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JUNE 2021

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

U.S. Forces Korea, a sub-unified command of the United States Pacific Command, has issued a warning to servicemembers on the Korean Peninsula to stay vigilant for “insider threats” after North Korean propaganda surfaced on American military bases.

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

According to Stripes.com, the 8th Army reported that a “significant number of North Korean propaganda leaflets and CDs” were found at Seoul’s Yongsan Garrison, on Thursday. This prompted military officials to release a Facebook alert, warning US soldiers to “maintain situational awareness,” since a number of foreign nationals have access to US military bases, which they could be viewed as “potential insider threats.”

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

“Given the number of foreign nationals with access to our military installations via employment, sponsorship and partnership programs, the potential for insider threats is always a reality,” the alert said. “It is essential for our personnel to report all [propaganda] and suspicious individuals to the appropriate authorities to help mitigate potential threats.”

According to Public Radio International, North Korean propaganda is nothing new in the South. Since 2015, more than 2 million North Korean propaganda leaflets have been found in Seoul, the capital and regional provinces near the DMZ. It’s suspected that North Korea’s military uses primitive balloons with timing devices to float the literature over the DMZ into the South. In March, a group of hikers found a trove of North Korean propaganda leaflets on the foothills of Seoul’s Gwanak Mountain; as shown below:

This leaflet depicts South Korean leader Park Geun-hy cowering atop the presidential Blue House.

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

A graphic decapitation of then-Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn.

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

 A missile striking Defense Secretary James Mattis and government officials.

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

North Koreans severely dislike Defense Secretary James Mattis, as he flies above South Korean officials “Stirring Up Nuclear War.”

US Military Issues Alert After Discovering North Korean Propaganda On American Bases

According to Public Radio International, both North and South Koreas have waged an infowar on one another since the 1950s. “Pictures have also been shared recently on South Korean social media showing recovered flyers. Some of those include depictions of President Donald Trump and refer to him as an “old beast lunatic” — an insult North Korea has in the past translated as “dotard.”

In the past, both Koreas dropped subversive material into each other’s territory with the intent of inciting insurrection or defection. The tactic has been used ever since the 1950-53 Korean War, when American forces sent millions of anti-Communist flyers into the North, according to the book “Bury The Enemy With Leaflets.”

While hardly surprising that the information war continues, it is concerning that North Korean propaganda ended up in a South Korean US military base even if it will have zero actual impact. What is more troubling is the question who put it there, and whether North Korea has spies, moles and potentially saboteurs, inside South Korea military forces.

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You’d think some US soldiers would collect these for fun. I can’t think of any other reason, as I doubt 99.9% of them can read Korean, and I doubt that even if they could it would be that subversively effective. As it is the Norks are not only decades behind the West in weapons technology, they are also decades behind in modern propaganda. They should copy ISIS in online propaganda, not waste time and resources with balloons and paper pamphlets.

Rex drabble

Their missiles arent decades behind,dont fool yourself.


Of course they are decades behind. The US, China, Russia, the UK, France and Israel got ICBM’s for decades already. Don’t know about Indian and Pakistani missile capabilities, but I reckon they don’t need to hit anything beyond each other.

Toni Liu

I believe you need to remember saker analysis about north korea terrain, that make guerilla warfare is best thing to do and make even WW2 weapon still useful in kind warfare, and remember again guerilla warfare is only way to defeat america successfully like vietnam, afghanistan, and iraq where they never admit their defeat when in reality rice farmer and goat herder kick their ass hard

Icarus Tanović

I mean, what they’d expected? Koreans have always been hostile towards America.
That’s just there that hatrrd for very very long time.

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