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JUNE 2023

U.S. Military Has 99 Problems And Directed-Energy Is One

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The United States Department of Defense has evidently too few real issues on its plate, and has therefore resorted to manufacturing some new ones.

On April 22, the Pentagon said that there is a growing urgent threat of directed-energy attacks on U.S. troops in the Middle East, mostly in Syria.

MSM is propagating the report, citing not one, but three anonymous officials who say that there is only one party responsible for this, and to nobody’s surprise – it’s Moscow.

Pentagon officials told the Senate that, according to these three anonymous sources, the phenomenon of suspected directed-energy attacks on U.S. personnel is growing across the world.

These directed energy attacks cause a mysterious illness similar to the “Havana syndrome” reported by American spies and diplomats starting in late 2016.

The syndrome has the following symptoms: the victim would suddenly begin hearing strange grating noises that they perceived to be coming from a specific direction. Some of them experienced it as pressure or a vibration, or as a sensation comparable to driving a car with the window partly rolled down. It varied wildly in duration, from 20 seconds to 30 minutes. It is called “Havana Syndrome” because Canadian and US diplomatic personnel initially complained of it 5 years ago in Cuba.

The Pentagon, allegedly, concluded that no other country or non-state actor on the planet had the technology to do this, which simply stated meant that it had to be Russia who was responsible. But in the briefing China was also mentioned. It’s usually one or the other, as MSM has established time and again.

This is a significant risk in the Middle East, because despite being in one of the most volatile and dangerous regions on the planet, US Central Command’s facilities haven’t been secured or “hardened in any way”.

Many officials, including from the Pentagon, the intelligence community and more, were asked to comment but they all refused to do so.

The US, of course, needs not only to deal with this, but also to make sure that such reports go unquestioned. Thus, the US intelligence community is establishing a brand-new all-powerful center.

The Foreign Malign Influence Center will be created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence “in light of evolving threats and in support of growing policy and congressional requirements.”

Of course, it will not actually counter any “directed-energy attacks” that cause nausea for a short period, but it will fight against the voices that may decide to speak out and say reports such as these are nonsense.

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“but it will fight against the voices that may decide to speak out and say reports such as these are nonsense.”

They can always say that such voices that speak out have been irradiated by the RU “Havana Syndrome” devices. Problem solved.

Robert Ferrin

The only voices they hear are in their head as their brains roll around in that empty space,,

Albert Pike

The aliens did it…

Assad must stay

Hahahhaha wtf?

Tommy Jensen

Wrong again. You people do not listen. I and Pentagon said there is an urgent threat of invisible directed-energy attacks on innocent Americans who were jus doing their jobs and our troops in ME. Who have recently developed new technology weapons bragging about it 24/7 in an amateurish and unprofessional manner in Television and Public? Only one person on this planet could have done it, Putin! The Havana cigar syndrome where people hear voices and see naked witches that dont exist. Psychological warfare against America and its people the Americans (not Amerifats) and our Constitution.

Séamus Ó Néill

I totally agree, Americans, constantly butchering and genociding innocent people around the planet, are ….totally innocent butchers ! totally innocent and just doing their jobs

cechas vodobenikov

LSD does cause u amerikans to believe in voodoo like astrology…”amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries”. Daniel boorstin professionalism is amerika=being a robot and learning how to serve coffee

Ryan Glantz

non-state actors most likely, mafias and hybrid et groups (illumidonkey) and the other riff raff.

Icarus Tanović

I mean this isn’t nothing new. They’ve even bring those Uri Geller alikes gadgets to uncover the hidden bomb! Once that one punk used that to locate bomb in some street in Iraq planted by Isil, and the idiot said everything is okay, no bomb here. And marines believed that, and went to that street, and bomb went of, exploded and killed 8 soldiers and God knows how many was severly or lightly injured. Those that got PTSD I don’t count. They are out of their minds! They must be some kid of a fool! Just look at that.

Séamus Ó Néill

There’s a simple solution to this ” problem “, go home, stay home and mind your own fecking business…..


lol – Are the TVs in the Pentagon all tuned to Alex Jones? These are not symptoms of “directed energy” weapons. These are the symptoms of cognitive dissonance caused by implementing US policy further and further divorced from reality.

Captain Freedom


Trap Is Not Gay

Why is the USA in the Middle East in first place?

Roy Sonman

In service of their Jew masters’ Yinon plan and “Greater Israel.”

jabirujoe .

Make that 100 problems. You forgot high heels and fishnet stockings.

John Smith

Very likely the jamming/secured communication equipment used by the US is causing side effects. Long may it continue, as we all know US equipment are never at fault or useless……

cechas vodobenikov

since US military can only lose wars they create ISIS and al Qaeda…if they provide enough participation awards and require all insecure females to take parent effectiveness classes perhaps amerikans will learn manners

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