed Mr brilliant psychologist Wanklord, well said, you’re so right on the button, because you’re apart of the pentagon war strategy panel, bravo!

      • Joe

        Are you mentally retarded?
        So you love your military assets to be bombed and put at risk just because of pride?

        Come on , stop posting in this forum as you are like a kid .

        That’s being prudent stupid.

        Now do you notice? Now Trump is backing off saying attack not certain when he was sooooo obviously going to attack telling everyone in the world .

        Russia has put their foot down and Syria says they are ready for war with US …

        Has your kiddy friend replied? No.

        Give up wanklord this site is not for you . You get high blood pressure being here

        • Sadde

          Know someone else talking in similar way:

        • russ

          The story I get is that our (US) missiles have gotten so smart they will prioritize and find the most dangerous and threatening of targets. tRump said oh f…

          • NeoLeo

            US missiles are probably smarter than Trump… a brick is smarter than Trump (*Jihadi Don – his new name)

          • Hind Abyad

            And your name is ‘Not a Lion’..

          • NeoLeo

            Neo- (prefix): Prefix meaning new. From the Greek “neos”, new, young, fresh, recent.

          • George King

            Reminds me of a joke! Three hobos walking down the railroad tracks and one pulls out a match box and rattles it. One of them asks him what he had in the match box? He replies I have some smart pills to which the other one questions as if they are any good at making one smarter.

            Absolutely! He offers him one for a dollar which he proceeded to eat. After awhile he says that he does not feel any smarter upon which he was offered another for a dollar that would surly do the trick. After some time passed he said you know those pills smelled and tasted like little rat turds to which the response was, see there you are getting smarter already!

      • Russie Unie

        Ferme ta gueule petite salope de yankee ! Tu vas voir de quel bois on se chauffe nous autres patriotes français ! Ta salope de cimetière de Colleville en Normandie, fais bien gaffe car nous Normands, on va l’exploser un de ces 4 ! Les yankees ne sont qu’une bande de PDs, terroristes, trans, violeurs ! A bon entendeur … Si tu as un neurone qui fonctionne pour comprendre le français (mais j’ai un gros doute !)

      • Don Pagani

        Lol@seek shelter. SAA and RuAF been killing US and Western troops in Eastern Ghouta, the real number amounts up to thoundsands that makes the US insane.

        • AM Hants

          Together with the fact, they had no legal right to be in Syria. The US can dish it out, but, does not like being on the receiving end, when it comes back. Were they more concerned with their Forces or their mercenaries?

          They cannot even acknowledge their deaths, one because the US tax payer would not accept it and two, they should not be in Syria.

      • Jesus

        US NATO psychological warfare = delusion……or mental illness. Delusion will not prevent US carriers and destroyers to end up in the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Trump blinked when generals told him about the Russian distributed lethality in the area and the casualties it can inflict.

      • Russie Unie
        • Starlight

          Please tell me you KNOW the Normans are VIKINGS?

        • Henrik

          Yes, great idea. Insult 37,000 allied troops (British, American, Canadian) that died recapturing your country (France) from Nazi Germany to open a western front that your country was unable to defend for two weeks. What a pathetic post. Russia was at total war at the eastern front and this attack enabled the collapse of the regime along with Russia’s ability to hold on to the front. This attack was coordinated amongst the allied powers to close in and strangle the Nazis. I’d like to see you storm the ‘Atlantic Wall’ gunned by MG42’s or hold on to Stalingrad.

      • Merijn

        Hey Wanker…buy a rope & hang yourself please…you would do the world a favor…Another brainless idiot gone…You got to have a pretty useless life, selling your body to your Khazarian Masters for a handful of Shekels…To me you are nothing but a low life Traitor…I spit on people like you…hidin’ behind your phone…do you like it..? When you push on COPY/PASTE/SEND…it must arouse you…Little pathetic fucktard..soon it’ll be friday 13th…your Karma will get you bro…believe me…

      • j. jaxson

        lots of folks will be seeking shelter .
        its harder when your aircraft carrier has been hammered by a barrage of missiles

        • j. jaxson

          i suppose the ocean bottom is shelter. usama is down there and turned into a dolphin.

          • AM Hants

            USS Liberty and look how Washington DC and the President of the day, showed no compassion, whatsoever. A friend, wanted to blame another nation, for a false flag, took out the ship, most of the crew, and the President of the US, wiped it under the carpet. Who would want to serve such leaders?

