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US Military Finally Sets Target Date For “Full Withdrawal” From Syria: Report

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Here it is finally. The time has arrived for the fabled, confused and precarious US troop withdrawal from Syria despite the best efforts of neocons and interventionistas to permanently stall and alter course, per a new Wall Street Journal report that dropped late in the day Thursday: “the military plans to pull a significant portion of its forces out by mid-March, with a full withdrawal coming by the end of April.”

But you might be forgiven for remaining skeptical with a “believe it when I see it” approach, as President Trump first announced a “rapid withdrawal” on Dec. 19 which quickly became “no timeline” in the weeks that followed — though it depended on who in the administration or Pentagon was asked — with many determined to quash Trump’s prior campaign promises of “bring our boys home.” But now the WSJ speaks with a new confidence that this time it’s for real:

The U.S. military is preparing to pull all American forces out of Syria by the end of April, even though the Trump administration has yet to come up with a plan to protect its Kurdish partners from attack when they leave, current and former U.S. officials said.

US Military Finally Sets Target Date For "Full Withdrawal" From Syria: Report

US deployment position in Syria, via the AP/Defense One

What’s hanging the balance, and of concern for US officials, is the unresolved fate of the Kurds who are now looking down the barrels of the Turkish army and the head-chopping knives of their jihadi ‘rebel’ allies on the ground, poised to invade formerly US-occupied space in Syria.

The WSJ report, citing US officials, says that Washington and Ankara have “made little headway” on the Kurdish issue after a series of diplomatic cold shoulders, including John Bolton being personally snubbed by Turkish president Erdogan last month while Bolton was visiting Turkey for talks. The US has aimed to avert a direct fight (in which the Kurds would face slaughter or certain retreat), but simultaneously to prevent its Kurdish allies on the ground from entering the embrace and protection of Assad.

Something has to give, so could it be that Trump is willing to accept Kurdish rapprochement with Damascus? It could very well be headed toward a “look the other way situation” on this front, as the WSJ notes “the U.S. military withdrawal is proceeding faster than the political track.”

“The bottom line is: Decisions have to be made,” one U.S. official told the WSJ. “At some point, we make political progress, or they’re going to have to tell the military to slow down, or we’re going to proceed without a political process.”

However, the WSJ also noted that the Pentagon has yet to comment: “We are not discussing the timeline of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria,” said a Pentagon spokesman.

It should be noted that Trump’s latest rhetoric seems a preparation for quick pullout, or big coming announcement: “It should be formally announced sometime, probably next week, that we will have 100% of the caliphate,” the president said Wednesday during an anti-ISIL coalition speech at the State Department.

According to the WSJ report, some 2,000 US service members would withdraw as follows:

Under the working military plans, the U.S. would pull all troops out in the coming weeks — including about 200 Americans working out of a base in southern Syria [al-Tanf] that has served as an informal check on Iran’s expansionist ambitions in the region, the current and former U.S. officials said.

And on Tuesday, the commander of U.S. Central Command, Army Gen. Joseph Votel, said in testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee, “I am not under pressure to be out by a specific date, and I have not had any specific conditions put upon me,” Gen. Votel said, but crucially he added, “The fact is the president made a decision, and we are going to execute his orders here to withdraw all forces from Syria.”

Per Trump’s words on Wednesday, will an April “complete exit” be announced from the mouth of the president himself next week, at which point the Pentagon and administration hawks will no longer able to stall?

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Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are liars and can not be believed, but the real news is :


Morocco says it has stopped its involvement in Saudi Arabia’s
war on Yemen, and recalled its ambassador to the kingdom amid rising
tensions between Riyadh and Rabat over Saudi destructive policies in Arab world.

A Moroccan government official said Thursday that Morocco no longer
takes part in military interventions or ministerial meetings in the
Saudi-led coalition.

Morocco’s government has not divulged details of its participation in
the war which has killed thousands and displaced over 3 million people
since 2015 but reports suggest that the African country contributed with
six planes and 1,500 troops.

Last year, Morocco pledged to pull its warplanes out of the Saudi war, citing a need for military buildup at home and desire not to get involved in Saudi led wars against Arab states. Morocco is also normalizing relations with Iran and called for an end to the terror campaign in Syria and Saudi and Emirati war on Yemen’s civilians.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Whenever a US official says something, remember to add; “Subject to change”

I have a feeling that if they pull out, they let someone else in to replace them who they can come and “help” justifying getting back in.

Zionism = EVIL

There are 8 NATO lapdogs from UK, France, Turkey, even tiny poodles like Norway, Australia and Belgium have “special forces” in Syria for their Americunt masters. It is time to make them pay.


THat’s Correct !


The name of the Bigest overwelming Maffia ligue is called US Government !


I would like to add that subject to change can be applied to any official. Governments are notorious for double speak, backpedaling and breaking agreements.


They use it coz they know from themselve they are living in a constant instability, coz ruled by stupid retard profitering A. holes !

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

That is correct Barba


Washington want to invade that country where there is no equal opponent. Here in Syria the Russian came for help to Syrian nation. So Washington losing war there and spend a lot of money there which is not beneficial to Washington.


Good GTFO of Syria NOW….

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, they won’t unless the cost of occupation becomes top high.


Chronicle of an announced defeat, the Syrians and the Russians have won and the yankees are defeated. But the most funny is that they want a compensation: Venezuela.

Yankees, go to Mars!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

NO VENEzuela for them either!! LOL!!

Tommy Jensen

One thing is what our President says, another thing is realities on the ground. You can relax the next 3 month, US is in full controle of the situation in Syria.

Xoli Xoli

Dont concentrate on USA propaganda it is a psychological warfare. Let opponents relax and hit them with surprise element that is USA tactic.Bring frustration unexpectedly.USA frustrate Russia and then send envoys to cool Russia down if their want to implement sanctions against Russian close friends.Example,North Korea,Iran,Syria, Ukraine rebels,Iraq,Libya and then after go first serious quick destruction.If Russia opposes USA just show them their signature on agreement.


WSJ and Zerohedge? Boy, I believe everything they print. I wonder what the purpose of those 1500 armed terrorists that just entered Syria from Turkey is all about? new replacements? for who? I still keep seeing that 2,000 number being used as the strength of US forces…which I think is being repeated ad nauseum as a propaganda tool. I would like to see a Russian estimate of US troop numbers.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There are still a few high ranking military commanders that aren’t beholden to the US deep state agenda, they’re still loyal to the American people and on Trump’s side, it’s not all doom and gloom as the media keep suggesting, a balance is returning to the US, the transgenders that run the deep state are losing control and Trump is clawing back more and more power.
Trump should send special investigators out to expose all the high ranking Military commanders Obama promoted during his term in office for what they really are, dirty old men who like have sex with underaged boys. Then he should have them all locked up for life and also reinstate all the high ranking Military commanders Obama sacked [for womanizing, drinking, gambling], and then he’d be well on his way to completely regaining control of his own military, and then he should do the same with the US politicians, because they’re even worse that the US military.

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