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US May Create Group to Counter ‘Secret Influence’ of Russia

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The US may create an interdepartmental group on “revealing the secret influence” of Russia.

US May Create Group to Counter ‘Secret Influence’ of Russia

Photo: katehon.com

The US Congress has passed a bill on financing of the intelligence agencies in 2017, one of clauses of which provides creation of an interdepartmental group on “revealing the secret influence” of Russia, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

The document stresses the need to counter “active steps of Russia on ensuring of secret influence on people and governments” by “manipulating of media” and “funding of agents of influence.”

According to lawmakers, the interdepartmental group should include “representatives of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Ministries of Justice, Finance, Energy, as well as of the State Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).”

It is suggested that the group will annually provide progress reports to the Parliament.

According to the news agency, in the next year, the budget of the US intelligence will be just a bit more than $70 billion.

In the very near future, the bill will be reviewed by the Senate, and, if it is approved, it will be sent to the president for approval.

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Trustin Judeau

USA destroyed Libya,Iraq and other numerous countries.And now these disgusting hypocrites moan about some Russian influence which according to them is very bad.The West is showing its true colors again..

John Whitehot

of course they will take a lot of real money, to counter secret threats in a secret way. In the end, they’ll tell the citizen that everything is fine, that they’ve been protected. Hopefully, American people will someday understand that there’s no difference between this and stick up kids pointing a gun and robbing them. Hopefully.


A government group looking into naughty stuff Russia might be up to? They didn’t have one? Lol.
Just what the US needs, another group to muddy the water.
1 guy working a field fine, 2 guys working a field better, 3 guys working a field excellent, 4 guys working a field less good, 5 guys and they are starting to get in each others way, 20 guys in a field and it’s worse than 1 guy working it. Adam Smith already knew this.


How many programmes have they already got?

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