US Military Deploying Nuclear-Capable B-52 Bombers To Europe


US Military Deploying Nuclear-Capable B-52 Bombers To Europe

The B-52 with all its ammunition. Tech Sgt. Robert Horstman/US Air Force

The US has deployed nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and 800 airmento the UK in order to participate in NATO exercises Europe in June, the US Air Force said in a satement.

B-52H Stratofortresses from Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, and 800 Airmen, deployed to Royal Air Force Fairford, United Kingdom, to support various exercises throughout Europe this June.

Training with Allies and joint partners improves coordination between Allies and enables the U.S. Air Force to build enduring relationships necessary to confront a broad range of global challenges. The strategic bomber deployment will support exercises Arctic Challenge, Saber Strike and BALTOPS in the U.S. European Command area of responsibility. U.S. European Command.

The deployment of strategic bombers strengthens the effectiveness of RAF Fairford as the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa’s forward operating bomber location, while providing important integration and interaction with our joint partners, UK and NATO allies,” the statement reads.

The exercises are set to take place in eastern Europe, near the Russian border.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    Or are these bombers intended to put Germany back in its place and reinforce Zionist occupation of that once proud nation :)
    Slaves must know their place in the NWO.

    • John Brown

      Yes 100%
      correct you want bomber bases as far away from where any possible missile
      attack threat, in this case Russia, might come from, so they can all take off
      before their base gets nuked, which means maybe 1 or 2 at a time, unless you
      have many, many runways. So yes this is to reinforce the racist supremacist Jewish occupation
      of Germany

  • Russell A Wilson

    The provacations keep coming against Russia, but this got got to be one of the stupidest moves by the US yet. Do they really think that B-52’s could penetrate Russian air defense. They are just as big a target in the air as carriers are at sea.

    • Nexusfast123

      They are no more than flying coffins. Okay against third world armies.

  • Nexusfast123

    17 or 18 B52’s were shot down and many more damaged over Vietnam by ‘rusty’ old Russian missiles. Russian radar, jamming and missile tech has advanced. These things are no more than flying coffins.

    • Jacek Wolski

      “These things are no more than flying coffins” Sadam’s army thought so, but there is no amount of money in this world to convince me to stand below as this coffin makes a pass.

  • Thegr8rambino

    I like Russian bombers better, in fact I hate all american planes, they are just used to fight Israels wars