          • Java Ape Timelord

            Also do not forget that USA refused to evacuate USA citizens from Yemen at the start of the illegal invasion of Yemen; guess who did evacuate these citizens, Russia.

        • Shylo Duffy

          I believe they’ve not been silly enough to put all their eggs in one basket..Russia is yrs ahead in weaponry…I always will remember Putin word to the Americans saying next war he said will be fought on their soil…I’ve no doubts whatsoever that Putin will be true to his word..This won’t turn out the way the US thinks it will. Besides it’s not their children dying..they’re family will be in their underground mansions while every one dies, including us perhaps. Either way get right with the Most High…

        • russ

          Have you ever read up on the Russian Sunbird missile? It is capable of sinking an aircraft carrier without having a war head. Just by kinetic energy, size and speed. The worst part is that it is unstoppable and even worse than that is it is 3 generations obsolete… and we want to go to war with Russia???

          • John Whitehot

            there is no sunbird, probably you mean the Moskit, “Sunburn”, and it has a 350kgs warhead.

          • russ

            Yep Sunburn… Sure it has a warhead, but for reference of how utterly dangerous it is, it has enough kinetic energy to sink an aircraft carrier unarmed.

          • John Whitehot

            i think it’s a little exaggerated.

            the missile weights much because it needs to transport enough fuel to reach a particularly high velocity, and iirc, it even has solid-fuel boosters strapped onto it, to accelerate faster.

            the system may well be done to make the warhead explode inside the target, but when the target is reached, much kinetic energy is expended as the missile has burnt its fuel, thus its weight.

            No carrier can be sunk that way, they have an hilarious amount of reserve buoyancy due to the large empty volumes inside them.

            The Sunburn was probably conceived as a “revenge” weapon targeting Harpoon launching ships: being much faster than the AGM84 and a little longer ranged, a Soviet ship (or SAG) that was targeted by those missiles could fire a Sunburn in return, and sink them before the Harpoons would reach them.

            No worries though, there are plenty of ways to sink carriers.

            These days everybody talks missiles, if I were the Russians I would had put a certain number of advanced bottom mines on the sea floor. If an attack is launched from the sea, the mines would be “awaken”, right when the US or UK ships and subs are over them.

            They would then launch a torpedo each and explode under those ships keels, probably right in the moment they are still firing tomahawks and hence are unable to conduct reliable ASW defence due to the noise they’d make.

            It would be a devastating response, without much risks for Russian air and sea crews and bearing a particularly heavy psychological toll on the attackers.

          • Kell McBanned
      • Shylo Duffy

        Ya ok!

      • russ

        WOW after reading your stuff I’m afraid I will become too stupid to find my way home.

      • AM Hants

        Really? I thought it was Trump that was saying he might never do it?

      • NeoLeo

        Wankgaylord cannot look more stupider: you are just a raving, drooling imbecile – yesterday, today, and tomorrow – until the day you die. Soon hopefully.

      • Robert Ferrin

        No he’s just a troll from the Ukraine kissing his masters ass…

      • Pacificnorthwest

        The Lord of Wankers?

        • Hind Abyad

          The Lord.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            of wankers

      • Siegfried

        Get lost J€wish HASBARA-g@rbage. You “Hollywood”-BS doesn’t match to the reality on the front.
        Who was that? POMPEO?
        That is a f*king ballooned animal like Donald Trump, lies like Pinocchio.
        CIA -scvmbag, even that sh*t-hole CNN is more credible than POMPEO.

        Ah what?.. US air-strikes killed a few hundred .. RUSSIANS? :)))
        Well, Mr. Harbara-dvmba##, it seems that the US Air-Forces pounded their own Chechen-mercenaries hired by the CIA in that so-called ” Free Syrian Army”..
        I guess Putin will send “many thanks” to Pompeo ;)
        Now f*ck-off, go W@NK your dirt somewhere else.

      • Kell McBanned
    • velociraptor

      perfect and truthful title

    • Rob

      Without Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF and PKK terrorists bastards this world will be a better place for living. After ISIS and Al-Qaeda pockets the next will be SDF and PKK both in Syria and Iraq.

    • Pave Way IV

      But it accurately reflects the current US .mil/.gov PsyOp task, Luutzen: have the US mainstream media continue to condition the unwashed masses to accept the idea of “…the US military is killing Russian soldiers in Syria…” like it’s not a big deal. Desensitization. It’s a very popular Israeli/British technique – they taught it to us.

