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US Military Deploys Additional Troops, Equipment In Attempt To Ease Tensions Between Its Proxies And Turkish Forces

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The US is employing active efforts to ease tensions between its proxies from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

According to Head of the SDF Press Center Mustefa Bali, the US-led coalition is going to kick off patrols along the Turkish border in the areas controlled by the SDF. Local sources say that these patrols, which are obviously aimed at preventing further Turkish strikes on SDF targets, will be focused in the area of Ayn al-Arab (also known as Kobani) where clashes between the SDF and the TAF have recently erupted.

A new video also appeared from the area showing a new group of US troops and vehicles, which has arrived there.

Shervan Derwish, a spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, another body linked to the SDF, also stated that the recent joint patrols of the TAF and the US-led coalition near Manbij came “in the cntext of understanding and consultation with the Manbij Military Council”.

The only problem with the statement of Derwish is that Turkey has officially declared that Manbij is currently controlled by the terrorists and it is going to eliminate them. Kurdish armed groups, mostly the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), are the core of the SDF and publicly dominate in its military and political command struture. Members of Kurdish aremd groups are also a major part of the “SDF members”.

According to Turkish experts, the SDF brand itself was created in order to hide US support to the YPG and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria. The PKK is a separatist armed group seeking to establish an independent state within Turkish territory. It has deep links to the YPG and is a designated terrorist group in multiple states, including Turkey and  the US.

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Jim Prendergast

So the U.S. is trying to ease tensions by by funding terrorists. Great.

Jens Holm

Somebody certainly has eased tensions in Your head.


Trying to ease a situation with the deployment of more weapons and riflemen – seems logical.


Turkey will WHOOP your asses SDF-YPG-PKK… and will drive you straight to the Negotiation-Table where Assad and Putin will be waitin’ for Y’all Turds if you do not Listen…Genocide of all Kurds in the Future will be another option in the Middle East…the U.S. Is about to get Kicked out Kurds… better Grow some Brains…Folks are not Happy with Traitors… believe me…


It looks like US military personnel are once again being used as human shields. First it was to protect Isis terrorists in Dier Ezzor, and now to protect Kurd terrorists in northern Syria. What’s next, air strikes on Turkish troops?


you prefer Turkey instead of Kurds?


Temporarily, yes. Once the US is gone, the threat to Turkey from the US sponsored Kurdish Israelistan as a secessionist entity and expansion of Iraqi Kurdistan will be gone with it. Because the Syrian and neighboring governments will never allow it. The risk is that the US and Israel will try to co opt Turkey into replacing the Kurds as a partition partner in northern Syria. And I’m sure that the Syrian government coalition has counter measures prepared to discourage the Turks from pursuing that.


you’ve got a point there

Kelli Hernandez

The US trying to ease tensions???

No, the US is there, parked on Conoco oil field that belongs to SYRIA.
The Kurds are ridiculous, about as ridiculous as Kiev’s bumbling neonazis.
When will the Kurds learn that they will never have their own state? Erdogan fighting on Syrian territory as if its his own. He wants to bask once again as leader of the Ottoman empire. How much ya wanna bet that one of Erdogan’s stipulations to keep quiet about Kashoggi, is the partition of Syrian soil? Turkey & US DO NOT belonh in Syria.
But soon Russia and the SAA will remind them


Turkey is the Wildcard…I still think they have an agreement with Russia…the Turks have the possibility of Forcing the Kurds to the Negotiation-Table… Kurds know Erdogan would like to destroy them completely….they are Hidin’ behind the U.S…. the U.S. is Crumbling… it’s a matter of the Long Haul


you think the arrogant Sultain that defies even the US wants to talk?he wants to eliinate the Kurds as he did before.inside Turkey he is fighting a guerilla war. many casualties no obvious achievement….but in SYria he has YPG in open ground. they cant run they cannot hide. they are just everywhere. so rest assured he will strike with everything he has. i am just curious why he has the river as an achievement goal. reaching the east bank of euphrates i mean. why not cross it and kick them all the way back to Iraq.

s Slippy

Turkey is preparing for an imminent all out liberation east of the euphrates, it will most likely aim to first strike Tal Abyad and Ayn Al Arab then encircling Manbij proper from all sides. Hulusi Akar the turkish defence minister has already green lighted the project. Forces who participated in operation euphrates shield has already been alerted. As we speak turkish drones are already flying over Tal Abyad thus ensuring effective airstrike artillery.

