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US Mercenaries Torture Detained Saudi Princes And Billionaires – Report


US Mercenaries Torture Detained Saudi Princes And Billionaires - Report

Reuters/Faisal Al Nasser

The UK The Daily Mail tabloid reported on alleged torture of the Saudi elite by “US mercenaries”.

Citing an anonymous source, The Daily Mail states that Saudi princes and billionaire businessmen arrested in a power grab earlier this month are being strung up by their feet and beaten by American private security contractors.

The “anti-corruption” purge initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman led to arrests of several top officials and businessmen in the country. The arrests have been followed by “interrogations” which said were being carried out by “American mercenaries” brought in to work for the Crown Prince, according to The Daily Mail. The anonymous source cited Blackwater as one of the involved PMCs.

Academi, the successor to Blackwater, has denied these allegations. A Saudi whistleblower twitter account, @Ahdjadid, which posts what is said to be inside information, also claimed Salman has brought in at least 150 “Blackwater” guards. They tweeted: “The first group of Blackwater mercenaries arrived in Saudi Arabia a week after the toppling of bin Nayef [Salman’s predecessor as crown prince].”

“They are beating them, torturing them, slapping them, insulting them. They want to break them down,” the source said. Highest profile prisoner, billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was hung upside to “send a message” after being lured to a meeting with the crown prince. They claim the princes and other billionaires are being detained at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh. They also said that all the guards in charge were private security because Mohammed Bin Salman didn’t want Saudi officers there who had been “saluting those detainees all their lives.”



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  • FlorianGeyer

    I am not surprised that US mercenaries are torturing helpless humans and the rest of the world should not be either.

  • JPH

    Guess forcing them to sign over control over their assets is considered quite acceptable to the Saudi regime. Having a seat in the UN human rights commission must have been beneficial to determining what kind of torture is most suitable for this purpose? Guess they would not rely on that and called in the real experts with experience obtained in the US black prison program.

  • SecessionNow

    I have a hard time believing Americans are involved. Mainly because it is stupid to do this. Why would Blackwater risk ruining their successful business by allowing their people to do this?
    I am not saying there isn’t torture going on….I just doubt Americans would be this foolish to be directly involved.

    • Gary Sellars

      MBS is paying a LOT for trustworthy muscle…. i suspect that Saudi nationals are not sufficiently loyal.

  • Gary Sellars

    Apparently, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is proving to be a tough nut to crack. His interrogators have stepped up the torture and have started to read aloud from Hillary Clintons new book. I’ve heard that his screams can be heard throughout the hotel, and he is expected to break very soon….

  • dutchnational

    Hardly believable. Just saw a report from a US reporter having spoken with several detainees in the Hotel and they report questioning but not torture. As most of them are family and friends of MBS, I do not tend to believe reports of torture here.

    On the other hand, these are the men that shaped the last several decades of the KSA and if torture is a KSA practice, that it is their own fault if they are caught in their own system.

    • Antikapitalista

      “The suffering of Jews in concentration camps is a myth.”

      A Red Cross inspection report described the conditions in such a concentration camp as “bearable”.

      So much for your “hardly believable”.

      By the way, were the detainees—with whom the U.S. reporter reportedly spoke—spoken to in an upside-down position?
      If not, then the U.S. reporter definitely spoke with the wrong detainees.


      • Jens Holm

        Watremill constructor ?m

  • Jens Holm

    Hard to believe anything from Your region for the time being. Looks for me as only throwing dirt of Your own at Your enemies again. The other ways is not nicer.

    It doesnt make any difference the source seemes to be a western one.

    • Antikapitalista

      You are a genuine moron, Jens Holm.