      “The April 12 remarks by Pompeo were the first public statement of a US top official arguing that these rumors are true.”

      The ‘public statement’ part is important, not the ‘rumors are true’ part. Pompeo is maintaining the conditioning. Some other US Top Official might call the rumors false next week. It doesn’t matter, as long as the underlying message is repeated. It’s only important that Joe Sixpack in the Midwest is left with some vague notion that the US is already killing Russian soldiers in Syria. Everything the psychopathic Israeli-firster fucks in Washington do has a purpose. Usually evil, but that’s just my cynical opinion.

      • Tudor Miron

        This trick if desensitization is often alled “Obertone window”

        • Pave Way IV

          Overton window to us yanks. It pairs well with learned helplessness and deferment of all moral responsibility to the government. I guess its part of being exceptional.

          Old US servicemen might recognize this as BOHICA.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Way to many Pro Russian websites are pushing Propoganda that it’s acceptable
        Trump missile strikes Syria…….just as long as Putin gets prior notice.

        Appears Syrians will be made to play Russian Roulette again.

        Americans will watch CNN for ships firing Tomahawks.
        Some will be jammed or deflected….killing innocent Syrians.
        Syria loose more old Soviet era junk aircraft.

        Merrika will cheer…
        Trump will be Presidential again

        • Pave Way IV

          Syrians are not human, so it’s OK if they die. Especially if they support the evil Assad ‘gasser’ regime. Russians are not human either, but they have nukes. But we’re already killing Russian solders in Syria, so it’s no big deal. At least that’s what I think CNN told me. Maybe it was 4-chan – it’s hard to distinguish them nowadays.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            lay off the zio-crack, it rots the brain

          • Pave Way IV

            But I live in the US. It’s the only thing on the menu.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            hehe… agreed, it’s hard to find anything else besides more zio-crack in the so-called “marketplace of ideas”, because the market itself, is being run by the zio-crack drug pushers.

          • JIMI JAMES

            Bullsht! there is cocaine + cappuchino too?

        • Attrition47

          I think that the US forces are keeping their distance. If Dr Strangelove gets what he wants, it will be the auxiliary nobodies who will do the dirty work.

        • Java Ape Timelord

          try “Way too many …”.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Way 2 many…. : )

      • Attrition47

        Your denigration of ordinary, everyday, decent civilised people does you no credit (even if they are American). How many working class Americans watch such horse shite on telly anyway?

        • Pave Way IV

          The ordinary, everyday, decent civilized people in the US usually don’t spend the day inflicting pain, misery and death on others in some misguided effort to ‘help’ them. Yet we legally empower representatives, acting on our behalf, to do exactly that. Over and over again. It’s not like it’s a one-time mistake. This has been happening my entire lifetime.

          At what point do the little peoples’ responsibility for the monsters they create end? “But we were tricked!” only works once or twice. “But the government kept it a secret from us” doesn’t absolve the people from responsibility for that government’s actions. Likewise, “What could we have possibly done to control our mad dog government?” is a pathetic mea culpa.

          If you don’t have your vicious dog on a chain and it runs around mauling the neighborhood kids day after day, then who, exactly, is responsible? Are you still a ordinary, decent, civilized person if you don’t do something about it and hope someone else will take care of it? Would I be denigrating you for pointing out your irresponsibility?

          “Stop criticizing me for my vicious dog that bit your kid – I’m not a bad person!”
          Do you realize how insane that sounds?

          To your second question, this API survey from 2014 is still relevant:

          “Television news organizations are the most popular news source for Americans. Whether from the TV broadcast or the station’s website, 93 percent of Americans say they used some kind a TV news operation as a source of news in the last week.”

          I’m kind of curious about your question. Americans consume a lot of news (telly or otherwise). Being oblivious to world events or indifferent to them certainly isn’t from lack of exposure.

          • Ma_Laoshi

            What you wrote, and exactly like you wrote it, again and again: as long as there is the claim you live in a democracy (which Americans may have more doubts about than Europeans; you’ll know this better), voters are responsible. Otherwise, the whole concept is meaningless. Anyway, the Dark Throne has never hesitated to pulverize civilians in Yugoslavia, Palestine, and Latin America with a curt “That’ll teach them to vote the wrong way.”

          • Attrition47

            Since the US isn’t a democratic state (what is?) you shouldn’t feel guilty about the Washington barbarians, they aren’t your fault.

