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US Military Increasing Their Presence in Ukraine

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US military is not going to leave the territory of Ukraine and continue to equip their life there.

US Military Increasing Their Presence in Ukraine

Photo: news.pn

US military does not plan to leave the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, they equip their life on Ukrainian bases, ordering vehicles and equipment for gyms from the US.

This is evidenced by the information about the US Army‘s orders, placed on the open portal of the state purchases of the US. Experts note that it may indicate both the desire of Americans to have a more comfortable life in Ukraine and possible formation of conditions for a more effective system for training of sabotage and terrorist units of the Ukrainian Army.

In mid-August, the US Department of the Army, which reports to the US Department of Defense, placed an order for equipment for a gym on the government procurement website. US military asked six exercise bikes, two treadmills, and another ten simulators for different muscle groups. This order should go to the Yavorov military training area in Lvov region in Ukraine. A training center, where NATO military instructors train Ukrainian soldiers, is located there.

On August 30, the US Army placed another tender – this time on 27 cars for rent. Thus, US military needs 13 Toyota Land Cruiser, 8 Mercedes Benz Vito and 6 Ford Transit. It is notes that the number of cars, required by the Army, may be increased and the models can be replaced by equivalents with the same characteristics. The Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky is named as a dislocation place.

The interest of US military to the area around Khmelnitsky is explained by the fact that since the beginning of this year, the US Special Forces train the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces on its territory. US Ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffrey Payette, announced this at the end of January.

The US diplomat explained that representatives of special units of the US Defense Department prepare Ukrainian specialists in different fields, including medicine, building, blasting, communication, technology, as well as teach Ukrainian military sniping.

Military analyst Alexander Perendzhiev notes that for Russia, this means the same as before: “Americans carried out the external control with respect to Ukraine. And, in principle, if to speak about the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it can be regarded as a sort of branch of the US Armed Forces.”

“Of course, Americans do not finance or back up them [the Ukrainian Armed Forces] completely, but they provide training, how to resist the so-called ‘Russian aggression’,”the expert added.

At the beginning of this year, the US handed over to Ukraine communications tools and medical devices in the amount of $23 million. A number of media reported that the US equipment was transferred to military training areas in Yavorov and Khmelnitsky. Instructors from the US also should be sent there for training to work with new equipment.

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These US Army guys, whilst they pedal on their gym bikes in Ukraine should be reading the book “War is a Racket”. It might just make them realise that their lives are valued primarily as cannon-fodder by those who control them as the sacrificial lambs of the Imperial dreams of the 0.001%.


You are right. If Russians fight it’s for mother Russia. If the US military fights it’s for the degenerates in Washington and the bankers. They are no more than an immoral mercenary army.


I’m sure that’s what the family of russians returning in body bags from the donbass are saying, or the ones fighting for a corrupt syrian government. All the armed forces personnel i know have found it rather horrible and wasteful… Sure the Russians don’t like Ukraine, but they have no wish to fight and die there for no cause other than to insight instability.


Not commenting about the Ukraine ($5billion for the US to over throw an elected government and the murder of protesters) or Syria (US funding of head-choppers is moral is it? The US has been trying for decades to gain control in Syria). When was the last time the US military actually fought to defend their homeland (the US mainland). Maybe in 1812 against the British.

Joseph Scott

No, not even then. That, after all, was an attempt to invade Canada that failed miserably. They were pushed back onto their own territory, and only by consequence of their abject failure were they doing anything defensive. So even the it was another war of expansion, and the British weren’t deploying landing forces to occupy, but merely to conduct punitive raids, primarily destruction of fortifications and military stores, plus of course returning the burning of York in kind, in an effort to cripple future military adventures and make the Americans see the insanity of their undertaking.


Being the recipient of an attack in WW2 should count, they had no choice in it, they were at war. Would you expect them to cower and return home? In syria there exists a proxy war, it’s not uncommon, you are judging the US for actions all sides are equally guilty of, forcing ideology, and backing proxy armies is something common in history. need i list all the countless wars the USSR and Russia have intervened in? Both East and west play the game, it isn’t simply just the US.. In Syria the US may back rebels, but the Russians Back the corrupt government. In vietnam, the US defended the south, while the Soviets supplied the North. In the Arab Israel wars the Soviets backed the Arab nations, against ISrael. Nobody is Innocent of intervention. So take those double standards somewhere else. I’m not saying it’s good, but this game is a result of ambition and xenophobia, perpetuated with propaganda promising each side is doing the right thing for peace… you are falling for that propaganda by backing one side in open bias.

Dennis R

So what? So we should be ashamed that we kept our homeland relatively safe by being ruthless? I sure as f–k ain’t in the magnanimous mood of just presuming that there are “secret conspiracies” that the entire Democrat (yes,left wing…for now I guess) has been quietly doing all this accused, messed up crap to these places and no one would notice? Wrong. After Iraqi Freedom, no one’s getting away with “cover ups” with ease again. Hillary can tell you about that….NSA ain’t nothing to mess with


But the Russians like Ukrainians! Nobody likes the mafia groups that are “running” lol, the country, or what’s left of it after the western sponsored coup d’etat. Try to understand, Russia does not want Ukraine, it is West’s responsibility now. So give them some dignity and hope, and stop the looting that is destroying what is left of Ukraine.

Boris Kazlov

Corrup Syrian government? No goevernment i nthe world i smore corrupt than USRahell, Murican armend forces you know are indoctrinated brainless idiots.
Indoctrination is the first step in murican training, in other words: brain washing.

Then the Axis-of-Allies ie(Russia, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, China) should increase their presences in Donbass region and Crimea. Just seems fair and logical. If the Zionist-Ukrainians wish to escalate the situation. Let their be no more functioning Ukranian army left in Ukraine within 3 short weeks of battle.

Dennis R

Is there something WRONG using Blackwater/Academi/Xe (“mercenaries”, which they are not because I worked in priv sec contracting and it’s to assist governments who request aid that NO ONE wants to give and they do mostly PSD–personal security—do individuals in the Ukrainian government, not fight a “shadow war”…what is this, Jeremy Scahill in disguise trying to prove that Blackwater “war crazies” are back and now in Ukraine to kill Russians? No…it they shot a Russian soldier, it’s because he pointed it in the WRONG direction at that contractor. Period. I know these people…they would rather team up with Russia and kill ISIL than do a battle East vs West in Ukraine right now….BELIEVE IT


Ng7! Check to the Russian King!
Ukraine has become like a stumbling stone for Russia.
It happened in a blink of an eye, figuratively speaking:
First, the crumbling of the Soviet Union Empire;
second, the emancipation of Ukraine away from the fist of Russia;
third, Russia attemps to re-capture UKraine, with succesful invasion of Crimea and Eastern UKraine, but at a painful price for Russia, which is, fourth, Ukraine becoming a “Protectorate” of the USA.

Any DIRECT intervention from Russia into Ukraine, I mean, not with Russian mercenaires, but with the Russian Army, will start the war with the USA.
Then, God Almighty may have pity on the whole earth, or what is left of it.


As if Ukraine forces needed training from the US. No, they just want the money and Big Daddy Warbucks is flush with cash. They should consider buying tanks from Ukraine. They make some great ones.

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