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US Makes ‘Last Offer’ to Russia on Syrian Issue – Reports

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According to the Washington Post, Russia has got the US last offer on Syrian issue. The Obama administration expects a decision from Moscow in the next several days.

US Makes ‘Last Offer’ to Russia on Syrian Issue - Reports

Photo: Reuters / Jason Reed

Administration of US President Barack Obama has made the last offer to the Russian side to reach Syrian agreement and waits to get Moscow’s decision in the next few days, the Washington Post newspaper reported, citing sources in the US administration.

According to newspapers sources, Washington told the Russian partners that its patience in trying to reach the agreement comes to the end. The US plan involves achieving a truce in Syria, cessation of flights of the Syrian Air Force, and a joint Russian-American air campaign against terrorist targets.

The newspaper reported that the White House did not reveal what exactly the US intends to do in case of impossibility to reach the agreement.

Earlier, it was reported that after meeting at the G20 summit in China, the Presidents of Russia and the US have instructed its Foreign Ministers to hold a meeting in order to continue work on the Syrian agreement.

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that during a telephone conversation, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agreed to continue discussion on Syria during a personal meeting in Geneva on September 8-9. However, the US State Department did not confirm the meeting of Lavrov and Kerry in Geneva.

According to Washington Post, “in declining to confirm the Kerry-Lavrov meeting, US officials made clear that they saw no purpose in yet another negotiating session if Russia had not changed its position.”

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Lame Duck Quack’s

Jens Holm

The doperman still hope to in the next olympics – even if its only the handicap one.

Random guy

1. If Syrian army encircled Aleppo, why would they give it up?
2. If Russian Air Force is dominating over Syria, why would they share the sky?
It would be interesting to know what US is offering in return…




US has a lot to lose in Syria. There are a lot of rich Sunni Arab to the south of Syria who trade their oil in $USD and the USAhas promised them a Sunni run Syria to run their pipelines through to Europe. If they decide to trade in currencies other than $USD then the $USD becomes ass wipe.


Signal to anti-ISIS forces from Supreme Allied Condista.



Supreme Allied Condista urges –

NATO support for Operation Euphrates Shield, while cautioning President Erdogan to temper his rhetoric against our brave and trusted allies, the Kurdish YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces.

That NATO does now rapidly deploy the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey (NRDC-T) in support of Operation Euphrates Shield to secure al-Bab for the anti-ISIS coalition, with a view to a NRDC-T armoured ground attack west of the Euphrates to attack and liberate Raqqa from the south, coordinating with our YPG-SDF comrades attacking ISIS forces from Kurdish-held territory east of the Euphrates moving southwards towards Raqqa.

Congratulations to the Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve for the great success of the anti-ISIS air warfare campaign which has broken the back of the enemy ISIS who are consequently very vulnerable to our ground forces.



By going into the alliance with USA Kurds lost the last credibility as an honest partner. Therefore, they are warmly advised to stop dreaming of a broad autonomy, let aside a true sovereignty.

Jens Holm

Ha-ha. First Class enemy talk of the worst kind.

I know it very well. Many big brothers are doing a lot of that to their little brothers and sisters and if they are whipped and obey, the big brothers think it honor and respect and everything is fair and all right their right.

john mason

Don’t believe it. US has lost any authority and is relying on disinformation and scaremongering. Doubt if Putin is influenced since he holds all the aces.

Jens Holm

Putin hold no aces. More like a svamp he cant leave and effort even desert most of it – I think. A BNP a little more then Spain.

chris chuba

So what will the U.S. do if the Russia, Turkey, and Iran make an agreement?
(Crickets … )

Jens Holm

Be happy – I think.

chris chuba

I realize that my post was incomplete, I meant what would the U.S. do if the Russians made an agreement with Turkey and Iran without the U.S. being involved. I think that would be a good thing but I don’t think that our collective egos could take it.

Jens Holm

Think US would do nothing are almost nothing. They would try to protect Kurds west of Eufrat and go on helping Bagdads and kurds to get rid of ISIS there.

other conseqenses – It might- Turks out of Nato and the A-bombs in Inzirlik somewhere else. EU would cut more relationsships to Turkey as well.

US would like more stability – Well, and they get it. Either of these 3 can effort not to sell oil.


Fashington must have lost its senses…!
The cessation of flights of the Syrian Air Force cannot be part of any Russian-American agreement.
Putin ought to tell Obama that he needs to negotiate a Syrian-American agreement for that.

Jens Holm

Well its like that in Iraq today. And for Serbs some Years ago according to Bosnia.

Tom Johnson

al-Asshat’s dictatorship will consist of Latakia Province, and the hills surrounding will be full of artillery and large mortars aimed down on him, the Russians, and Iranians.

chris chuba

On which planet?

The U.S. has nothing to offer the Turks, Syrians, or Russians. We have no leverage here.

Jens Holm

Might bew the joke of the day. its not over yet.

chris chuba

The Fat Lady is warming up. Assad is going to take Aleppo.

The Turks have created a reservation for their pet Jihadist rebels around Jarabulus. The bad Indians that refuse to go to the reservation have lost a lot of their allies. This means that the Jihadi’s not on the reservation, the ones around Aleppo city, Latakia, and Idlib are going to be crushed.


Sounds like you’re smoking some pretty good shit there Tom….you from Colorado?

Did ya hear! A CIA trained super soldier has been given command of ISIS forces in the Aleppo pocket….yep one of the USA’s finest will be the terror…..er freedom fighters commander as they try to break the seige of Aleppo. Hope the CIA taught him to run a backhoe because he’s gonna be digging a lot of graves in the coming weeks.

Jon Robinson

What a load of rubbish, trying to suggest he is taking orders from the Americans, he was sent on training courses to the US over a decade ago as commander of Tajikistans OMON forces, try a bit of fact now and again please


Check your math buddy…..2014 was less than 2 years ago. He’s one of the CIA trained unicorns the CIA “lost track of” as soon as they entered Syria.

Jon Robinson

I know when 2014 was, he wasnt in America in 2014, it was a decade ago and there is no proof he is working for the CIA


You do understand that you don’t have to be in the USA to be trained by the USA?

Jon Robinson

Then show some proof he was trained outside the US then

Jon Robinson

That still isnt proof that he was/is working for the CIA as you claim above, only that he went on some courses, so evidence of CIA employment please

Jon Robinson

Also those reports say he has been given command of ISIS forces in Iraq, not Aleppo, which is in Syria, so you have just shot yourself in the foot.


Tom has the advantage of being a moron – can write anything !

This is why finally US/NATO and their terrorists are falling apart – when there are only morons like these on their side, what else to expect ?


Thank heavens if this is the LAST !

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