          • Pave Way IV

            “Stop criticizing me for my vicious dog that bit your kid – I’m not a bad person!”
            Well, I can see the point I was trying to make there was completely lost on you.

            It’s my country – I’m responsible for everything it does anywhere on earth in my name. I own it. All of it.

            And only a psychopath would absolve themselves of responsibility for their psychopathic leader’s actions and dismiss the pain and suffering inflicted on others as “not my fault”. If that’s what you meant by “ordinary, everyday, decent civilised people”, then fuck them. THEY are part of the problem. THEY are monsters as much as the Washington barbarians they enable.

          • Attrition47

            It isn’t your country; you aren’t Arapaho or Cheyenne etc and the US isn’t a democracy.

      • Dawn of Svarog

        spot on Pave… that is exactly what it is about..

    • Rob

      Trump regime says f*ck UN charter resolution I ask from those bastards why they left East Ghouta..

    • Rob

      BREAKING: Putin – If Russia Disappears, So Will The World!
      If Russia attacked then whole world will be disappear.

      • John Whitehot

        it’s fine to me, since it would mean enslavement of mankind by zionists, the same suckers that think they can probably live forever.

    • Starlight

      What? Reminding people that Putin gave the greenlight to Trump to exterminate elite russian irregulars- and then afterwards had the Russian Press BOAST about the murders by saying they “deserved to die” because they chose to work under Assad’s direct orders, not Putin’s.

      Unlike most of you football hooligan type supporters here, I notice and absorb EVERY action by our side. I thus know when Putin behaves well, and when he behaves badly.

      When Putin allowed the yanks to slaughter russians in Syria, and when Putin allowed NATO (Turkey) to invade Syria with a massive spearhead force, I knew our side was finished- it was just a matter of time and circumstance.

  • John

    I doubt it.

    • The Truth About the Russian Deaths in Syria


      Hundreds of Russian soldiers are alleged to have died in U.S. airstrikes at the beginning of February. Reporting by DER SPIEGEL shows that events were likely very different.


      • velociraptor

        you must understand. wagner group =/= russian army. in media make them equal. mistake. russians were killed, but nor nmembers of russian army.

        • Starlight

          And that matters why, troll? These elite irregulars were working for the LEGAL government of Syria, and had previously helped save the people of Novorussia when Putin refused to invade. They died when Putin gave explicit permission to Washington to launch their strikes.

  • JP Leonard

    Pompous Pompeo.
    Stand tall, hard fall.

  • Russie Unie

    200 … A jewish lie like the 6.000.000 for the $hoah !

    • john

      Yes, spreading the lie of “six million deaths” in the Nazi camps is a two billion dollar industry for the Zionist, just like murdering the Palestinians and selling their body parts to their unhealthy Zionist friend around the globe is also a two billion dollars industry. There is no soul or shame attached to these things that plague our world– the money loving, murdering Zionists

    • Starlight

      Less died- at least far fewer russians. But how is THAT a comfort? The yanks did not attack until contacting Moscow and getting EXPLICIT permission from Putin!

    • Albert Pike

      From that lie only 1 million counts, because only those did live kosher enough to be considered ac. halacha, jewish enough to be burned for God (I don’t get it what type of God that could be, who’s good will requires nonsense like that – but what do I know).

      Therefore 5 more to go, for that missing 6.letter.
      Would it be better to call it a day, and turn around to become a normal part of humanity?
      Surely to become a Hindu or Buddha follower would make life easier – but what ever, you could still do the Mitzvot stuff – just stop burning yourself…

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Pompous and Massive Butt should learn the meaning of this ancient law.

    • Jozsef Osztronkovics

      As usually the Zionist israeli sick puppet so called us the real name ISIS terror regime is full of bullshit thy fanning the newer ending war where only the rich zionist is the winner and the thousands of life being lost for Zionist greed and profit

  • Gregory Gregory

    A semi-literate buffoon like his boss, Trump.

  • Russie Unie
    • so

      Since he’s now responsible for the murder of others around the world there will be NO catch and release.

      • Robert Ferrin

        LOVE IT…

    • AM Hants


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russia should have responded in force after the Deir Azzor incident with Wagner Group. US cowards got emboldened. This time hit them hard in east Euphrates valley where they are training the headchopper terrorists. The French and UK poodles should be hit first as they are totally impotent.