To answer your question: yes, the plan is to cleanse PKK from Aleppo to Mosul and then refill it with Syrian refugees settled in Turkey.


i agree there…..now that the Us is backing them up, there is nothing stopping erdi from eliminating them. they are Unwanted in Iraq as well the Kurds so i wonder what will happen ….Syria isnt big enough for them to hide. especially since they are traitors in the eyes of Syrians.


Turkey and Iraq know the threat the Kurds pose with the U.S. backing them…I personally think Iran or/and Turkey will become the New Leaders of a New Middle East… all these Muslims need one thing: Peace… for Peace the U.S. has got to go back home & thus Neutralize IsraHell & their Yinon-Plan (which already failed miserably)… They are manipulating and playing with the Kurds…Idlib too.. the Russians must have known the Turkish Plan would Fail…. I even Doubt Erdogan Wanted Idlib to succeed…What the Idlib-Agreement really did was taking away the imminent threat of a False-Flag—Staged Chemical attack…and the Western Missile Retaliation and thus the possible Start If WWIII…


totally agree.


well im reading in media that they are having common patrols with Turkish soldiers inside kurdish territory…..well thats it then…..US brought to its knees by a lunatic sultain that dreams of the ottoman empire. they sold the Kurds as they did before in afrin.


The US is establishing it’s original ‘FSA’ rebels in north and east Syria where US forces & bases are also established …. and the Turks are eagerly helping them. Just look at what happened in Afrin, and what is happening now in Manbij. This is a Trojan Horse game-play and unfortunately it’s working well … the kurd leadership may even be in on it having been promised the land will be theirs later (the kurds never were very bright).

Carol Davidek-Waller

Translation; our SDF pals are defecting and joining Hezbollah, the Saudis are constrained by the Khashoggi scandal from sending any more Wahabi head choppers so it’s US or no one.


Ah, phooee. Now we got to put the ISIS siege on hold until Turkey backs down. They think that they can get us to back down by intrigue in order to pursue their war with the Kurds, but it ain’t so easy as that.


more pfffffffft ……………….. are you frickin’ kidding me? In Iraq and Afghanistan the US and it’s buddies had well over 100,000 troops in country ………. and it has gotten nowhere. They are going get the situation ‘ironed out’ with 2K troops in country? The TAF is going to work around them faster than a group of snakes winding their way under the tables at an octogenarian card party. Point blank folks, NOBODY has their heads correctly bolted on over there in US command. The diplomats and politicians talk BS non-stop and expect the US military to keep spraying whipped cream on the pigs, for the Macy’s Parade. Beyond ridiculus. My take folks. A good evening to all.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’re not protecting the Kurds, they’re setting them up. This is just the start of the eventual process of removing the Kurds completely out of this area and then safely letting the Turks in, that’s what’s really happening and the Kurds who aren’t stupid know it.
Watch now for the Kurdish rebellion against the US and their eventual return to Assad’s side, they’re already on strike now for the second time since the Turks invaded Syria and there won’t be a third strike, just a Kurdish rebellion.
300,000 Kurds displaced, ethnic cleansing by the Turks and an illegal invasion, and where’s the usual bastion of all things good and righteous, the benevolent UN and their LGBTQI promoting media lapdogs, oh I forgot, they’re not supposed to start they’re usual mantra until after the Turks leave Idlib and move into Ar-Raqqah, that’s when Erdogan becomes a baby killer and not before.
And some people still wrongly think Trump doesn’t really want to leave Syria, yet he seems to be doing everything he can to make it hard for the US to stay.
In every other aspect of Turkic/US relations, Trump has been merciless, harsh economic and political sanctions against them, complicity in allowing Kurdish fighters to attack the Turks with impunity and then allowing them to retreat to areas under US control, and even more strangely with absolutely no detrimental consequences whatsoever for doing it.
But now all of a sudden Trumps actually going to let the Turks come in and share the administration and security for this area, that’s a big shift in US policy. What’s next, I’d bet the Kurds would love to know, Erdogan thinks he knows but he doesn’t really, only Trump and Putin know what’s coming next, and maybe Assad’s possibly starting to catch on too now. I think I know what’s coming next too, that’s if the Iranians start complying to some of Trump’s demands he’s making on behalf of Israel, and Erdogan suddenly starts saying things like, staying in Idlib isn’t really in Turkey’s best interests, the east is more important for Turkey’s strategic interests. Politics is a dirty game and both Putin and Trump know how to play the game well.

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