    • Siegfried

      Draining the SWAMP à la Russki ;)

    • Siegfried

      Drain the SWAMP à la Russkis

  • Hole

    This is called projection. Hundreds of Amis were killed in East Aleppo, Palmyra, Dayr aw-Zawr and now they claim: No, we killed Russians!

    • velociraptor


      but this is fact, tht they bombed so much russian mercenaries. they acted withiout russian permission. from 2016 the wagner group is nit liked in russia. russian army tokk back all heavy equipments. and arms. from that time only the syrian government gives them arms. that means, they are only poor infantry.

    • Tommy Jensen

      American won, do never doubt that.
      America cleaned ME for ISIS, America made peace and democracy in Iraq, US won 1/3 of Syria, liberated Libya for Ghaddafi who always were hunting local girls and US killed hundreds of Russians.
      Pompeo is an American winner man.

      • j. jaxson

        he might be the pope too.
        he smokes crack in the bathrooms at whitehouse.

  • pjt

    Worlds big enough for Putin & Trump to meet & figure it all out. Peace & viligance to Syria from US

  • Neo Onh

    There are/were not 200 russian pmc in all os Syria, let alone in one place. I think the verified number was -two- (2), duo, dos, zwei, deux, två, and four wounded.
    Now, the real US losses in Douma, Aleppo and other places may well be 200 ! he, he

    • Tommy Jensen

      US probably made a revenge attack because their own US/UK sSpecial Force were killed among radicals.

    • Starlight

      The true figure was FAR higher than 2 but much lower than 200. But each dead Russian was murdered by Putin, for the yanks did not dare to attack before contacting Moscow and getting Putin’s permission first.

      Putin’s people admited this in the Russian press afterwards, and said the irregulars suffered the fate of any russian in Syria who refused to take direct orders from Putin.

      • Art Best


        Putin is a crypto-Jewish traitor collaborating with the Jews and the Americans.

    • Art Best


      Even the Russian fighters said that hundreds of them were horribly mutilated and killed in that battle.

  • Merijn

    Mike Pompeo barehanded killed more then 1500 Bloodthirsty Russians in Hand-to-Hand combat…this All American Hero defended the last Euphrates ISIS-Stronghold, in a desperate attempt to keep U.S. Influence in the Region…

  • Rob



    Saddam and his nation were innocent just they invaded Iraq for Israeli migrants. Now they want to invade Syria for terrorists Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and PKK.


    Trump, May and Macron like witches deluding the world by fake chemical attacks in Syria to make it reason to invade Syria.

    The witches of US, UK and France have invaded Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine etc by their buddies Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF etc have done massacre there for grabbing their lands and now Russia are trying their best to stop massacre there and liberate these lands from these witches.

  • Greg Mundy

    Are you ready for WWIII, we invaded Iraq over lies of WMDs, now the Anti- Syrian rebels attacked children and lied saying it was Syria. Trump is the new Bush. https://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Gregory-James-Mundy/dp/1986670600/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523214266&sr=8-3&keywords=the+truth+about+911

    • Merijn

      They are all Rabid Psychopaths… Dangerous ones…Look at ISIS and you’ll see the realistic picture of them…they Created them as their Headchopping Satanic Self-Images & Alter Egos

  • Vitex

    Yes, and 6 million jews died in the concentration camps. Mr Pompeo should get out more.

  • JEinCA

    These neoconservative psychopaths like Bolton, Haley and Pompeo are salivating over this showdown aren’t they. These people are sick in the head.

  • russ

    Wow I think the mass njews services write Pompas’ speeches for him.

  • AM Hants

    Even Mad Dog, is stating the fact that there is no proof it even happened or what was used.

    How would the people of the US handle a few of their destroyers, and more, lying as fish food and entertainment on the Med Sea Bed? Not a good look, for election time? Especially when they know the US had no reason to be there and Russia gave them plenty of warnings. Not even the MSM, could hide the story, let alone absorb the anger. Knowing all involved, who sent the Forces to their graves, were guilty of War Crimes. Doubt, the average US tax payer would accept that, now would they?

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Well………. they accepted TSA- FBI-CIA- Home land security(allegedly), for their own protection and another 50-60 agencies whose main purpose is to treat them as terrorist until they can prove other wise.

      Not to mention SS (social services) that at will taking their children away and is over 16 million kids from the age 2-18 forcefully drugged in schools, with behavior modification drugs. To mention just the surface of what they have accepted up to now. People that in their majority have a single digit I.Q.

      Not to mention that all evangelikas are dead set pro israelis………… I dont even think beside 1-2% of amerikans will react and the rest with their 2-3 seconds thinking span will not even register it. And that is your average tax payer there. People who live like zombies trying to make it until next day. I think they be more worry if they can not afford few 6 packs of beer daily, rather what is happening out side their immediate surroundings.

      • AM Hants

        It is the same in the UK. Sadly.

  • Tudor Miron

    Couple hundreds my ass. Met their match. This is from CIA dorector at the time. Sounds like vague and unprofessional report. I’m sure that if asked for proof he will say that social media was his reliable source.

    Why don’t he tell him about dozens US specops lost in Syria during last couple of months. Why don’t he openlyy admit “Guys we managed to kill 5 or so privateers and one general! But we lost the war, sorry.”

  • russ

    It’s absolutely clear that between 0-10,000 men were cleared. It is indisputable.

  • russ

    We (US) are trying to prove that fixing our military problems is not quite like having your dog fixed.

  • The cool-headed General Dunford is still in command of the US forces and doesn’t want war with Russia. He has to placate the neocon lunatics telling him to attack on one hand, and Gerasimov on the other who he is also in constant contact with. He gets along well with Gerasimov. There will not be a world war as long as he remains in command.

    • Concrete Mike

      Good to hear my man. These 2 chat more often than we are told. Thank god someone can stop this non sense.

  • Juan Babil

    If true Russia should charge an additional $200 million to get American astronauts back from the International Space Station and give the families of those killed a million dollars.

  • RamboDave

    Oh… Mr Tough guy talking. And… right when you’re going to turn tail on the missile strikes.

    This video below will tell you exactly how tough the US is. In this hilarious video below, Trump attempts a drive by shake down of Syria’s Assad. But, Putin is standing in back of him. Syria’s Assad throws a
    rock at Trump to scare him off.

  • NeoLeo

    Pompeo’s wet dreams and fake news (his expertise)… Pompous Pig is psychopathic, violent and degenerate even more than Bolton. Swamp.

  • AM Hants

    How is that going to go down at home. He is bragging at killing around 200 Russians, whilst attacking those loyal to the President of Syria. The US are not only there illegally, but, also stating they are fighting the Forces of the Democratic Sovereign Nation. Now how does that work in relation to international law? If that is his sales tag – well, he cannot complain when a lot of US kit, with personnel attached, finds itself lying on the sea bed, as nothing more than fish food and entertainment for the marine life, Do those members of the Forces, seriously want to serve leaders like that? Get out whilst you can, so comes to mind.

  • Art Best

    And Putin the crypto-Jew allowed the Americans to kill and maim hundreds of Russians without retaliating.

    Why no air cover for the Russian fighting men, Rabbi Putin? Could it be because the Russians are goyim?

    Why no retaliatory air strikes on the bases where the American planes took off from? To ensure that the Americans can murder Russian soldiers with impunity again?

    Putin is WORSE than Trump.


    Strike the Americans now or they will kill you. They said they’re coming anyway.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Hey jew boy. Stop behaving like a retard and dont forget, taking your medication and most importantly do not overdose on it all the time.

      • Art Best

        I’m criticizing Jews and this troll, like so many other hasbara trolls calls me a JEW!

        Is there any other explanation than that JEWS are sick in the head?

  • Jeth Roderet

    That Zionist freak did not kill “hundreds of Russians.” He is simply spreading these lies to dupe the Western public into believing that Russia is weak. But if the West illegally attacks Russia, they will find out very quickly how strong that Russia actually is.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Oh dear Mike, do you know how dumb you sound?

  • John Brown

    It made sense for Putin not react to pin prick strikes that made no difference in Syria but not now. This will be a major strike to change the course of the war. It can’t be allowed at all. As we can see here, appeasement of racist Jewish supremacists and their racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire guarantees’ war, just as it did in operation Barbarossa. All the Jews are now saying Putin and Russia will surrender it will be easy just like Hitler said.
    If Russia wants peace, Russia needs to openly plan a nuclear decapitation strike against world Jewry and the 0.01% racist supremacist Jewish billionaires and trillionaires, Israel and the USSA AIPAC military, the global racist supremacist Jewish confederate slave empire, if they want peace, put nuclear force on alert publically etc. Jews will fight to the last Goyim, but will back down immediately if one Jewish billionaires fingernail would be broken. Let Satanic coward Macron know he and his Rothschild masters not the goyim French people will be amongst the first to die if they start this war.
    See like I said chicken hawk racist supremacist Jews only fight to the last slave Goyim.
    Israel Won’t Be Part of the Coalition Trump’s Trying to Establish’
    Iran has warned that Israel’s attack on the airbase in Syria will not go unanswered. According to the Russian MoD, Syrian air defense shot down 5 out of 8 missiles fired by 2 Israeli warplanes from Lebanon. Sputnik discussed this with Benny Miller, Professor of International Relations at the School of Political Sciences at the University of Haifa.
    Wars are the Jews harvest
    “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)
    “Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” —(The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).
    From the “Quotes by Rabbis” site.
    “Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.”

  • Java Ape Timelord

    Has Mike Pompeo, declared the death of 200 USA marines and the capture of USA & Co agents by the Syrian government in east Ghouta? I thought not.

    The real tally near Deir ez-Zor was about 20 Russian mercenaries, who were by-standers, they had not taken part in the operation and were there legally.

    In effect, Pompeo admits to the murder of civilians and the death of tribes men defending their country.

    This is Not USA property, it belongs to Syrians.

    USA is illegally in Syria and each USA military and civilian are committing criminal crimes paramount to war crimes. These military and civilian people can not claim they were ordered to do so. They can be tried based on Nuremberg.

  • Hind Abyad

    CNN and Politico are at the service of Israel.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      no shit only those two? I think you missed the rest of the mass western misinformation media. Try and catch up.

      • PZIVJ

        There may be a few sane ones left in the west: :)
        “It’s not the first time that Mattis has conceded we’ve attacked Syria in response to purported chemical attacks for which the U.S. had “no evidence”.

        Nonetheless, the media continue to report the weekend attack in Syria — said to have killed more than 40 civilians with some form of poison gas — as having been carried out by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Even as Mattis was admitting the lack of evidence the U.S. has to support the charge,

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          Syria is not a regime it is a sovereign nation. Regime are countries who never manage to become nations like the colonies.

          And was referring to the western media, not actors who play their roles and say one thing but mean another and do something else. Paid whores who change their price according to the size are not to be trusted.

          As for sane……. we hear this about all this stooges at times but then personally I judge them by their actions and not what they say. And I can recall many things about the same Mattis dont you?

          • PZIVJ

            I just look for a source of common sense in the US.
            Trump spouts off Twiiter threats and UK and France are all in.
            This is such bull shit like false flag one year ago.
            MSM and Trump will be made to look like fricking fools. :)

      • Hind Abyad

        OK..make me loose my time.
        ‘Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media’

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR TIME? Poor thing so sorry for educating you will not happen again.

  • Rodney Dezarn

    Mercenaries with no aerial coverage or anti-aircraft missiles and they claim a great victory. Of course they have been fighting jihadists with no naval forces, Air Force, with a handful of tanks for decades, they call it war!

  • Nexusfast123

    The guy is a degenerate plonker of the highest order.


    Pompeo is a wanker,not just a typical cia cokskn liar.there were a handfull of oil contractors,infact the russians didn’t even plan any such move,there was a traitor syrian commando whom got paid by the cia to go to the deathbed,in deed that creep looked like the facist slime wannabe,several days later the commando got executed for obvious reasons,there ye go yank wank,now lets see a real confrontation,
    if ye maggots got the balls to be decimated to oblivion n ye fake mates n sht frgn losers!

  • Illegal

    The Truth About the Russian Deaths in Syria. Hundreds of Russian soldiers are alleged to have died in U.S. airstrikes at the beginning of February. Reporting by DER SPIEGEL shows that events were likely very different.


    Pompeo is a deep state neocon who is in love with his own bs.

    • Kell McBanned

      This makes sense, explains Russian mild reaction, tribals getting uppity and going off script that got clobbered and some Russians as collateral damage.

  • Floyd Hazzard


  • Drogba

    Only a satanic zionist could laugh while bragging about the murder of people,while pretending to care about non existing fake chemical attacks victims to launch a war against Syria that could result in the deaths of millions.The world would be better off without these lowlife animals dictating how we should live our lives.

  • EmilyEnso

    Surely this is a confession of a huge US war crime.
    Oops forgot.
    The USA is ‘exceptional’.
    Who can disagree.
    Exceptionally evil, brutal, illegal and bullying

  • Siegfried